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53.33% a little sister's all i need | 我只需要一個小妹妹 / Chapter 15: ※ Adventurer's Guild VI ※

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Chapter 15: ※ Adventurer's Guild VI ※

My little sister can't be this cute...?

Amae changed into a pure-white maid outfit with an apron that covered her front skirt elegantly. In stark contrast to her top, she wore a pair of midnight-black knee-high socks, which paired splendidly with her entire outfit.

My little sister was now a cute maid.

Amae performed an elegant curtesy and stared at me with a pair of innocent puppy eyes.

"Big brother, your personal maid is at your service."

"You look so cute..." I scanned her from head to toe, admiring the outfit that flattered her curves perfectly. "It suits you very well."

"Thank you," Amae giggled and twirled around playfully. Her lustrous, flowing black hair and short skater skirt fluttered like a ballerina gracing the dance floor.

"How about I start you off with some dessert, Master?"

Amae grabbed a vanilla macaroon from the tray and plopped one gently in my mouth. I savored the sweet flavor. Somehow, it tasted more delicious than usual, perhaps because my sister was feeding it directly to me with a beautiful smile.

After feeding me all the handmade macaroons — Lavender, Rose, Chocolate and Earl Grey—, Amae placed a chocolate bar halfway in her mouth and closed her eyes. She leaned her head towards me, inches away from my face.

I could feel my heart beating with excitement.

I thought how utterly adorable she was, waiting for me to take the initiative.

Challenge accepted.

I bit on the outer edge of the crunchy bar, continuing slowly as my mouth pursed closer and closer.

And that was when I arrived at sweet heaven. Our lips greeted each other, meeting in the middle of the eaten snack. Instinctively, our mouths opened up and my tongue intertwined with hers, tasting a tinge of cocoa. The chocolate itself tasted rich, gradually melting underneath our warm saliva.

Mari must have these bars imported from the Shui Kingdom, famously known for their cocoa, because they tasted absolutely amazing!

"How did you enjoy your chocolate, master?"

"Extra delicious." I licked my lips clean and smiled in a satisfying manner.

"Do you want more snacks...?" Amae swayed her head back and forth playfully, putting her index finger on her cheek, "Or... do you want a massage.... or do. you. want. me?"

"If you put it that way..." I chuckled and pulled her into my embrace. "What's next on the menu?"

Amae leaned into my ear and whispered in a dulcet tone, "Anything you want, master. You name it, I'll do it."

My index finger softly touched the gentle curve of her shoulder. Amae's body quivered as I softly trailed a path down to the collarbone. Her skin was so smooth.

"Aahh~ ♡"

Amae leaked out a soft moan. Her cheeks grew pinkish while her breathing became a pant.

"How does that feel?"

"It feels good, master ♡"

Excited by her flustered reaction, I placed all of my fingers and continued to glide smoothly across her chest. Amae squirmed in pleasure when I went underneath her maid outfit, enjoying the softness of her bare skin.

"Hyah-! Keep going... master... ♡"

Every time my fingers moved towards her bosom, Amae's body would shake slightly and a faint, lewd moan would leak out. I loved how my hand cupped her soft and perky breasts so perfectly. After caressing her entire upper body, I placed my right hand under her small chin and lifted her head up. My little sister gazed up at me with lovestruck eyes, sticking her tongue out in an erotic manner.

"Give it to me... ♡"

"Give what to you?"


Her pupils seemed to have hearts in them. I nodded, gently inserted my index finger as she began licking on it like a popsicle, purposely making loud slurping sounds.

"Mmmm... Sho yummy~ ♡"

"It looks so sexy when you move your head like that."

Amae maintained her eye contact onto me as she sucked. The way she fully concentrated on my finger felt so sexy to watch. Plus, feeling her soft, wet tongue swirling around was indescribably erotic. As I pulled out my finger, a white string of warm saliva followed.

"Do you want your maid to do more...?"

"Yes, what do you think I should do?"

"You can always put something else inside my mouth..."

We could no longer control ourselves. Our faces instinctively moved in towards each other, wanting to express our overwhelming burst of love for each other. Her hot breath wafted onto my mouth, drawing me in closer and closer.

I leaned in—

—My tongue passionately entered Amae's lips as we landed on the couch nearby. With her sitting directly on top of me and arms clung tightly onto my back, we continued kissing. I could feel my little sister breathing grow more erratic.

"Mmm... ♡"


After removing myself from her mouth, I fondled those beautiful pair of breasts with my left hand. Amae let out a moan of satisfaction.

"Uwaaaah!~ ♡"

"They feel amazing."

I proceeded to lick a trail down the nape of her neck.

"Hyahhh...♡ So... sensitive..."

At the same time, my other hand focused on unbuttoning her outfit and then gently played with her erect nipples. They grew firm and hard as my finger flicked the tip back and forth. I looked into her navy-blue eyes while she gazed back with utter pleasure, those hearts seemed to grow larger.

"I'm so wet now..."

"May I...?"

She nodded, her maid outfit was now in a disorderly fashion. Somehow, this messy look made Amae look even sexier. Her breasts were now openly-revealed and greeted my face, tempting my mouth to suck on them. I kissed them softly, giving the proper welcome that I always do.

"Gyah~ Yes... Make me yours... ♡"

Amae squatted and lifted up her skirt, not wearing any panties underneath. I took off my trousers and pressed it against my little sister's mounds in between her thighs. My penis greeted the entrance of her vagina as I teased it up and down, wanting to hear her beg.

"Ah...! Put it in... already!"

"Address me properly."

"Please put it in... Master...!"

Amae gripped onto my shoulders firmly with her hands as she widened her eyes in slight annoyance. When I placed my hands at her sides, she moved her hips downward, as if she was eager to take it in.

"Don't tease—Aaaa-!"

—My little sister let out a loud gasp as I gave her what she craved. It was incredibly sexy to see her eyes roll in pleasure while she arched her back to take it in. I guided her petite body downward until I was all the way inside. It felt warm and slimy.

"Hyaah! You're so deep inside, big brother...♡"

"You're so wet, little sister..."

"Ah... make me yours... ♡"

Amae continued to moan in pleasure as she began bouncing up and down, riding me intensely. Occasionally, she would expertly grind back and forth. I continued to plunge into Amae's deepest parts with pounding noises.

"Yes... I can't get enough... of this sensation... ♡"

"Your pussy... feels too good..."

"Aaa~ my mind... is going blank... ♡"

She laid her hand onto mine, our fingers intertwined automatically out of habit. This was our favorite position. My heart was connected to hers, the ineffable feeling of two becoming a whole.

"I love you..."

"I love you too... good. Having you inside... of me...♡"

As we continued moving our bodies faster, Amae yelled in a sexy tone.

"Yes yes yes...! ♡"

The pitch of her voice rose higher and higher.

"Ah!~ If you pound me this hard... it'll be too much... for me... ♡"

"That's it... ride it just like that..."

Not wanting our fun to end, we switched to the missionary position, with her lying on the couch and me standing up. Amae spread her legs wide apart with a mischevious wide grin. Seeing how she still had her black thigh-high socks on and her disheveled skirt lifted up to her stomach, I felt ready again.

"More please... Master~ ♡"

"That's a good maid."

I continued to move my hips back and forth. With me completely controlling the session, Amae could only beg me to keep fucking her before we eventually climaxed. I was amazed at myself for lasting this long, especially when cosplays were my weaknesses.

"A-Amazing Ah...! ♡"

"Your pussy feels too good... I might... cum soon..."

I tried to pull out, but she clung on to my back firmly as we looked at each other.

"Cum in me," Amae said in a seductive manner. I could see my reflection in her mesmerizing navy-blue eyes as she smiled. "Let's cum together... I want all of you inside me... okay?"

"I'm going to shoot it..."

"Shoot it all out inside~"

Our eyes were locked together as we fucked harder. My dick throbbed and twitched repeatedly. Our hands intertwined. We were bounded to each other and there was no turning back now.

"M-master... I-I'm cummiiing!! ♡"

"M-Me too...!"

My hot liquid released deep into Amae's body as she moaned and trembled in yet another orgasm; her slit continued to tightly massage me with its convulsions—

—We had reached climax at the same time.

After arriving at paradise together, I collapsed into my little sister's embrace as she held onto me tightly.

I closed my eyes and rested, feeling her loving warmth throughout my body which provided me with an inexplicable sense of comfort. We always loved to snuggle after an intense love session.

After cuddling for a blissful amount, the both of us smiled and gazed into each other's eyes, saying absolutely nothing but rather let the moment speak for us.

The atmosphere felt truly special: It was as if the whole world around us had stopped and we were living solely in this moment.

No worries. No pressure. No distractions. Just me and her. A big brother and his dear little sister.

With that precious thought in mind, I closed my eyes and leaned in, touching her lips with mine once more, feeling like the luckiest person in the world.

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