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Chapter 33: Harem?

Hehehe, that prince is a very brave sandman. Even knowing that I can probably kill him with just a contact of my hand, he wants to express his respect and his bravery by precisely shaking it. So in the end, at the first official meeting with a royal character of the Sand Empire, I have a direct contact with him. When such news will reach the other princes, I wonder how it will work? Will they denounce me and try to condemn him for treating with the enemies? That would not prevent me from reaching my goal, only if the emperor himself decides that I am too dangerous to roam his territory will I be chased. Because I have now the support of a prince and probably the brigadier general. That's large enough for the moment, maybe later more and more will be convinced that I am a huge asset for them. And at this point, I will be able to use the infrastructures to gather knowledge about this world.

Because it is the first time that I will be able to converse with intelligent beings. The fairies are morons, even if I were friendly to them, the best they could have told me is that trees grow and animals breed. But I can't appear to be ignorant of how the world works. So I have to gather small details in each conversation. Because they probably think I am part of a kingdom or whatever is the ruling system of the ratmen. And till they don't think otherwise, that invisible threat will assure my peaceful life.

After the prince rapidly removes his hand from mine, I begin to examine in details his clothes. They are more or less the same as Ahmad, but with a much higher quality and some silver and gold sewn on it. That should be the formal dresses of the officials. And the prince has a veil too. They are really making sure that no one can totally see their faces. I wonder why, are they hideous? I mean, they are made of sand, they can have whatever faces they want, no? But that's less important than the deal I have to make right now. I should ask for more than just a free pass. But what? Maybe some crystals like the one I found in the house of the drake?

"Th-this lowly ssservant is called Sleek, your highnesss. I am charged to re-recolt something in the dessert, sleek sleek. Have you ssseen anything like th-that?"

And I show him one of the crystal. I can sense him hesitating because of the weird looking color of the crystal. He is puzzled, like if he is debating whether or not he should grab the crystal to examine it with meticulousness. But if he were to drop it by accident, he will be instantly slain. That cannot happen, he has to be careful.

"My ap-apologize, your highnesss. This cryssstal is very dangerous, sleek sleek. Sssee for yourself."

And after saying this, I throw the crystal far away from the wall, on a dune that can be seen by every soldier looking at us. The crystal has a pretty nice trajectory and hit right where I wanted. I am really good at throwing things. And after touching the sand, the crystal instantly free the acid spell in it. What was a normal dune now has a 3-meter hole in its flank. That sight is truly marvelous, I knew that the spell was amplified but in the forest, the poison spell was greatly less powerful than [Create Acid]. If even I am shocked, I can see that the sandmen were not expecting such power. I can see everyone just standing still, not daring to move a single finger.

Even the prince took at least 5 seconds to move his sight away from the dune. And after it, I can see him stare at the crystal that I have in my hand. That one, I just pulled it out of my pocket. Because yes, I don't have a bagh all those crystals, since they are smalls, can fit inside the numerous pocket of my outfit. That's why I am seriously thankful of the System to give me such good clothes. But if I had an inventory like in the RPG, that would be even better. But I couldn't have said to Aria that I wanted her to create an empty space that has no limit to stock everything that I loot. I have no idea how something like that can even be created in the first place.

The prince is slowly extending both of his hands to grab extremely carefully the crystal. Like if it was a national treasure. I can see the commandant beginning to move towards us, to prevent the prince to be in such danger. But the assured death stare that Selim threw to him made him petrified. After those smalls interactions, Selim begins to examine my most powerful tool. Since I only have one tool, it is my most powerful. He turns it many times, and it looks like he wants to poke at it, to make it produce a sound. But after seeing the result of the broken crystal, he abstains himself from doing so. And returned it to me.

"Honorable guest, I am regretful to announce you that this peculiar crystal can't be found anywhere in the desert. But, there is something immensely similar to it that can be found."

"Wh-what is it, sleek sleek?"

"It is a monster core, particularly, the monster cores of the Tomb Kings."

"Monssster cores?"

"Pardon me to have neglected your knowledge, I am assured that you already knew the existences of monster cores. It is my fault, but the lich at the South of our position carry inside their bodies the same type of crystal that you just show me. I apologize to not be able to give you more accurate pieces of information."

So I was supposed to know the existence of monster cores. That means the ratmen are known to use it or harvest it. That is definitely the case, otherwise, the prince wouldn't have apologized when I just say that name. Good thing that my pronunciation can't transmit my feelings since for me it was in an interrogative tongue. He knows more about the ratmen than me, I have to make him talk about everything. But the other thing is the undead at the South. It was where I was lost I think. So they want me to go back to killing undead again. And he even said that there is at least one lich. But the only problem is, how do I still make me look like I am powerful but at the same time resolve my lack of sense of direction? I can't say I was lost in that desert. Well, I already did, but, not in front of him. I can't allow them to escort me otherwise they will know that I am not able to cast spell permanently. Do they have a compass?

"Wh-what are the rewardsss for doing this tasssk?"

"Re-rewards? The mon-monster cores?"

"For eliminating your enemiesss, sleek sleek."

Silence. He didn't expect that. But I mean, I am clearly in a good position in this negotiation. They are fearful of me; they have a history with the ratmen or at least they know a lot about them. So they won't be rash because of this. While I am just betting everything I have to reap the maximum benefices. But he is clearly searching for a suitable reward. And he doesn't find it. I mean even I don't really know what I want. I guess no matter what he proposes I will accept.

"You will be granted a free pass."

I won't answer that; I mean that is clearly lacking. I kill your enemies and your reward me with just the possibility to walk inside your empire. Dream on. But the prince doesn't notice the fact that his offer is pitiful. Only after many seconds passed did he realize.

"You, eh, you will be able to use the imperial infrastructures."

That's better, but what does it really means? What is defined as imperial infrastructures? Even if it sounds really good, maybe it's a trap. So better not answer it. That's not is final proposal anyway. Can't hurt to gain something else. Even the prince doesn't look that confident when he said it.

"You know inside the, eh, imperial palace, there is a harem. With that, you can freely go in, something that even myself can't always do. Inside there are the most beautiful creatures you could ever see."

Ok, that is really embarrassing now. He just tries to buy me with a harem. Like I care about the sand woman. I mean, how is this working anyway? I don't want to think about it. Just the sensation of sand is insupportable right now, with those days passed in the desert. And you want me to f*ck more sand? A long and really awkward silence was created. Start talking prince, please.

"You will have a wish granted by the emperor himself. As long as it didn't hurt our empire or start a war with a country, we will be bound to fulfill your command."

Now that's a great thing. One wish from one of the most powerful beings inside this desert. But I can't let those previous propositions go away.

"Deal! I accept ev-everything, sleek sleek."

"Great... everything???"

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