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A New Galactic War A New Galactic War original

A New Galactic War

Author: dragon_monarch

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Chapter 1: : When two worlds collide

*for those of you who think is familiar well I had original posted this as a Novel but I didn't like it that way and decided to delete and start a fresh as a fanfic*

Hello reader it is I Drago with a second book, now I hope you enjoy the chapter

Note it may be a long chapter just warning you guys and also all sirens are female keep that in mind.

POV: third person location: Boreas system

"Incoming!" someone shouted before a pink laser beam ripped through the command tower killing everyone and triggering a chain reaction that blew up the entire the ship.

In front of the fleet were two siren fleets. The human fleet had been tasked to protect eight transport ships carrying a ship load of wisdom cubes for the front line. They thought it would've been easy since siren activities had decreased dramatically ever since kansens were added to the mix, but now they faced the horror that are sirens.

On board flagship vessel

"Sir! We've lost contact with Archerfish, Artemis is heavily wounded requesting assistance, what do we do captain!" the communication officer spun his chair to the captain who looked at the battle with a grim face. So far they've lost 5 ships to sirens 2 and right now even more ships are on the brink of being destroyed.

The sound of laser beams striking the armour of the ship could be heard, as everybody waited anxiously for what the captain would have to say.

"We have to make sacrifices" the captain said in a low voice that everyone can hear "without sacrifice we can never win a war. We have to sacrifice two of the transport ships"

"But captain" the XO said "we've got strict orders to make the trip with all transport ships intact, we can't go against high command"

"Look at the situation we have here" he said pointing out the window " most ships are damaged and are on the verge of exploding, if we try to protect them all, we will all die including those transport ships, but I don't want that to happen. I value the lives of my crew over the goods we're carrying. Weapons officer, you know how explosive wisdom cubes can be once they blow up, right." the tactical officer nodded his head " we'll sacrifice two transports and blow them up thus giving us a chance to escape with the remaining ships and make it back to safe space. Do any of you disagree"

The crew remained silent as they each went through what the captain said and in the end no one objected even the XO.

"Communications officer relay what I've just said to th--" the captain was cut short when the comms officer said that he had already done it.

Note ~~ means it is a radio conversation.

~Captain we've picked the front two transports to be the bombs, please create space and provide for them ~

"Well you heard him, get to work." soon enough everyone got to work and with the transport ships they began to feed power from the reactor to the wisdom cubes.

After some time

Two ships could be seen going forward from the fleet, a detached force, and the sirens happily fired on the incoming ships but were forced to fire at the main fleet as they came under fire from the combat ships.

The two transport ships were firing there thrusters at full burn which brought them to a speed of 28 space knots, but it still wasn't enough.

"come on more power, more power" engineer 1

"if you increase the power you'll melt the reactor" engineer 2

"I don't care if we melt the reactor, we need to give them enough time to escape that's why I need more power"engineer1

But as if the ship was the ship was listening, the output managed to increase even though they didn't do anything.

Thirty seconds till impact

Secondary guns on the siren ships opened fire on the transports that were coming, though even as their armour was torn, even when giant holes were made spewing black smoke into the vacuum of space, the crew remained strong not giving up till the last second as they thought 'for the good of Earth and humanity"

Third POV

Two giant explosions ,blue in colour, could be seen as the transport ships were no more, same with the siren ships who did not comprehend that that would happen.

The remaining human ships took that as a cue to leave before another siren fleet come, those ships that couldn't warp were abandoned the crew moving to another ship and just like that was how a human fleet of 20 combat ships 8 transports were reduced to 10 combat ships and 6 transports.

Time skip: unknown number of months POV Third person

The Boreas system had seen a lot of action from being invaded by humans, to sirens obliterating the human forces and finally a complete takeover where that region was designated as dangerous because of siren attacks which started to become increasingly more.

Some unknown number of months ago a transport fleet were ambushed and had to use two transports as bombs to get out of there and the wreckage that was left behind was now moving over a planet which had a moon but the planet was not habitable.

In the wreckage if you looked closely you'd see a hint of blue before you found a wisdom cube though it had a lot of cracks.

In an AI voice

Rebooting success. Scan complete … extensive damage to the medium, self-repair initiated. Repair failed, retrying … failure. Looking for alternate means to repair damage … searching …. Search complete, surviving medium found attempting to activate it … activation success, beginning merging of mediums.

The two cubes began to circle around each other as they both grew in brightness before ..failure.. the cubes stopped there circling as they drifted away from each other

Not enough energy looking for alternate sources .. Searching

At that time the moon of the planet was moving closer to them though it was a small but fast moon.

Alternate source found. Beginning material to energy conversion, redo of merging

As the AI voice said that a ripple like effect could be seen over the surface of the moon like when Thanos used the space stone to fling the moon at the avengers, this one made the surface crack as chunks of the moon were being pulled to where the cubes were and just like a black hole the chunks were pulled apart becoming smaller and smaller until they were billions of dust sized particles swirling around the cubes.

Energy output inferior, increasing material conversion.

The moon itself split into thousands of chunks as it was pulled into the black hole cubes. The chunks gathered even more as they became hotter and hotter turning into a molten disc as the cubes begun to spin more and more increasing in speed.

Too much energy accumulated discharging it. Merging almost complete.

Two beams shot up from the cubes north and south as they came closer and closer. The beams begun rotating like a neutron star in that episode of star blazers 2199 increasing in power as anything the beams touched was vaporized. The cubes were now spinning faster and faster until …merging complete… in a flash of light brighter than the sun the cubes were one and in their wake was a wave of highly concentrated exotic energy like tachyons that travelled in a wave like motion in every direction. The whole cube was not damaged and it didn't have cracks anymore.

Self-scan complete no anomaly detected moving to final stage. Beginning summoning of subject 0, activating dimensional breaker, starting..

Around the cube cracks of golden lightning could be seen as the cube itself was beginning to glow gold before a massive swirl of golden ,likely a gate, appeared and there was some bulging before the entire disc was swallowed by darkness.

Failure, retrying summon …. Failure retrying .. Failure. Retrying summon, fail… warning! administrator authorization detected, password **** use of administrator authority granted retrying summon.

Like the last one a huge golden disc swirled around a centre, golden lightning danced off of it as a white spot could be seen opening a hole into a black void

Dimensional breaking successful retrieving space craft 01 ,warning! Memory conflict detected repairing it, failure .. Due to administrator authority memory AL is to be sealed -- successful. Gathering materials for reconstruction of body waiting.

The wreckage of ships around them were pulled into the centre of the golden disc as something was forming in the middle of that black void.

Warning! Insufficient materials for full reconstruction .. Processing . Solution found. Allocating materials for hull and propulsion ,construction successful constructing weapon armaments no materials left for air wing. Warning!

Desire from kansen for air wing processing .. Stopping construction of turret 1 and 3 and secondary's relocating materials to air wing … successful. All critical components constructed beginning extraction from void.

As the AI said that the cube disappeared in a flash of blue light as something was coming out from the black void in the golden disc. As the craft was moving out one would see the a hole in the bow of the ship next the main turret 1 for the ship seemed to be damaged as it was fixed in one direction with its casing covered in a brown colour different from the metal grey colour of others. The next two turrets seemed fine only with minimal damage the rear turrets were destroyed or not functioning as they were in the same condition as turret 1. AA guns looked fine and the hull of the ship looked fine with some scratches.

Length 333 meters armaments 3 triple barrel 48 cm shock cannons , 2 triple barrel 20 cm shock cannons ,port and starboard AA, 6 forward and aft torpedo or missile tubes, 8 port and starboard missiles 16 in total, dorsal and ventral missile launchers. This is the list of armaments for this ship.

Wave motion engine online, awaking ship personification …. Wake up Yamato …

Somewhere in the bridge

Someone could be seen floating in the air because the gravity was turned off. She had pink hair that reached above her shoulders, two pink fox ears and at the back she had 9 tails that were black in colour and had lines which made look like metal. Overall she was wearing a red jump suit that had the white UNCN logo on both her shoulders and also some uh big *assets* if you know what I mean, truly meant for a Yamato class *author gets a bonk*. She looked to be waking up

Also her eye colour is red with a black slit like the nine tails in Naruto.

"ahhh, what happened" Yamato opened her eyes as she was meet with the harsh glare of the bridge lights, taking some time to adjust she noticed that she was upside down "where's the gravity" as soon she said that the gravity generators came online making her hit her head.

"Ahh, my head, status report" she said that while clutching her head but no one answered it was all silent except for the silent thrum of the wave motion engine.

"Where's my crew. Last thing I did was fight someone she was powerful I think and my crew were . . . . . All killed" she remembered what happened the loss she felt but at that time she was fighting for her life she didn't have time to digest what had happened but now she had all the time to think about it and she could fell her heart emotionally break down, tears spilling over her cheeks as she cried.

"Come on Yamato, what would Kodai think if he saw you like this, get it together. Focus now, grieve later" she slapped herself back to normal as she stood up.

She closed her eyes focused on her ship since she is the ship she can fell what's working and not working. "wave motion engine is running no damage, all other systems are fine only some minor damage. All rear turrets disabled, that be pain in the ass to fix later okay" she opened her eyes looking into the open space where the moon once was but she had no idea it was once there.

"Okay first of all I have to find out where I am, if I'm lucky I can be in the galactic rim … . . or somewhere I don't know as the stars don't match any star chart, I hate where I am" she said that as the telescope on board the battleship could not identify any stars or planets within the galaxy she was in which means (A)she's in a completely different galaxy or (B) she's in a completely different universe which was highly likely.

"Okay I don't know where I am I have no minerals, so I can't repair the rear and front turrets great, what now an alien shows up" and just as she finishes her radar pinged a bunch of ships, most likely a fleet, jumping to the area her ship was in.

Sometime before

"Empress, we've detected a very high energy burst at the Boreas system it seems like the humans are trying something new, permission to send an expeditionary force my queen" a siren Observer said as she bowed low.

"Permission granted, and if the humans are somehow connected to this you have my permission to wipe them of the face of the universe." the empress said with a wicked smile. The Observer bowed again before departing to gather ships leaving the queen in thought 'I wonder what fun things those pesky humans are doing, whatever it is I have a feeling this will be fun."

Present time

"They've come out of warp Observer" someone said at a station "okay what do they see" Observer asked.

"Displaying on the screen."

All the pawns there looked up at the screen as it flickered to life first showing a blurry image before focusing to show the Yamato bow first as it lay there motionless.

"What do we have here, Observer." someone said as they entered.

"What are you doing here purifier I thought you were looking for that anomaly that happened yesterday"

"Well I got bored, I couldn't find anything so here I am, what are we looking at?" Purifier asked.

"Were looking at an unknown vessel, it doesn't match anything in our database but it is definitely a human ship" a pawn said.

"Humans they disgust me" Observer said " fire at will"

With Yamato

"Damn, of all the things that could happen, why this?! Okay they aren't firing at me so I won't fire maybe I'll talk to them maybe they're friendly" she said that as she opened a comms link with them, a headset appeared from miniature blue cubes on her head as she prepared.

~ This is the Yamato I come in peace, I repeat this is the---" she was interrupted by the sound of an explosion hitting her bow and the sound of alarms blaring throughout the bridge.

"I guess they don't come in peace, give me a break" the headsets also disappeared

"Battle stations, Auxiliary engines full power, main turret 2 and secondary fire solid artillery. Open Fire!" and with a resounding boom the front 2 turrets opened fire with solid shells, some missed but others scored direct hits on two ships punching straight into the hull and exploding after the timer hit zero.

"That's 2, 6 more to go" the Yamato slowly moved forward as the auxiliary engines turned on before increasing in speed as they increased the power. The shocks cannons still had some time before they fired positron beams and it was in that time that Yamato thought of something.

"oh yeah I have a fighter wing, All tiger 2's Launch!" on the underside of the Yamato a ramp unfolded allowing the fighters to launch as their engines burned full throttle sending them forward and when they passed the bridge Yamato saw





"Why do I have cosmo falcons what happened to my tiger 2's?!" Yamato yelled in frustration

The fighters continued on until they met with heavy AA fire that was different than other AA they encountered, 1 fighter was downed as a result and the rest dodged the lasers until they were in reach opening with their missile then when they got closer they fired their cannons doing minimal damage as the missiles wrecked havoc on the ships.

Though something unexpected happened as 2 fighters were downed by a pink beam, looking back the 4 ships at the center were damaged but somehow their guns were undamaged by something protecting them maybe a shield. The falcons dodged as they were fired at again losing 2 planes until the front ship was sliced through by a blue beam making it explode.

"Combat speed 1, all fighters retreat. Turret 2 continue firing until there all dead." The second main turret turned a bit before locking on to a target and fired three blue positron beams. As they sailed they merged into one powerful beam before completely going through the second ship ignoring the armour, shields and slicing it like a hot knife through butter.

The auxiliary engine turned off as the main engine powered on giving the Yamato the speed it needs. Soon turret 2 destroyed the final remain ship as it tried to ram itself into the Yamato but failed. All fighters had managed to dock and were safely stowed away in their hangar.

"Yamato warp speed" the main engine increased in power until a blue comet like flame was produced speeding the Yamato up to 33 space knots. The path was clear until a new siren fleet, this time bigger, emerged from warp in front of it, but the Yamato was undeterred speeding through and ramming into one ship cleaving it in half without losing speed but not without being fired from the other ships.

One shot managed to hit the midsection of the ship and teared a big hole through it, as lasers melt armour, but the ship went on until "Warp!" Yamato's commanded as the ship headed straight through a yellow ring an instant for others but for the Yamato it seemed to slow down before punching through the wormhole sending it through space at faster than light.

After the battle

Purifier laughed as she watched the fight unfold before her eyes "That ship is interesting we should look into it and see what power that ship has Observer, also I don't think I've seen a warp like that, do you think humans built that monster cause with one gun it tore through that fleet like it was nothing."

"Your right, I'll notify the empress immediately if that ship gets to live it could very well become a monster" Observer said going to leave until he stopped.

"Wait" a siren pawn said " I found something that you should know that is important "Observer stayed quiet while Purifier hummed a song "that ship when I cross checked its energy signature with the one with the anomaly it had a 90 percent match, those two's energy signature are similar"

"That is really helpful" Observer walked to the door "you shall be rewarded for your work"

Throne room

"So that ship is connected to the anomaly that happened. *she hummed* speed up our plans, if that ship is connected then it will be a trouble to us and to our plans" the empress said.

"Yes your empress" Observer said leaving the throne room

"Yamato, what a wonderful name. that ship will finally give me the excitement I need" she said as she stood up, eyes burning a fiercely as an aura surrounded her making her look menacing.

Somewhere in space

"Finally some peace and quiet, I wonder what's doing the repairs cause I can feel my ship being repaired" just as she said that, a manjuu floated past the bridge as its brothers tried to bring him back.

"A space chicken . . . . duck? I never should have asked in the first place" she said while sitting on the floor. "well I guess I should tour the ship, maybe the cafeteria still has food and the OMCS is running, I can still eat food even though I don't feel hungry.

Notice since Yamato is powered by a wave motion engine she does not need food for her power source she may only eat when ammunition for her missile or shells are near depletion if so please prepare a lot of food her appetite is said to be in another world.

Yamato hums a song as she passes a glass area that usually viewed the medical office though the lights in there were powered down, though in the corner of her eye she saw something, turning back to glass mirror she saw something that shocked her.

Outside the ship as they repaired the ship they could her something like somebody shouting.

Manjuu 1 "quack (did you hear something)

Manju2 "quack quack(maybe your imagination, get back to work)

With Yamato she was in a shocked state as she repeatedly looked at herself in the mirror.

"why, why do I have a FLUFFING TAIL AND EARS!!!!. Is this my tail made out of metal?" she asked as it looked like metal to her so she decided to touch it and confirm but immediately she touched it, she felt a weird feeling. It was a mixture of pleasure and discomfort making her feel weird. She touched her ears to make sure that they were real also and in the end she found out that she's "freaky, but what was that other word people said kitsune yeah. I'm a kitsune. Okay maybe I'll stick with kitsune, that sounds better"

Walking down a corridor she thought that this couldn't get worse while closing her eyes, next thing she knew she couldn't feel the floor and that she was tumbling. Opening her eyes she was greeted with the inky blackness of space as she saw her ship and a hole to the hallway she was just at.

If space wasn't vacuum and that you couldn't hear someone, you would've Yamato say so things that I'm not allowed to say.

'Why can't I can't I just go and eat lunch, why does karma always follow me. I wish I could launch an aircraft to pick me up' as she thought that a hangar bay to the side of the ship opened and a recon fighter flew out and came to her location with its canopy open.

Though Yamato was pleased at that she wanted to try something, she opened her mouth expecting all the air within her to sucked out but that didn't happen. She got into the cockpit and looked around, she could remember the day when Kodai and Yuki were in here and quarreled even though their radio was on so everyone on the bridge got hear their argument which was funny.

She had a sad smile as she piloted the recon plane to get closer to her ship before leaving it and setting the AI to return to the hangar bay. Standing there on her ship she couldn't help but be mesmerized at the beauty of her ship in all its glory. She always wondered how Desler and Keyman managed to walk and talk in a vacuum though the talking was over a radio.

Her tailed swayed as she walked around her ship clearly in happiness. She reached turret 1 ,which was under repair by the manjuus, and looked at how much damage it took.

"It's not entirely broken but there some parts that I can't replace, seems I have to find a station or some repair dock to fix this" she said while touching the turret, seeming to have sympathy for it, until a manjuu walked or bounced to her "What? Are the repairs done or what?" the manjuu only stared at her through its visor which creeped Yamato out until it showed her a message that was in a small pad.

She took it and when she looked at it, a hologram appeared. On it, it read that most of the damage was fixed because they found a random 3 tonnes of resources though there are some places too big to fully repair so they were going to seal it. The rear turrets have been fixed and are working properly while the main turret 1 could not be fixed due to lack of resources and that was it.

"*sighs* I really wish analyzer could help me with this. By the way where is he I haven't seen him at all" she looked around the exterior for him but couldn't find him, even tried asking the manjuus for help but they just stared at her.

She continued searching until something caught her eye. At the top of her vision, it looked like an inbox and it was just hanging there. She tapped it and was shocked to see a page in front of her. It wasn't made of hard light and it wasn't a hologram either so she decided to read it.

[Hello I am system AI 'Keter' you may be wondering who I am? ]

[I am a system AI for ship girls that gives out tasks or missions and rewards them upon completion, levelling up would also make one receive a reward. You are currently the first of the Yamato class battleships, Yamato, and the current form you are in is your base form or your 2199 form so is your equipment and fighters. ]

[As for your companion he shall wake up soon because he is special kind robot if you would say and for now you have manjuus. These are clever ducks that can build, repair and use your ship, they are helpful and should be thanked end.]

Well to say the least Yamato thought that it was short which it was until a new icon appeared below the inbox one. This one had some things, one was the mission and reward and it said

[You've commanded your ship, you've obtained 3 k credits]

[You've killed a siren ship, you've obtained 3 tonnes of resources [used]

[You've completed a hidden objective get 'Siren Killer' title, you've received a blue print of a cosmo tiger 1 end.]

In the future analyzer will be the one to take care of these things.

She was happy to get a tiger 1 but,

'Okay I kind of get it but at the same time I don't, maybe I'll j----' she wasn't able to finish that thought as alarms sounded throughout the ship which meant one thing.

Rushing to the bridge she saw a siren fleet bigger than the one she defeated. It looked like the one that came to support the first fleet. Seeing it she thought 'go big or go home' as she commanded the ship to turn hard to starboard, doing that all the active guns focused on the fleet, missiles were primed waiting for the order until she said in a loud voice,

"All main guns, fire!" all guns opened fire, shooting a dispersed beam instead of a concentrated on meaning more destruction but less power. The first salvo managed to destroy most of the ships and the second shot was more aimed leading it to hit the engine section disabling some ships and the last few were destroyed by a missile barrage.

Ships that would've given human ships trouble were dispatched in 3 salvos showing just how powerful Yamato is.

After the short battle Yamato boarded one of the ships that were disabled and begun to look for a computer terminal until she found one.

She put a drive into one of the ports and waited for it to find what she wanted until she begun to remember something in her past and she closed her eyes.

There was a time when Yamato was invaded by a virus and that time she didn't have analyzer with her and she could remember feeling as if all your joints were looked up you couldn't move, you couldn't turn. She was almost abandoned but somehow her crew were helped by a unknown person to get rid of the virus.

When she opened the drive, she saw that the program had extracted the star chart but there was someone next to her, it brought a smile to her face as she said

"Welcome back analyzer" she finished that by hugging him and analyzer returned it.

Time skip by analyzer doing a data mine

In the conference room, Yamato looked uneasy with the manjuu being there but tolerated it

"Okay let me go through the plan one more time" Yamato said as the screen in the center illuminated showing the part of the galaxy where they are, her tails also swished nervously "we are currently in space with nothing around us but I plan that we head to the Lucas system, here, to get repaired and get some resources and if the information is right, we go to the human held system Kaleid where we can resupply and properly fix my ship, after that I have no idea as the rest of the data seemed to have been destroyed.

Also the information talks about Eagle union, Sakura empire, Royal navy and Iron blood now these, if I think about it, resemble, US, Japan, UK and Germany am I right" analyzer said yes "apart from that the rest of the information wasn't helpful so when we reach Kaleid we have to search for information about what going on in this galaxy and humanity as a whole"

The rest agreed with her plan and then went to their different stations leaving Yamato all alone thinking about this new humanity and the promise she made all those years ago.

Flashback Okita

"Yamato, please protect mother earth and humanity if not for me then for the crew and humans alike keep this planet blue and help where you can" those were some of the words Okita said but they were enough to bring some tears to her eyes as she balled her hand into a fist.

"Okita I promise to defend humanity even if it's the last thing I do" her red eyes ,as she said this, turned to a shade of blue that glowed in the light giving Yamato a scary look as she pledged to protect humanity.

Well it is the reader who determines the story if it is good or bad but for the first chapter this sure is long so yeah I'll try to keep it below 5 k words probably you never know

Comments are appreciated as always and votes as well, makes me know that you guys cherish this work so I'm a leave you with a meme as always this is drago going to bed.

Notice also check my other works by clicking my user name.

dragon_monarch dragon_monarch

may peace be with you as you explore into the star's

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