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90.62% A Magical Tale: The Peerless Summoner / Chapter 29: Hidden power

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Chapter 29: Hidden power

Hidden power

The crystal in her head although can be used to project fiery energies for attacks, it can also be used to trace someone.

This ability is called 'Heavenly scan'.

As the name implies, it can scan everything under the heavens.

At the moment, the world they were in appeared in her eyes.

Alyssa and Jessica were shocked. They could see the world in the vast, infinite expanse of her eyes. The way they saw it was like when someone was looking at a planet from space or with a telescope.

What an ability.

Truly, many races have many means of doing things.

The moment the world appeared in her eyes, a strange power erupted from the crystal in her head.

This power can't be detected by anyone except people from the hezekira race.

Then this power that discharged from the crystal spread out to kingdoms around them.

This power was a scanning power. It scanned from villages to towns to major towns in a kingdom.

Although it feels slow, scanning from one village to the other and then to towns and major towns but it wasn't so.

She was able to scan hundreds of villages, towns and major towns at the same time in an instant.

"In a moment" Ivory said.

Alyssa looked at Jessica, "Are we sure she would be able to find Helena like this?" she asked.

Ivory heard this and became angry. They were doubting her tracking ability. "If you feel I am wasting your time, I could stop. Then you can continue teleporting from one place to the other in search of your little sister" she said.

Jessica looked at Alyssa with a gaze that hinted 'she should shut the fuck up'.

"Please, continue Ivory. Don't mind my sister. She is the most impatient being I have ever met in my life" she said.

Alyssa became vexed at what her sister said. Then she looked at Ivory and asked in a mocking tone. "So, how many kingdoms have you scanned?"

"I have scanned thousands of villages, towns and major towns in six kingdoms and hundreds of wildernesses. Seems you teleported her very far away from civilization" Ivory said trying to get back at Alyssa.

Alyssa's eyes shone with unbridled anger.

This bandit. Wait till I deal with you. Just you wait.


- Fey Kingdom -

In a hall....

"My Lord, the werewolf race and the vampire race have agreed to put aside their differences and help us." A guard in the half-kneeling position said.

"Hmm. That's good." the Royal Chief said. "When would they be arriving?" he asked.

"In many hours time My Lord" he replied.

The Royal Chief nodded. "Alright. You can go" he said.

Somewhere in a valley...

Eden pulled out from Selene's embrace the instant he heard the powerful roar.

"Selene. Let me go take a look." Eden said.

"Please be careful." Selene said in a worried tone.

Eden nodded. Then he came out of the house and flew into the air. He looked into the distance and saw numerous beasts.

Atop them where men and women that had eyes that glowed with unbridled ferocity. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.


Space suddenly warped and someone appeared many feet before Eden.

"Who are you?" Eden asked the moment this person appeared.

"I am the Widowmaker. I have come to make your wife a widow and a service thing for my cunt. Haha" this person said and laughed evilly.

Eden looked at him. Still calm, but with a heart that was raging. He asked "Who sent you?"

"We have always known about you. When your house first appeared here, a summoner with a spirit of space detected spatial fluctuations. Then we traced those fluctuations to you. I don't know why you came to our kingdom the great Banisher. But I think I know why. You have hiding away from wars, you been running about like a rat since the destruction of the Order of Greater Good. Well, we are here today to finally rid the world of you. Don't talk yet. I know what you want to say, that how are we going to defeat you. Yes, we won't have been able to defeat you then. But now, we have prepared greatly for you" The Widowmaker replied.

"Hmm." Eden looked around.

He could see about fifteen people. He asked "Are they summoners too?"

"Yes. That's why I said we have been preparing all these while for you. We want to kill you, extract your blood and experiment on it while at the same time using your wife and kids as high-class sex slaves. They would serve and blow a large community of cocks. That's the rank they would reach. Haha!" the Widowmaker said and laughed.

Eden couldn't maintain his calm anymore.

"Power in the Thaleendra cosmos. Permeate me with your transformational power, cause my warrior angel body to appear. Twelve-winged Dark-Warrior Angel form. Manifest!" he shouted.

The instant he shouted it, he turned black and became many inches taller. Six pairs of massive pitch-black wings sprouted from his entire back. The edges of the wings were as sharp as blades and had dark purple electricity arcing around them.

The pupils in his eyes turned three and his eyes shone with intense indigo. Dark black armor-scales that shone with metallic lustrousness appeared on his skin.

Then he uttered a tribe weapon-summon chant.

"Sword of the Heaven warring tribe, Heaven-ceasing sword!"

A pool of light surfaced in front of him and transformed into a weapon.

It was a majestic sword that gave off a blinding golden glow and emanated a pressure that could seemingly crush the sky and the earth.

It was large in size; the blade was nine feet long and six feet wide. It seemed like the king of all swords as it produced an intense purple-black aura that caused the air to roil.

Terrifying rampant peals of thunder could be heard as dark violet lightning pulsed within the aura.

"Haha. That's the Banisher." The Widowmaker said. "Check out mine" he said with a smile.

"The Great spirit of Bloodbath that can cause skies to rain blood and immerse worlds in seas of the bloods of gods and immortals. Goezephyr Faerreus, grant me your power to slaughter all and bath in their bloods."

Then the sky in this region turned blood-red as a massive blood-red being appeared. The clouds too turned blood-red.

The instant it appeared, it brought down a heavy stygian atmosphere. Then a strong smell of iron reeked in the air for thousands of meters.

Terrified shrieks of people sounded from nowhere. These horrified screams seemed like thousands of people were being slaughtered by devils and then wailed in sorrow as they felt it would be their turn to be butchered.

The being after it brief appearance in this world shot into the Widowmaker's body which abruptly turned red in color.

A bright red aura exuded from him and a smell as thick as the smell that would emit from river of blood emanated from him.

His hair and eyes became blood-red. He looked like a primordial being of ominousness at the moment.

When his body changed, the other summoners came up too and uttered invocation words.

When the spiritual entities appeared, they brought with them frightening uncanny phenomena and shot into the bodies of the summoners.

Their hairs, eyes and skin color changed. They looked fearsome as they emitted pulses of calamitous power.

Then the Widowmaker aimed his palms at Eden in the far distance and shouted "Almighty Blood Spear."

A seemingly boundless sea of blood erupted from his entire body. This sea of blood compacted and shaped into a large spear that shot towards Eden at a furious speed.

Others too launched their own attacks at Eden.

Eden saw the powerful attacks coming towards him and he prepared to fight back.

Eden wasn't a coward that would run away from a battle. Since they had delivered themselves to his doorstep, he would make sure he slaughters them all..

"Dark Cloud of Frenzied thunder!" he shouted.

Then he slashed out with the sword in his hand. The instant he slashed out, a vast thundercloud appeared in the sky. This cloud spanned spanned tens of thousands of kilometers.

Then massive bolts of ink-black lightning that spanned many kilometers descended from the clouds and struck the attacks.


The attacks shattered on impact when they were struck by the lightning and waves of violent energies discharged from them in all directions.

Only the blood spear received many lightning bolts before it shattered apart and turned into blood that splashed in all directions.

Everywhere became dyed in this blood.

Once he canceled out their attacks, Eden shouted "World of Angels!"

Then a sphere of power that shone with brilliance and emitted numerous colors appeared before him. It expanded to a size of ten thousand meters enveloping everyone and everything in here.

Then a strange energy erupted from his body and condensed into many forms of winged creatures. There were two-limbed creatures, quadrupedal creatures and enormous human-like beings that had three to six pairs of wings that glowed brilliantly and released pulses of power that gave the feeling they could instantly reduce hills to dusts.

These beings were produced from his dark warrior angel-bloodline power; 'Myriad Battle Puppet'

The eyes of these creatures shone with sentience like they were real living beings. But they were not not.

As bodies that were produced from seraphim energy, 'Hymeria energy', they don't possess any form of consciousness. Instead, they are battle puppets, that have threads of Eden's soul in them.

This caused their eyes to glow with a light of awareness, like they were true sentient creatures of energy. The bodies became the vehicle while his soul was the driver.

The summoners were surprised by this. The dark seraphim race had this kind of ability?

Within the sphere they were all in, they quickly discharged beams of energy at Eden.

They tried infusing the attacks with the energy of the world to augment it destructive capacity, but to their shock, they found they couldn't.

The sphere they were in blocked the energy of the world from infusing into their attacks. It was like they were in another dimension.

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