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25% A Gun-Slinging Soul-Reaper (A Bleach Fan-fiction) / Chapter 4: Chapter 4: A Conversation With A Vampire.

Read A Gun-Slinging Soul-Reaper (A Bleach Fan-fiction) - Chapter 4 online

Chapter 4: Chapter 4: A Conversation With A Vampire.

Hado #4: Byakurai.

"Zanpakuto speaking"

'Zanpakuto thinking'

"Character talking"

'Character thinking


Chapter 4: A Conversation With A Vampire.

Ichigo reached the ladder and began to climb it. It took him about three minutes to get to the top. When finally at the top of the ladder Ichigo climbed out of the trap door and headed down the hallway to the room which he woke up in this morning. One thing Ichigo noted as he entered the room was that it was dark out. A full moon was clearly visible from through the window and the entire room was illuminated with the moon light shining through the curtainless window. Ichigo immediately got into bed, didn't even bother to go back into his body because he was too tired. As he lay in bed he remembered Alucard wanted to speak with him and explain his Shikai to him. So he decided to ask Alucard.

'Hey Alucard, you said you wanted to explain my Shikai's abilities to me?' said Ichigo as he laid there.

"Yes, along with other things, why don't you just go to sleep and I will bring you here in your inner world," said Alucard. Ichigo for his part loved that idea. He got to sleep and talk to his zanpakuto, at the same time. So he closed his eyes and slowly drifted off to sleep. The second he fell asleep he found himself sitting on the throne in his inner world. The view from the throne was spectacular. He could see the entire graveyard which still only had that one weird grave and a dead tree in the corner. He saw Alucard standing at the bottom of the stairs that lead to the throne looking at him with a smile on his face.

"So, do you mind telling me why is there a throne in a graveyard?"

"This is not just a graveyard master. This is a world of its own, and you are the king of this world and every king deserve a throne," said Alucard as he began walking up the steps towards Ichigo. Ichigo for his part just chuckled.

"I believe I owe you a lot of explanation, not just about our Shikai but also about yourself," said Alucard as he stood on the right side of Ichigo. Ichigo just looked at him waiting for him to begin.

"I recall you wondering how you have had soul reaper powers," said Alucard as he looks to Ichigo for confirmation. Ichigo nodded and said, "Yes, I thought the only soul reaper powers I had was what Rukia gave to me."

"Rukia Kuchiki did more than just transfer her powers into you master. Her transferring her powers into you awaken your own set of soul reaper powers that was buried deep inside your soul." that stunned Ichigo as he looks at Alucard wide-eyed.

"I..I.I had my own soul reaper powers? But how?" asked Ichigo shakenly.

"I don't know for sure master. I can only assume that someone in your family was a soul reaper." Now that did it for Ichigo, his mind was racing 100 miles per hour.

'Someone in my family was a soul reaper? It couldn't have been his mom because if she had soul reaper powers she would have defeated The GrandFisher and still be alive.' Ichigo concluded in his mind, 'It can't be his dad because if he was a soul reaper he wouldn't have killed the hollow that killed mom. Plus he is too much of an idiot to be a soul reaper. So it has to be someone else in our family.' Ichigo concluded. He was about to continue to try to figure out who it might be before Alucard interrupted him.

"It does not matter who you got them from, master." said Alucard as though he was reading Ichigo's mind, "All that matters is that you now have them."

"I guess you're right," said Ichigo. "By the way what happened to all the graves that were in here the first time I was here?" asked Ichigo.

"I will get to that just now master but now let me tell you about your Shikai," said Alucard as he flicked his wrist and the two guns from Ichigo's Shikai appeared in his hands.

"Your Shikai is the most deadly ranged zanpakuto out there, however, the common mistake your enemies will make is assume that you will be not as dangerous at close range." He chuckled "I can assure you master they are just as deadly up close as they are at a distance." Alucard paused in his explanation to let that sink into Ichigo before he began again. "Two pistols," he held both of them up in his hands so Ichigo could see them, "The Jackle," indicating to the black pistol in his right hand, "and The Casull" he said now indicating to the silver pistol in his left hand "The Jackle is power while Casull is speed and accuracy. Each of them fires a shot of raw compressed spiritual energy, the power behind each shot depends on how much power you put into it. You can either stun someone, seriously injure them or kill them depending on the power you output into a shot. Are you following?" Alucard asked to which Ichigo nodded and then spoke.

"Yes.. yes I am. So is spiritual Energy all I can shoot from my Shikai?" Ichigo asked with a raised eyebrow to which Alucard started chuckling.

" it is not. I was just about to get to that, along with raw spiritual energy your Shikai could also shoot Kidō. Both Hado and Bakudō. It also increases the power of the kido by 10" finished Alucard as he looked at Ichigo to see him grinning which made Alucard grin as well while thinking 'I have a feeling his enemies will know what true fear is!' he started to chuckled after that thought.

"So you are saying I can fire those spells or Kido things that I saw Rukia and Tessai used but mine will be more powerful?" asked Ichigo starting love his zanpakuto even more.

"Yes master, that is exactly true, however, you are going to need to ask Kisuke Urahara to teach you kido for I know none."

"I will ask him tomorrow," said Ichigo trying hard to hide his excitement.

"Another ability you have while in Shikai is that all of your physical wounds will heal itself and limbs will regenerate with the use of your spiritual energy and those that are stored in you." finished Alucard as he looked Ichigo in his eyes.

"Wait!" said Ichigo as he stood up from the throne for the first time and look at Alucard, "what do you mean stored in me?" asked Ichigo. That ability sounded too much like when hollows devour the souls of humans so that they can get stronger.

"That master is the purpose of the tombstones in the graveyard. Every time you kill one of your enemies, a tombstone will appear in the graveyard with the said enemy name on it. For example, if you kill a hollow with your sealed zanpakuto or your Shikai, it will still purify them and send them to the soul society, however, their spiritual energy will become yours and said energy will be stored in here as a grave. You will also gain the knowledge of said hollow so everything it knows you will know." said Alucard.

"So you are saying that their souls would be unaffected and only their spiritual energy will be stored into me?" asked Ichigo calming down, "That's...that's amazing!" said Ichigo getting more excited. Alucard shook his head and chuckled. He was about to tell Ichigo about his plans to train him but Ichigo asked another question before he could get a chance to.

"So what about that tombstone right there?" Ichigo asked pointing to the grey tombstone with a weird cross on it. Alucard narrowed his eyes at the tombstone before he spoke

"Don't worry about that grave. And I am not the one to tell you about what lays in that grave." Alucard said cryptically. Ichigo was about to ask more about the grave but the look he got from Alucard told him he should leave it alone. So he decides to ask about something else.

"So... What's up with that tree? it wasn't here before," asked Ichigo.

"Ahh.. that tree.. you are wrong, it was there before you just could not have seen it," said Alucard confusing Ichigo. Alucard saw the confused look on his face and decided to elaborate a bit more. "If you remember when you first came in here there were tombstones beyond what the eyes could have seen and the graveyard went on far beyond that. Those tombstones were representing different aspects of your soul and the distance away from the throne represents how deep in the soul it is buried. That tree was all the way at the end of the graveyard meaning it was in the deepest part of your soul locked away. Now it's no longer there." finished Alucard.

"So what does it represents?" ask Ichigo, right now his curiosity about this tree was at an all-time high.

"Do not worry about that tree master. It is nothing more than an eyesore. I will be getting rid of it once we are finished here." said Alucard as he narrowed his eyes at the dead tree. Ichigo could feel the anger in Alucard building up as he looked at the tree which made him wonder even more about the tree and what it is to get his zanpakuto this angry, he wanted to ask but decided against it.

"So is there anything else I need to know?" asked Ichigo

"Yes, as you have noticed your eyes have changed colors." Ichigo had forgotten about that, he was too caught up in his fight with Kisuke and understanding his Shikai he had totally forgotten about his eyes had turned blood red when he came out of the shattered shaft. "your eyes did not change their color just for show. you will notice that your eyes now allow you to see your enemy's movements a lot better and even help you to predict your enemy's movements, but the main reason for your eyes is that it helps you when shooting at a moving target." said Alucard surprising Ichigo, he had no idea that his eyes were capable of all that. He only thought that they were there just to scare his opponents.

"I would suggest buying a pair of sunglasses to cover your eyes, the last thing you would want is the people you love and care for seeing you as a monster, or looking at you in fear." said Alucard. Ichigo began running the situation of him coming home and his two little sisters looking at him in fear as though he is some kind of monster. He made a mental note to buy a pair of dark sunglasses before he went back home.

"Yea I'll do that for sure...Is there anything else?" Asked Ichigo.

"Yes starting tomorrow during the day you will be training with Kisuke and at night while you are asleep you will come in here and I will teach you the proper way to use your Shikai," said Alucard. Ichigo was happy with that arrangement, he would be better prepared for what he has to face in order to save Rukia and he will also get to bond a bit more with his zanpakuto before going to war.

"Okay so during the day Kisuke and while I'm asleep you," said Ichigo to which Alucard nodded

"Yes that is all master," said Alucard sensing that Ichigo has had enough for one night which is understandable considering the amount of information he has to process.

"Can you stop with the 'master' thing, it's kinda weird. You are not my servant or subordinate, we are partners." said Ichigo with a lot of conviction in his voice. He hated the idea of having someone call him to master all the time especially someone who will be fighting side by side with him in a sense. "Call me Ichigo." he finished.

Alucard just smiled and said "Sure thing mas-. I mean Ichigo." he said and Ichigo just smiled right back at him.

"That's a whole lot better," he said

"I think that's enough for today Ichigo. It is almost time for you to get up, so I'll let you go so you could actually get a few hours of sleep in," said Alucard as he walked up to Ichigo and touched him on his forehead and with that touch Ichigo disappear from his inner world and was asleep in the real world. Alucard's face went from a happy smile to an impassive look not showing any emotions.

"Time to take care of business," he said as he once again flicked his wrist and Casull and Jackle appeared in his hands. He then turned around and faced the graveyard and began walking down the stairs of the throne. When he got to the bottom he turned and with cold lifeless eyes he looked dead tree at the corner of the graveyard and began walking towards it. When he reached one foot away from the tree he put Casull away and took his left hand and stabbed it into the tree. It was as though he grabbed onto something and then he started to pull it out. Out of the tree came a what appears to be a virtually identical being to Ichigo, except inverted in color. He is a fairly tall and lean-built being with white skin and hair. His eyes consist of black pupils, white irises, and black sclera. He has black nails. While Ichigo wears a standard black Shinigami shihakushō, this thing wears a white shihakushō with a black cloth belt.

"Hello hollow," Alucard said to the now identified hollow. The hollow looked at Alucard in disgust before speaking.

"There is nothing you can do to stop it you big red motherfucker!" he yelled at Alucard who didn't even looked fazed by all this. "I will be king of this world!" he screamed. His echo could have been heard in the distance.

"I don't think so. You may become a nuisance in the future and the last thing I will ever let you do is harm Ichigo!" Alucard said raising his voice a little. Before the hollow could say anything else Alucard opened his mouth wide showing the Hollow his pointed fangs. The hollow's eyes widen, before he could do anything Alucard bit down on his neck and started to suck the spiritual energy out of him. The hollow could feel himself starting to fade, for the first time in its existence it was afraid. At an alarming rate, the hollow started to fade away until it was completely gone. Alucard simply stood up straight and with his left hand which was holding Jackle, he wiped his mouth on his sleeves. he then turned around and walked back to the throne, after about five steps away from the tree he stopped turned his head to look at the tree, pointed Jackle at the tree and called out;

"Cero!" and pulled the trigger. Out of gun game, a crimson red ball of energy headed straight for the tree. When impacted it exploded and all that was left of the tree where the burn marks of the explosion. Alucard began walking back to the throne chuckling. As he passed the one tombstone he said

"Your time will come."




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