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16.88% A Returnee Wants to Play VRMMO / Chapter 13: First Elite Boss and...

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Chapter 13: First Elite Boss and...

Nex stood in front of the Orc Boss with a short distance of only 4 meters, almost at the reach of the Orc's sword. Their eyes held unrestrained provocation as their fighting spirits continued to surge. Each of them waiting for the other to act first.

Breaking the status quo, the Boss moved. In a snap, it arrived at Nex's side and struck his sword horizontally. To its astonishment, instead of smashing Nex to a pulp, it didn't hit anything as the spot where Nex stood was now vacant!

The Orc, with his superior senses quickly discerned Nex's position. It tilted its head upwards and saw Nex coming down with his sword aimed straight at its head.

'[Intermediate Enchantment]!'

Unperturbed, the Boss lifted its sword to fend off the attack with the fuller part of his sword --- the wide side of a sword. Nex just smiled and poured more strength into the hit.

And at the last moment, the Orc became cognizant of the danger from the attack. He then raised his weapon higher.


Amazingly, Nex's weapon managed to pierce through the Orc's giant sword! If not for the latter's timely reaction, its head would have been stabbed through. Nex who was now hanging on the Orc's sword smiled as his leg began to glow.

'[Intermediate Enchantment]'


A horrible bruise appeared upon the Orc's already horrible-looking chest where Nex's leg had landed. After being pushed back by the force of its opponent's kick, the monster seemed to have been stupefied as he could only watch Nex retrieve his sword from being stuck.

Recovering from being dazed, the Orc issued a smile. The extent of the damage from Nex's kick was not enough to cause panic to the monster as it still had the guts to issue that smile eventhough blood is now flowing out of its mouth. It was such a gruesome sight!

The Orc then swung his sword. Seeing this and the expression on his adversary's face, Nex can only sigh in resignation while he channeling mana to his legs.


Nex jumped right in front of the Orc but didn't enter its attack range so as to avoid the incoming attack. Taking advantage of the Boss' delay in its execution of attack, Nex hastily approached the monster. In a blink of an eye, he was within the Orc's personal space. He swung his sword at the Boss' sword-wielding wrist, cutting the tendons there.

Despite having received another critical hit, the Orc continued to be creepy as it still maintained its laid-back smile. He threw a punch at Nex with his free hand.

Nex also became a creep by continuing to smile even if a gigantic fist that could easily kill him is about to hit him. He once again accessed his inventory and drew another sword from within. Switching the wooden sword to reverse grip, Nex stabbed it through the Orc's fist. These set of actions were done rapidly so that the opponent's attack was ceased. He didn't waste another moment and proceeded to stab his other sword through his opponent's heart.

The Boss' eyes widened in disbelief and stared at the sword embedded deep within its heart. Blood gushed out of its mouth as it moved around in desperation, trying to undo the damage. Its movements were now sluggish that it wasn't able to do anything but grasp the sword loosely.

Nex calmly retrieved his wooden sword and moved back a few steps. The Orc followed clumsily, swinging his hand for a last attempt at attacking but it was useless. It fell down to the ground with its final breath and its eyes dimmed.

The moment the Orc died, Nex took a deep breath to relax his aching muscles and mana veins. Although the fight went as he intended to, he still had to use most of his MP.


'Well let's check the loo-'


[You are the first one to both kill and solo an Elite-rank Boss!]

[You have received 100 Gold!]

[You have received 1000 Fame!]

[The Title "Who Said I Can't?" has leveled up!]

[Would you like to announce your name? (You can put a nickname)]

"Oh, I have forgotten about that. Yes, announce using the previous nickname."

Nex dismissed the popping window and moved to obtain and organize his earnings.

+2 Gold

4x [High Orc Core(Superior)]

1x [BloodTooth Core(Superior-Higher)]

[BloodTooth Sword(Superior-Higher)]

*Level:10(8 for Nexus)


*Attack Speed + 30%

*Berserk(Active) : For the price of losing 4% HP per second, all stats will be raised by 40%. HP drain limit 10%.

Cooldown: 30 Minutes.

*Durability: 250/250

*Note : This object is imbued with Bloodtooth's dying will. It will only submit itself to the one who defeated Bloodtooth.

[BloodTooth BattleBoots(Superior-Higher)]



*Movement Speed + 30%

*Dash(Active) : Movement speed will double for 2 Minutes.

*Cooldown: 30 Minutes.

*Durability: 70/70

*Note : This object is imbued with Bloodtooth's dying will. It will only submit itself to the one who defeated Bloodtooth

"Quite good," Nex murmured in satisfaction as he equipped the items that shrunk down to fit him. Finally, he replaced the wooden sword.

He then looked at his newly upgraded title.

["Who Said I Can't?"(Superior-Higher)]

*Effects :

-20% in all stats against a Boss that is at Elite rank.

-Additional 7.5% for every rank above Elite rank.

-Additional 10% against a Boss that has at least 5 levels above the player.

*Note : For all those who said it is impossible, what about now?

"More useful than before." He nodded in approval.

Now that he finally finished everything, Nex made his way back to Iris as the sounds of the battle must have scared the child.


[World Announcement : The player "Everyone else is a Noob" is the first to both kill and solo an Elite-rank Boss, Congratulations!]

[World Announcement : The player "Everyone else is a Noob" is the first to both kill and solo an Elite-rank Boss, Congratulations!]

[World Announcement : The player "Everyone else is a Noob" is the first to both kill and solo an Elite-rank Boss, Congratulations!]

And once again, Players all around the world became dumbfounded.

"God damn it! Again with this name!?"

"He's 100% a cheater! Where the hell are the GMs!?"

"No, it is impossible to cheat in this game. The only conclusion is that he has some secret; or he discovered something that wasn't supposed to be discovered in this stage of the game…"

"He must be backed up by a major guild or some hidden force. There is no way that nobody was able to find clues about him yet."

"Anyway, one thing is for sure. A new legend has been born."


"Daddy, I can sense Maple's aura again! She's near!"

After he had pacified her and let her hug him as much as she wants; Nex convinced Iris to continue walking in order to find her Spirit. Soon enough, Iris excitedly tugged on Nex's clothes after having positive results.

Patting Iris' head, Nex smiled, "That's great! You will be reunited with her soon."

Despite his show of optimism in front of the girl, there had been a nagging feeling eating at him. After he had slain the BloodTooth, he kept feeling an increasingly ominous sensation. This kept on as they walked deeper into the cave.

They arrived at a large hall after a few minutes of walking.

The moment Nex saw what was inside the hall, a grim expression came on his face, 'Damn! I never thought this thing will exist here.'

Inside the hall was a large cocoon-like thing that seems to be made of strange black flesh; it moved like a beating heart. In front of this cocoon stood a large Orc Shaman that was holding a small cage containing a little fairy in his hand; a staff on the other. Strange lines were being chanted in an eerie standard Orc-ish voice.

"Maple!" Iris cried out in distress upon seeing how the little fairy is writhing in agony.

This shout made the Orc stop its chanting. It turned around and stared at them with contempt. It seems that causing a disturbance when an Orc Shaman is conducting Orc-ish voodoo rites is a big taboo. In the Shaman's point of view, Iris should be subjected to torture in a thousand and one ways before permitting to die.

"Passed through that fool, I see," He opened his mouth and surprisingly spoke eloquently in Common language. "This doesn't matter anymore. The ritual has been completed and soon the king will rise back and you will be his first meal!"

Although he had already confirmed his suspicions, Nex's face still turned somber at the Orc words. He turned to Iris, "Iris I need you to wait for me outside the hall and don't come out until I said so, okay?"

"But daddy-" She started to disagree.

"No buts!" His voice heavy with seriousness but his face softened a little when he continued, "I will rescue Maple so don't worry, okay?"

Understanding their predicament, Iris could only nod reluctantly, "Okay…"

"Good girl." He smiled and patted her head, "Now go."

After seeing her leave, Nex turned around. The warmth in his eyes rapidly cooling down and turning glacial. All of the gentleness they held when he was conversing with the girl is now gone. There was a hint of hostility that made the Shaman think that something was amiss.

"Human, who are you?" The Orc asked.

But Nex ignored his question and checked the Orc.

[SkullEnchanter (Elite Boss)]

"How do you know the process of this ritual?" He finally opened his mouth.

Hearing his words, the Orc laughed, "Dead man needs no information."

"I should have expected this answer. No more talking then. All that needs to be done is eliminate you and end this abomination before it awakens." Nex declared while pulling out his sword and walking towards the Shaman.

"You dare!" SkullEnchanter's face contorted in rage and he lifted his staff.


The spell was instantaneous that dark clouds appeared around the zone where Nex was in and countless of icicles rained down on him.

'[Intermediate Enchantment]'

As soon as the Shaman lifted its staff, Nex had already streamed mana into his legs. When the dark clouds appeared, he was already sprinting in a blinding speed towards the SkullEnchanter. Just like that, he appeared in front of the Orc.

'[Parital Enchantment]'



The Orc wailed as Nex cut off the hand that was holding the cage. He then secured Iris' Spirit before turning back once more to take the enemy's life. The poor Shaman was in so much pain that it can't be bothered to defend the slash aimed at where its Magic Stone was. It passed away only knowing what pain actually means and nothing more.

[Level Up!]

This prompt brought great relief to Nex as it confirmed that he had truly terminated the SkullEnchanter. He turned his attention to the cage and casually slashed through it, releasing the Spirit.

Seeing how weak the Spirit is, Nex lifted it up and began to inject small amounts of mana into it. "Everything is alright now, little one."

When color started to gradually return to the Spirit's face, he turned and walked back to the entrance of the hall. Iris who saw him ran to him with an excited face.


Nex didn't share Iris's enthusiasm as he was still unsure about the Spirit's status. He handed it to Iris gently, "Maple is very weak because of what happened. You should give her mana but you have to do it slowly. Rushing it will only do more harm."

"Iris will follow what Daddy said!" Her expression turned serious as she nodded and immediately started on her task.

It didn't take long before she noticed Nex's expression, "What's the matter, Daddy?" Concern was written all over her face.

After handing Maple over to Iris, Nex's gaze was stuck to the giant cocoon that was now beating harder. "I need you to run away as fast as you can. Something terrifying is about to come."

"No! I'm staying here with you!" Iris adamantly refused.

"You promised you will listen to my instructions!" He turned his gaze back to the lass as his voice went an octave higher due to the urgency he was feeling. "This thing is-"

He wasn't even able to finish his statement when his attention was forced back to the cocoon. The thing began to extend fleshy tentacles that shot straight towards the corpse of the SkullEnchanter. The tentacles coiled around it then drew it back. It happened so fast that within moments, the dead body was absorbed whole.

"Sh*t!" Nex cussed and then he yelled at Iris, "Run away! Now!"

Seeing the look on his face, Iris became frightened and ran out of the hall while holding Maple.

Now that Iris is out of immediate danger, Nex pulled out his sword and ran toward the cocoon.

"[Advanced Enchantment]!"

He yelled using a foreign language while slashing down his gleaming sword.



Before his sword managed to touch its target, a giant hand came from the cocoon and blocked the sword with a ringing sound. With just a small motion, Nex was then blasted to the wall; almost killing him right there and then.

Puking a large amount of blood, Nex looks at the monstrosity that is emerging from the cocoon.

[Corroupted Orc King(Royal Boss) LV:10]

Thanking the Beginner Village effect, Nex then looked at his status and sighed.

"All 27 free stat points to mana."

As soon as he felt his MP capacity has doubled, he takes out a certain potion from his inventory and consumed it at once.

[You consumed OverBurst!]

[All injuries are healed.]

[MP restored.]

[For the next five minutes, all stats are doubled and 2% MP will restore every 3 seconds.]

Standing up from the ground, Nex lifted his sword and gazed at the fully "hatched" monster.

["Who Said I Can't?" Title is in effect!]]

"This game is starting to annoy me."

Full Title: First Elite Boss and First Royal Boss

matanman matanman

Sorry for the wait.

Author: matanman. Proofreader: bet2z.


open to any review and will be open to questions on my di*cord channel:

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