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41.55% A Returnee Wants to Play VRMMO / Chapter 32: I Know Exactly How To Deal With You

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Chapter 32: I Know Exactly How To Deal With You

"What the---"



"Damn it---"

The air was filled with various shouts of fury, consternation and frenzy all spoken in Superbia Demon Language. There were even last groans of the dying as Nex swept through the mine and did a mass slaughter. No Demons were spared and they were all caught off guard with no means of countering such onslaught.

If it was before, he wouldn't do such recklessness. This time, with a Devil being summoned, he didn't have a choice. Even if it was one with the lowest rank, a disaster that could probably destroy the entire southern part of the kingdom would happen. At his current strength, he doesn't have the capability of dealing with it cleanly.

Thus, he needs to move quickly to prevent the success of the summons.

Moving at the fastest speed for him, he began searching through the mine and killed any Demon he met. As he got deeper and deeper into the mine, the Demon's rank and level rose until they were all Elite rank with a few Bosses in between with a level of at least 22. This made Nex increase the amount of effort and mana he had to use to kill them.

[Level Up!]

Luckily, his level rose as well. Although this may not restore his health, it still restored his mana and fatigue.

He didn't even notice it but he is already at Level 18 and is halfway to the next level. He was so fixated on his goal that he had now swept most of the entire mine.

"So that's where all those bastards came from."

He found himself in front of a tunnel that was larger than normal. This tunnel gave an eerie feeling to those who look at it but Nex took no notice of it and proceeded. He already knew what he was about to see there.

Indeed, after walking shortly, he arrived at a large cavern that had three tall Demons inside, streaming mana into a black magic circle. It covers a giant, wormhole-like red gate that revolved slowly and seems to be growing bigger thanks to the magic circle.

[One-Horned Fiend(Lord) LV : 24]

[One-Horned Fiend(Lord) LV : 24]

[Twin-Horned Fiend(Lord - Boss) LV : 25]

"Soon the Master will set foot on this land and claim it as part of his kingdom."

The Twin-Horned Fiend that was right in front of the gate, said excitedly in the Demons language. His two subordinates agreed both in subservience and devotion.

"Yeah, about that…"

This exemplary master-subordinate scene was interrupted by a cheeky voice coming from the entrance of the cave.

They turned their heads around, only to be blinded by a bright light.

'[Martial Secret : Shining Kill]'


A dying howl echoed and when the two Demons regained their sight, they saw a silver-haired man pull out his sword from one of the One-Horned Fiends. It was embedded deep into its heart.

"I prefer for him to stay wherever he is now."


"Damn you, human! How did you get here?"

The Two-Horned Fiend yelled angrily at Nex.

The recipient of the yell slouched as he put his free hand on his chin and titled it up slightly, as if considering seriously how to answer the question.

"Well about that… I had to go through this entire mine while a bunch of ugly little ones came at me from all directions. Then, I finally found myself here, with my sword going through this guy's heart. Come to think of it, those little ones from before looks a lot like you. Are you, by any chance, related to them? Grandfather? Father? Uncle?"

"I'll kill you!"

The remaining One-Horned Fiend had already been angered when its brother had been killed. Hearing additional taunts from one measly human ignited its fury even further. It charged at that human blindly in rage.


The Twin-Horned Fiend tried to stop the subordinate but its shout wasn't able to do much as the mad Demon was already swinging its spear down at Nex.

"I guess, they don't train Demons well these days. Lacking in discipline and even ignoring commands… Ahhh… What a pity. Tsk. Tsk."

Before it could even be discerned clearly if it was a taunt or a complaint, the speaker vanished.

'[Martial Secret : Vanishing Step]'


The rash Demon could only grunt as Nex's sword went through its chest. It couldn't do anything but make a few dying sounds before its eyes turned dim.

"Now that I am done with those two…"

Nex pulled his sword without looking at the corpse. His gaze was fixed with the Two-Horned Fiend.

"…It's time for you to get your piece."

["The Impossible Man" title is in effect!]


The Demon shouted as it started to manipulate the mana inside and outside its body. Before a moment has passed, it was already in front of Nex, swinging its fist at him with immeasurable force.

Nex didn't dare to play around this time and dodged the attack of the Demon while maintaining his distance from where the attack was about to hit. The moment he fully dodged the attack, he held his sword to his side and slashed when the Demon turned to him, sending a sword wave that made the air vibrate.

'[Martial Secret : Mana Break]'


The Demon was able to stay in place after taking Nex's attack head-on, thanks to his strong body. This didn't mean it was able to withstand and still be perfectly fine though. The Fiend became greatly injured as its internal organs shook and many blood vessels inside of it body have ruptured. If not for its vitality as a high-ranked Demon, it wouldn't be capable of holding on.

"If you think it was enough to bring me down, then you are sorely wrong!"

The Demon roared and began to attack Nex with a fast barrage of punching and kicking, determined to kill the human brutally.

'[Martial Secret : Vanishing Step]'

Nex disappeared from where he was so he could dodge an attack, only to do it again the moment after he reappeared. Although he vanished from where he was, the Demon always managed to predict where he would appear and attack there accordingly.

"Haha! It is simple for me to predict the movement of a weak human such as you! You should give up and just die!"

The tides seemed to have turned, enough for the Fiend to do the taunting this time. But a moment after he said it, a strange thing happened.

Nex once again dodged its attack by disappearing from where he was. This time though, the Demon couldn't sense where Nex would appear at all!

Frantically looking around, it didn't find any signs of him, even when he looked upwards. The moment it aimed its vision back down, the Demon suddenly heard a voice coming from where it just looked at.

"Looking for me?"

Lifting its head, the Fiend saw Nex's shining sword coming down and was about to hit. Without having time to think how the human did it, the Demon lifted its hands and put all of its mana there in order to receive the incoming attack.

"Wrong direction."

It heard Nex but this time, it was from the front.

'[Martial Secret : Blade of Light]'

The Two-Horned Fiend saw a flash of light and it fell to the ground with both his head and hands still pointing upwards.

[Level Up!]

Upon hearing the system's message, Nex sighed in relief and sheathed his sword. He had to use complex yet fast movements that will confuse the Demons and let them attack at the wrong time. But techniques like these puts great strain on the body if used for a long period of time. Luckily, he managed to finish the fight or else he would have been in trouble.

"Now that we have finished with that, let's take care of this thing before trouble comes knocking."

He turned towards the gate that has definitely grown bigger since he came in.

Nex started to move quickly again and started landing attacks on certain points on the magic circle, causing it to stop working and break down. The gate shrank down as well.



"Bother me!"


"On my retirement!"


At his last strike, the magic circle broke down completely and disappeared causing the gate to rapidly shrink down.


"F*ck you! Behave and just stay there!"

Suddenly, an enraged and unwilling roar came out of the gate and caused it to twist and forcefully expand back. An occurrence that raised anger in Nex, who began to madly attack it, like he was trying to knock whatever behind it unconscious. He was blasted back by a shockwave that came from the gate.


Nex stood right back up from the crater he was in and cursed upon seeing the gate explode into black and red light.

"Ahhh! F*cking hell!!!"

When the light died down, Nex saw a figure where the gate was just at.

Its entire body was covered in black and purple scales and had vicious purple eyes. Compared to the Demons from before, its three horns were far larger and it was over all more malevolent than them.

These details are just visual attributes. If one is courageous enough to stare at this being, one would soon find oneself crushing under the unnerving amounts of mana and demonic power it gave off. Proper strength is needed to even look at this being straight in its eyes.

This sinister being that inspires fear amongst humans was met instead by an annoyed groan.

"Why does it always happen to me?"

In front of Nex, stood a Devil.


True to its status of being one of the top beings of its race, the deep voice spoke splendidly like royals do.

"So, you are the meddlesome human who made my arrival here so… troublesome. To think that my plan was ruined by a single human who is still in his First Awakening. I had to pay a great price just to come here. In compensation for the inconvenience you have caused me, I shall take your life. Do you have any last words before I rip---"

"Yeah, yeah. Keep talking, sunshine. I am just checking something here."

The magnificent speech was cut off abruptly like it was just a kid's incessant chat. Nex stared intently at the Devil like he was trying to find something.

Receiving an attitude like this, the Devil's eyes began to shine with rage and its body began to burn in purple flames.

"You dare to cut---"

"Yes! I knew it!"

Nex pumped his first in a eureka moment as he saw the Devil's status.

[Cyoklos – Devil Viscount(Royal - Boss) LV : 25(Soul Projection)]

"You are just a part of your soul without any true body to hold it!"

Being exposed, the Devil didn't panic and instead scoffed off.

"Even though I am far weaker than my full form…"

An explosion of demonic power came off him.

"…It's still more than enough to kill you!"

"Maybe if you had a real body, you just might."

Nex put his sword back into the inventory and pulled out something else.


The Devil's eyes widened in anger after seeing what terrifying weapon Nex decided to use.

"A wooden sword! Are you mocking me now? How can you even think you can harm me with that?!"

"Here's the thing…"

Nex started to activate some skills.

'All 54 free stat points to mana.'

'[Mana Revival]'


"You are mainly just a piece of soul…"

He continued to activate another skill.

'[Mana Art : Mana Body]'

"And souls…"

Nex felt immense power fill his entire body and his sword began to change form into a brilliant silver sword that made the Devil feel a little bit of fear for the first time.

'[Soul Sword Zero Art : Unsheathing]'

"…Are thing things I know exactly how to deal with."

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