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Chapter 3: The priestess

Chapter three – The priestess

Sword Qi

It's a materialization of Qi that come from battle techniques. Usually, the cultivators who used Swords Qi love to use swords as their main weapon. The Sword Qi is formed to attack the opponents that's far away. The resulting weapon is very sharp and can even cut through metals like butter.

And those Sword Qi attacked me in thousands

Welp, sucks.

*clang, clang, clang, clang, clang*

Thousands and thousands of Swords Qi try to rip my body to shreds. But they met with an unseen resistance which covered my whole body. The attacks couldn't even touch my clothes, let alone injure me. The clash of those two forces is making clanking sounds.

Well, what do you expect? I'm strong after all.

But I could have easily fended off this attack. If it was any other cultivators below Nascent soul realm, they would, undoubtedly, have become minced meat. Even Nascent soul realm intermediate stage or below would have suffered grievous injuries. That's how strong this this battle technique is.

Well… now I'm annoyed that someone wants to kill me for no apparent reason.

It's not like I had ever done something bad to deserve it….


Looking above, I can only see lots and lots of Swords Qi but can't find who launched it. The tornado of Swords Qi blocked my surroundings sight, making it hard for me to find the perpetrator

Snorting at this petty trick, I let the qi flow into my right arm and allowed unstoppable power course through every inch of my body

Qi is the world and the world is me. Let them know how it's a folly to fight against me!

I punched and soon, a colorless wave came out from my fist. It went straight into the tornado and ripped apart all the Swords Qi.


Crumbled from my Qi packed punch, I looked around the surroundings now that the tornado was gone.

"You asshole! " screamed a woman with green long dress. She jumped out from behind me and tried to stab me.


Not wanting to get skewered, I dodged to the side and tried to counter the attack with another punch, but this time with less power and less deadly.


The sword tip clashed with my fist. Our clash soon created a ripple in the air, bursting out into the surrounding area

Looking closely at my assailant, I recognized the woman as one of my acquaintances. " Fei-Fei !? "

"Shut up!" Her tone sounded as if she felt disgusted to hear her name from my lips. She wrinkled her face and said in a hostile tone, "Why did you not come to our aid!? The priestess already waited two months for you and there was no news from you at all! If you are busy with something important, I would understand but you are free all days. Yet you forgot about us! "

Ah… fuck

Making an apologetic face, I tried to calm Fei-Fei down "Ah.. It's my bad, I apologize for that. Can we stop this and talk things calmly?"

Fei-Fei hesitated. Lowering her sword, she said "Please help us. The Heaven Guidance island already had been sieged as we speak"

Noticing how dire the situation is, I said "Don't worry. I will definitely help." With a flick of my hand, a golden token appeared on my palm. It had the sigil of a monkey on it.

The token was slightly glowing as I infused Qi in it. "Rashu.. I need your help"

A telepathic voice soon replied. "You want me to come over?"

"Un," is all I replied. The space in front is us cracked and fell apart. Soon, a young man with golden hair, a charming disposition and a pair of very sharp eyes emerges. He was wearing a robe with long, golden sleeve.

His robe had a ceremonial design in it with a mix of casual patterns as well. He turned his round face towards me and raised his eyebrows. "You called?" he asked.

"Yeah, take us to the Heaven Guidance island," I said, without beating around the bush.

"Alright " the golden guy gave me a nonchalant smile. He raised his left hand upside and making a blade shaped palm. "Let's go" he said and chopped off his hand.


And with that, three of us jumped into the space loop

Ugh… I hate this part


-In Heavenly Guidance island-


Explosion sounds rang so loud across the island that it felt as if the Heaven wants to punish sinners with its deadly thunder and eradicate their existence.


Yet again another attack boomed aloud, as if mocking our prestige. Frowning, I listened to the report from one of my confidants. "The outer walls from the west gate are already breached, saint. They can't hold on more than half a day and will collapse soon."

Clenching my hands, I said "Try to take the wounded back and replace them with the Holy knight corps. Tell Nanzha to help the west gate. Our east gate is already secured enough since we blasted their Tainted troops last night."

Nodding, my confidant excuse herself with five steps back while still bowing to me. Then after five more steps, she turned around and left through the main hall door

Sighing, I rub my glabella and pondered how things turned out to be like this?

The Tainted, the word for abomination soldiers that created from southerners' tribes. They are manipulated by those big sects from Huilian mountain range, right at border of Moshe and Taiye empires

Pure madness is what it is, to combine humans body with Savage or Spirit beasts. This act is an insult to the nature for a mere goal of easily disposable, fast to train, and stronger than your average foot soldiers. The poor savages of south are beyond salvation.

Our Heavenly Guidance island always had been in odds with those big sects of Huilian mountains. It's been like that ever since our ancestors arrived at this place and established our palace. We always had some skirmish fight every year. But both sides always reserved our strength and held back. All this changed two months ago. Our scouting posts reported that hundred of thousands Tainted sailing with their ships towards our island unannounced. They were led by warships with the White Lotus sect, Black Sun and Immortality Vine insignias, three biggest sects of Huilian mountain range no less

We would be blind to not know what's going on before they even attack us

With a frown, I guided the Qi from the stars to flow into my eyes. As the whiteness takes over my vision and let's me glimpse into the Heaven secret. Only the Heavenly Guidance Palace members can use this cultivation technique.

In quarter of incense time, the stars spoke to me, guiding me to what I want to see and what I want to know.

Two months ago, using the stairway of heaven technique, I let my soul cross over thousands miles away to personally come to see the asura. With my plea, he said he would go to my aid immediately after dealing with the affairs in his side. Butt alas, a month passed by and he had yet come to our aid. The stairway of heaven is a technique with a heavy price, with no choice, I dispatched my right man Xuefei to him a month ago. Xuefei is the strongest of my confidants, with cultivation of Nascent soul advanced stage. She would be able to protect herself Not to mention, Xuefei, Asura and I have been friends for hundreds of years. If we talk about who is the best person in the island, aside from me, to search for him, it would definitely be Xuefei.

The white vision soon revealed the sight of a forest. Inside the forest, I saw three man wearing black clothes, like the attires of assassins, being tied into a tree. Dozens of meters away from the assassins, waves of Qi erupting, a battle between two Masters that without a doubt

Sword meet with fist, two strong Qi clashed and both of masters leap back to catch their breath

Is that… Xuefei? And another one is… Zhoutian!? Why are they fighting??

Seeing Xuefei angry face and their conversation afterward, then I understand what happened, frustrated to leave her sisters and comrades to battle to their deaths, she went alone to search for help. But the help that she hoped for didn't even remember their plight. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-dream_14901475106138705/the-priestess_40001103101741195">;s-dream_14901475106138705/the-priestess_40001103101741195</a> for visiting.

I let out an inward sigh. I just can't help it. Xuefei is a headstrong woman, and she was all but cowardly. Knowing all the people she knows who face constant dangers, she hated that she couldn't be with them during the turbulent times.

But that doesn't mean she had to confront Zhoutian in the heat of the moment…

Thinking of how to stop them, my vision blurred and changed. The vision showed that the sky is crumbling. Gigantic behemoth emerged from the stars as lands, mountains, and sea alike were destroyed in a mere swipe of the behemoth limb.

Hundreds of millions of souls filled the world in grievances as blood soaked the trees, rivers, and grounds red everywhere.

Helpless as dozens of thousands Gods, Demons, and Immortals were swatted and pulverized just like billions of other mortals.

Gasping to breathe, I woke up from my vision as blood was flowing steadily from my nose to the ground and my clothes.

Doomed… we are all doomed…

Trying to cease the trembling in my leg, I set forth to nearest window in the main hall, taking a look into the state of the island defenders and attackers to distract over mind blowing revelation that soon or later, would happen.


Another explosion rang again in the west area but this time, it happened in the enemy side as hundreds of Tainted blow up into blooming flowers of blood.

In the sky above their camp, there are three human like figures which appeared from thin air. One is a woman with green long robe and two young mans. One of the men was wearing black long robe and another one is golden long robe

Smiling, the young man in black infused Qi into his voice and make everyone heard what he would said at any cost.

"Well, you southerners brats are so daring, to think you would place your nose into where it shouldn't belong. Guess what? Why not try to help this grandpa exercise a little ~ "

At long last, he came…

Expanding my Qi sense, I sent him telepathic message "You sure take your sweet time.."

Eyes widen, he looked back at me. "I'm sorry… I really forgot as back then there's so much to do.." he said sheepishly.

Shaking my head, I replied "It's yet too late but hundreds of our people had already fallen."

Narrowing his eyes, he looked back at the Tainted soldiers and the three big sects cultivators. "And it will all be paid in full, don't worry. No one can mess with my friends; they will soon learn it from experience."

Smiling, I nodded my head even though I know he won't see it. But at long last, with him in here, this war is as good as over.

Because there's no one in this world who can defeat the Asura

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