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Chapter 2: "I'm not a Witch" (2)

Roland was also surprised to see the view in the morning all of the Witch Union's members are present which only meant that they all haven't slept properly after the comet. Just as he was about to say hi and good morning, a tapping can be heard from the window and a grey falcon with a yellow lump on its claws which could only mean it came from king's city.

Naturally the letter was from Dispersion Star reporting about the Astrologers success of locating the red star along with it is also his report about the comet from yesterday.

"Help from the Heavens in recognition to the new king..." Roland didn't know how he will disclosed this information to the people as it might sound exaggerated or that he may sound narcissistic so he folded the small paper back and presented it to the table with everyone.

"The Star of Extinction has been found by Astrologer Dispersion Star from the king's city just that it hasn't been moving even after he observed it for a period of time." He started with this report first but the first person to respond was Agatha seemingly agitated but excited at the same time she took the letter in her hands but as she was reading her face changed in a weird expression, mumbling "help from the heavens?" no matter how long she had lived to shocking news at the same time would be enough to shaken her as well.

All of witches probably felt that incredibly strong power as if it was intending to crush us all and yet you say 'help from the heavens'?

Wendy was also curious to know whats in the letter even though Roland had just summarized the report, "What does it say?"

"The next part says about the Astrologer explained the people about the fallen star just last night was "the heavens helping us in recognition to the king." Agatha answered handing the letter over to Wendy.

"What that can't be help!"

"The power was intending to crush us a few hour ago!"

"Even if it isn't it doesn't seem to be something that we all take hold of for a moment let alone control."

"Doomsday, the church, monsters and now this shooting star..."

Various thoughts fly into discussion clearly against the statement from the letter "help from the Heavens."

Ronald decided to chime in to calm everyone, "Let's not jump into conclusions that far, just like your magic powers that needed your bodies as a vessel, that mini comet was also the same a vessel in truth comets when landed on earth varies on size but since it didn't made much of a noise when it landed, it may be as small as our feet or fist instead."

"Mini Comet?" Anna asked, "I never heard or red anything about a comet as small as a feet or fist in your science books." She said finally handing out the letter back to Ronald after it circulated to the table.

"Well that was a guess on my part if it was as big as it usually is, it would've destroyed countless lands or its pressure may have even grazed or destroyed Graycastle and other kingdoms on that matter but since its did not happened it may just the size like a meteor would." He added.

"Meteor?" All of them asked in unison looking at Ronald with confused faces. Then it came on him, he didn't add or write anything about the outer space or the solar system yet since it may be different in this world he only told bits and pieces of it to Anna.

"Those are extraterrestrial objects in space like floating rocks in space and visible gases and dusts. Stars are example of those and meteors and comets are one of them." He then realized that the discussion became a science subject clearing away any feelings of dread that was just hear a moment ago.

He then urged the rest of the wishes to continue their meal with a bright smile.

If His Highness was not afraid of it then how could we his subjects at that!

Besides it does sound like it is similar to magic stones that may have fallen from the sky so why am I afraid of?

This thought circulated on the Witch Union members especially Agatha the possibility of it being similar to magic stones used for sigils was not what she is fearing now is that the church might get their hands on it first.

But the problem at hand is what should they tell the people?

There is no need to speak this fact loud should they announce to people what the Astrologer Dispersion Star had already said, are should they stay to scientific explanation?

"We'll just spread rumors." After a moment of contemplation Roland decided.

"Rumors Your Highness?" Scroll then asked she had an vague idea but decided to make things sure first.

"People tend to believe rumors and ended up being manipulated by them at times lets just announce these as rumors to the common folk." He said holding up the letter in his hands.


In Ronald's office just as he was preparing to leave to check on the factories,

knock! knock! knock!

"Come in," Ronald then answered as he tidied up his hair finished all his preparations.

It was Wendy behind her was a brunette freckled, young man around his 20s bowing down to him.

Ronald gestured for them to step in.

"Your Highness, this is Freckles and he has brought us something he had found under the sea while fishing I can't help but find it related to the incident yesterday. He thought that it might interest you as it is similar to materials you were using for production." Even though Wendy seems she has something to say than that Roland didn't probe into it in front of an outsider.

From the Mist, Nightingale whispered int his ear," Your Highness, its faint but I see the same energy from below."

Roland nodded to Wendy, "Bring me to it."

A few steps down what was presented to him was a container like metal box similar to the refrigerator in his previous life but this is more of a crumpled black metal container at the size of a refrigerator it had a few traces of chains being planted in the walls of the container a few scratches and nothing more.

"You are saying that you found this under the sea?" Ronald asked as he bent down on one knee observing the container.

"Y-Yes Your Highness." Freckles hurriedly replied still amazed by the figure in front of him as he recounted what happened in detail.

It was normal for him to be edgy of course after all he was actually talking to the King of Graycastle. Still Freckles can't help but to notice that the "king" actually wore much simple clothes than what most royalty although not like the commoners it brought a breathe of fresh air and clean atmosphere around him.

Anna then pried open the metal box with the use Blackfire under Roland's request.

Only to see nothing at all. It was just a crumpled, metal container that Ronald himself could lay inside.

"What could be its use?" Ronald pondered for a moment before setting the matter aside since he has a impending battle to worry about.

Nightingale however could see faint dots of the same power from yesterday from the mist but knowing they have to face more important things she could only put the matter aside as well.

Wendy and the others had Hummingbird to lessen the weight and store the metal container for the time being.


This has been happening to her for quite a lot traveling and traveling countless worlds. Vanitas, Lilly, Hanna, Lyra, Yang Qi, April, Aisaka, Rosetta and many more, she had gone through many names and body, had died more than thrice but several times and now she was thinking what name she would use this time as she sumoned the now transparent orb in her hands.

At first, the orb was of translucent, foggy and color changing little night light on her hands and as her power increases the energy inside became more pure and condensed resulting in its now crystal transparent figure. She then hid the the orb and it automatically dissipated into thin air. It was connected into her soul anyway.

She recalled her first arrival in this world and figured that before she left she was getting some cold water from the fridge when the black hole swallowed her soul once again. It seemed as though her mission is finished in that world and that last remaining day was her time to say goodbye but she did not. Her friends and family in that world must've been shocked to see a dead body lying in the kitchen.

The next thing she knew was that she woke up inside a wet slimy and sticky metal container but just as she was trying to break free the container was being lifted and brought into some fishy place which she thought was some kind of port or harbor. She then broke free from the chains tying down her ankles neck and arms to the walls. Breaking free without anyone noticing her at all.

Until now she was thinking what could the previous owner of this body did for her to be tied down badly like that? she tried to search the previous memories but it all started and ended at the same flashes, but to her view she was some noble lady or royal family member who made a lot of trouble by uprooting the corrupt and maintaining justice to the kingdom and end up dethroning the king of that time with just her pure brains. At least the previous owner of the body did some good things before she died at least she could held her head high in this lifetime then!

But before she present herself to the public she got up from her neatly made hut and changer her clothes like a pro! Unlike her first few "travels" she would find clothes to borrow, beg or steal but now she could change her clothes through simply imagining what she'll change to an ability she acquired from a very generous person from her previous travels.

She take a peek into the city and adjusted the clothes to her liking she then closed her eyes and in a few moments her previous clothes looked as if it was shredding to pieces and those pieces floated away revealing the new medieval themed breezy white dress which underneath was a pair of pants and knee length shoes for better mobility.

Unfortunately someone saw her change!

"A witch! A witch!" The old man cried at her pointing fingers!

Oh no! I'll be hanged on a stake and be burned!

She naturally ran of course, not because she was afraid but she did not want to use her powers and end up accidentally hurting the old man since she have to earn a good reputation in order to leave this world and find her home world.

But to her surprise no soldiers went after her. "Did they not heard the old man?"

She murmured but then her hands were caught by the old man from before asking seemingly confused, "Why are you running away? You are new here aren't you?" She did not answer she was more confused than the old man was. "There was a home for witches it's called Witch Union it is true that witches are being hunted before but not anymore not here in City of Neverwinter." The old man smiled at her finally letting go of her hand.

"Neverwinter?" She was confused still but what made her feel even more stupid was that she had to stay in a cold hut while there was actually a home for witches for people like her! SHe would then never have to worry about food nor shelter like this morning! She face slapped herself quite loudly at her failure.

"Miss are you okay?" The old man asked worriedly of the lady in front of him suddenly smacking her own head.

"Grandpa," she asked sweetly as if he was really her grandfather, "I'm terribly sorry to bother you this early in the morning but may i trouble you to take me to the Witch Union?" She asked cupping the old man's hands in hers.

The old man naturally blushed at the godly beauty in front of him, anyone would. He didn't doubt that even women would fall weak seeing her!

Removing himself of a trance, he led the young lady into the Witch Union and along the way she noticed a few peculiarities in the city.

Order. Everything was in order in place not like the previous medieval world she visited this one was very orderly and there are light posts too! Which she mysteriously didn't notice upon her wake last night.

The old man seemed to have noticed the young lady's peculiarity about the City of Neverwinter, "This is the New Civilization District built by His Highness for the residents of the previously Border Town and its new residents as City of Neverwinter." He explained those they have passed by like a real tour guide until they reached their destination.

The Witch Union building, it was not far from the castle itself but its more appropriate to call it part of the castle since it just inside the castle walls or palace walls. She thanked the old man but to her surprise he wasn't leaving.

"Oh well just ignore the good man and knock on the door." She was still a bit confused at the moment seeing things which should never appear in a medieval era so she shouldn't act rashly onto others too much without further knowledge of the workings of this world.

The door opened revealing a rather "racky" woman with a warm smile for a sudden moment she felt a bit envious of the woman's chest and behind and felt naturally small. "Hello I'm Wendy of the Witch Union how may I help you?"

"She is a witch." The old man replied in her stead. "Oh are you her grandfather?" Wendy asked, "Yes I am." The old man smiled feebly ignoring the young lady's look on him.

I called you grandfather earlier not because you really are my grandfather but out of respect yet...

"Here is a gold royal for her family." Wendy reached out a golden coin to the old man and the old man reached over and left afterwards.

The heck! You actually led me here for a gold coin pretending to be my grandfather?! The young lady was a bit furious being used like that but being used to being scammed, lied to and used for her first arrival in her travels she set it aside. What's important was knowing the workings of this world first and on the top list was about the seemingly odd technology of this kingdom.

"His Higness would be glad to see you." Wendy warmly welcomed her inside the castle and what she first saw was a bunch of other young ladies which were likely to be witches as well.

"Uuhh! Oooh! A new witch!" A blond girl came flying on her face.

"A new sister!" Another one exclaimed.

Sooner or later the place was crowded.

"Calm down, calm down." Wendy put a palm on air to settle down the noise.

"His Highness has yet to meet our new sister so let's lead her to the study."

Wendy warmly smiled and walked up with the newbie upstairs passing through guards which to her surprise are carrying guns which at that moment should not exist in this era.

It is confirmed I may not be the only transcendent in this world, I mean who could think of the same guns and same electrical technology, convenient stores and steam machines at that to bring a kingdom in such an advance state. This is truly suspicious that could only point one thing. Another transcendent then again it may not be the same modern person from the same world there are many possibilities. This is also not the first thing she saw something like this she also advertised new technology to old eras like this so she knew what must be happening in this world.

Just as she was finished with her thoughts she made her resolve to ask 'His Highness' about the occurrence of these odd things.

The doors opened to see a young man, his arms resting on his study desk looking at the french window that give shine to his gray hair that almost sparkle like silvery white. He turned to the 'newbie' and asked kindly "What's your name?"

That's when Wendy realized that she hasn't asked the young lady's name yet and was embarrassed for a bit as they waited for the other party's reply.

Until now she hasn't chosen a suitable name yet but looking at the french windows now, letting the warm sunlight cup her face she decided to use her real name.

"Clea. My name is Clea."

It felt refreshing to finally hear her own name even from her own lips it brings back her memories from her home world that she almost forgot. Tears threaten to spill but she hold back with a sharp inhale and exhale. After which she gathered her strength back up again before she take a step front and stopped in front of Roland several steps away unexpectedly there appeared to be a woman in white who revealed herself stepping from the ripples of space and mist seemingly seeing Clea as a threat.

Clea then bowed a curtsy showing her status of a noble and educated lady. If she will soon have to leave this world eventually via physical or her soul the black hole will surely appear and she had to make things clear in case such things happen here but before that she have to confirm another thing as well.

Her actions confused and alarmed the people around her and the gray haired man is also confused as well.

"I don't mean any harm, I apologize but I just need Miss Wendy and the others to leave for a moment. I have something to tell 'His Highness'. She stated giving a slight smile to Wendy and the rest of the witches who were clearly startled by her words. Roland simply nodded to Wendy and urged Nightingale to leave (back into the mist) as well.

Sooner only the "two" of them are alone in the office.

Nightingale was curious as to what did made this woman brave enough to face a king like Ronald without any trace of fear in her eyes but the more she studied the more she finally confirmed it! These are the eyes of a person who have faced death several times!

"Do you have something I can write with?" She asked, Ronald lend her his quill and a piece of paper without saying anything just watching Clea trying to figure out her motive. While Clea on the other hand continued speaking as she write and.. draw?

Roland was watching carefully at the quill moving slowly drawing a symbol he was very familiar with and 6 letters he known like the back of his hand.

"Do you perhaps know my friend that goes by this name?" Clea asked finally finished her drawing and writing giving the quill back to Roland.

Roland already knew what it is but he could never believe what was happening as the paper slowly turns in his direction as if a slow motion in a film.

It was the symbol of Google Chrome! and that "friend's" name was "Google!"

Reyon_C Reyon_C

Yaay! I reached 3,308 words this time! The previous chapter ended badly did it? Sorry about that hahaha

This story might've started around Chapters 600+ of RTW I have planned a bit for this in my head! hahaha

PS. Please leave a vote will ya~ They are my food that energize and inspires me to write! Thank You very much for reading! More chapters coming up and I'll be writing them during this weekend! So please vote!

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