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Chapter 150: Finding a Spaceship?

At least for now, I have my name and my class written correctly. As for what happened on Birdland, I think that it was two different things that provoked it. First, they found me and probably tried to kill me like they did on Astria. Good thing for me, they are very bad at that and I always manage to teleport in time. Next thing, Krieg nearly told me the entire name of that race hated by the Nine Heavens. Of course, he didn't say it entirely, but I can still think of the end. It's like someone says Hasta la vi and stops there, you can think about the vista part alone. Maybe even add baby, but I didn't have enough ? for that. But now, I am on the ground as I spend the majority of my time. Do I try to float toward above me?

I keep going, but at a certain time, I feel very hot. Even for me, it is hard to feel that, so something is wrong. I keep going for a few more seconds and yes, I feel really hot. There is a problem, I shouldn't be like that. What could provoke that, a volcano, the bottom of it? I try to stay at the same line but the temperature doesn't decrease. So, it was the second possibility, the core of a planet. I was upside down. I turn and begin my real ascension this time. And during that, begin to feel nothing. That's better.

After some very long minutes, I finally end up in a cave, a dark cave. Nothing alive surrounding me, except a wraith, a magic cloud, and a normal spirit. They survived, not like the other one that was a little too far. Poor beacon of the base of Krieg. He was at like, 200 meters? So, that should be the range of effect, if it is close, I can teleport it, too far, and I don't. As for the cave, nothing special, not even a building or a destroyed construction. Nothing. Let's keep going up. Another cave, empty.

Damn, how many caves does this planet have? I keep finding cave after cave, am I under a mountain? God, I hate mountains, I get lost too easily. Empty, empty, empty, carts full of iron, empty … carts? I look again and descend to the previous cave. Yes, there is a cart, with a railroad. But no one is nearby so, what should I expect? I try to see more but I don't find anything alive and a lot of dust is on everything. I don't feel anything special near too, like a blessing or something. So it is not the main race, and therefore, I don't care. I am a busy Devourer of Gods, get lost peasants.

Finally, after a lot of time floating mindlessly, I arrive on the surface. Green forests, with a little river. Squirrels trying to find food, birds singing nearby, bunnies living in peace. The perfect scenery for a documentary about species in a forest. But that doesn't help me to find what I want. I float to be above that forest and see only trees on the horizon. I think Krieg talked about a very flourishing planet, I get what he meant. A planet totally green.

I keep sniffing the air, to find any trace of a god, but I failed miserably at that. Well, since I can't stay here, let's take the forward direction. Maybe I will find some elves capable of telling me where to go. I continue my journey like that, not destroying anything at all since I am not that bored yet. If I keep finding nothing, maybe in a few days I will …

-Are you sure he is here?

Hum, who is it? I can see on the ground six weird creatures. Oh god, Heroes. Definitely. They didn't saw me because the leaves of the trees block nearly all the light, but I can hear them. Good thing I wasn't rampaging that beautiful place, otherwise they would have found me. But, what are they? You got a skeleton warrior, a troll warrior, an elf archer, a bearman warrior, a woman riding a panther and finally another robot. Looking strangely like the one that I destroyed. Anyway, a good bunch of dead men walking.

Not waiting for them to detect me, I throw six [Purple Moon] around them and see the result. Only the panther lady and the robot manage to get out of the attraction. The first runs away while the other teleports like he did on Pashkat. As for the four other, [Death Ray]. That was easy, four already down and


Wow, calm down skeleton warrior. Instead of just dying like the other, I can see his bones reassembling and merging into a new skeleton. So, I have to kill him another time? [Death Ray]. I wait a little bit since the panther is tracked by my spirit and the robot is hunted by my wraith. I want to see his reaction against a ghost, for now, the robot manages to avoid every hit from his scythe.


Ok, so once again, he is resurrected by whatever it is. Well, I guess I have to destroy entirely his bones, instead of just destroying his body. Because they are strangely not affected by my [Purple Moon], something that I never expected. When the skeleton warrior is alive, or not dead, I mean, the state where he can move, the Death King is attracted by the [Purple Moon]. But after his death, the bones fly to reform a new body on their own. As for the troll, bearman, and elf, they are truly dead. That's what happens when you don't have anything to protect you against magic.

I approach the so-called Death King and activate my domain filling the air with acid. He is still affected by one of my [Purple Moon], I destroyed the others. As for me, now, I can safely get near without a problem. And now I wait. For nearly 20 minutes. That's what it took for me to destroy all his bones, with the combined might of my acid and the melting properties of my purple sphere.

Four down only two more. That's still weird that they managed to follow me that quickly. Looks like Krieg told them about that planet. But they didn't blow it, why? It's like the fact that I can't feel a blessing from a god. That's weird. Instead, they throw more Heroes after me. And how Krieg knew about this world too? Something is fishy, I can smell it. Let's kill the Heroes first.

I find the panther, without any problem. As for the woman on it, well, she looks at me, terrified. I can still her sing something, and from nowhere a beam of purple light hit me. It only lasts for a second, but seeing the damage on my [Veil of Darkness] it could have been longer. Nothing again, I love the fact that I created it. Not like the second shield that is given by the System. Anyway, she looks visibly surprised that her song did nothing, so she does it again.

One, two, in the end, eighteen beams of purple lights come crashing on me. Provoking nothing but removing the dust accumulated on the dark shield. I can see her shaking and stumbling backward, visibly exhausted. So, that was all. Pathetic, I grab her and her mount, absorbing all the godly power in them. Only the robot left.

He is still chased by my wraith. Each time he teleports away, my undead servant chases him and tries to hit him with his scythe. But the robot is smart enough to always have begun his other teleportation before he is hit. He doesn't look very tired or out of energy, I wonder how long can this last? 1 hour? More than a day? I really wonder that, but I don't think I have enough time to see this before other Heroes arrive.

Like I did with one on Pashkat, I activate a purple sphere above him, interrupting everything. Shortly after, his corpse falls to the ground, partially melted. No matter how I tried, none of them possess a connection with their gods after their death. But, for example with the panther loving woman, I could hear the god talking before abruptly ending the conversation. I don't think that the gods suicide to do that, I think that normally, they don't have to care about an open connection like that. Only me and my race force them to do such a thing.

I gather the remnants of blessings lingering around the battlefield and try to continue my journey. I don't meet anything strange or suspicious during that time, except the lack of intelligent creatures. Only a lot of animals, sometimes a wolf or two. But no monsters, nothing. Just a pure air and a fresh atmosphere. Until I stumble on something weird.

It looks like a spaceship, or something similar. And it is going at a very high speed. Maybe I finally found the inhabitants of this beautiful planet? And where are they going?

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