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85% A Fool's Dream / Chapter 17: Registration

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Chapter 17: Registration

*Zhoutian PoV*

*WUUUNG**ZOOONG* (spaceships being docked noises)

Mouth agape, before I even take a step in this giant building that's full of steels, I stare to it from one of the windows in the spaceship at how big the thing was. Turns out, it's a lot more bigger than my home planet, more than the vast world I had living in all of my life, and more intimidating and weird looking.

From my quick estimate, it would be at least four times bigger than my home world. A size that's more frightening than I ever imagine.

After we landed in the enormous shipyard that's made of steels as well, hundreds of creatures and beings is walking around and filled the enormous space. Some carriage-like-thing is floating while carrying big metal boxes in it's front, some people burning the spaceships with metal stick that can spew out fires, Most is talking and scurrying away.

Many humanoid races from all over the galaxy coming to this place and dock their spaceships here. Taking a better chance for their civilizations or their own lives, in service for the CGA.

Well, that's what James told to me anyway

"Come, we will got the CGA bureau to register you and your monkey pet." Said Olamard, a blue humanoid that called from elf race. Glancing to my left shoulder, I see how Rashu is fuming at being called as a mere pet.

Smiling, I sent a telepathic Qi to him 'No need for being childish at the unintentional thought.'

'Pfft, 'you' are the one that telling me to not being childish? I had known you for 150 years, you know.' Said Rashu as he forcefully pulled out some of my back hairs

"Ack!" I shouted in pain while glaring at Rashu. Looking at our antics, Olamard shake his head and say "Follow me and don't play around."

Walking to this CGA bureau, I saw many buildings that is so high, it can even reach the clouds, If there's clouds in space. The streets is made of metals, dirt, and plants at the same time and combined three of them to make a smooth, beautiful street with flowers on the roadside. Beautifully smooth street with long metal sticks every six steps in the roadside. And each above the metal sticks, there are a ball of crystal that's as big as a head of an adult.

After 10 minutes of walking, we had arrived at another high building that's made of glass. Steel lining the foundations as glass cover it up as walls. At the front gate, sphere like corridor that stretch into at least dozens of steps can be seen. Many kind of races with armors on and weapons on their waist strap is coming in and out of the building.

"Let's go, don't gawking around." Said Olamard while giving a side glance at me for a second. Moving on, inside, the building space is a lot more humongous than what it appeared on the outside. Noticing this at the first time when I take a look into the surrounding area, my eyebrows raised in surprise as again, I'm amazed with the use of spatial formation that the building was weared. The glass on the walls alone can worth two or three kingdoms, but this spatial formation will cost an empire.

So much for the place to register civilians.

Going into the counter, we see a metal puppet looking at us with it's eyes that glow with green light. The metal puppet is in shape of a woman body and wearing white overcoat uniform. Called as an android in their teaching of me back then.

"[hello, what can I help you?]" voiced the robot as its fingers busy with many holographic screen in its desk.

Pointing his left thumb finger to me, Olamard say "A new native of 8543 uncharted star system territory would like to register, he will take the the CGA military service."

"[Understood.]" said the robot as its moving it's fingers more faster than before. It's eyes glowing with rows upon rows of data. And after an alarm sound, the android look back to me and say "[Would it be okay for you to take the grade test right now?]" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-dream_14901475106138705/registration_40215017974456371">;s-dream_14901475106138705/registration_40215017974456371</a> for visiting.

"Yes." I replied, while gazing back at Olamard who nodded back to me. And then, one minute later, a floating long board that have two wings in it and circle like thing in its stomach, flying to our direction and stop right above our heads "[Welcome, new native, please follow me to go to the training room for the test.]"

Walking to the direction where the thing flying to, Olamard was left behind in the counter, said that he had another business in here except taking me to register.

Coming to the room that's as big as the palace courtyard, the flying android look to me and say "[We will create holographic simulator for you to show case your power, please give your best.]"


The space in the room changes in as seconds pass by and more and more unfamiliar scene is taking place right before my eyes.

Well… This is looking interesting.


[ The information list of the native in 8543 uncharted territory.

Name : Xe Zhoutian

Race : Space Human

Ability : Magic knight

Life force : 100000

Mana force : 6000

Grade : C

Rank : C+

Estimation : Strong enough of a warrior to participate in the intergalactic wars. Have no experience as combatant in the star cluster battlefield. Knowledge as a civilian of the star cluster system is very little. Body filled to the brim with Artlic radiation, reason unknown. Danger level is moderate.]

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