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Chapter 145: Following the Trace of a God

As I keep leeching the ambient power lingering around me, I notice the lack of attacks. It has already been three days that I am here, destroying and killing all of those birdmen. But no Heroes in sight, no huge army from the god in charge in sight either. It looks like I am safe for now. I never used my spells once since I arrived here. And I don't think that my teleportation is a spell, more like a passive ability. Like the former [Sneaky-Sneaky], something permanently possible but not needing an action from me.

Because, I keep thinking when I was encircled by that cage made of light, before the devastating rain of arrows. The pigeon looked baffled by my movement, even after he prevented me to use any spells. I tried, on the moment, I am certain that I tried to use my domain or even [Death Ray]. But I was unable, how, I have no idea? Only the System can answer me about all the wonderful things that I can do now. However, it doesn't look better than before, still numerous ??? or even nonlogical words. Like wahdox, what does it mean?

And I really looked a lot, looked at everything. At first, I was like, maybe it is a code, like a for c, b for d. That it was not random, but a conversion. In truth, it is totally random. Some spells that I know where they are or have a good chance of knowing where they are don't make sense. For example, [Create Acid]. I can still do it when I think about it, acid is leaking from my hands. And normally, it is in the first place. Then, [Create Plague] I don't know, but I never managed to see that spell. Maybe if something can …


Oh, the corpse of a bird. I guess that my plague is working. Then, that would mean that those two spells are the first two. Logical. But, the first have kskjifk for the word create, the second has pqmdl for create. They don't even have the same number of letters in it. And the letters are all random. So I discovered potentially three additional spells. And I say potentially because maybe I lost something. At least before I had 12 boxes, now I have 15. Let me see that first.

[Deadly Shadows], working. [Nightfall], hum. Domain already tested, acid and plague done. Orb, let's see, yes, still working. [Raise Undead], I create the most basic spirit and I see my familiar blue spirit. [Blood Touch], I have the corpse of the bird in front of me. I can see the blood floating toward me, that's great. [Purple Moon] and [Death Ray] have already been used in the battle before. And I know that my shield, the [Veil of Darkness] is active, with another one.

So, three new things, one is probably the second magic shield. Another one is the teleportation, seems fair. As for the third, I have not a single clue. And I can't think about all the different spells that I know. As for the spell creation that I loved, broken, can't use it. The System can recognize that I created a spell, but won't end his process, being cut in the middle each time. It's like you are paying something, and when you give the money to the seller, the money disappears. So, once again, you try to give the money, but it never reaches the seller.

As for the passive, I don't know, I never remembered all of them previously and I will never … My curses. Damn, I forgot about that spell again. [Cursed Winds]. Eh? [Cursed Winds]! Not working? Seriously, the spell that each time I forgot, disappeared? Well, not a big deal, so I really gained something. Good, because if all I got was just the teleportation, it would have been so bad. Wait, no, that means I gained two things unknown. Because, I had three more active skills, meaning, with the loss of the curse, I gained 4 new active skills. That's great, another thing I have no idea how to use it.

With my race and class still shrouded in mystery, I can only theorize what I became. I am partially ethereal and partially material. Meaning, maybe still an elemental, but something better than just Death. And I can see the godly powers directly with my own two eyes. I am capable of morphing my body as I wish, and the contact with my tentacles is deadly. I can absorb magic and life out of anything alive. And right now, I look like a dark ghost, shaped as a ratman. But that's because I want it that way. Otherwise, I look like a small pond of garbage, something sticky and slimy. Something no one wants to touch at all.

I know that evolving from a rat and then a ratman won't allow me to have a pretty face or a beautiful body. But something better than a weird slug? Because, I look more like a slug that has been crushed, yeah, that would be a better analogy. Garbage isn't alive, normally. Anyway, right now, I should be near the capital of those birds. How do I know that? In truth, I don't know. Just predict that. I have been following the trail of blessings, and right now, that stuff is good.

Like really good, a lot stronger than before. And maybe the fact that from far away you can see the city in the sky. Big, huge city, in the sky. How did they manage to build something on the clouds? I don't know, but from the look, it is working. Maybe the air doesn't have the same density on that planet. Anyway, wondering how I can travel that huge distance? I am still moving like a ghost, floating is easy.

Unfortunately, my new friends are not happy to see me. But they are all very surprised, no one ever saw a ratman before. And I decided to forget the small modification that I did to please the dwarves. Now, I look even more terrifying than the Apostle of Salazar, in fact, I am shaped as him. He is the scariest ratman I ever saw, so, it is normal that I use him one last time. Honestly, the security is very tight near this city. I didn't even float for more than 10 seconds before random guard number one and random guard number two fly toward me.

Once again, squeak, squeaks, squeaking. They can tell me that the bar is closed, I wouldn't even know. The news of my arrival probably never reached their ears. Logical, when everyone was already dead after I left the destroyed towns. The best that they can know is the fact that they lost contact with everyone in this region.

-Squeak squeak squeak, SQUEAKING! Squeak, squeaking?

See, that is what I am hearing. Now that I think about that, how did I understood the pigeon that attacked me? That's weird, they are probably from the same race and even the same people. So they should speak the same language. Let me concentrate a bit and …

-squeak squeak … will kill you if you don't leave this place? Do you hear? He truly doesn't understand us.

-He is probably lost; did you ever saw something like that? Is it dangerous? He is nearly invisible sometimes and there is that, no, wait, those two dark things surrounding him. Is he a bad guy?


Are they taking me for a stupid creature? You know that by shouting and articulating, it does nothing? Seriously, guys, if I didn't understand a word before, shouting won't fix the problem. Either you know some words of a language, or you don't understand anything. But the good thing is the fact that I can understand them. I really have no idea why; maybe because I concentrate on that? Ok, it is possible, since, from the beginning, I just saw them as a bunch of chickens and I didn't even bother to hear them and tried to understand what they said.

-What will happen if I try to touch him?

-I don't think that's a good idea, he looks dangerous. Look at his eyes, they are completely red. That's a bad sign.

-C'mon, I just want to turn him, look, I do it slowly, and steadily. There, I hit … the air? Wait that's the dark thing, the first one. Now, I slowly try to turn him and … He won't move.

-What do you expect, he doesn't understand what we are saying. And maybe he wants to go somewhere and we are blocking him. I mean, it is weird that he doesn't recognize us since we are the strongest on that planet. Maybe he is part of the underworld?

-Maybe … C'MON …. MOVE … Can you help me, please? I can't even make him move. Hey, what is th…

Ok, they won't talk about more, both have their heart pierced by my tentacles. They know that they are the people of the god and they talked about an underworld. That's enough. Farewell, random guards.

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