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A Thread of Broken Fate

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Author: BrettMichaelOrr

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“You can bring back everyone you’ve lost. It will only cost your sanity.”

The king is dead, murdered by an interloper from the future—a manic copy of his own son, hellbent on forcibly reversing a disastrous timeline. The true Damian Roswald—a hedonistic crown prince bereft of magical talent—finds his comfortable life upended by his father’s murder and assassins from his own future.

“There are none left who can judge us, so we must be our own executioner. That is the cursed fate of those few named Damian Roswald.”

With politicians plotting his demise, his royal cousins scheming for the empty throne, and warring churches tearing the grieving city apart, Damian must accept the tragedy of his countless futures—or else, find himself doomed to repeat them. But can a mere mortal decide their own fate in a world governed by almighty angels?

“Find me, Damian Roswald. And I’ll tell you why the stars fell.”

For three centuries, even the wisest men have accepted that the night sky was once populated by ‘stars’—until a terrible calamity plunged mankind into a Dark Age. From the darkness, the Roswalds rose to power, but few know that the first crown was forged with the blood of a slaughtered god…

Damian must endure countless tragedies and the consequences of his own future actions to reach the peace he desires—but could the true threat be hiding not in his future, but in his own distant past?

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    Alright here we go 1) The writing quality is outstanding, it has a poetic flow that resembles a traditional paperback novel. the author uses simple yet creative words to paint vivid imagery and the scenes are clear 2)The characters have depth to them, each can be distinguished by how they interact, the way they converse and relationships. they have a realistic feel to them. 3) the world setting is quite intriguing, it brings new and fresh ideas to the table to enjoy 4)it's a smooth read that has you gripped on edge after each chapter 5) I've read till chapter 15 and the plot is definitely something to that engages your interest immediately over all the author has created a very splendid piece of work that definitely has potential to reach greater heights although straying from wn trends, the book has its own charm. best of luck in your endeavors !

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    [Hello Readers!] Thanks to all your support, I've been able to keep on going and now we have Volume *Four* Serializing, "No Birthrights for Heresies". Even greater betrayals, battles, and shocking twists await! If you're reading and enjoying, *please* leave a review, a power stone, or even a golden ticket so more readers can find and enjoy this work! Thanks so much for all your love and support!!!

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    The quality of the book is superb. Even from the chapter names, I could feel the maturity of the writer and I just couldn't believe how detailed and understanding everything turned out to be. If you're looking for a book to get lost in, this is it.

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    First of all, I have to say that the author's writing experience is oozing out of the chapters that I read. It overshadows a lot of the amateur works on this platform. It is creative and has perfect wordplay and brilliant scenes. The characters don't feel bland and one-dimensional like many others but they have a realistic touch. Overall, this book is a must-read.

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    I cried, why? Because that writing quality rivals a popular novel. The mc personality is kinda bland but he can get some improvement, the story has a nice past and the world is decently well done, also the fights are explained well... Since I mostly do 1st view I cant really explain how it actually looks but have to see what the character would think.

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    I went on reading marathon and read 13 chapters on get go , It is good and gritty story of Damian. I enjoyed it, will continue the reading . Give it a try if you like action packed fantasy world

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    Overall a really great concept! As a fan of one the inspirations of the story, the first chapter alone gave me flashbacks to one of the scenes in that said series. The introducti to the world is spectacular with the wordplay used. I’ll have a great time reading this novel and want the author to continue writing great content!

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    I'm definitely digging this so far! What funky dreams he's having. He'd better not ignore an angels advice, delusions or not! The writing is fantastic and clear. The world building is great.

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    What a poetic way of narrating just one scene, I liked it. The first chapter does not explain anything but leaves the reader in suspense and floods with great interest to know how it continues. Overall, it's a pretty good opening chapter if you want it to be a long story.

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    Highly recommend! The author is well versed with amazing wordplay, almost like poetry, that brings ambience to the story. Mysteries keep you reading along with the amazing power system.

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    The first couple of chapters already had me hooked and i can tell the amount of experience the Authors built up. This is extremely underrated and the MC is surprisingly eccentric. Can't wait to for more chapters!

    View 3 Replies

    Hey everyone! This is my first web serialisation. My story is dramatic, with action-packed sequences and crushing character tragedies. I’ve been writing for over 15 years and am using all my skill to bring you a story of time-travel, heartbreak, and facing your destiny! Please give the book a try, and leave a review if you can! Thank you!!

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