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100% A Girl's Taste [Dropped] / Chapter 1: What Is Going On?

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A Girl's Taste [Dropped] original

A Girl's Taste [Dropped]

Author: Spaghuddi

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Chapter 1: What Is Going On?

Tommy opened his eyes to a woman standing in front of him. With his hands tied behind the chair he was sitting in and with his mouth gagged he couldn't do anything but make muffled groaning sounds.

"Ah you're finally awake?" The woman looked at him in the eyes. "I would say that you need to answer me when I speak to you but I suppose you don't have any way of doing that. I suppose I should explain why you are here. It is a long story but the bottom line is monsters showed up and you almost died." She explained. Thinking back Tommy remembered walking down the street when he heard some screams and then everything went black. "Atleast nod so that I know you're listening." She said as Tommy immediately began nodding.

"Basically we were required to put this new special drug that brings out special powers in people in order to save their lives. If you don't understand yet I am saying that in order for you to live we needed to give you some of it." Tommy began nodding once more. "While the drug will slightly enhance your senses and your strength normally thespecial powers will only show effect when you are critically injured or fear that you might die. So you are not leaving this room till we discover what your ability is. So either I beat you half to death or you piss your pants first." The woman's speach concluded as she approached Tommy while cracking her knuckles.

A warm liquid flowed out and soiled a large area surrounding Tommy's crotch area. Tommy saw the woman in front of him freeze in place. He felt like she was looking at his soiled pants and considering whether to beat him up or not. Tommy soon realized that was not what really happened when he felt a warm energy rush through his body.

At first it felt nice but it suddenly turned painful. Tommy looked at his hands that were rough and tough from his work at a construction site, and he watched as the tempered hands turned into smaller delicate looking hands with soft smooth skin. With the rope coming loose he broght his arms in front of him. Looking at his arm he saw all the hair vanish as the arm visibly shrunk in width and became delicate skin just like his hands. Following his arms brought him to his chest, where his previous bulky physique was gone and two mounds grew out in front of him filling in the now oversized shirt. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-taste-%5Bdropped%5D_17243507305019705/what-is-going-on_46295616581597370">;s-taste-%5Bdropped%5D_17243507305019705/what-is-going-on_46295616581597370</a> for visiting.

His gag dropped down on top of his new mounds as unseen changes happened to his head. His neck got thinner as his adam's apple vanished. His nose, lips, ears and eyebrows shrunk as his eyelashes and hair grew much longer. His eyes changed from green to red. His hair even changed color from a lacklustre black to a deep purple. The first change however was his entire head shrunk and his previously broad chin vanished without a trace along with his facial hair as all his skin became soft and smooth. What he could see was his body growing extremely slender all the way down to his stomach.

His hip only shrunk a little bit in comparison to other parts, and his butt actually grew to become more rounded. Right as he noticed his butt he suddenly felt extremely sensitive right there for some reason. This sudden feeling made him miss the moment when his willy retracted into him and was probably not kept. His legs and feet were basically the same as his arms and hands. The moment the very last part of him transformed everything unfroze and returned to its original positions.

"Well that didn't take much effort. I would call you a sissy boy but just look at you." She began laughing while pointing at him. "You seem to already be free, why don't we test your new found power... To turn into a girl." Tommy stood up to look at himself and was shocked to find that he really was a girl. However when he stood up his shirt didn't fall much because of the supports but his pants and underwear fell off. He wanted to grab them quickly but didn't think it would be that quick. Before they even fell to the ground they were already back up and in Tommy's hands to make sure they didn't fall again.

"Alright you seem to be pretty fast. What about power though? Here punch this." The woman said while pushing a button. The wall rotated to be the ceiling as a new wall showed up with a fluffy looking target.

"You want me to punch that?" Tommy asked while looking at his now skinny arms. A moment later he reached to his throat and noticed his adam's apple was gone and his voice was now more high pitched yet more domineering at the same time.

"Did I stutter?" The woman asked now showing the first smile so far since he had seen her. It would be heart touching except it was so icy cold and scary that Tommy almost pissed himself a second time.

"N-not at all! I-I'll punch it right away." Tommy stuttered out of fear as he approached the fluffy target thing. He pivoted his right foot backwards and brought his fist up to the same height as his head and pointed it backwards. Tommy turned his whole body as he brought his right foot that he pivoted backwards to the front as his whole body spun he transfered the momentum into his fist and punched the target as hard as he could. The target remained unfazed after being punched by Tommy's full strength.

"Although you aren't inhumanly strong you're punch is as strong as an average adult male." The woman said after seeing his punch.

"I am a normal adult male though." Tommy said as he looked down at his big bust and corrected himself. "Was a normal adult male."

"Does it matter? Well either way the transformation is only temporary. They told me that you can deactivate your ability at will." Tommy was happy when just by thinking about it his body went back to normal. Well mostly normal, while it was just as painful the second time he didn't mind as he watched his skin return to normal. His physique followed while his breasts shrunk and his willy grew back. He could only assume that his head changed back, and it did. Only one thing didn't change yet but he didn't know it yet.

"It worked!" He shouted out loud now that he was in his original form. It was then that he realized something was wrong. "My voice didn't change back!" He shouted once more while reaching towards his throat to feel it.

"Oh so that is the side effect of your ability. I'll write it down despite it only being optional. Oh yeah, you are free to go now." She said while opening the door to the room.

"Is there a way to fix the 'side effect?'" Tommy asked while touching his throat.

"Haven't you heard it it possible to forcibly alter your voice at will through training? Just do that and it will be fine. Actually you don't need to make such a big deal out of this, it is just your voice anyways so you can ignore it. If it was those big breasts that put mine to shame I'd say you have a problem, but you don't do you. So get out of my face." She said while pointing towards the door. Tommy wanted to argue more but remembered that this woman had threatened to beat him half to death. His pants were still wet from that, so he wanted to go home.

As he stepped out of the room he realized that he had been inside a small isolated facility at the top of a mountain. He looked back and saw a few macho men carrying a person from one room to the one he had been in moments earlier. He looked down the mountain and saw that it wasn't too steep so he walked down in the direction where he could see the city he lived in. It was mostly uneventful besides him slipping and almost falling off a ledge that could break his legs. Until he reached halfway down.


Tommy looked to his right where he saw a wolf standing 14 feet away from him growling at him. Resisting his urge to scream out he began slowly taking steps backwards. With each step backwards the wolf took two steps forawards. Tommy began panicking as he could see that he could not escape with this method. He turned around and began running and he heard the wolf running after him. It was then that time froze as his transformation began. lt was just like the first time.

The moment his transformation finished his running became 5x faster than before and he was soon far enough away that he could no longer see the wolf when he looked backwards. Suprisingly despite running this distance Tommy was not tired at all. Looking forwards he was now nearing his city. He decided that he should turn back into a guy before entering the city so that his clothes would fit properly. His plan however backfired as having his big physique or having breasts both filled his shirt, but now he had both.

Spaghuddi Spaghuddi

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