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Chapter 14: Realization

*Xe Zhoutian PoV*

"And this is your room" said a humanoid creature that shaped like lizard to me, the creature had scales instead of skin in all over his body. Facing up to him, I say "Thank you for showing me the way, may I know your name?"

The creature tilted his head slightly to left and said "My name's Ulhar Welun. Just calling me Ulhar is fine" sniffing in the air, Ulhar then continued "You smell blood, Zhoutian. I know a warrior when I see one" and then he lowered his head to me so that we can meet eye to eye "Your speed is very fast back then in our little fight. Even though I'm in the back of the group and not the one of those elites that guarding the captain, we are all surprised at how you can move the way you are back then. Even rivaling with Omar himself"

Frowning, I ask "Who is this Omar?"

The lizardmen then raised his head back to his normal height and chuckled "The guy is an elf. An elf esper to be exact. His ability is to become faster and you are equaling him in that area. He's the one that had hurt you with the electromagnetic gun" looking to my right hand direction, Ulhar continue "And you have regeneration ability too it seems. Your right hand that had been hurt back then now is back to normal without even a scratch, incredible"

Curling up my lips into a smile, I say "If there's abundant of Qi in the air, I would be a lot more dangerous than what you guys think of"

Snorting from statement, Ulhar immediately replied "I don't know about this..'Qi' of yours, but there's no ifs in battlefield" turning his body behind, Ulhar walking away while waving his left hand to me from his back "Hope you have a good rest, zhoutian"

Watching Ulhar figure become far away in few heartbeats, I walk inside to the room they gave to me. The moment I entered the room, the metal doors behind me closed automatically, as if a living being that understand I have already inside

Looking around the room, I see a bed with smooth white sheet above it and five steps away from me. All the walls in the room, again, same with others walls in this building that is made of steels. There's a small door made of glass at the left side of the room, and desk complete with a chair as well right in front of the bed

Rashu jumped out from my shoulder and goes to the bed. I walk to the bed as well and sitting right beside rashu "The amount of Qi in this space they are talking about is too thin for us to cultivate or even replenish our Qi reserve" raising my right hand and stare at it, I continue "If only there is a decent amount of Qi in the air, those battle spells of them wouldn't even give my hand a scratch" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-dream_14901475106138705/realization_40099791266440219">;s-dream_14901475106138705/realization_40099791266440219</a> for visiting.

Back then, the flow of Qi from my dantian core to cover my hand is too sudden and so, its not enough to withstand their battle spells. As I underestimated their attacks too much. But if they were attacking again even after I had covered my whole body, then their battle spells won't be able to touch me

'Sadly, there isn't' said rashu in the telepathic message he gave me 'With this amount of power, I would be able to control space element in limited time, far away from what I can really do'

Nodding from what rashu said, I closed my eyes and fold my legs for another round of cultivation. I gather and absorb as many thin Qi in the air as I can. And before I knew it, a long time had passed since I started and a feeling that I had not felt for a very long time overflow me


…I'm hungry

I opened my eyes from the realization and look where rashu is. Rashu then have his eyes in astonishment as well as me and we stare in each other eyes for a dozen heartbeats. With both our faces painted in shock and horror

"..Do you feel.. Hungry too?" I asked with my voice that is in tone of disbelief

'Yes…I even had craving for bananas now…' said rashu as his voice is full of gloom

Gritting my teeth in silent anger, I say in fury "We have lost all of our hundreds of years of hardship works now?... What the hell is this.. We are back again in becoming mortals.. Is this the consequences to lose our home planet that they had talked about?"

Staying in silence, rashu look at me and suddenly ask 'How strong can you be with the Qi amount we have right now, Zhountian?'

Stunned, I rub my chin and contemplating it for a while. After a few breaths of time, I say "To maintain long battle, I have to limit my Qi expense into that of Dantian core cultivators… Even with that, I will need a day of recrupation for a battle that last in three incenses of time"

*Tit tut tit tut* (sounds of alarm)

A weird noises suddenly sounded out as James voice is coming from every directions "Ehm.. Well, we hope to not disturb your rest but it's already been eight hours and we want to offer you to some foods. If you want to, of course."

Looking at each others between rashu and me, I sighed as if there's nothing we can do and just resign to our fate "Well… yes, we would like to take the offer"

"Great, I would send one my of men to take you to the cafeteria" and with another weird sound, James voice is gone and so does his presence

Well, I guess our mortals journey is starting from this day… and hopefully, everything won't become more bad as what we have now…


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