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Chapter 8: Prophecy

*Mu Bohai PoV*

Finally arrived at Hoxun city, I lowered my vigilance and make a sigh of relief. Even though I had to try any means to get out from the battle of Heavenly Guidance island. Miracle it is, to be able run away and become deserter of the sect. Provided if the White Lotus sect still able to survive as words travel far and wide, news of the ruler of Huilian mountains range is no more and would lost in the annal of history

And all of it caused by a single man

Looking around, I see the sun at it zenith and soon, the Grand Conference would start. Famous cultivators that represents their sects will flock in here and show off what kind or how awesome their sect techniques can be. And all those who will represent their sects have to be an elder in position of their own respective sect

And a good chance for me to take a shelter in one of those sects. By impressing one of the elder or representatives in there, I could get a easy pass to their sect. After all, a cultivator with cultivation of spiritual sea realm is as rare as diamonds and they won't easily to reject me when they know they can use me to whatever they want. A losing agreement in my side for those outsiders who see it, but as for me, it's a win one as all I want is an organization to protect me and give me resources

Walking through the street, I see rows of buildings in both sides of the street. Inn, weapons shop, apothecary shop, and many more. But the grandest of all in this street is an action house which have three story building and length of three drawn carriages in a row, and that auction house is located at right most corner of the street. Having big and beautiful sign right at the top of their door to not let any passerby not recognizing their place

Another half incense of time of my walks and I will reach an enormous gate of the martial palace. Hoxun city have two palaces in it as the heart of Taiye empire. One is for the royal family which where the emperor reside and a quarter of empire armies situated and the second is the martial palace, a place of most of all empire battle techniques or spells collected and used to train citizens and soldiers of martial arts. And then convert them into cultivators whose will be protecting the Taiye empire as a whole

In front of the martial palace gate, a lot of crowded cultivators can be seen. Wearing different kind of garments of each group, the crowds divided into sixteen groups at first glance and it reveal that there are, at the very least, is that sixteen of different sects came into the conference.

I walk my way into the crowd and most people in there glance into me with a frown. A lone cultivator is what I am, and with no group accompanying me whatsoever, it means I'm just a wandering cultivator with no background. And a cultivator without background to give them resources or a wanderer meant their battle prowess is much more weaker than what of their respective realm can be. Harsh, but it was the truth of this world, as someone who's poor will always lose out in skills to those who's rich

A man in his twenties greet me when I getting in into the crowd, he's wearing a green sleeveless clothes and gold dragon drawings all over the clothes. He grinned and said " welcome to the grand conference, is this your first time coming here? "

Smiling in reply, I said " yes, it's my first time coming in here. That insignia in your clothes, are you from the famous Pagoda of Dragons sect? "

" yes, I am. My name's Len Renrou, what's your? " he said as he extend his hand for a handshake

Grabbing his hand and handshake it, I replied " mine's Mu Bohai "

Smiling, he look into me and sizing me up from head to toe "pardon me for asking this" he said, as he continue his inquiry "But why you come here for, my friend? With your gray cloak have no insignia and no group of people to accompany you, what a wandering cultivator like you want with the grand conference? "

Hesitated for two heartbeats, I open my mouth and say " that-" but before I can finish my sentence, my voice was interrupted by the sound of gate of martial palace opening.

*crarck**draaaaak*(sound of something being opened)

The moment those enormous gate open up by even a little, everyone gaze immediately focused to where the gate is and with a few breaths of time, the crowd can see beautiful marble white floor of the entrance from the gate to big empty field that lays beyond it. And after the field, there is high and wide building with a red color of its walls and beautifully colored golden roof line. And it is roof, it was colored with brown color that as smooth as jade

Behind the gate, there's two rows of hundred soldiers wearing red scaled armors and a dozen soldiers wearing green scaled armors. They are all facing each other from both sides. And in the middle of the pathway made of rows of soldier, there's an old man wearing golden robe that's stripped with black lines all over it

" Welcome to the martial palace, brothers. This one name's Zhang Huei but most call this one as elder Zhang" he said as he open his both of his arms wide to greet his guests

Thirteen old man and middle aged man step forward and greet the elder Zhang personally, and each of them is having different insignia and clothes, meant all of them is the representatives of their own sects. But something's weird, I frowned my eyebrows and said to Len Renrou "where's the Shousu Divine sword sect, Sakyamuni monastery sect, and your Pagoda of dragons sect representatives, brother? "

Smirking in proud, Len Renrou glance at my direction and said with voice full of pride " of course our representative won't be here. The three sects representatives is invited personally by his majesty along with all the core disciples " after saying that, Len Renrou face become glum " and only us who's top ten best inner disciples that's left behind in martial palace gate "

" I see.. " I said as I nod in understanding, looks like it will be hard to met the most three famous sects in the world. But again, those sects is known to have a high standards for their inner members and it's a big chance that they won't take a deserter...

" hey, look at that! " a scream suddenly sounded and it alerts every cultivators present. Everyone then search who dare to shout out loud in front of many famous sects and make them alerted. Seeing it's a disciple of Holy Land sect, a famous rising sect from the east, everyone take his warning more seriously and looks to a certain direction in the sky where his finger pointing to

Soon enough, a black dot appear in the sky. The black dot closing in faster and faster, and in a few breaths, it arrived above all of us. It was a young man In black clothes with ponytail hairstyle and eyes that as red as blood. A certain death for those who offended him Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-dream_14901475106138705/prophecy_40026341151661117">;s-dream_14901475106138705/prophecy_40026341151661117</a> for visiting.

It's him.. The nightmare in the battle of Heavenly Guidance island..

Silence permeate the area as everyone is holding their breath and having faces that is sour to behold. Confusion can be seen in each of everyone eyes but the representative elders of each sects only having wariness in it, with certain anxiety too should they fight, they know they have no chance of winning even if they combined all forces of every sects in martial palace conference

Heavens… why did you like to play with this poor Mu Bohai so much so…


*Xe Zhoutian PoV*

Watching how the atmosphere become so silent, I sigh in annoyance and say " who's the one in charge of guiding those sects that participate in grand conference this year? "

Everyone eyes then suddenly focusing into an old man with golden robe that's surrounded by soldiers in red and green scaled armors. The soldiers is brandishing their swords or spears alike and point it at me, but most of their weapons is only at mortals equipment at best and only soldiers with green scales armors is the one that's having spirit equipment

" what should I call you? " I said as I watch the old man having more cold sweats in heartbeats " this one's called Zhang, your holiness "

My eyebrows raised in a surprise when I heard his name, so this guy is the one who ordered his men to find me back then huh.. His eyes must be bad to have those rash men's to search for me.. " Zhang, can you gather all of the royal families cultivators, the emperor, and every sects that's participate in grand conference in this field? "

Flustered with my request, Zhang said with a stutter " b-but that would be impossible for me, I'm just one of dozens others elder in martial palace, your holiness "

Why's this guy having so much panic, jeez, it's not like I'm gonna bite him or anything

I shake my head and said " fine then " I don't really want to meet that guy but it can't be helped. Infusing Qi into my voice, I shout out loud enough for everyone in city to hear it " Song Huang! Come out, you old fart! "


A loud noise that as if hundred of volcano mountains erupting at the same time and a very hot aura came from the royal palace direction


Shriek of a bird sounded so loud that the voice travel into the whole Taiye empire, and then from that noise, arise a giant bird that covered in flames flying in the sky from the direction of the royal palace. And standing above the bird is a young man with ginger hair and wearing a clothes made from fires

" Zhoutian! " he cry out my name as he looked into me with eyes full of rage " you dare to come here and insulting me!? I'll burn you to crisps, you four armed freak! "

Oh dear.. Here goes our easy-to-anger friend..

…I know I shouldn't have provoked him like that and just go to palace nicely like a cultured man but it's always funny to see him fly out his temper like that though

Smirking to greet him, I said " long time no see, Huang, how are you? ~ "

" shut up! Do you dare to continue our last battle from two hundred years ago!? I have improved by leaps and bounds and with a divine beast as my tamed beast, let's see if you can defeat me! " he said as he show off his acquired beast, a phoenix no less

This is why I don't want to meet him.. He always challenge me into a fight, I'm not a battle freak, jeez..

….but again, it will be exciting to fight him though…

Trying to make a serious face, I said " I have a grave news from the Heavenly Guidance island, old friend. And I need every sects in this world to help"

Waving his hand to shrug off what I said, he replied " I don't care, you have no right to ask for my help, and what's the news anyways? "

…okay, he succeeded in annoying me

Frowning in displeasure, I said impatiently " the Heavenly Guidance priestess had received a prophecy, which would determine this world fate, Gods and Demons had received their own prophecy as well and now already make their move, even the council of Divine beasts as well. Have you not heard of it? "

Stunned for a moment, his face show up an uncertainty and said " no, I haven't… I had been in closed meditation in the last hundred years and just come out of it one day ago, only a handful of royal family members know about it. And I yet catching up into what happened in the world outside of Taiye empire "

Frowning, my face and voice grim as I say " we have three days to prepare and inform all of the sects in the world about what was to come "

" War have come upon us soon, my friend, one that we will never experienced before and we have to ready for it or we will all be doomed "

RandomGuy RandomGuy

Hai everyone! I know this is sounds so sudden but I want to say, would you guys spare some of your power stones to this story? I'm in the middle of WPC (Writing Prompts Contest) #86 and I need more power stones. if you guys can help me, spend one of your power stones, I would be really grateful! :)

that's all I want to say, enjoy the ride!

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