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43.75% A Gun-Slinging Soul-Reaper (A Bleach Fan-fiction) / Chapter 7: Chapter 7: Entering the Seireitei.

Read A Gun-Slinging Soul-Reaper (A Bleach Fan-fiction) - Chapter 7 online

Chapter 7: Chapter 7: Entering the Seireitei.

Hado #4: Byakurai.

"Zanpakuto speaking"

'Zanpakuto thinking'

"Character talking"

'Character thinking'


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Chapter 7: Entering the Seireitei.

Ichigo was still on laying under the tree watching the clouds as the sun would be rising in a few hours. It was a cool morning. Ichigo hadn't bother going inside for the night, he slept right under the tree. At some point during the night, someone had placed a blanket over him. After about five minutes later Ichigo saw Yoruichi walking towards him. He sat up took the blanket off and began stretching. When Yoruichi reach him Ichigo look at him and spoke.

"Good morning Yoruichi," Ichigo said with a yawn.

"Good morning to you too Ichigo. How was sleeping under the stars?" asked Yoruichi as he sat next to Ichigo.

"It was actually quite refreshing," said Ichigo with a rare smile on his face.

"That's good." He said then paused a bit before beginning to speak again, "You should go get something to eat, the mission will begin in about an hour. Your friends are already awake." Ichigo nodded then stood up took a deep breath of the morning air and began to walk towards the house. Ichigo had breakfast with his friends and after breakfast, they all headed towards the cannon. Kukaku was sitting on the platform looking at each of them.

"Hey why isn't Ganju here with the rest of you?" asked Kukaku from her spot on the platform. Ichigo was wondering why did Ganju need to be here.

"I don't know, haven't seen him all morning," replied Ichigo. As he said that Ganju's voice was heard coming from the right of where they were standing.

"Never fear, Ganju is here!" he said panting heavily. He was standing there holding a long piece of folded paper. "You should know the hero always the last to make his entrance," he said pointing to himself.

"I'm surrounded by idiots" said Ichigo to himself while shaking his head. Kukaku heard him and chuckled.

"Alright then are you all ready for the cannonball?" asked Yoruichi while standing next to Kukaku's feet.

"Yes!" they all replied.

"If you're all ready to go then the final countdown begins now!" yelled Kukaku. She then hit the side of the cannon and a hole started to form. When a hole about 6 feet wide formed she spoke, "get inside everyone." Ichigo and his friends along with Ganju and Yoruichi then walked into the cannon with the spiritual core in the center with all of them surrounding it. "The sun will be rising soon, that will be the signal to begin the launch ceremony." The hole was sealed shut and Ichigo and his friends placed their hands on the Spirit core and looked up at the opening they were about to be shot through. Yoruichi's voice made all of them looked down at him to see him standing in the spiritual core.

"It is important once we enter the Seireitei that we all stick together. And if you should encounter any captains you should not fight them you should run. Understood?" said Yoruichi to which they all nodded. Then they heard Kukaku chanting, "it has begun, start pouring your spirit energy into the core." He said and that they did. Soon a bubble like the one that formed around Ichigo formed around all of them only this time if more of a clear bubble than a red one.

"Beyond. Bronze-colored greed desires thirty-six degrees of control! Seventy-two pairs of illusions. Thirteen pairs of horn flutes. The right hand of the monkey grasps the stars. Embraced by twenty-five suns, the cradle of sand will spill blood. Flower Crane Cannon number 2. Kagizaki Blossom." Kukaku yelled and then slammed her flaming fist on the ground and suddenly they were fired into the air accelerating upwards leaving a trail of smoke clouds behind them. From inside the bubble, everyone looked down at the ground below them in amazement. After accelerating up for a while longer the cannonball sudden stopped and started moving to the left, heading straight for the Seireitei. It was at this point Ganju took out the folded paper he had earlier and unfold it.

"What's that for Ganju?" asked Ichigo.

"Flower crane cannon launch: Method Two involves two steps, the first spell controls everything from launch to directional settings, and the second spell controls acceleration and axis adjustment after that you gradually improve the accuracy," said Ganju looking at everyone.

"Oh." was all Ichigo could say.

"Don't get in the way and you all will get there safely?" he said while looking at Ichigo before he turned his attention to everyone else and spoke again, "There is something I have to tell you all. In order to get into the Seireitei, we are going to have to stabilize the cannonball. We must keep the spiritual energy output by each person at a constant level. To do that I want you to keep your hands on the spiritual core that way you can see how much energy everyone is releasing and adjust your output accordingly. One mistake and It will be the end." explained Ganju. Everyone was okay with what they had to do, well almost everyone. Orihime was scared that she wouldn't be able to match everyone else's power level. Ichigo saw that she was stressing and out his hand on her shoulder and smiled then spoke.

"Don't worry everything will be alright," he said in a calm voice that made her smile. Ganju then began chanting.

"Flower Crane Cannon Launch Method Two! Second Spell! the fate of three sparrows, fate of four dragons; blocked in from five directions unable to return six miles. Wind of heaven, Orangutan, Spoon, crane of elm-" Ganju was interrupted by Uryu.

"Orihime you need to put more spirit energy into it," said Uryu.

"Okay" replied Orihime as she began to focus more of her spirit energy into the core.

"A thousand sprinkle of ashes, A thousand bits of wisdom, Measure of white cloud-" Ganju was interrupted again this time by Ichigo.

"Still not enough Orihime," he said

"Ichigo why don't you increase your output to make up for what we are not getting from Orihime," suggested Uryu.

"Okay I'll try" and Ichigo began increasing his output in order to make up for what Orihime couldn't produce.

"Not stepping on scarlet shadows, A thousand sprinkle of ashes...!" Ganju then looked at Ichigo furiously and yelled: "You idiot you made me repeat the lines!"

"What did I do?" Ichigo yelled back "it's not my fault you can't read properly!" said Ichigo butting heads with Ganju.

*Meanwhile inside the Seireitei*

"Red Alert! Red Alert! The Seireitei has been breached! All squads report to battle stations immediately! Repeat this is a Red Alert! Intruders in the Seireitei!" was heard throughout the Seireitei. Soul reapers everywhere started running and getting themselves into positions. Inside the captain's meeting that was held to discuss the ryoka that was able to injure the squad three captain Gin Ichimaru, was now in a state of shock.

"A breach inside the Seireitei?" Asked the captain of squad five Sosuke Aizen, "you don't think it could be those ryoka do you?" he asked while looking at the other captains with a look of pure disbelief. Before anyone could say or do anything else they heard the footsteps of someone running. They all turned towards the door to see who it is only to see the captain of squad eleven Kenpachi Zaraki running out of the room. "Wait! Kenpachi, Where are you going?" asked Aizen, but he never received an answer. Suddenly there was a loud booming sound that echoed throughout the room. All of the captains turned towards the old man with the long beard sitting at the head of the room with a staff in his hand. He then looked at all the captains and spoke.

"This is most unfortunate, but with such a major disruption leaves me with no choice in the matter. This squad meeting is hereby dismissed. All squads are to heed the Alert and report immediately to their battle stations." As he said that all of the captains began walking out of the room.

Every soul reaper inside the Seireitei stopped what they were doing and looked up. In the sky was something glowing and it was headed for the Seireitei.

"What is that up there!?" a random soul reaper asked.

"Whatever it is the soul shield membrane should stop it." said captain Aizen as him and his squad watched the object approaching the Seireitei at a high rate of speed.

"Just in case we probably should clear the area." his lieutenant said while signaling the other soul reapers to stand clear.

*Back With Ichigo*

As the cannonball was getting closer the point where they would hit the barrier Yoruichi spoke.

"The only way you are going to survive this is to pour in all the spirit energy you got!" As he said that everybody started pouring in all of their spirit energy into the core. Not long after the core collided with the barrier. As it made contact with the barrier it created a shockwave that blew away surrounding clouds that were in the sky. It was like the cannonball was stuck to the barrier, no moving from the spot it hit, only vibrating and creating a bit of yellow lightning around it. After about thirty seconds, the cannonball finally broke through the barrier, but when it did the cannonball broke as well and everyone was just suspended in the air.

"What's going on? We blasted through the shield but we are not falling to the ground." said Ichigo.

"Don't get separated!" Yelled Yoruichi getting everyone's attention, "The cannonball was destroyed by the barrier, but its residual energy will still hold us up until it dissolves. Then it will coalesce in a whirlpool then explode then vanish." As he said that Ichigo's eyes widen at the thought of this thing exploding. "We must stick together or else anyone who is separated will get blown by the explosion!" Yoruichi finished. As he finished the whirlpool began to form and everyone was taken in a different direction.

"We are in the whirlpool!" yelled Yoruichi. Ganju got blown away the furthest from everyone else so he started panicking and screaming.

"Noooo! I am not bout to get separated from everyone else!" he yelled as he started flapping his arms and doing a strange swimming motion with his legs in order to get to someone close by. The only person close enough to him was Ichigo who when he finally reached latched onto for dear life. Yoruichi then reached Ichigo and stood on his shoulder.

"I think it is best if I stay on your shoulder," Yoruichi said. Ichigo was about to agree when he heard a scream coming from his right. He looked over to see Uryu about to go outside of the whirlpool. He then looked above him to see Chad and Orihime looking at Uryu, it had looked as though Chad was about to go after Uryu but What Ichigo did next stopped him. Ichigo reached up and grab Yoruichi by his fur and then placed him on Ganju's shoulder.

"What are you do-" Before Ganju could finish Ichigo started spinning him to gain momentum, he then launched Ganju and Yoruichi towards Chad and Orihime. Ichigo then took off towards Ichigo. Ichigo then grabbed onto Uryu and tossed him back into the whirlpool. Looking back Ichigo could see Chad who had followed Ichigo, caught Uryu and tossed him towards Orihime. When Uryu bumped into Orihime and Ganju, the collision ended up causing Ganju and Yoruichi to get separated from Orihime and now Uryu. Chad saw this and decided to join them. When the whirlpool finally exploded it blew Ichigo who was already by himself further away from the others, Orihime and Uryu ended up blown away together and somehow Yoruichi and gotten blown off of Ganju's shoulder and ended up by himself. So, that just left Ganju and Chad together. From the ground soul reapers, all saw the thing that crashed into the barrier split into four and all went into four different directions.

Ichigo who was by himself saw that the ground was approaching fast and decided he needed to do something to break his fall. So, he righted himself upwards and cats a kido.

"Bakudo # 37: Tsuriboshi (Suspending Star)!" He yelled. A star-shaped cushion of spiritual energy that anchored itself to nearby buildings with ropes made of spiritual energy. It acted as a safety net for Ichigo to land gently in.

'Note to self thank Tessai again for teaching me, Kido.' Ichigo thought to himself as he climbed out of the star-shaped net. Ichigo then sensed something behind him. when he turned around he saw two soul reapers standing on the building behind him.

"Oh my, What luck!" spoke the bald-headed soul reaper. Both he and his partner who had weird eyelashes jumped off of the building and landed in front of Ichigo. "Can you believe this, first we skip out on our boring guard duty and one of them fall right into our hands!" the bald-headed soul reaper said before he started bouncing on his toe singing "Lucky, Lucky me! Today I am so Lucky!" he then stopped bouncing and singing and pointed his sealed zanpakuto at Ichigo and spoke, "You, on the other hand, most certainly are not." Ichigo for his part was studying his two enemies.

The bald-headed one was a tall and muscular man, He wears the standard soul reaper robes, except for no tabi with his sandals and his eyes each have a small red marking at the outer corner. Unlike other soul reapers his zanpakuto was not strapped to his side instead he held it in his hand.

The other soul reaper wore a standard Shinigami shihakushō uniform with some customizations. An orange piece of clothing sits on top of his uniform around the neck, which covers most of his chest that would otherwise be exposed by his uniform. This is connected to an orange sleeve on his right arm under the much looser fitting sleeve of the uniform. He has colorful feathers on his right eyelashes and eyebrow. He has shiny skin, purple eyes, and jaw-length black hair, which, in conjunction with the feathers, gives him a somewhat feminine appearance.

"If anyone here is unlucky it's you," said Ichigo as he tilted his head down a bit and pulled his sunglasses down the bridge of his nose a bit just so those two soul reapers to see a pair of blood red eyes staring right back at them. At first, both of them looked scared before both of them got a grin on their face. The bald-headed soul reaper started singing and dancing again while the other one simply watched on.

"What the hell is his doing?" Ichigo asked the soul reaper with the weird eyelashes while looking at the bald headed one strangely.

"What the hell do you mean 'what is wrong with me!" the bald-headed soul reaper yelled, "can't you see I', doing my lucky dance for you. The least you could do is be appreciative!" the soul reaper yelled while looking at Ichigo only to see him not paying attention, instead he was checking his nails. It was then the soul reaper got a look at Ichigo's zanpakuto. It caused his eyebrow to raise. "That is an interesting looking zanpakuto you got there," he said in a much more calm voice. This got his friends attention. His friend now took a look as well and that also caused his eyebrow to raise.

"I never seen a soul reaper who's zanpakuto is constantly in its Shikai form," said the soul reaper with the weird eyelashes. Ichigo simply raised his eyebrow at that and chuckled to himself.

'Boy is they in for a treat' Ichigo thought as he chuckled to himself.

"Neither have I," said the bald-headed one. Ichigo then placed his hand on his zanpakuto's hilt and unsheathed it before he spoke.

"Are we going to stand here talking all day or are we going to do this?" he asked while positioning himself for an attack. What happened next made Ichigo raised his eyebrow, the soul reaper with the weird eyelashes backed away and stood in the corner while the bald-headed one unsheathed his zanpakuto and held his blade in his right hand and the sheath in his left.

"Don't tell me you are planning on facing me alone," Ichigo asked.

"We are from the eleventh squad and our policy is all fights are fought one on one," he said. Ichigo nodded but made a not to keep his guard up for the other one just in case.

"Before I kill you, what is your name?" Ichigo asked earning a chuckle from his opponent.

"I am Ikkaku Madarame, 3rd seat of squad eleven," the bald-headed soul reaper said, "and you are?" he asked.

"Ichigo Kurosaki," Ichigo said and without any warning, his opponent lunged towards him with his sword raised in the air to strike. As Ikkaku brought his zanpakuto down onto Ichigo the strangest thing happened in Ikkaku's opinion, his zanpakuto fazed right through him as though he was an illusion. It was then he heard Ichigo's voice behind him.

"If you are that slow then you are as good as dead," said Ichigo in a bored voice. Ikkaku then turned around to see Ichigo braced against the wall with his zanpakuto back in its sheath. He then looked towards his friend who was looking at Ichigo wide-eyed.

"What the hell was that?" he asked.

"It's called an afterimage." said Ichigo while looking at Ikkaku through his glasses, "I am so fast I leave an image of myself behind." Both Ikkaku and his friend eyes were wide at that statement, "That's why I said you should get your friend over there to help you because you are just wasting my time right now." Ikkaku chuckled then looked to his friend and spoke.

"The captain is going to love this one." This caused his friend to chuckle, "come on Yumichika, let's show him what squad eleven can do." As he said that his friend unsheathed his zanpakuto and stood to Ichigo's right while Ikkaku stood on the left.

"And who are you?" Ichigo asked the soul reaper with the weird eyelashes.

" I am Yumichika Ayasegawa, 5th seat of the eleventh squad." With that said both Ikkaku and Yumichika lunged and swung their zanpakuto at Ichigo who simply smirk before he kicked off wall that he was bracing on and in on swift motion he unsheathed his zanpakuto and swung it to meet Ikkaku's whiling moving out of the way of Yumichika's swing. When Ikkaku's zanpakuto collided with Ichigo's, the force that was behind Ichigo's swing caused him to stumble back a bit. Right after that Ichigo moved to the right and swing his zanpakuto behind him effectively blocking Yumichika's swing. He then kicked Yumichika in the ribs sending him flying into the wall.

"The two of you aren't so bad," said Ichigo while straightening up himself. Yumichika pulled himself out of the wall and went and stood next to Ikkaku.

"You aren't so bad yourself. Who is your master?" asked Ikkaku. Ichigo held his zanpakuto lazily by his side before he spoke.

"Well I wouldn't exactly call him my master but there is a man who trained me," said Ichigo.

"Well, who is he?" Asked Yumichika. There was a long pause before Ichigo answered in a low and serious voice.

"Kisuke Urahara," Ichigo said. As he said that the other two immediately got a serious look on their face.

"So, he is your master..." Ikkaku said and then took a pause, "... Well if he is your master then it would be very disrespectful of us not to give it our all" as he said that he took his sheath and slammed it on the hilt of his zanpakuto and yelled.

"Extend, Hōzukimaru!" As he yelled that both his sheath and his sword transformed into a spear with a wax wood shaft with a red horsehair tassel at the end of the shaft. Ikkaku then looked towards Yumichika who placed the palm of his hand on the flat side of his zanpakuto, slid it down and yelled.

"Bloom, Fuji Kujaku!" As he yelled that his sealed sword transformed into a sickle-shaped blade.

"A spear and a grass knife. Is that what you plan to kill me with?" asked Ichigo not sounding that impressed with their Shikai.

"What are you talking about!" Ikkaku yelled, "Your Shikai is a stinking katana with some freaky blood stain design on it!" Ichigo simply chuckled and spoke in a chilling tone that sends a shiver up both Ikkaku and Yumichika's spine.

"Whoever said this was my Shikai." At that, both of their eyes were wide, before they could react Ichigo was already behind them. "I have had enough of you two," he said as he started walking away behind both Ikkaku and Yumichika with his zanpakuto back in its sheath and his back towards the two of them. Neither Ikkaku nor Yumichika had moved a muscle, didn't even turn around to look at Ichigo walking away from they just stood in place and the next thing that happened surprised them both. gushed out from both of their right shoulders. They looked at their chest only to see a long deep wound starting from their right shoulder and ending at their belly button.

'I didn't even see him move.' was the thought of both them before passing out in a pool of their own blood. Thirty seconds later a group of soul reapers stumbled upon them laying there in their own blood.

"Its 3rd seat Madarame and 5th seat Ayasegawa!" yelled one of the soul reapers.

"We have to get them to the fourth division fast!" yelled another. With that, they picked both of them up gently and flash stepped to the fourth division. Upon one of the buildings watching all this was Ichigo who chuckled to himself and spoke.

"Time for the No Life King to rise," he said before flash stepping away.


After this chapter is where all the fun starts. NEXT CHAPTER IS RENJI


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