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Chapter 154: Slugs Against Squids

I return near the blue portal and I see the four other slugs waiting. However, this time, they see me and look aggressively at my approach. I can see some tentacles already formed and ready to attack me if I get too close. They probably reach a consensus, preventing me from stealing their food. And I can't deal with four different enemies, or at least I think I don't. Even with my two shields. I place another spirit a little farther above them or at least where I think is above. Still, in space, I don't know if I stand correctly. They don't attack my spirit that's good. They prefer staying near the portal and wait for another meal.

I keep floating for another day, still creating more and more spirits on the way. I don't let them spread and scout my surroundings since I don't want to disturb the rest of this world. Who knows, maybe they will enter the lair of a terrible monster, awake him and provoke his ire. And I don't want that. During that travel I see more and more creatures, I guess the fissure leading to the universe with my Earth is hidden.

I see some giant octopi traveling at great speed and fighting each other. After that, I saw a group of slugs on another one and they were winning. The giant squid was clearly losing his life slowly and steadily, but it managed to crush two Devourers of Gods before dying. Imagine a tentacle bigger than 30 meters, crushing it. And they are moving really fast, faster than the reaction of the slugs. But I stayed away from those fight, not wanting to take part in it. But that world is brutal, there are no orders, except maybe don't kill your kin. And even that, it is clearly not respected a lot.

I still have no idea what it is, probably the Ancient One? Since it is really big and maybe his tentacles are capable of enlarging the hole between the two universes. I could have turned into that, good thing I took the first choice. But after thinking about all of this, I arrived somewhere I shouldn't have been.

Why? Maybe the 10 giant octopi looking at me and the hundreds of slugs on the other side. Because, there is a portal between the two, a green one, and I guess that's the fight for domination. One side will take control of it, use it as they want, while the other will have to back off. But why are they not attacki… There is something near the portal?

I get closer from the side with the slugs, but not too close. The rest of the Devourers of Gods are looking at me like I am a threat since I can steal their food. But I still reach a not so far location and see what is the form near the green fissure. Well, see is a big word, since I can only notice a black shadow. And it is truly a black shadow, nothing more. All alone? Why is no one attacking then?

I wait with everyone for like three days I think. In the meantime, some of my spirits were eaten, but not the one near the blue portal or the white portal. So, that's still fine. And I made sure that the distance between two spirits was big enough. After all that time spent doing nothing, I understand why the situation is locked into a standoff. More and more shadows are leaving the green fissure. After that, they all left through a passage between the two surrounding armies. When they are finally out, I see the fight beginning.

The octopi and the slugs are fighting each other, while the shadows are just leaving. That's a strange world. But since I am a Devourer of Gods, I will join the party. We fight hard, but they are winning. Maybe all alone, they are weak, but when in a group, they can use their tentacles to protect each other. And the other slugs only have their tentacles, not a [Death Ray] like me. Probably the perk of the System. We manage to kill a single Ancient One, but at least thirty slugs died before that. The corpse is getting surrounded by everyone, since it is food, and I participate too. As expected, I can now see some of my skills and understand it, like [Frzahe Acik lgl Max], I think it's [Create Acid lvl Max].

But we are losing hard, so I need to take some measures. I float above the battlefield and begin to throw [Death Ray] after [Death Ray] on a single octopus. At first, some slugs were hit, but they soon understand what is happening and clear my line of sight. On the other hand, my spell is not as effective as I thought. Four hits are necessary to just take down one tentacle, and he still has dozens of them. It is clearly really resistant against magic or my magic but weak against the life absorption of the slugs.

But I have an infinite amount of mana or at least I think I have. So I just keep firing over and over again. And that forces the other octopi to not be able to help the injured one. Soon, he is separated from the rest of the group, and when I think it is far enough I stop casting a spell. The poor creature is instantly surrounded by 20 Devourers of Gods and die in seconds. But they still didn't take everything from his body, and let the heart intact. They probably respect me and my contribution, they let me have the best part. Thank you very much. After absorbing the heart, I keep seeing some changes. But that's not enough.

I keep doing the same tactic and isolate a single octopus under my heavy firepower. But, our numbers are getting really low, only 60 slugs for 5 squids. I can see a lot of dark matters floating around the group of squids, the remnants of the deceased slugs. As from our side, the space is totally clean, everything is eaten in seconds. But I don't think that we will win. Without me, this side would have lost a long time ago, but even with me and my [Death Ray], we are barely matching the might of those giant monsters.

In the end, I don't know how it is possible or how they communicate, but when only 2 Ancient Ones and 10 Devourers of Gods are alive, the two sides retreat. The octopi leave as a group while the slugs are splitting up are spreading everywhere, leaving the portal unguarded. What is happening? I stand here for a little while, wondering about that sudden change. I get close to the green portal, to see if there is something wrong, but I don't see anything weird. Space surrounding me? Nothing at all. Seeing the opportunity, I enter the portal.


I arrive in space and surrounded by five of those shadows. They all turn toward me but are not acting yet. Around here, I can see some destroyed space ships and spatial stations. But they look old or maybe it is just my mind. In the meantime, one of the shadows approaches me and turn into a ratman. Into me? Well, I look really terrifying then. But what does this mean? Besides doing this, he actually stands still. Soon, another one turns into a ratman, and before I realize it, I am surrounded by five copies of me. I don't want to stay here any longer.


Ah back to the Void where I am not seeing me. But I still see nothing else near me, or something strong enough to make the two sides run away. Since I have no interest in staying here, better keep going. 3 portals on 17, that's good enough. I don't know why, but I think this universe is very small. Even if I am quick, I can't be that quick. The first universe that encountered this reality probably opened the box of Pandora and get crushed under the numbers of monsters present here. Wait, before leaving let me try something.

I stand near the portal and try to close it. I said that, that I will reduce the size of it. Why does the Nine Heavens are not doing it? Probably on from this side can the portal be close, otherwise they would have done that a long time ago. So, how to close this? Alohomora! Wait, no that's for unlocking. I want to lock, damn, I can't remember that.

I try to make one of my tentacles touch it, but every time, it directly goes through. I can't manually close it; it would have been too easy. I create two wraiths, to see if they can do it. Instead, they just disappear in contact with the green door. [Death Ray], nothing changes. [Purple Moon] is the same. Since I can't do anything, better leaving this place. I don't know, but I have this feeling it is not very safe.

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