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A Rider Kick in Marvel A Rider Kick in Marvel original

A Rider Kick in Marvel

Author: Najicablitz626

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Chapter 1: Chapter 01

In the country of Japan inside a two-story house in the suburbs. A young man can be seen reading a comic book in his hand. He was reading an issue of Spider-Man.

"I know I like Spider-Man but can the writers let Peter have a good moment in his life instead of sending trouble after trouble at him?" the young man said, shaking his head. 

He puts the comic down on a nearby table. "I should get myself some coffee—"

*Ding Dong 🔔*

The young man looked toward the door and there was great anticipation that could be seen in his eyes. A delivery man was standing outside the house carrying a large box. "Excuse me! You have a delivery!" said the delivery man

"Hai hai! I'm coming down!" replied the young man

He came down to open the door and the delivery man greeted him. "Good morning. Are you Ukiyo Ace-san?"

The young man's name was Ace Ukiyo. He is 15 years old and has a well-built body for martial artists. He has black hair and has a striking resemblance to the actor Hideyoshi Kan.

"Yes, I'm Ace."

"Please sign here, to complete the delivery." said the delivery man

Ace signed the package and once it was done. The delivery man bowed and walked away to his truck to continue his deliveries. Ace brought the package inside his house with glee.

"It is finally here," he said with excitement

Ace got a knife and cut open the tape around the box. He opened it and inside were different toys and merchandise. They were all of the merchandise of Kamen Rider Gotchard from all of the chemies, attachments, weapons, figures, and riders in the series.

(A/N: I'm going to pretend Gotchard is finished and all the riders, chemies, and forms have been revealed.)

"Yes! They are finally here. My collection is finally complete." Ace jumps around the room happily and begins to open the boxes of the merchandise of the Gothcard series.

"Hum Hum~, Gotchard, Majade, Valvard, even Dread and the rest are accounted for." Ace is happy all the stuff he ordered is accounted for.

Ace comes from a wealthy family. Currently, his parents are working abroad and he lives on his own. He is a big Kamen Rider fan and spends his allowance on building up his Kamen Rider collection. He someday dreams of being a Kamen Rider.


A six-year-old Ace is sitting in front of the television watching the latest season of Kamen Rider.


Ace's young eyes sparkled while watching the show. His eyes did not miss a single moment as he watched the show. He gets up and imitates poses and action sequences.

"Henshin!" Ace acted very cutely and his parents at the side watched and recorded everything he was doing. He ran up to his mother, hugging her leg.

"Mama, I want to be a Kamen Rider when I grow up!" Ace said innocently

"Huhu, I'm sure you will be sweetie. Come now, it is time for lunch." Ace's mother grabs him to the dinner table for them to eat.

(End of Flashback)

As Ace grew older he realized Kamen Rider did not exist and was only a show. This broke his heart but he still loved the series. He found another way to be a Kamen Rider. His goal was to become a suit actor for Tokusatsu. To pursue his dream he learned many different martial arts. Boxing, Karate, Judo, Kendo, and many more. Even to this day, he is still learning new martial arts. He also has been learning stunt techniques and taking acting classes. He puts all of his efforts into accomplishing his dream.

"Since everything is here let's display them," said Ace

He brings all of the merchandise in front of a door. Ace opened the door revealing a staircase with low-lit stairs going down. The staircase led to the basement of the house housing all of Ace's collection. He entered the basement with the merchandise and grabbed the side of the wall looking for the switch.

He found it and turned on the lights. In the basement were columns of glass cabinets containing different Kamen Rider merchandise organized by their series. Ace has been collecting them for years and seeing this room every time he enters fills him with pride. He has them all, all the way from Ichigo to Geats. He doesn't only collect riders but also the dark riders and monsters. With the Gotchard series now with him his collection is once again complete.

"Let's display these right here." Ace opens an empty display next to the Geats series and starts to carefully place all the Gotchard merchandise into the display case.

After a few hours of arranging by trial and error. He finally finishes displaying the Gotchard series.

"Phew, it is finally complete."

Ace was drenched in sweat. Although the basement is a bit colder, it was stuffy in here and it was August so the heat was at an all-time high. He noticed Geats driver in the nearby case and decided to pull it out.

"Well, let's have a little fun."

He put the driver on his waist and took out the magnum raise buckle. He inserted the buckle into the right side of the driver


Doing the signature pose of Kamen Rider Geats he transforms.


He rotated the Magnum buckle and pressed the trigger.


[Ready, Fight]

He took a moment to still feel how cool it was to do the transformation sequences.

"I still can't believe the protagonist of the show Geats has the same name as me. I even look like the actor just younger."

Ace smiles at such coincidences. "It is very mysterious or maybe it is just fate."

Ace puts the driver and the buckle back into their display case and leaves the basement.

Ace took a shower to wash off all the sweat on his body. With a towel and wearing pajamas, he walked down to the living room and saw all the comics he left on the table.

"Marvel comics…"

Ace has read a few comics about Marvel and has watched the MCU movies and other Marvel-related movies. He bought some comics as he was interested in the characters. He did not have in-depth knowledge but he had the gist of the various stories told from what he read or heard online. In the end, he was only curious and did not dive down the rabbit hole any deeper.

"As interesting as Marvel is, I still prefer Kamen Rider."

(A/N: These are the MC's opinions and not mine.)

Ace put away the comics and cleaned the table. He cooked a meal, cleaned the dishes, and went to bed.

It was a quiet night. All lights in the houses in the neighborhood were off and it was quiet, too quiet. The birds were flying away as if they were scared. Cats ran through roofs and alleys as if their lives depended on it and dogs were whimpering in the corner inside their homes.

Suddenly a magnitude 8 earthquake occurred. The epicenter was near Ace's house so the houses started shaking and showing cracks. The people were in panic. The children cried and their parents were trying to bring them to safety.

Ace woke up in a panic and realized what was happening. "An earthquake! Need to get to safety!"

He rushed out of bed and saw all of his furniture shaking and objects falling and breaking to the floor. He tried to run to the door but kept on stumbling as he walked. He got to the hallway with great difficulty and tried to go down the stairs. He slipped the railings and fell down the stairs.


His body ached but did not have any significant injuries. He saw the ceiling had cracks and dust was falling down. The ceiling above the living room collapsed creating dust everywhere.


Ace breathed in some dust and coughed aggressively. *Bang* Ace heard another deafening crash and saw the hallway leading to the exit covered in debris.

"Damn it!"

Ace was running out of options and fast. He was getting increasingly desperate. He saw the door leading to the basement. With no choice, he headed down to the basement. He hoped he would be safe there and the basement wouldn't collapse.

He entered and saw all of the displays shaking and the glasses started to crack. A display broke the glass shattering. It was the OOO display and the chest full of core medals that Ace collected started to fall on the floor. Ace sat in the center of the room and prayed the earthquake would pass soon.

The earthquake lasted for an unusually long time. It continued to tremble and then he saw the ceiling of the basement begin to crack.

"So… this is the end…" Ace begins to lose hope of surviving this disaster. He still has so much more to do but he started to accept the inevitability. He took out his phone and started to record himself to send a message

"Dad… Mom… sorry for going ahead. I hope you two don't hate yourselves for my death. This was a natural disaster. You two could not have predicted this to happen when you left me here to live for myself… I was also the one insistent on staying in Japan so don't blame yourselves." Ace smiled to at least lift the mood a little.

"...I love you both and live a long life for me. Goodbye… Mom and Dad…" He stopped the recording and carefully encased his phone on anything he could to protect it when the ceiling collapsed.

Now accepting his death he looked around and saw his collection once last time. "At least I'll die surrounded by my collection… ha…"


"I hope I can become a Kamen Rider in my next life…"

The display cabinets shattered and the ceiling collapsed all falling on top of Ace. It was fortunate that it was a quick death and Ace did not feel any pain.

The earthquake killed thousands and the media covered it and many grieved for the loss of their loved ones. Ace's body was found a week later and his mother and father grieved for the loss of their son. They found his phone and saw his message. They cried even more seeing their son's last message to them.

A month had passed since the earthquake and we could see a funeral. It was Ace's funeral and many attended for his burial. His parents, family, and friends attended to see him one last time. They all grieved silently seeing his coffin lowering to the ground. They threw flowers on his grave to give their love and goodbye. Ace's parents brought boxes and asked people to help them put the items inside the boxes next to the coffin.

The items were all from Ace's collection. His parents knew their son's love of Kamen Rider and the effort he took to build his collection. It seemed only fitting to bury his collection next to him. They started to fill the grave until it was completely filled and there laid a gravestone.

[In memory of Ukiyo Ace, a loving son and an aspiring hero]

(New York)

In New York, a young man can be seen about to wake.

*Alarm ringing*

"Uh… huh?"

The young man slowly opened his eyes and looked at his surroundings. He noticed he was in a room that was recently furnished but he did not recognize anything. He immediately shot up out of bed and looked around to see where he was.

"Where am I? I was supposed to be in the basement…! Wait, wasn't there supposed to be an earthquake!"

It was Ace who thought he had died but instead found himself in an unknown room. He began to check his body for any signs of injury or scars but he found none.

"I'm okay…" He looks around the room to look for any clues of his whereabouts. He went to look out of the window and saw a large lawn with a fountain in the middle with sidewalks at the side.

"Okay… I am definitely not in Japan." He found a mirror and still found the same face and body in the reflection. "I still look the same, that is good."

He went out of the room and saw a long hallway. He called out to see if there was anybody. "Hello~! Anyone there!" He waited for a few moments but no one responded.

He looked around and found out he was staying at a mansion. There were many rooms and everything seemed to be clean. The mansion had a lot of rooms, there was a gaming room with lots of arcade games and it even had its own bowling alley. There was an Olympic-sized swimming pool in a separate building and a surround-sound cinema in one room. A lab was also available with a lot of equipment he didn't know how to use, so he left them untouched for now.

"This place is really big and impressive, but there is no one here but me?" Ace said questioning why he was there.

He went inside a living room with a fireplace and saw documents on a table. He got curious and opened them. He was surprised because they were his documents. It had his ID, ownership documents of the mansion, bank account, and other essential documents.

"Who would give this to me… Better yet, why am I here? I was living in Japan and a big earthquake occurred and now I suddenly find myself in the US. I need to find out what happened."

Ace went to a computer room he passed by before. He turned on the computer and began searching for anything relating to the earthquake. He kept searching but found nothing.

"Nothing? That can't be possible," he said in disbelief. In the corner of the computer, there was something strange. He looked at the date and saw it was the year 2014.

"2014!? Wasn't it the year 2025!?" He researched more on where he is and what he found shocked him to his core.

News articles: [Avengers stopped alien invasion] [The Brotherhood struck government facility]

He looked at the news articles and realized where he was. "I'm in Marvel…"

Ace took a few minutes to compose himself realizing that he was now living in a dangerous world.

"*breathe in* *breathe out* Okay Ace let's calm down. What should I do now?"

Ace tries to formulate a way to survive but he cannot find a way. He was only a normal person. Sure he has learned martial arts but he wasn't a master. At most, he could deal with a couple of thugs when he gets robbed.

"No… I can't give up. I have already died once. Since I have been given a chance. I will do my best to live."

Suddenly, Ace felt a force calling for him. He followed it through the mansion and now stood in front of a familiar door. It was the same door for the collection in his basement back in Japan.

"It can't be…" Ace went through and saw a familiar set of stairs. He calmed down his growing anticipation and went down the stairs. The moment his foot stepped on the basement floor the lights turned on. He saw his collection in the same place he left them.

"They're all here… They are really all here." he felt great joy and couldn't help letting a tear fall.

He examined his collection as if it was the first time he saw it with joy. As he continued to examine them he noticed something peculiar. The details on the belts and items were very detailed. They didn't have the plastic texture to them but with real metal or different materials on some of the drivers like the Ghost Driver.

"They can't be real… can they?"

Ace reached out to the Desire driver of Geats. Once he held it he felt its weight. There was no plastic feel to it but metal. His heart rate started going faster in anticipation. He equipped the driver to his waist and heard a click.

[Desire Driver]

"It's real…"

"Of course it's real."

He heard a voice behind which startled Ace. He turned around and saw a golden bat with red eyes. "Ki-Ki-Kivat!"

"Yo, it is nice to meet you Ace-kun." Ace was in disbelief. He bought the Kiva series years ago and now the real Kivat-Bat the 3rd is now in front of him.

"The real one… H-How did you get here?" Ace asked

"Ugh… honestly I don't know. We suddenly found ourselves here and gained consciousness. We know who you are because we share your memories. I have to say, you're impressive for collecting us and being a big fan."

Ace noticed something when Kivat was speaking. "What do you mean 'we'?"

"He means us Ace-kun."

Ace looked at the source of the voice and it was coming from inside one of the glass displays.

" Mr. Belt!" Ace grabbed Mr. Belt and held him

"It is nice to finally meet you Ukiyo Ace-kun."

"No, it should be me who is honored to meet you."

"Hahaha, don't be nervous. We are all allies and should be treated equally," said Mr. Belt with a happy face to ease the mood.

"I see, Mr. Belt, do you have any idea how we got here?"

Mr. Belt made an unhappy expression. "Unfortunately I do not know. As Kivat said we were suddenly here and gained consciousness. And from what we have learned from your memories. This world is dangerous and you will need our help."

"I agree, wait does that mean I can use you?"

"Of course," said Kivat, landing on my shoulder "I don't know why but you smell like a Fangire. But there are other smells I don't know of coming from you."

"Really!?" 'Am I not a regular human anymore?' thought Ace

Ace looked around at all of his collection. "Does that mean I can use the power of all the Riders?"

"I believe you can. I'm not certain but I have a feeling you could do it," said Mr. Belt with a happy face.

Ace's body trembled. "Yes! This is a dream come true! Mr. Belt, Kivat I'm looking forward to working with you."

Br. Belt and Kivat smiled at Ace's enthusiasm.

*Train noises*

All three heard the noise and Ace already had an idea of what it was. The noise came behind a door he did not realize was there. He went through the door and was amazed at what he found inside. Inside was a gigantic space and It was filled with all the vehicles and machines of the Kamen Riders. The Revolgarry of W, the Tridoron of Drive, and the Timemazines of Zi-O and Geiz were also there.

"Amazing…" Ace said in awe

*Train noises*

A portal opened and from it came out a white train. "The Denliner!" exclaimed Ace.

The Denliner stopped and the doors opened. Four people came down with different colors. "Yo-You all are."

"Yo, so you're the new Den-O," said Momotaros acting like a thug

"Hi~ you're surprised aren't you," said Urataros

"Oh, it is nice to see you full of vigor," said Kintaros

"Waii~ a new friend. It is nice to meet you nii-san," said Urataros

Ace was surprised that even the Imagin also came to this world. "You four are also here?"

"That would seem so," said Momotaros

"It seems this world is interesting. There are also a lot of beauties here. I can't wait to reel them in." said Urataros

"Hey, perverted turtle! The first thing you think is flirting with girls geez," said Momotaros, hitting Urataros's head.

"But there seem to be a lot of strong people here. I can't wait to beat the shit out of them," he said, cracking his knuckles.

"Will you lend me your power?" asked Ace to the Imagin

"Of, course! This world seems fun so don't be reserved to ask us for help," said Momotaros

"Thank you!" Ace bowed his head to the Imagins thanking them

'Things are going to be interesting from now on.' Ace, now living his dream, was excited about what the future would hold.

Ace drove through New York on the Boostriker. Since he had never been to New York, he took it as a chance to explore the city.

"This place is really different from Japan."

Ace went to the many tourist attractions. Central Park, The Empire State Building, and he saw the building you could only find in this world. The Avengers Tower, Oscorp Industry, and the Daily Bugle. He saw many news being shown on TV screens about the Avengers and different mutant propaganda.

"This world is really dangerous…" Ace only smiled wryly.

This was a world where many world-ending events happen frequently. From alien attacks, villains wanting world domination, extra-dimensional threats, or science experiments going wrong. You can truly never rest easy in the world of Marvel.

Ace went to a coffee shop to get some coffee and sit down to organize his thoughts. After getting a coffee and sitting at a nearby table he begins to plan his next actions.

"Now what should I do… Strength wise I seem to be okay. I have access to all the Rider's powers and their final forms. I should be about top-level just in power alone but I don't want to go all out yet unless the need arises. Better to not reveal all my cards as many groups or people can overpower me when given time. This is a world where the impossible can be made possible, so it is better to hide my overall strength."

"From what I have gathered, this universe is one I do not recognize. A lot of events are the same as the MCU but some events have not happened yet and other characters not in the MCU exist here. Captain Marvel is part of the Avengers and participated in the battle of New York. The Hulk is still on the run and Abomination is still not yet born. Mutants exist so the X-men and the Brotherhood must be here. I read an article that the Fantastic 4 are here as well but they have not gone to space yet."

"My problem right now is my identity. I don't have any background to protect myself with. Joining the Avengers will be the fastest solution but joining them comes with a whole other set of problems, so I should avoid that option. The me in this universe seems to be wealthy so I can start my own business but… what should I do? I'm not smart or knowledgeable like the big brains in this universe but a regular kid. Think, what can I offer so I can protect myself in this world?"


"Right! Humagears! Satellite Zea and Ark should be in the basement. With their help, I can create Humagears. They should also assist me in this world. I can create Izu and all of the members as well. Okay, that should be the plan. Now what else should I—"


An explosion occurred outside of the cafe. A man in a purple and green suit dressed like a beetle could be seen fleeing from the police. The police try to chase him down but are impeded by the Beetle's lasers making some police cars crash.

"I guess I got to help them." Ace finished his coffee, hopped on the Boostriker, and chased the Beetle.

"Hahaha, no one can stop the Beetle." Beetle flies through New York making people run away screaming. The police tried to chase him but could not keep up with him.

"Just a little more and I should get away from these fools. Huh?" Beetle notices a red bike gaining on him. "Think you can keep up with me just come on try!" Beetle gains more speed to outpace the red bike.

Ace keeps up with Beetle using the boosters on the bike to traverse the rooftops. Beetle fires beams and missiles to throw off Ace but Ace manages to avoid them and is getting closer to Beetle. A news helicopter is following the scene broadcasting the entire event.

"This is Christine Everhart coming to you live in New York. A man in a beetle suit is wreaking havoc downtown and is being chased by a man on a motorcycle."

Many groups were watching this broadcast. "Hey Peter, check this out. The bike looks so cool!" said a chubby kid. "The exhaust of the bike seems to be very powerful to lift it off the ground with such heights. I have not heard of any manufacturer being able to do this."

"Hey, Tony look, that suit seems similar to your Ironman suit." said a man in blue and red stripes.

"Don't insult me, Cap. My armor is a hundred times better than that piece of junk. I'm more interested in that bike."

"Hill, find out everything about these two." said a man with an eyepatch

"Copy that director." the man continued to stare at the broadcast with scrutiny.

The chase still continued with Ace pursuing Beetle. Ace lifts the Boostriker with the exhaust going full power. The bike launched and rammed into Beetle sending him crashing down to a street. The people ran to get away but far away enough to watch from a safe distance taking out their phones to record.

Ace stops a few feet away from Beetle getting off the bike. Ace was wearing a black kitsune mask with white stripes and a jacket the participants wore in the Desire Grand Prix.

"You're really troublesome you know that," said Ace

"Urgh! Who are you!" shouted Beetle annoyed

"Me? I'm a… Kamen Rider."

"Kamen Rider? What is that stupid nonsense!"

"Then, let me show you." Ace showed the Desire Driver. Beetle saw it but did not know what it was. 'What is this bastard showing me? A belt?"

The people watching also saw but were confused. 'Why is the guy in the mask showing a belt of all things?' they thought.

Ace equips the Desire Driver with a clicking sound


Ace looks around and sees his audience and only smirks behind the mask. "This is a great audience. Perfect for my debut." He took out the Magnum raise buckle and inserted it into the driver.


A large holographic text with the word MAGNUM appeared on his right. Doing the signature pose of Geats he transforms.


He rotated the Magnum buckle and pressed the trigger. 



Bullets shot out of the raise buckle and hit the holographic text creating a white armor. Ace was covered in a black body suit and helmet. A robotic arm grabbed the white armor pulling it into Ace equipping it. A white kitsune helmet dropped onto the helmet. The helmet had now glowing red-orange eyes. The armor now was on the upper body of Ace with red-range lines between the spaces.

"Now… Here comes the highlight reel."

The audience was shocked by the transformation. Not even Iron Man's suit was this theatrical. Beetle was instantly alarmed. He felt chills and instantly knew the guy in front of him was bad news.

"Bastard who are you!"

"I'm a Kamen Rider. In this form, you can call Kamen Rider Geats."

Geats grabbed the magnum on his side and aimed it at Beetle


"So, are you going to surrender or not?"

"Never!" Beetle shot lasers at Geats but Geats easily dodged. Geats shot at Beetle's wrist disabling his beams. He rushed to Beetle and both began to fight at close quarters. Beetle fights back but Geats has the upper hand. Geats shoots him in the gut and Beetle staggers then kicks him away, knocking him back.

"What's wrong, getting tired?" Ace taunted

"I'll show you not to mess with me!" multiple launchers appeared on Beetle's back. She shot rockets towards Geats.

Geats shot down some and jumped high into the air and shot some more.


Geats swings his magnum in an arc shooting down all the rockets.

"Is that all you got? Then it's time to finish this."

Geats takes out the Boost raise buckle. "It's your turn now. *kiss*" He slots it in to replace the Magnum buckle.


Geats revs the handle of the Boost buckle

[Bike Revving sound]



Geats now wears red armor in his upper half with small exhausts in his arms. Geats rushes to Beetle and starts punching him with a boost from the exhaust in his arms leaving a trail of fire. Each strike cracks the Beetle's armor. Geats revs the handle once for the final strike.

[Bike Revving sound]


Geats charges a punch creating a large trail of fire from the exhaust. He deals an uppercut at Beetle's chin destroying his helmet and armor. Beetle flies into the air and lands unconscious on the floor with his equipment in tatters.

The audience was amazed by the display of power. They have seen this kind of technology before. An armor just suddenly pops out and gives immense speed and power. And they have seen Iron Man's armor and it was not close to this. The fight also only lasted a few minutes which displayed how powerful the armor of this new guy who just appeared.

Geats walked back to the Boostriker before being stopped by Christine Everhart.

"Excuse me! Can you answer a few questions? My name is Christine Everhart, can you tell us your name?"

"Sorry pretty lady, but I can't tell you my real name. But… in this form you can call me Geats. Kamen Rider Geats."

"Kamen Rider Geats? And what do you mean in this form?"

"Sorry, but that is for you to figure out in the future." Geats said, making a fox with his hands pointing towards the camera.

"Now if you will excuse me I have to leave. May we meet again, pretty lady."

Geats drove off and the police just arrived to see Beetle left sprawling on the floor confused about what just happened. It was only later they knew who did it and it was this new hero/vigilante named Geats. The world now knows the existence of Geats and many groups and organizations want to know who he is. How will this universe react to the existence of our young Kamen Rider?


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