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94.91% A Knight's Will. / Chapter 55: War 2

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Chapter 55: War 2

"Hey sis are you seeing this?" Achilles asked over the mental link their side set up between the servants.

"Unfortunately, and what did I tell you before?" She replied with annoyance. "That idiot switched sides."

"I don't think he even realizes that there are sides." Achilles stated.

The former Red Berserker was now slashing his way through the combined armies, not caring about allies or enemies, though the homunculi were smart enough to get out of the way for the most part.

"Looks like we're going to be on the losing end of this little battle, we're probably going to have to make the first move." Achilles said.

"I don't know what you're complaining about, I'm the one that suffers the most if our army loses. No doubt the Black side will just point their remaining forces at me while you can fly away." Atalanta replied.

"Do you think I would just leave you alone, sis?"

"I think you'll find someone to fight and completely forget about me."

"...okay, I see your point."

Atalanta just sighed, she didn't mean to poke his soft spot like that, she could hear the mild sadness in his voice.

"Atalanta." A new voice called out in her mind. "Release your noble phantasm."

"As you command, 'master'." Atalanta replied.

She started to build up a good amount of prana as she held out her bow and knocked two arrows, aiming upwords towards the sky.

"With my bow and arrows, I respectively ask for the divine protection of the Sun God Apollo and the Moon Goddess Artemis."

The arrows began to shine a teal hue.

"I Offer thee this calamity....."

The arrows were let loose and shot into the sky which suddenly brightened up in the darkness of the night.

"[Phoebus Catastrophe]"

Thousands of arrows then began to rain down from the sky onto the Berserker, and on the nearby homunculi.

A relatively strong anti-army noble phantasm. It can be spread out to take care of a lot of enemies, or focused on a singular one. She opted to cull a lot of their forces along with damaging the rampaging berserker if possible.

The torrential rain of Arrows was interrupted by a cascade of lightning being discharged.

Berserker of Black had appeared from her astralized state and slammed her mace into the ground. The accumulated lightning had shot up and intercepted the remaining barrage.

After the smoke cleared and the barrage ceased, there layed the body of the former Red Berserker.

Dozens of arrows protruding from its body, he stood up. His flesh began to spasm and the arrows were pushed out. His body began to mend and slightly alter. His form grew a bit as his body was distorting at the extra mass that was added on.

"OPPRESSOR?" Berserker said towards the other Berserker.

"Grrrrrrr" The Black Berserker replied.

Spartacus nodded as he turned back towards his original target. "OPPRESSORS!" He roared with his maniacal smile.

Berserker of Black seemed to join in as she also charged along with him.


"...did you know that the Berserkers could communicate?" Rider of Black asked towards Berserker's master.

"Fran never brought it up." Berserker's master replied.

Frankenstein's monster, Berserker of blacks true identity. Her berserker state comes from her legend where her creator had made her then got scared and disassembled her. She managed to pull her pieces back together and seek out her creator and demand another be made like her, a mate. She wore a wedding dress for the thought that she would get married. When he refused, she sought out all his family and friends in a rage and killed them.

The two Berserkers cleared a path through the two armies as they went towards Atalanta.

Several arrows began to fly as Berserker of Red took cover behind Spartacus and he just continued to press on with arrows piercing his body. His flesh just continued to warp and heal as he kept taking damage.

Berserker of Red was able to gather the residual magical energy that was being discharged from both Archer's attacks and Spartacus's healing through her galvanism. She used it as a pseudo-Mana Burst to further increase her parameters.

The electricity was accumulating on her and discharging in every direction as she held up her mage and forced it into a single point before it shot off towards her target.

A large blast of electricity made its way towards Atalanta. The archer did her best to dodge as she let loose a few more arrows in an attempt to slow down her oncoming opponents.

"Achilles, I could use some aid here." She sent out through the mental link.

"On my way sis."

A streak of prana was seen in the air as Achilles mounted his chariot and shot towards the two Berserkers.

Almost a blur, the chariot flew through the sky, only to be intercepted by another blur.

The sound of steel clanging echoed out above the battlefield.

"Nope~, Gotta Fight me first." Rider of Black said with a wink.

"I don't have time for you, get out of the way." Achilles growled.

The horses of Achille's Chariot let out a angry neigh while the Hippogriff replied with a roar.

Two distinctively colored streaks continued to meet each other at unbelievable speeds in the air as the clashing of weapons was heard.

Atalanta saw the fight out of the corner of her eye, realizing she wouldn't receive support from her comrade.

She tried her best to let loose arrows to impede the berseker's movement, but it seemed as though he continued to get faster and more durable as the fight continued. And the other Berseker was providing him with long distance support in the form of Lightning blasts. Of which would do a considerable amount of damage to the Archer if she didn't dodge.

It was an odd combination of servants that had managed to work in countering her.

Spartacus had managed to get into range as he swung in blade. Very little skill present as Atalanta merely vault over him, launching a few arrows without much of an effect.

Landing between the two Berserkers, The Black side had swung her lightning covered mace.

Atalanta ducked under it, sweeping her legs with her bow. The Berserker fell over and Atalanta knocked several arrows between her fingers as she aimed, point blank, at the lightning clad servant.

"UAHHHHH" The berserker screamed as she discharged all her accumulated electricity into the surroundings. All the excess mana in the area she had been absorbing since the start of the battle had been let loose in the form of electricity.

The area lit up as the sky briefly changed color. The fighting almost stopped as everyone looked over to see what happened.

Atalanta was seen a very dozen yards away, blood trailing down her arm as she steadied herself, limping a few more feet away. She managed to avoid a full brunt of the attack, but she did not come out unscathed. It simply proved her skill, to get out of that situation with her life.

The one who unleashed the attack was otherwise unhurt, but one who took the most damage was actually the other Berserker.

Though something odd began to occur. His flesh was enlarging, mutating at an extreme rate. His size was easily 20 feet tall as he had extra arms and legs to support himself.

His maniacal laughter still echoing out. "MY ULTIMATE REBELLION IS ALMOST AT HAND, COME OPPRESSORS!"


"DAMMIT" Achilles shouted. "GET OUT OF MY WAY YOU PEST."

"That's rude, we're having a good fight here." Rider replied.

A spear shrouded in prana was launched forward, breaking the sound barrier towards the Pink-haired Rider.

He merely smiled as his mount and he disappeared, only to appear a dozen yards in a different area.

It was the ability of his hippogriff, this 'impossible beast', has the ability to dimensional shift to the reverse side of the world for a moment then materialize back into this side.

"Missed me." Rider laughed as his mount charged forward.

The beast flew at the chariot, flipping upside down as Rider's Lance met Achilles' Spear.

While Achille's Chariot was faster, the speed could not make up for the 'teleporting' of Rider. Rider could appear in the 'blind spots' of the chariot, rendering its extreme mobility irrelevant.

"I know your Weakness!" Rider shouted as their clashed once again.

"What!?" Achilles shouted in surprise. He didn't expect his identity to get revealed yet. He got distracted for a moment as he began to wander who on the enemy side could have recognize him.

At that moment, Rider jumped off his Hippogriff and landed on Achilles' Chariot.

"Un Garde" Rider Declared as he swept his lance towards the Dazed Greek.

Achilles easily blocked with his own spear, the close quarters making his speed once again irrelevant. He couldn't help but wonder what kind of genius this Rider was. Every move he made so far had been perfect in countering his strengths. Not only that, he had managed to poke at him just the right way to almost slip back into his own battle lust that cost him so much in life. He had no doubt at this point that the Rider knew of his identity, he would have to be on guard to make sure his heel was well protected.

The two awkwardly began to duel ontop of the small chariot, barely enough room for one spear yet they both wielded their rather large weapons comically as they tried to damage one another.

"Prepare yourself!" Rider called out.

"[Trap of Argalia]"

The burst of prana was felt before the activation of the noble phantasm. Achilles had no offensive noble phantasm himself that could be used in this situation, he instead brought fort his shield, a divine construct forged by the god Hephaestus.

Achilles was a bit surprised as his shield returned to its astralized state and the Pink-haired rider infront of him had disappeared from his line of sight.

He felt something behind him as he realized where the Rider went.

The Rider was standing on the edge as he danced around behind him.

"I know who you are and your weak spot. You are Siegfried the dragon blooded warrior, you bathed in the blood of a dragon and your only weak spot is where a leaf landed on your back during the process!"

With that, the rider's lance glowed as he saturated it with prana and stabbed towards his opponents back. A look of victory soon changed to that of confusion as his lance never penetrated the heroes skin.

Achilles just sat there, absolutely dumbfounded as he tried to rationalize what had just occurred.

"Hey....why isn't this working?" Rider said as he continued to poke the hero with his lance.

".....Siegfried was your saber..." Achilles replied quietly, still coping with the insane situation he found himself in.

"Oh Yeah!" Rider stated, smacking his own forehead lightly. " I forgot" He said with a chuckle.

Before Achilles could respond, a roar was heard above them as Rider's Hippogriff dived down, grabbing ahold of the middle of the three horses pulling the chariot and killing it in the process.

Achilles just stood there, mouth agape as his lost one of his horses. He had three horses pulling his chariot, the ones on the left and right were divine horses bestowed by Poseidon himself, while the middle one was merely a legendary horse. It wasn't as fast or strong as it's companions who could equal servants themselves, its role was that of a support. Its main purpose was for pivoting and turning of the chariot. One could say it was the weak point in the chariot itself.

" looks like you have a lot on your mind right now, I'll leave you to yourself." Rider said awkwardly as he jumped off the chariot and landed on his mount.

The two divine beasts turned and looked at Achilles, just as confused at what happened as the hero himself.

"I have no idea whats going on anymore…."

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