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Chapter 84: Forgot Something?

I put five different walls of shadows between my army and the stairs. And I place my spirit just above the entrance of the stairs. That way, all my skeleton magicians can target a single point under my spirit, unleashing their terrible powers. That's the other perk of the spirit since everything that I created is linked with me and the others, everyone can feel the presence and the precise location of one of my invocation. And the immaterial spirit that can hide in the ground above this very hall is a perfect example of coordination. Now, I just need to wait for the signal of a busy god.

(Ok, by now, you should hear them walk on those stairs. The first wave is composed of the elemental half-men that I talked about. Some will be resistant to your acid while the others will be vulnerable to the magic fire created by your army. After that, it will be some monsters that are too powerful or too strange to just be killed by a plague. I see our old friend the Sandman, he avoided the plague. There are five werewolves, two rock snakes and dozens of vampires. That's actually a very good thing, to be turned into a vampire, I mean, you are an undead, your blood is not really moving, it is frozen, so no plague can be transmitted, and it can fly. That's why a lot of them are fused with that.)

And beside them, the number of survivors is what? 50? 60?

(Ok, so, elementals, monsters, hybrids, Chosen, and we have 7, 8, 13, 36, I add everything together and we have…)

64 survivors and half of them are the Chosen. I guess that's why I gained seven levels, I killed a lot of strong warriors, but the best of the best will follow. I have no time to watch what I gained, but I will suppose that my plague has been improved. Maybe even my deadly body, but for that, I have …


Oh, bloody hell. CAST YOUR FIREBALL! I join them and cast many acid orbs at the enemy. I can hear some screams beyond those dark walls, but I guess they are clueless about what is happening. I, myself, am blind too.

(Ok, so you have killed the elementals and a good chunk of the rest, but the Chosen are highly resistant, only one that has been hit by thirty fireballs is injured. As for the remaining Chosen, the good thing is the fact that they have no idea where to go, each time they pass a wall, the fireballs are coming from another angle. I have taken control of your skeleton magicians, by the way, now is the time to be precise.)

Ok, do your job just put the spirit above one of them, I don't know if I am hitting something. I do a small call to every undead servant that I have, to see if one of them is dead. For the moment, everything is fine, they still haven't breached past the fifth wall. At this time, they will be visible to us but we will be too to them.

(Ok, we have managed to kill three Chosen, but the rest will breach soon enough. I suggest you get closer to the exit, I have no idea how the battle will turn after they have regained their vision.)

I am already near the door leading to the exit stairs, but since he warned me, I will even back off a little more. Now I am at the bottom of the stairs leading to the outside. And I can finally see the first Chosen leaving the shadows. He takes barely a fraction of second to watch his surrounding, before rushing to the closest skeleton magician. The five meters between them, he doesn't care. In a second, he has already approached my undead and hacks him to pieces. But, by doing so, he has exposed himself to the rest. And at such a close distance, the five fireballs are doing more damage and are precise enough to only hit his head. I can see smoke leaking from his armor, and he finally stops to move. But that was the first, more and more are leaving.

All are instantly rushing to the closest skeleton magician, and dispose of him in mere seconds. From my huge army, I only have 13 undead servants alive. I keep throwing acid at the Chosen, but only one is not enough, each time I need more than ten. Now, I see that at least 16 Chosen have left the obstacle caused by my [Nightfall]. Is it everyone alive, or some are still slow down by my spell? I don't know. But now, I only have number one, three, sixteen, and twenty, against sixteen humans. Well, it is time to leave I think.

I ask everyone except number one to keep fighting and try to kill the remaining followers of Krieg, while the two of us are leaving. I don't forget to put more walls of shadows inside the stairs since the previous are now useless. And the very brave me turn his tail and run away. But bravely.

I don't know if they are tired or they consider me still extremely dangerous, but we manage to leave the building and get away without problems. Of course, I have lost my army, but they have lost nearly everything. And while they won't be able to reinforce their army, since they are only the servants of a foreigner god, I will able to reproduce every single skeleton without breaking a sweat. I just need a lot of days. A lot.

When I have returned to the former oasis far away from the base of Krieg, I begin to search what has changed after that battle. Because it is the first time that I destroy an army, a real army. With a lot of strong warriors and even some elites. Comparing them to the massacre against the beggar, it is like day and night. One was totally weakened just by my [Cause Fear] and I am not even talking about my curse that…

(You forget your curse right? Are you actually saying that you could have activated your curse, and potentially slow them long enough to really annihilate the followers of Krieg? How did you forget, you only have four spells?)

Oh, oh, I have more than four spells, I have … well … five spells?

(If you count your [Raise Undead] I disagree, that spell is not useful in battle, I am talking about real spells, that you use a lot. You only have four, your orb, your aura, your shadows, your curse. Anything else is not considered a real spell, I am not even talking about your close combat skills. Did you used them just once?)

Yes, but only on pigeons. Except that, I don't think that I ever used them, so maybe you are right, I have only four spells. And I manage to forget about one of them. But you see, I was so proud after thinking about my plague that I totally forget about the rest. And it's you that shouted at me, saying they are coming like that. Otherwise, with a clear mind, I would have probably used my [Cursed Winds].

(Yes, blame me, it is always the supporting guy that gets blamed for everything. You didn't warn me enough about the enemy, you said too late that they are coming, you misjudged them. But let's take a break, and you should see everything that you gained. Because you killed some Chosen, only nineteen are remaining.)



Race: Ratman

Class: Plague Sorcerer

Level 19/30

HP: 268/268

MP: 213/483

Strength: 22.5

Agility: 45.5

Vitality: 26.8

Wisdom: 48.3

Intelligence: 48.3

Active skills:

[Sneaky-Sneaky lvl 8] [Venomous Bite lvl 10] [Infected Claws lvl 10] [Create Acid lvl 9] [Create Plague lvl 9] [Aura of Mayhem lvl Max] [Nightfall lvl 7] [Magical Orb lvl Max] [Cursed Winds lvl 3] [Raise Undead lvl 5]

Passive Abilities:

[Scavenger lvl Max] [Language of Aria lvl Max] [Night Vision lvl 11] [Toxic resistance lvl 10] [Plague resistance lvl 10] [Craftsmanship lvl 5] [Pain resistance lvl 10] [Deadly Body lvl 5] [Self-Healing lvl 1] [Magical Restoration lvl 7] [Magical Efficiency lvl 7] [Magical Handling lvl 6] [Cause Fear lvl 4]


[Forsaken of Aria] [Blessed by Oslo] [Butcher]

Well, that's pretty impressive. Except for the part where my curse is only level 3 and my fear attribute isn't really much higher. And I even gained a new title, I guess since the first was 100, the second was 1000, so this one is the next step, 10000. But the good thing is, I am close to the next evolution, I mean, killing the rest of the Chosen should grant me two levels maybe. If I count the Prophet of Krieg inside. And the promised reward for killing the Hero of a God. I just need to wait for a few days, and boom, no more Krieg on Astria.

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