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100% A New Chance / Chapter 69: Ran out of Title Name

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Chapter 69: Ran out of Title Name

At this time, the Dantus meeting had seen ended and Gilgamesh together with his friends return to their respective place. Quite a long time has passed since the Denatus meeting, Gilgamesh had become the most influential God around. His word carries the same weight as Ouranos, Gilgamesh is both feared and respected.

Gilgamesh was pleased today, it is simple for he is finally able to make a link towards his home dimension without risking any possible collapsing. Gilgamesh was currently enjoying a nice relaxing walk around Orario when he suddenly saw a boy covered in red...rushing towards the Guild?

Such a sight leaves other dumbfound and afraid, Gilgamesh simply gave a sigh upon seeing this.' Witnessing it first hand was more...lucrative than it seems in the show, I only know of that boy as the main character of this show, how interesting.'

Gilgamesh then realizes the canon story had started, he has quite the interest to see the development with him added into the mix. He then resumes walking to see if there are any item that attracts his eye, Gilgamesh is also currently having a mansion built for him in between the abandoned church and Hephaestus living place.

All Gilgamesh really want was to have fun and what better way to do so than to stir the trouble up yourself? Gilgamesh current goal is to make sure that he is able to transport people to a different worlds without much trouble, but alas time and space is something even Gilgamesh can't mess around with.

"Ooh, hi there Gil." Gilgamesh did not even need to turn around to know who is behind him, only Loki have the galls to call him Gil, it amuses him so he allowed it. "Hm, Loki....and Ais." Gilgamesh only ever bothers to remotely remember cannon fodder name. The rest of Loki familia gave a chuckle as they were used to Gilgamesh cold attitude already.

"Hey Gil, wanna join our party?" Gilgamesh seeing that he has nothing to do for now agreed, and so Gilgamesh and the rest made their way towards the hostess of fertility.

As Gilgamesh entered the pub, he could naturally spot Bell Cranel, Bell was as described in the show, brave yet shy. Gilgamesh was currently sitting down and eating his meal in comfortable silence in contrast to the rest of the familia with the exception of Ais. Gilgamesh notices that Ais glance at Bell a couple of time and ask a question.

"Ais, do you know that boy with silver hair and red eye?"

"Yes Lord Gilgamesh, I have offered to train with the boy a couple of times, though he is still weak he has potential."

Gilgamesh gave a hmm'ed to her reply, Bete Loga, first class adventurer and former captain of the Vidar Familia who heard this snorted. "Weak is weak, and that is simple." He then recounts the story of what Ais had told him, how a weak little boy stumbled upon a horde of Minatour and Ais had gone down there personally to save him. He continues ranting about how the boy is not suitable to become an adventurer, about how much of a brain that boy does not own due to the fact he had gone in while being weak. Rant upon rant was showered upon Bell to which the rest had no idea were close to them. Gareth and Riveria both tried to refute it but Bete just keep on going and going until a figure suddenly stood up and ran away,

One of the waitresses close to Bell that Gilgamesh did not even bother to remember chased after him and not surprisingly Ais went after him as well. "Hahaha, there is always something entertaining in here ain't I right?" Loki said while laughing. Gilgamesh then stood up and started to walk towards the exist of the pub. "How interesting, I shall go have a look at the boy."

Gilgamesh easily catches up with Bell who was currently slashing left and right at the monster of the tower, Frog Shooter...a monster who attacks by using its long tongue. He was amused to see the drive within the boy, he remembered some background information about Bell dreams was to become a hero.

After a long while of fighting, Bell finally collapses after finishing all of the monsters within his sight. A couple of War Shadow monsters who saw this attempt to kill Bell while he is unconscious but was quickly killed when a row of weapons rained down upon them.

"Foolish boy, to spend all of your enemies fighting the front and not the back...." Gilgamesh gave a sigh, but he has to admit that the passion he had put into the dream was what he once had only to fail miserably at the end. If not this new chance at life, perhaps he would remain at the bottom. Such a wonderful drive, Gilgamesh wishes to see and witness his very progress. He then uses his Juubi power and quickly heals Bell to his fullest energy and health again.

After a while, Bell finally woke up and search his surroundings only to find himself still within the dungeon.

"Oh no, Goddess will kill me if I do not get home soon!" Bell quickly got up and was surprised that none of the injuries hurt anymore, he quickly pulls up his shirt and saw that his entire wound was clear. Bell was surprised at this but attempt to find his savior to thank. After walking a short distance, he saw a figure holding a massive black orb thinking that to be his savior quickly went over to thank him.

Gilgamesh who sense Bell had woken up and was approaching him now simply dismiss the black orb and turn around to face him. "That was very foolish of you boy, to charge into enemy nest knowing you are one." Bell gave a wry smile and was scratching the back of his head. " see...I want to get stronger fast so the fastest way I could think of was battling monsters."

Bell then realize he had not introduced himself yet and quickly do so. "By the way, I am Bell Cranal, a member of Hestia familia., thank you for saving me sir."

"Hmph, I am known as Gilgamesh, a God like your Goddess Hestia,...I have heard of the conversation back then, is that why you had rush off here to vent off your frustration?" Upon hearing the question, Bell looks down. "Ah...Yes sir God Gilgamesh, do you think it is funny as well?" Gilgamesh

simply turns around and faces the cave pointing at the incoming swarm of monsters. "Do you believe in it? Do you believe to have the capabilities to achieve your dream...or would you simply be happy staying where you are currently at...?" Gilgamesh then inhales a large amount of air before exhaling it as a sea of flame that killed all of the incoming monsters. (Fire Release: Great Fire Annihilation)

Bell who witnesses such a scene was awestruck, a voice then rang out beside him. "If you continue walking down the path that you believe in, perhaps one day, you might be able to do this as well." Bell absentmindedly nodded and a chop to the head was his reply from Gilgamesh.

"Ouch" Bell looks at Gilgamesh with a questioning expression while nursing his bruised spot. "Come, let us return to Hestia's place now, she should be waiting for you at this time." With all his injuries cured, Bell was able to walk back safety.

Hestia who saw his one and only child for now returned with Gilgamesh gave a questioning gaze towards Bell to which Gilgamesh lay it all out without any mercy whatsoever. Hestia who heard the entire story drag Bell back into the church.

Gilgamesh simply gave a short laugh and walk towards the empty field a good distance away civilization. He then brought out an orb which he had been attempting to create Tiamat with and summon it out fully this time. A mini Draconic Corpus then appeared before Gilgamesh and flew towards his shoulder and began to lick the cheeks of her beloved master. Gilgamesh simply smiles at this and began walking back towards his newly built mansion and prepare to bridge a link within his mansion to his Hanging Garden Of Babylon. He could not wait to be reunited with his dear family, he wanted to bridge the two worlds so that he could have an anchor to easily travel in between. He was still unsure whether or not to conquer this world as well, seemingly there is not much benefit in conquering this world if there is a need he would leave it all to his subordinate and travel to another

Cliff Hanger: Here I come *plurh*

Assassin: Mission complete.

BobDoSomething BobDoSomething

I am thinking of making a few more chapters before jumping off into another world, I still have a few more ideas for Danmachi. Do tell me if you wish for me to make a couple more chapter before jumping into a new world or not.

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