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89.87% A Rattling Monster [Completed] (Editing in Progress) / Chapter 142: True Power of [Death Ray]

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Chapter 142: True Power of [Death Ray]

The shadow is still not moving in front of me. I guess he is too scared of my wraiths; they are so close that they could kill him in a second. But finally, he let down the mask and allows me to see his true form. I am a little disappointed, the reason? He is looking exactly like me when I was a Plague Sorcerer. More or less the same clothes, the same exact bag, I am sure of that. As for his face, I can't see it. I gesture him to remove his cloak, and he obeys me. Good ratman.

Ok, now I am angry, he is clearly looking more terrifying than me. Why? I want a refund for the face! He is looking like a normal ratman, but I can see some green veins across his face. Looking like a living river of poison is inside him. As for his eyes, instead of red with a dark light, they are red with a green light. As for the rest, it is more or less the same, just the green veins make him really scary. Why didn't I have something like that?

Ok, I have to admit, if I had to remove that before meeting the dwarves, it would have been hard. But the style, you know, how bad you are looking. Right now I am trying to look less dangerous, but sometimes, looking dangerous is very good. Like during the assault of Atria, I was dangerous enough to scare anyone. At least, the humans. Because the ratmen are insensible to my [Cause Terror], maybe because they are already more scared of their god than me. Bunch of fanatics.

-My master, the Poisonous One, the Treacherous God, Father of All Po…

-Yeah, yeah, I get it. Why do Heroes always have to praise their master? In the end, what separates you from a slave? Power? Direct connection with your God? A man chooses, a slave obeys! So, what are you? Do you choose, or do you obey?

I can see the ratman getting angry after my little interruption. But it is true, the more I hear about and see Heroes, the more I think that they are enslaved. Sacrificed for a ritual, sentenced to die just to delay the arrival of the enemy Hero, obeying the orders from above. The moment they received the power from the power above them, they lost their freedom.

-Don't curse my master. Not even the one protecting you will be able to save you if you keep doing this. Whether he is from the Nine Heavens or not? About that, do you know the God of Death?

Strange question, the god following me is normally Oslo, why do they question me about the wonderful and powerful God of Death? He is certainly very busy doing something else, he probably doesn't have time to deal with weaklings like them.

-Who are you talking about? Do you really mean the God of Death or a god of Death? Let's say it more accurately, Hades or not?

Hoho, I got a reaction. The moment I say the name of the mighty god, the ratman instantly steps back. My wraiths aren't attacking him, but he was very close to triggers a reaction from them. Apparently, either him or Salazar, most likely, Salazar himself, is very, very, very scared of the God of Death. Well, he is part of the Nine Heavens, so I don't know why he dares to insult him. I mean, he nearly swore that he would kill me, even if this god was defending me. That's an insult to me.

-I'm sorry, I'm sorry, mighty God of Death, Father of all Undead. This one deserves his punishment. I'M SORRY!

Hehe, looks like someone else get owned by this fellow. Second god in less than a day being attacked by him. I can see the ratman shaking on the ground, constantly apologizing. The thing is, you shouldn't have said that in the first place. No, your master will pay the price, as you will.

I make all my wraiths leave the ratman and I leave the throne of Meldun. I walk toward him and begin to cast my [Death Ray]. The unfortunate ratman isn't even capable of realizing that he will die in a few seconds. He is still shaking uncontrollably. Farewell, Hero of Salazar.

Bzzzt, Bzzzt, Bzzz- KRAKOW

"The user has successfully slain the representative of a god; the god is: Salazar"

"The user can choose between four different spells that the representative possessed. Those four spells will be randomly …"

"Please cho…"


WOW, what is happening? I should normally get my four spells, it is abnormal. And the System can't even finish his sentences. Let me see my level, 21/35, great, hold on. 3/35? 94/35? STOP! RIGHT NOW! What is doing this? I see my levels keep changing and my stats accordingly. Sometimes I end up with 10 HP, sometimes 58976HP.

Something is messing around my System, and I only see one thing capable of doing it. Looks like my days of happy holidays are over. But first, why am I still inside the arena, I already killed the Hero of Salazar. Even the System said it. Something created by the Nine Heavens, of course, there is something weird in it. But what is the point of keeping me here?

I can't do anything in the meantime. My mana and HP are fluctuating too much, it is like I found a glitch, but instead of being an exploit, it is a true bug. One moment I can cast ten [Purple Moon] without a problem, the next, I can't even create a lich. And without Oslo saying anything, I can't even know what is going on. Well, since I have nothing to do, all my undead, search for an exit in the arena.

I don't have a lot of hope for that, but it is the only thing to do. I personally search for an exit too. But the barrier is still standing, even without an enemy to fight and kill. For now, the survival of those dwarves is the last priority in my list. First, I have to leave this place. Then, find Oslo, and finally, understand why my System is broken like that.

(Did you saved my humans?)

Hold on, that's not Oslo, I recognize that voice. Aria?

(Yes, I am sorry for the misunderstanding between us. I am too weak now, the last thing that I saw was a terrible battle in the dwarf kingdom. But after that, I lost connection with everyone. I know that you are nearby, so, I am asking you, did someone survive?)

First of all, if someone survived, he will be dead shortly. When I will reach them, I will annihilate your precious subjects. As for the misunderstanding, next time you try to do that, be sure that you kill your target well. Don't just throw him in a lich lair and expect an undead to do your dirty job. As for right now, the precious System that you gave me is broken and not working as intended, but I am sure that you know that. Since the entire panel of gods is trying to prevent anything similar to ever happen again.

(Yes, and the God of Death asked me to destroy your System. Or at least, prevent its usage. You won't be able to do anything now, you are even weaker than when you attacked Atria. That's what you receive when you are trying to kill a god. And I see you in your stupid arena, still stuck. Hades personally put a lock on it, you can't breach it by any means in your possession.)

Wait, you see me? You can't, except if you …

(If I what, I am still a goddess, I can come in anything in my world. Even when I am weak like that. But don't worry, they will probably release you, in thousands of years. But for now, I will watch you trying to escape with your zombies, wraiths and lich.)

It's over, I can only roam around this arena, with nowhere to go. I tried to pierce the shield but it is a failure. There is nothing that I can do. [Ethereal Vision lvl Max]. 60/60MP. I am far too weak.

(See, that's what is happening when you do bad deeds. I knew that you were a bad person in the first place, so killing you is actually a good thing. I am glad that the reflected spell killed you, it probably spared a lot of people on your planet.)

You are right, I was never a good person. [Ethereal Vision lvl 1]. Maybe not a bad person, but a good person? 8000/8000MP. [Ethereal Vision lvl Max], [Magical Efficiency lvl 7]. GOT YA BITCH! [Death Ray] [Death Ray] [Death Ray]!

Bzzzt, Bzzzt, Bzzz- KRAKOW


"The user has successfully slain a god; the god is: Aria."

"Congratulation to the user, you have met the requirements to evolve. Please choose the evolution:

1- ???????? ?? ????

2- ??????? ???

3- ???????????"

Innovation Innovation

I just hope that the Got ya B*itch won't be censored.

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