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Chapter 35: [Nightfall]

So let's begin the basic test. First, I active the [Aura of Mayhem]. Didn't change at all since the beginning. Strangely, when I walk with it activated, the sand gets destroyed as I walk to the level of the sand under my feet. So the aura managed to recognize that the thing on where I am currently standing is not to be targeted. And it maintains that level as I walk. So no possibility to fall because the sand gets destroyed. Next, when I activate it with my disease, nothing happens. I was expecting that; I mean a virus is supposed to be undetectable with only my eyes.

Now, I am trying to keep the sand in my hand safe. I failed the first two times but at the third, I succeed. I won't have any problems running with my bag now. I try one more time, with my two hands full of sand. And yes, if I concentrate a little, I can spare both. That's very good.

After that I test my two spells [Create Acid] and [Create Disease] and they were conforming with my predictions. I have no target where I can use my bite and my claws, and I don't plan to use them a lot. Because that would mean that the enemy is close enough. And if he is close, I am probably dead. I don't bet on the last strike before dying to save me. Especially since I am a ratman, I should run more and fight less. Now that I have reviewed everything that I have, let's try to invent something.

Let's do the very awkward movements first. What should be the best is a teleportation or something that allow me to escape quickly. Either make me very fast or make literally teleport. Like a Flash or a Blink.

That didn't work. I will forget those memories immediately. No one saw that, that is my only comfort. Except the [Followed by ???], maybe this dirty voyeur saw me. I hope not. So space magic is not available. Maybe fire magic or earth spells. Elementals magic is supposed to be easy, I think. Ok, let me feel the magic in my body. The mana, flowing through my veins, manifesting itself in his pure form. Now, like I did with my spell, imagine a fire. A hot fire, burning everything it touches, heating the very air, like right now and … HOLY MOLLY! MY SLEEVE!!! Why are you burning again?

Finally, I stopped the fire by putting my arm in the sand. That's the second time it happens. But this time maybe it was because of me. So I get naked, to prevent any other accident like that. I am still brown-fur like I was when my condition was that of a rat. Maybe a little darker than before, but still can be considered as brown. My tail has grown like my body. I still don't use it efficiently but it never gets in my way. I should probably be 1.20 meter. Now that I think about it, I, the small rat, was making those 2-meters armors shake in fear. And they never made any remark about my size. I also think that I should be taller. It's just that my body naturally curve itself, I am never with my back straight. Probably the natural body of a ratman.

Claws at the end of both my hands and feet. Quite long. About 10 centimeters. I approach one of the trees where my stuff isn't and scratch it with my hand. My finger easily tore apart the bark of the tree. I have nothing else to test it, so I can't compare it to a rock or even iron. Probably worse than both, but I don't know. And for testing my teeth, well, just remembering the horrible taste of the branch tree makes me renounce about that idea. And when I look at my reflection on the surface of the pond, I wonder if someone ever looked at a ratman and thought he was cute. Because that probably never happened. I only see red eyes with a dark light inside, horrible rows of teeth inside my maw and an insidious face. It literally screams that I am the bad guy.

After that, I tried my best to run as fast as I can on the sand and I am satisfied. At least I am quicker than the wolves in the forest. As for my speed compared to other races, I don't know. Last more thing to check. I put my hand on my crotch and yes, the package is still there. No gender-bender with the evolution. So now, let's try again that fire element.

I begin my meditation state, slowly materialize a fire inside my mind. My hands are getting hot, hotter than they should be. And then, a flame appears. A tiny flame, one that a child could extinct. But then it begins to grow and… No? Not growing? It just stays as a small flame. I looked at my MP and I didn't lose any. So that didn't consume my mana at all. But now I have a very small flame in my hand. I searched on the System but no new spell or anything.

After letting my mind wander like that, the flame disappeared. But I was still perplexed. I created a fire inside my hand, I clearly felt the mana doing his work. But nothing acknowledged me. So I try with the ice this time. And like the fire, yes I create a little square of ice. Yes, it doesn't cost me anything. But no, it is not usable for the System. But after doing both of this, my [Magical Handling] gained one level. So it counts the attempt of magic. So my efforts were not wasted. But I have still not succeeded at creating a spell that will allow me to survive.

Maybe I am not related to elementals spells. I guess that is the issue. Just thinking about the size of both the flame and the ice, if I was not a total trash in those domains, they should have been bigger than that. So what should be my favored spells? I am a ratman that had eaten a lich and even got cursed by the dead. So dark spells, maybe undead ones. I was offered the choice of an undead rat. Then poison and disease but I have enough of these. So let's focus on death and dark spells.

Since I am already really discreet, maybe if I had a touch of shadows or I prevent light from reaching me I could be nearly invisible. And yes, the invisibility spell is so broken that it probably doesn't exist, so I won't try it. I have already paid with the teleportation spells. But how should I control the shadows? I try to do the same method that I already used. Feel the mana, think about the shadow, see a dark form in my hands, see it cove… It works! My arms are covered by dark air. I can still see them but I don't know if it's my spell that is weak or my very good night vision.

"Congratulation to the user for creating a new spell. Please say its name."

So it really worked. Even the System has noticed it. So affinity really plays a big part. So, since it is the darkness that is covering me let's say.


"System acknowledges the choice of the user, the spell: [Nightfall] has been created."

And yes, I can see a new spell level 1 in my skill menu. And what about its consumption. After waiting five seconds, I finally lose 1 MP. With 123MP that gives me more than 10 minutes, without counting on my regeneration. But the spell has clear limitation. First, it only blocks lightly the light. So, I can't use it in plain sight or during the day. Otherwise, they will still be able to see a dark silhouette. Then, it only allows me to reduce my visibility even more. I am not invisible. But the fact that I manage to create it is huge.

Maybe I can even control the undead? Since I ate a lich, and a lich can create skeletons, maybe I can too. But I can't probably do it right away, I need to first reanimate dead bodies. Now how do I find dead bodies in the desert? Mmmm. Scorpion, where are you? Snakes, come, please. Ah, find you little scorpion. Now I should use a disease, to not hurt his body. Yes, dead in less than a seconds. Now, I grab him in my hand and begin to start the ritual. I invoke all the undead Gods I know and…

"User has created a spell not long ago, please wait."

Seriously? Does it have such restriction? And for how long?

"User has created a spell not long ago, please wait."

Not telling? Are you sure?

"User has created a spell not long ago, please wait."

Ok, stop, stop. I get it. So I still have a new spell and now that my ritual to resurrect the dead scorpion would have worked. I just need to wait for the eternity to create it. I guess I will kill some Tomb Kings in the meantime. With some luck, maybe the cooldown will be reduced if I level up. After thinking that, I pick up my clothes, retrieve my bag with the scarab still alive, and depart to the closest temple.

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