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Chapter 11: Booby trap

Thanks to that rat meat, I am full HP again. As for my attributes, I see absolutely no changes again. Only the lich allowed me to gain something, that's a little weird. And now my vicious and amazing idea can be achieved. The cats of this city will probably never know what hit them. I have the bait; I need the killing weapon. It is still dark outside, so I have time. Now that I am on the street, where could I find a blacksmith. Search, search, search. Logically, if I were a blacksmith, I would go either near the barracks of the guard or near the guild of the adventurers. With a city that big, there is probably at least 2 to 3 blacksmiths out there. But where is the barrack? Or the guild? I am still not high enough. But there is a church nearby, time to use my eagle vision on top of it. Maybe I will even find a trolley full of straw. The worst thing is, if I tell that joke in this world, no one would understand me.

Ok, I am on top of the church. Most of the building is just on the ground floor, except 3, all unique and not looking like a cathedral. One looks like a castle, a small one. Probably the residence of the mayor and the city hall. Another one look like a tower. Maybe it's the guild. The third is just a really big mansion. It only has one floor. So the tower or the mansion? The mansion is the closest let's check it first. Worst case, I will still explore the city.

While I travel, I notice the lack of shops on the way. I can travel 1km without even finding a stall. That means the residential and the trader are clearly delimited. So if I find it, I will have everything for my future traps. Now the mansion is in sight and there is a lot of shops nearby. It is definitely important but will it have a blacksmith? An inn, a pub, a tailor, another pub, bunch of alcoholics. A general store, I think, another one, a third and yes, a blacksmith. And the building is partly made of woods. I don't find any entries besides the front door and the back one and they are both locked at that time of the night. Time to dig a hole.

Scratch scratch scratch

It's a lot harder than with the forest trees. But what can a wooden wall do against a great small rat? Inside, I find multiple anvils, some furnaces, a lot of weapons, some iron and steel ingots and a trash bin with the failures and the rest. That's what I need. Let's silently take everything out.

(That heavy workload keep the small rat busy for the rest of the night. But the disappearance of the contents of the trash bin made baffled the master blacksmith, and even after asking all his apprentices and fellows, no one could explain where everything was. Because of that, he blamed the poor apprentice that was in charge of the shop last night.)

Now, it is time for the experiment. I need a mouse or rat body and I will see what are the limits of my System. Come on the fellow rat, come to see your cousin by an alliance from your step-father. Found one!


Sliek Sliek

Still not understanding a single thing. I wonder why?


Oh, a level up. 51HP now. Those rats are really great farming tools. But guess what will grant me more experience? The bane of rodent, the enemies of the mouse, the nemesis of the rat. A cat. But since I am a rat, even with a spear and a surprise attack, there is a chance he just eats me without the time for me to try a second attack. So, let's try something no cat will ever suspect. Sorry to disturb your eternal sleep rat number two but I need your body for this.

Cut cut

The stomach is open, rib cage in sight, now I need to remove every organ. Heart, done, lungs, done … Finally, his all body is empty. Weird, I am not particularly disgusted by that. Probably watch too many horror movies. Or the fact that I am a rat. Now let's find some fragments of iron that could fit inside this small body. Too big, too thin, perfect. Now another one, and another one. Great, the first official rat trap is finished. Now I just close the open stomach and that will be perfect. But how do I do that? I need a needle or something like that. I think I already found one and yes that will be good. I just need to use it and pierce through both skins that should be closing the stomach, one after another.

Ok, if a human find something like this, he will immediately notice something weird. But a cat is stupid right? They are just lazy animals and a rat that is covered in blood will bait them. Thanks to my exploration, I know where the residential area is, even inside the sewers. So let's go.

Ok, let's take a peek, and clear. Go, go, go. I don't even feel burden by a loaded rat body. Since I can kill them easily with 1 hit, that means, for a small rat, I am really strong. Now, for the perfect trap, somewhere where humans don't really want to go, somewhere a little dark but not that dark. Like behind that house. It looks like a discharge. Now I put my fellow rat right here. And I return to the sewers. Whether or not a cat bites, those rats are a good chunk of experience too. And more rat dead means more rat trap. It's a win-win even if no trap worked.

(So our hero was thinking. A nice, happy and easy life, with no predator in sight, unlimited experience points. And it really was, even during the hunt of his fifth rat, a nice and pleasant surprise happened.)

52 HP thanks to the rat and 52.5 thanks to one of my trap. At least two level up. I wonder how much time did the cat suffer before dying and finally grant me my experience? Maybe there is two more cat suffering and just thinking about it makes me a little happier. Not that I particularly hate cats but since I am a rat, if I begin to love them that would be a little suicidal. And I like me being alive, very very much. Fine, in truth, I already disliked them on Earth. I really need to be more efficient at creating those traps. I am too slow, between finding the rat, creating the trap and going to one of the different residential areas. The problem is, I cannot put all my trap in one place and those sneaky rats are really hard to find. I thought that in such a big city there will be a legion of rats. But they are even worse than the rabbit population of the forest. What happened to make all the rodents disappear like that?

Anyway, the stock of iron that I got is still enough for a dozen more. With all that, there is no way that I won't get my next evolution. Or they really expect a lot of a rat, in total, I killed about ten of rabbits, same with the insects, an owl, 5 rats and maybe 1 cat or the thing that die from my trap. And I only evolved once. If those mighty and really destructive adventurers hadn't killed that lich, I would be dead already. I want to report a bug, call the GM. I didn't try that.

-Marc Cassidy call technical assistance

Had to try. Can't hurt, imagine if it worked. But what works, is me, my trap, and those stupid victims. I should probably go back to work, I really need to stop doing those mental conversations between me and myself. But if I stop, I will be so lonely. Ok, we continue talking but we work at the same time. Deal. Am I schizophrenic?

(While the only intelligent rat of this world kept debating and questioning his own mentality, he really worked hard and managed to kill 4 more rats. Two more traps were activated and the corresponding experience was granted to the hero. But unfortunately, the night was nearing and the chances of finding either a walking lone rat in the sewer or a walking stupid and fool cat in the city were drastically reduced. It was time to sleep).

The night has arrived. Everyone is going to sleep and here I am restless on top of that church. What should I do? Go for blacksmith hunting again? Explore the city under the moonlight? Hunt the remnants of the rat race, besides me, in the sewers?

"Congratulation to the user, you have met the requirements to evolve. Please choose the evolution:

1- Ratman

2- Plague Rat

3- Undead Rat"

One of my trap still worked at that time of the day? Which moronic cat didn't go home but stayed outside? Doesn't really matter, what is more, important is that choice. And not one evolution possible, not two but yes, three. I am blessed by the System, thank you very much. I will unlock you this time. But the time is not right now, I am exposed on a human building. First, I need to go somewhere safe, in my empire from below. Commonly called the sewers.

Innovation Innovation

Sorry for all cat lovers, but what did you expect from a story with a rat as a hero. And a big Thank you to everyone who has given their precious power stones.

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