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Chapter 5: Ominous sign

-in Taiye empire south border, Sanzhu kingdom-

Yanshi town is a place, where I, Yang Xunxue, had been born

Located near Huilian mountains foot range, our town speciality is materials from Savage beasts. With abundant forest around the town, hunting Savage beasts Is quite a popularity among Yanshi warriors

Savage beast, as it called, is beasts that ascended from normal animals or beasts. Wielding the power of Qi, most of Savage beast have strength that around the might of Qi gathering cultivators to the might of Dantian core cultivators, and the weakest of the Savage beast in the forest nearby is Bunicorn bunny, a beast with appearance of normal bunny, except it has a single sharp, one feet length, horn, and power that as strong as Meridians cleansing pinnacle stage warrior

One that I plan to hunt today for a living

" yoo, good morning, Xunxue "

" Good morning to you too, uncle Bao" A man that's in his fifties greeted me. Uncle Bao is a man that I know of since childhood. Frequently visiting his son and daughter-in-law that live beside my house, uncle Bao always give treats and pocket money sometimes when I'm still kid

Not anymore, however, after I became 16 years old, which is the age when kid become and recognized as young adult

" you will be 19 years old this year right?" ask uncle Bao as he shoulder five feet length of Savage beast corpse, the corpse have four legs with legs and head of tiger but with a body of bull, Horgrus it called, a beast that as strong as primary stage dantian core cultivators, one that can spew out wind bullets as it skill

" yes, uncle " I replied. With a hearty laugh, uncle Bao said " Haha, so young, yet already reached Qi gathering intermediate stage, you have a bright future ahead of you, boy " as much I like the praise, I know better that there's many people outside there that have cultivation much higher than mine and yet we are at the same age " you give me undeserving praise, uncle Bao, there's a lot more others who's much better than me "

Waving his hand, uncle Bao snorted " bah, it's you who look down on yourself too much, those what you said about much higher than yourself is all but disciples of big sects with abundant Guidance and resources, and you my boy, is someone who reached what you have with hard work and talent alone, and that, deserve adequate respect "

A bit blushing at uncle Bao sentiment and high evaluation, I give him a quick thanks then go on to the forest where I'll sharpen myself and fill my purse, as much strong as one warrior can get, without joining the army or sects, one have to search for his own value and his own food

Walking until outside the town and nearing the edge of the forest, I see a group of five people in the right side of my sight. They are all wearing full plated silver armors and each have spears and one hand sword in their waist. Real hardened veterans, Wubing gang is the most strongest warriors group in the city surroundings area with each of them is already at Dantian core advanced stage and each of them can defeat those who's one stage higher than them and Wubing himself is Dantian core pinnacle stage that can defeat the weakest of spiritual sea primary stage

Trying not to catch their attention, I change my walk direction to more of the left side in the forest, Wubing gang is known for being the proudest bunch and their reputation of harassing others is something to be considered when someone stumble upon them

After some time walking a bit deeper into the forest, I look around and try to track signs of Bunicorn bunny, footsteps of some beasts or anything that can be tracked, but for quite a while, there's no results to be found

Come across a river nearby, I take a break and quench my thirsty throat. Weird, usually at the very least, there would be something to be find, cracked branches, beasts footsteps behind the bushes, or anything that can be considered as clue, but none I see for three incense of time already. Not even birds chirping around, it's too quiet, and when things go quiet, usually something won't end well


Sound of something threading the bushes suddenly can be heard. Leaping into my feet, I tip toe to the direction of the sound and try to search for something to hunt to and my wish didn't disappointed me. Standing around thirty meters ahead, there's a white deer with antlers as if made from diamond, glistening and glowing from sunlight, it gives out a divine appearance , as if it's a creature that fall from the Heaven to the mortal world

A Shelu, savage beast with might of Qi gathering intermediate stage, strength that equal as mine except it has been given blessing of light element, with a skill that can shoot out three to four shining light projectile from its horns at the same time, a kind of spells that's good for far away fight. As dangerous as a Shelu was, it was undoubtedly rare savage beast with its antlers in high demand, not only the antler is a main ingredient to forge a light based weapons or artifacts, Shelu blood can be used to concocting Red dust pills, pills that can boost a cultivators Qi essence for temporary, which is something that can be used as trump cards and definitely a necessity for any warriors to have, and not to mention its hide would be able to made into leather armor as well

This is a fight I mustn't let go, not with a prey that would be able to support me to the Dantian core warrior when I sell all of its body parts for resources such as weapons, armor, pills, or even battle techniques

Waiting patiently for it to drop its wariness but try to close our distance step by step, I try to consider my options in this battle. The cultivation technique I cultivate is Sun Scripture, one that would give me a skill called 'Ignite', this skill will burn my Qi essence to give me temporary boost in body to make it more tougher than steel and let me unleash fire based battle techniques more easily and more destructively

As for battle techniques or spells that I had learned, there would be two offensive battle techniques or spells and one movement battle technique. The first offensive technique is 'Fist of Flames', a spell that wrap both of my fists in flames and explode anything I hit with it. The second one is 'Wrath of the dragon', a set of fist battle technique that focusing on how to deal one opponent with as much force as one can using their fists filled Qi as their weapon and unleashed lifelike afterimage of dragons in their attacks. And the last would be my movement battle technique 'Traversing Dragon steps', a battle technique that use Qi to guide my steps to just as steady and fast as like a dragon

Making my plan, I know the advantage would be in me if I can make this fight into a close one. With that in mind, I immediately dash into the Shelu when its head looking another way. Using my Traversing Dragon steps, I shortened our distance with just ten blinks of an eyes

Surprised at my abrupt appearance , the Shelu try to dodge my charge to the side while preparing to unleash it skill. Anticipated this, I step side to where the Shelu is and follow up with an attack of my own, Fist of Flames at the ready and going through to Shelu direction

Only to found out that it's me, who blasted away from unknown assault behind me


Hitting trees in front of me, my body creaked and bloodied from the ambush strike behind me. Head and chest flowing with blood, I try to turn away and see who or what thing that's going against me

" oh look, he's still alive after taking my 'Thunder strike' head on " voice full of mocking tone sounded out, and five humans figures show up from my sight. The Wubing gang arise from the bushes and looking at me with gazes of amusement and pity

" it's you guys.. " attempting to stand up, my body hobbling around and sway, unlike what one should have as a warrior. Feeling humiliated at this whole ordeal, I suppress my urge to just charge and pay back what they give me, but outnumbered and outclassed, all I can is swallow back my pride and try to talk my way out from all this " the Shelu will be for your guys for the taking, please let me go, I won't say any word about this at all in the future "

" of course you won't " steeping ahead from his group, Wubing raised his head slightly as if looking down on me and said haughtily " you are just a nobody, don't you ever dare to think of going against me, as for letting you go…" smiling mischievously, he continue his words with a laugh " you can buy your life with two thousands gold coins, that's your price "

Anger flow into my head as I said word by word " I don't have that much money… "

Snorting, he crossed his hands in front of his chest while saying " so be it, let us take your life then, at least we will have some sport to do " and he raised his chin to my direction and smiled, knowing how I'll be their punching bag for a while

Raising my Wrath of the dragon stance, I take view of how my situation is. Two in their group already subdued the Shelu and busy holding the savage beast down, and the other two raise their spear and pointed it to me, ready to attack again, while Wubing still standing between them with his annoying smirk as if there's no way I would even aim at him, the pride of being the strongest guy around

" does all humans like to fight with each others like you guys do? Doesn't that make them no different with beasts huh? "

Appearing out of nowhere, an azure coloured panther show up from behind where the two people that holding down the Shelu

" t-that's… A Spirit beast? One that rule The forest beneath Huilian mountains range… the Shouhu Zhe… " said someone from Wubing gang to let others know what being they are dealing with right now

Spirit beasts as they were called, is beasts that ascended from their counterparts Savage beasts. Capable of humans speech, most of Spirit beasts have the might from Spiritual sea realm cultivators to aurora revolving cultivators. And those Spirit beasts who rule certain area or jungle would given a title from nearby citizens, they would be called the Shouhu Zhe

Dashing to Wubing while raising its paw, Wubing flew out from being struck out before he can even respond, and in blink of an eyes, it already changed it course to another two comrade of wubing that's standing beside him and make the both of the guys flew out as well from paw and leg strike Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-dream_14901475106138705/ominous-sign_40003155576023459">;s-dream_14901475106138705/ominous-sign_40003155576023459</a> for visiting.

The two warriors that holding down the Shelu quickly standing up and readied their spear and stance, but before they can assault the Shouhu Zhe, the beast suddenly said " let me show you all what real thunder is "

Opening its maw, a beam made of lightning and as thick as adult thigh emerged and fly straight to the two warriors


Ground charred black from the explosion, both of warriors corpse is no more as they are bursting into tiny parts all around the forest. Founding its freedom, the Shelu run away from the fight immediately after both of the warriors let it go and now it's already gone somewhere deep in the forest

Done slaughtering everyone except me and the Shelu, the Shouhu Zhe turn its head to me and said " go away, child, don't ever go near huilin mountains range area anytime soon, something's already coming and it would be in your best interest to not get caught up as bystander "

Speechless at what just happened or what the Shouhou Zhe said or maybe both I gulped my saliva and ask " w-what's already coming? "

Turning around its body from me and walking away, it didn't said anything until it already a bit farther and a voice suddenly whispered right beside my ears

" the devil, the devil had come, and he seeks blood in his wake "

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