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Chapter 24: When Angels Fall.

The group were excitedly loading up the car full of all the stuff they were taking to the beach.

Everyone had changed out of their usual uniforms, even Index was donning normal clothes. They were initially a bit worried about taking both Index and Kaori out of the city the normal way, the city took its security very seriously with the 'normal' people.

To both enter and exit the city required going through several checkpoints and you had to be registered in the city's database.

Alex did not think it would be an issue.

With all the spying that Aleister does, it would be very surprising that he did not know of their plans. Hell, he probably agreed with them.

The group would leave the city for awhile and allow everything to calm down. It would give the man time to reel in some of the more aggressive individuals who were looking into the group.

The two 'intruders' were probably registered with the city at this point, and worse case, either he or Misaki could 'convince' the security guards to let them go.

It was honestly a bit surprising how low on the magecraft totem pole some minor hypnosis was. You would think that because you are messing with someone's 'brain' it would be a much harder craft, but that is not the case. Minor hypnosis was not some kind of 'mind control' ability, it merely shifted thoughts slightly. If someone was deciding if they wanted to go left or right, you could 'convince' them to go the direction you wanted. He didn't know about the higher levels and assumed it was more akin to forcing your will upon an individual.

But regardless, he had the cheat that was Misaki with them just in case.

It was all unneeded worry though, the guards let them through without any commotion and they were happily on their way as they traveled away from the city and started to make their way through the country side.

Index was happily gawking at everything they passed along the way. She had been extremely sheltered due to her circumstances, even when she was running away, she didn't have the time to actually take in her surroundings.

Alex couldn't help but smile at the situation.

Medusa acted in a similar manner when he and she first traveled the world. Like Index, she had been very secluded from the world and happily took in all these new sights. They had also visited several beaches around the world, experiencing every ocean.

Alex couldn't help but have a smile come over his face.

"What are you thinking about?" Misaki asked.

She had watched him staring off into space and suddenly start smiling.

"Just thinking about the last time I went to the beach with my girlfriend." He replied casually.

"Ewwww, too much info." She said with a smile.

"We weren't together at that point, you little pervert. Besides, her situation reminded me of Index's." He said, getting the attention of the others.

"How so?" Index asked.

"She had been secluded from the world for most of her life, she also was excited to see all the sights." He replied.

"You never did tell us her name...." Touma said, a little curious about her identity and also his as well. He remembered the photos, she was extremely beautiful but he didn't recognize her.

"You probably wouldn't believe me if I told you her name." Alex replied.

"Is she famous?" Mikoto asked, her curiosity piqued, he had told her some stories about their time together.

"More like Infamous, but history isn't always accurate." Alex stated.

"Oh, now I'm very curious as well." Misaki added in. She knew his true identity and even then, he said that they probably wouldn't believe him, that made it all the more interesting in her opinion.

Alex took a quick glance around.

"Are you sure? It may cause you question some aspects of the world." Alex said.

Kaori perked up herself at this comment. She didn't really have much interest in the whole conversation besides learning some more information about this man, but apparently his girlfriend was also very well known. It could possibly lead to his true identity.

"Fine." He said with a small smirk.

"Her name is..."

"Medusa." He finally said.

They all heard the name and it took a moment for it to finally click.

Their eye's widened as many thoughts flashed through their minds.

Alex held back a laugh as they tried to process that information.

At this point in their lives, everyone In the vehicle knew about the magic side of the world. Misaki had an inkling about it before coming into the group and Mikoto had to be dragged into it with reluctance, it was hard to convince her that magic actually existed.

Event then, this information was a bit surprising.

"Medusa as in.....the gorgon?" Index asked hesitantly.

"Yup." Alex replied with a smile.

"The girl you showed us in the the girl from Greek Mythology who was supposedly a snake monster?" Touma added in.

"As I said, history isn't always accurate." Alex stated.

"Are you Greek?" Kaori asked, she was also very surprised by this new information.

"Nope, I'm English actually." Alex said.

"You don't have an accent." Kaori stated, they had assumed he was either English or American based on his looks and his way of speaking.

"Yeah I lost it when I was living in different places around the world." He said offhandedly.

He actually lost it after living in America for several years. The combination of becoming a Heroic spirit again and living outside of his native country had actually caused his accent to become very neutral regardless of what language he spoke.

"How did you two meet, I don't think its everyday that someone meets a person out of mythology?" Misaki asked.

"Ah, that is a longer story involving an omnipotent wish granting device and several heroes from throughout history." He stated.

"But that's a story for another day, we're here." He finished as they arrived at the beach resort, the ocean in the distance.


To the kid's credit, they really didn't push any issues. They seemed to respect certain boundaries when he didn't wish to elaborate on details and were more than happily to focus on the little vacation.

Touma's family wouldn't be arriving for another day, so they were by themselves for now.

Alex took a back seat as the kids did what they wanted, which he was more than happy to oblige. He also made sure to take lots of pictures.

The dumb look on Touma's face when they presented themselves in their new bikini's.

He totally didn't do the same thing Medusa. Nope, didn't happen.

It was relaxing and fun. Getting to watch Index run around and actually 'play' for one of the first times in her life.

They tried their best to give her the entire 'experience'.

They took her swimming for awhile, to which they learned that she could not swim. As soon as she got into a depth that she couldn't touch the ground, she firmly face planted into the water and started to drown.

Even the other girls were more paying more attention to Index than they were about their 'rivalry'. You couldn't help but love that little girl. Kaori also got dragged into everything due to her. It seemed like everyone wanted to give Index a fun day.

They did everything she wanted for the day. The genuine smile on her face was more than worth it. The girl who had essentially been locked up her entire life deserved it.

Even as night came, they stayed on beach as Alex was going to grill for dinner.

They were practically the only ones on the beach at the moment and the 'house' the rented for the duration of the stay was in an isolated area that not many people would normally travel to.

He did feel a little bad, he knew that this wouldn't last past this night, its why he wanted them to have a lot of fun.

Even as the night progressed and the kids went to sleep, he stayed up and waited for the inevitable to happen.

He was preparing himself, a fight was going to happen within the next couple days and he didn't know how powerful the foe truly was.

An angel.

He would be probably have to fight that Angel.

This was also assuming that his actions hadn't caused the situation to change, but from what remembered, what he had done should have very little consequence on how this event came to pass.

As the thoughts cross his mind he finally felt something.

A strange magical power swept through the area.

It started to try and cling to him but his magic resistance was responding and trying to fight it.

It was a very powerful spell, he knew it was strong to effect the world like it had in the source material but to actually experience it first hand...

His eye's widened as he focused his best to repel the invading magic.

His innate magic resistance was barely contending with the spell, if he was at his peak he could easily shrug it off but right now it was able to overcome his defenses.

His features started to flicker as the spell tried to change him into someone else.

The spell couldn't break through the defenses in his mind to warp his memories. Merlin herself had helped create those defenses, it was unlikely that anything below a god could magically influence him mentally.

He honestly didn't know how the transformation would effect his combat ability. He would rather not risk it as he noticed his features were flickering more aggressively.

If this continued, his resistance would lose out.

He reached out his hand and a golden ripple appeared.

A familiar jagged purple dagger had dropped into his hand.

"RULEBREAKER" He yelled as he thrust the dagger into his chest.

The dagger made contact with an invisible force that was the magic swirling around his body.

The magical energy washed over him as it burst into a torrent and dissipated in every direction.

He let out a sigh as he checked himself over and made sure he was still 'himself'. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-will._12036023805806905/when-angels-fall._34907383574613223">;s-will._12036023805806905/when-angels-fall._34907383574613223</a> for visiting.

The spell was slightly above the level of his innate resistance, but Rule Breaker's level was still above the spell itself which meant that the dagger could dispel it.

There were other, more drastic, counter measures he had at his disposal, but he wasn't too keen on stabbing himself with a certain spear.

He was happy he had this dagger. It had been a very good insurance since he'd been in a lot of worlds that focused on magic.

Now, it was time to check on the kids.

The situation had become a bit serious with the magic taking effect...but he couldn't lie and say he wasn't a bit curious to see who they turned into.

////////////////////Omake, Angel's Fall\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Alex was sitting in his apartment when a strange magic washed over him. It wasn't malevolent in nature so he was curious and didn't fight it and worse case he could dispel it with Rulebreaker.

His features started to change, his body shrunk and his voice turned feminine.

He looked into the mirror with eye's widened.

He touched his now protruding chest.

"I'm oddly okay with this." He mused as he took out his tablet.

"Now time to take some pictures."

It was an hour later that the kids had figured out what happened and burst into his apartment in their hysteria, they had all changed to different people but retained their memories.

They burst through the front door to see dozens of cosplay outfits thrown about on the ground and a blonde haired, green eyed girl standing infront of a full length mirror in what could only be described as a 'magical girl' outfit complete with a plastic wand as she took pictures of herself.

The girl looked oddly similar to the man they were looking for, almost like they were brother and sister.

The girl turned around as she stared at the intruders, the kids also stared at the girl in complete silence, still surprised by the entire scene.

"....Alex?" One of the individuals asked in confusion.


"I'm not Ashamed." The girl said as she turned back to take more pictures.

Coraulten Coraulten

Alrighty, Angels fall getting into full swing. Should finish it up in two chapters with the last one being a bit longer than normal. So if the last chapter is delayed, its probably because its length has increased. Also keep up with the world ideas, Even if i don't use them next time, they could be used in the future.

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