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Chapter 60: Wanted

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Han Li walked up along the stone steps, until he arrived at the top of the Multiple Stars Stage where he finally saw the Big Dipper constellation drawn near the center of the tallest platform.

After observing the stage for a little while, he finally sat down with his legs crossed. He looked up into the sky and discovered that it had already turned into a dark-blue color with the occasional faintly sparkling star.

He slowly closed his eyes and started to meditate.

About an hour passed.

Han Li's eyeballs moved a little, before they opened once more and he said softly, "Begin."

Hearing this, each of the four brown-robed elders around the stage took out a pearly-white wash star stone about the size of a palm. They moved the stones in front of them and onto a small latch before they pressed the stone into it.

A soft clatter sounded.

Four round stones broke into pieces at the same time. Rays and rays of white light glowed from the small latches and spread towards the squiggly runes carved along the ground. Very quickly, the glow rushed onto the Multiple Stars Stage.

The entire nine-leveled tall tower instantly shone brightly and became crystal-clear. Each of the constellations carved on it sparkled even brighter, dazzling the eyes. Looking at it from afar, it looked like a miniature universe and was extremely gorgeous.

However, right now, the constellations seemed to resonate along with the view outside as they sparkled even more. Countless silvery sparkles rained down from the dark sky and made it look like a thin layer of pale-silver mist was rushing towards the Multiple Stars Stage.

Being in the middle of it all, Han Li looked like he was sitting in the middle of the universe. All he felt was a strong but warm astral power circling around him.

He composed himself a little before he made a hand seal and started to chant under his breath as he instantly started to circulate the Minor Big Dipper Nascent Skill.

There was only a dark boom.

Six rays of white light as thick as a water tank fell from the dark sky and covered Han Li. The astral power from just one ray was already extremely concentrated and it exuded small ripples.

Small and dense crystal lights left the ray of light. They straightened and looked like countless iron needles as they poked around Han Li.

At the same time, the pale-silver mist surrounding the entire Multiple Stars Stage also seemed to have been agitated as it started to pulse rapidly.

Under a strong force, countless silver specks of light instantly moved towards the top of the Multiple Stars Stage, forming a silvery whirlpool that was as tall as ten feet.

Han Li's heart thumped. The astral power that was still warm and soothing just now suddenly became extremely agitated and wild.

After the six rays of lights had been sucked into the whirlpool, it instantly glowed even more brightly and its size doubled. The amount of astral power that was injected into it also grew by a few times.

However, at the same time, the pain Han Li experienced was definitely incomparable to what he felt in the beginning.

His outer shirt was instantly soaked with blood as the massive amount of crystal-clear starlight surging into him continuously pierced through his skin. From the power of the silvery whirlpool, the blood that flowed out from him also formed a blurry bloody red mist that surrounded him completely.

The four brown-robed elders around the Multiple Stars Stage were extremely shocked by the stage's strong reaction. Over the long years they had protected and guarded this place, when had they ever seen such a violent astral power? When had they ever seen such a rough way of injecting oneself with astral power?

Even if an Integration level cultivator tried to enter the Multiple Stars Stage as it was now, they would unfortunately be exhausted from trying to stay alive.

However, right at that moment, a ball of light suddenly sparkled around Han Li's waist and six black round mirrors about the size of a palm flew out from within before flying towards each of the six rays of light.

The round mirrors were covered with a black aura. They looked old and simple, adorned with vague runes floating on the mirror's surface. They were the stars and moon treasured mirrors he made from those Astral Yin Stones the Sky Ghost Sect gave him.

The moment the six treasure mirrors fell in place, the black glow around the mirrors pulsed and weird runes the size of ants surged out before congregating to form an extremely thick sparkling light pillar that shot upwards towards the night sky.

"He's actually trying to increase his astral power! This is really incredible!" the Integration stage brown-robed Elder muttered to himself in extreme shock.

The moment he finished speaking, six of the seven stars of the Big Dipper constellation in the night sky suddenly shone brightly. A dazzling silver glow appeared out of nowhere and made it look like a silver river was flowing downwards and surging into that silver whirlpool.

Half a year later, in a stone room behind the Heaven Respect Peak.

Cultivator He Shan, dressed in a golden robe, was sat cross-legged on a three-leveled platform. He was making various hand seals as he muttered under his breath.

Suddenly, his hands stopped and he stood up hurriedly.

A weird wind started to blow out of nowhere within the room. Where the wind passed by, small balls of fire lit up in the dozens of yellow lamps on the platform. White smoke rose slowly, before it congregated into a thick ball of white mist in the air.

The surface of the mist blurred for a moment, before a head wearing a purple crown with lotus flowers appeared. It belonged to an elder with a gray goatee who was not tall and looked thin, he was wearing a bright golden-yellow Dao robe.

Seeing so, Cultivator He Shan said politely as his fats jiggled with his kowtow, "Welcome Ancestor Jing Ming."

"Get up. I came today to get you to settle some matters," the purple-crowned elderly Daoist said with a wave of his sleeve.

"Please tell me your orders, Ancestor." He Shan finally stood up with his hands clasped together tightly.

"The quality of the Primordial Expanse Stone you gifted to me before is pretty good. You will need to collect another batch within ten years." The purple-crowned elder instructed.


"I created this "Meeting Stars Changing Xuan Skill" back then. However, my thoughts and understanding are different now, so I made some changes to the way the skill is practiced. You shall go and insert the changes into the Sutra Pavilion…"

The purple-crowned elderly Daoist's mouth kept moving as he instructed him of several important matters consecutively. He Shan accepted all of them without any hesitation.

With that said, the elder continued.

"Also, there is one more important thing that you have to do carefully."

Hearing this, He Shan glanced towards the old ancestor with a serious expression and waited patiently for the other's instructions.

The latter waved his sleeve and ripples instantly washed through the surface of the glow. A gold foil about the size of a ruler appeared from the glow of light and floated before him.

"If you have news about this person, inform me immediately," the purple-crowned ancestor said with a strict tone.

He Shan took that page of golden foil with both hands. He glanced at it seriously, before surprise flashed in his eyes.

There was an image of a young man drawn on the golden foil. It was no one else, but Han Li.

"Why? Is there a problem?" The purple-crowned elderly Daoist asked faintly.

"Replying to Ancestor, this person… he's in our Sect right now." He Shan hurriedly answered.

"Are you sure it is this person?" The purple-crowned elderly Daoist's expression did not change, but he spoke slightly faster now.

"Although the person's figure is a lot thinner in the painting, their faces and expressions are exactly the same. There can be no mistake, it is him." He Shan said firmly after a low hum.

"Why is this person in my Primordial Realm Temple?" the purple-crowned elderly Daoist nodded slightly as he asked again.

"Please show mercy, Ancestor. This person is actually a member of the Cold Fire Sect…" He Shan first pleaded for mercy before he explained everything about Han Li's situation in detail.

After hearing the entire story, the purple-crowned old ancestor's expression was slightly dark as he remained silent for a long while.

Sweat slowly appeared on He Shan's forehead. However, he did not dare make a sound as he waited quietly.

"This person is a banished immortal from the Immortal World and there is a heavy bounty on his head issued by someone in the Immortal World right now. Don't alarm him and let me make the necessary arrangements. Before that, you have to keep him in our Primordial Realm Temple no matter what." The purple-crowned old ancestor said seriously.

"Understood," He Shan replied instantly.

Immortal World, in an unknown continent.

The sea water here was a unique black color that made it look like ink. The black sea was boundless and vast as waves crashed fiercely and the sea continued to extend beyond one's sight.

Above the black sea, there were more than a hundred black floating mountains with countless eight-sided black giant pagodas built on them.

Although these giant pagodas were of different heights, some as tall as ten thousand feet and some as short as a hundred feet, there were no differences with their exteriors. They all looked the same, completely black with eight-sided hanging eaves.

In a large sanctuary on top of a small black pagoda, a purple-crowned elderly Daoist was sitting in front of a square sacrificial altar. It was Perfected Jing Ming.

A white array formation floated above the sacrificial altar, exuding a bright white glow.

The elderly Daoist waved his hand and made a hand seal, causing the white array formation to stop turning instantly and the white glow quickly dimmed.

After that, he looked in front of him without moving, yet his eyes sparkled nonstop, as if he were hesitating about something.

After a long time, the elderly Daoist gritted his teeth, as if he had made a decision, he took out a crystal bead that was the size of a thumb and looked crystal-clear. He threw it and the bead floated in front of him.

Following that, he made a hand seal and instantly, many crystal runes the size of a fly surfaced on the bead. They morphed into an array formation the size of a page and started to spin lightly.

With every passing second, the array formation pulsed once.

Time slowly passed and after a good fifteen minutes, the array formation stopped changing.

The elderly Daoist waited patiently for a response.

After another seven minutes had passed, the array formation suddenly brightened and a small black figure appeared from inside. It was a black-robed man, whose forehead was wide, face big but was shaped like weathered wood. His complexion was waxy yellow, looking like he was greatly ill.

"Wanderer Bonefire, it's been a thousand years since we met, but Daoist still looks as good as ever." Perfected Jing Ming cupped his fists together, a bright smile appearing on his face.

"Old Daoist Jing Ming, get straight to the point already." Wanderer Bonefire did not seem to have any good impressions of this elderly Daoist and he looked a little impatient.

"Is Daoist still at Black Water City? I have a big opportunity for you." Perfected Jing Ming's smile faded as he started to say with some mystery.

"You can try telling me," Wanderer Bonefire said calmly as his expression remained unchanged.

"The bounty from Ten Square House, I'm sure Daoist has seen it too, right?" Perfected Jing Ming said slowly.

"What do you mean? Could it be that you have news about the wanted person?" Wanderer Bonefire raised an eyebrow slightly.

"That's right! That person is in the Spirit World right now!" Perfected Jing Ming's eyes sparkled as he said something alarming.

"Are you saying the truth?" Wanderer Bonefire seemed a little moved as he confirmed the information carefully.

"Whether it's real or not, you just have to contact your disciples from the lower world and you'll find out very quickly." Perfected Jing Ming caressed his chin, saying as he shook his head.

"From what you're saying, do you…" Wanderer Bonefire's eyes lit up a little.

"That's right. That person is actually hiding in that world. This is a rare and great opportunity. How about our two Sects work together to catch him and we split the reward from Ten Square House equally?" Perfected Jing Ming said with a chuckle.


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