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A Villainess Should Be Strong A Villainess Should Be Strong original

A Villainess Should Be Strong

Author: illeannne

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Chapter 1: Reincarnated


"It wouldn't be fun if the villainess was weak, would it?"

Have you ever wondered what'll happen if a reincarnated villainess took her role too seriously? She'll go as far as to make a God cry.

[Recorded change. The 26th of April, year 20xx. Time assumed: 10:35 a.m. Details: Reincarnated into a newborn's body. Medieval time era. European bloodline. Aristocratic family. Data unconfirmed.]

Her striking golden eyes scanned the surroundings, making the surrounding adults muddled with fear, worry, and anxiousness.

[Suggested action: Act like a newborn infant.]

She concluded as tears pooled and rolled down her cheeks. The adults let out a relieved sigh as they relaxed and smiled. They spoke in a foreign language, which shocked her as she was confident in her ability to speak and understand all language in existence. The shock didn't last long, however. She settled down and familiarized herself with the language's traits.

There were two words that she picked up. Estelle and Clareste.

[Subject's name: Estelle Clareste. Data unconfirmed.]

[An unexpected drowsiness incoming. Cause: Assumed to be the infant's natural response.]

With tears still drenching her face, she fell into a deep sleep once her eyelids closed tight.

Strangely, her hearing was still untouched even when in sleep. Although she couldn't see anything except the pitch black darkness known to man as 'closing one's eye shut', she was still able to hear the two voices talking to each other.

"Looks like she has fallen asleep. I GOT worried for a second there, but it seems like she's alright," one adult adorning a maid outfit smiled, but her eyes told another story.

[Detected hostility from the organism. Response: Be alert.]

"Yes... I'm sure she.. Estelle will grow up to be a wonderful person," another woman spoke up, this time with a genuine tone and expression.

"Madam, let us fall back for now. Why don't we leave the young lady alone so she can get a peaceful sleep?" the maid outfit woman's mouth twitched, her tone strange when she addressed the other woman as 'madam', as if she unhappy at the thought of having to call her that.

"Uh, would that be the best thing to do?" The madam's voice contained traces of worry.

Then again, this may just be a misinformation on Estelle's side. Her vision was limited. She could only deduce what the other's thoughts were solely by the voice's intonation.

A skill she honed for years and was an expert at.

"Of course, it's best that we leave the baby alone so she won't get stressed," The maid responded to the madam's worries without showing any agitation.

"Then, please arrange me some tea and cakes, Helen. The weather is brilliant, and Alan is also about to finish his work. We shall wait for Alan in the gardens," the madam kissed Estelle's cheeks and said goodbye.

"Understood, madam," Helen's voice contained malice, but the madam was far too oblivious to notice it.

[Helen's hostility directed at 'madam'. Potentially harmful to madam's life.]

<Hm? What's with this baby?>

[Another unknown organism detected. Waking up.]

Estelle opened up her eyes once she judged that the other women were already out of the room by the sound of the doors closing.

A golden ball of light floated around her and broke its perfect sphere shape to poke Estelle.

<... You're going to keep talking like that forever? Wait, not that! You can hear me? > The ball bounced in the air excitedly.

[Unnecessary concern. Answering your question, yes I can. Asking your identity.]

<Me? I'm a fae... Specifically the- Well, not that you know who I am. Just call me Heine.>

[Understood. Heine it is then. My name seems to be Estelle.]

<Seems? You're not sure?>

[Of course. I was born a moment ago. Did you really expect a baby to be fully aware of everything around her? Why are you reading my mind anyway?]

Somehow, her way of speech seemed to morph into something completely different. It was more unrestricted, and her vocabulary extended to those that conveyed emotions.

The ball of light moved around in circles, then left through the door, passing the solid object. After a few seconds, it came back and morphed into a different shape. It morphed into a young boy with messy green hair and a braid going down to his chest on the right side. His eyes were like emeralds, matching his hair color. Adorning nothing but a black robe that went up to his knees, he stared at Estelle.

<Hmm. You're a pretty interesting baby, aren't ya? By the way, I think your mom will die soon. > Ignoring Estelle's question, Heine smirked and said.

[... What an unpleasant notice. Couldn't you have worded it better?] Estelle responded.

What she received in return wasn't an answer, rather a full-on staring fest commenced by the being called 'Heine'.

Estelle frowned at Heine's stare, feeling uncomfortable since her current body was of a bald infant. His words, however, caught her attention as they proved her predictions to be right.

<I'm just speaking the truth. The two humans that were here before, one of them seems to be your mother.. Truthfully, she's also a bit weird. Ugh, what's with your family? Anyway, the maid that was beside her.. she's into black magic. Ew, holy spirits like me, within a mile radius with a black magic user... Gives me the shivers.>

Heine put on an act and pretended to shiver.

[Black magic? You mean there's magic in this world?]

<Of course there are... Wait, you're not worried about your mother?>

[I have just been born. We established no bonds. I have no emotional connection to her in the slightest. Her death would not affect me.]

<True, I also never experienced motherly care, so I'm the same, but don't you humans usually care about your family's death?>

[I have deemed that it's impossible to save her.]

<If I say it's not hopeless, would you save her?>

[Most likely, since growing up without a mother would place me at a disadvantage. Data shows humans without their mother's presence regularly face discrimination at a young age, and lack of care and nurture resulting in a personality change. From the economic side, you would lose one income provider, although judging from my surroundings, I seem to have been born into quite a well off family.]

<I wasn't asking for data... Where did you get them anyway? Never mind! Then, I'll lend you my power for a bit. > Heine poked her forehead and poured a stream of golden light.

<Concentrate and let the light spread from your head to your other body parts and into your bloodstream.>

Estelle decided to temporarily trust the weird fairy of unknown origins and followed his instructions. Not even a minute had passed before her body responded.

[... It's warm.] Estelle's body glowed the same golden shine Heine had.

<Wait, you succeeded? Huh?!>

[It's easy though?]

<Uh, guide the light then. Let it pool on the tip of your index finger. Then carefully let it out of the tip. Like a string. > Heine blinked his eyes repeatedly in shock, but quickly regained his calm back.

In just mere seconds, a string of light came out of Estelle's fingers.

<Wao. Even for a God's Blessing, isn't this overkill?>

[.. Now what?]

<*cough* Let the string travel to where the maid is and enter her core. The core is in the middle of her chest. Black magic is weak to Holy magic, so...>

It would kill her for sure. Heine thought, but refrained from saying it.

The string acted like vines, sticking to the walls and circling things, then releasing it to go to another victim. Weirdly enough, Estelle could see through the string, so she had a gist of where she had to go thanks to the vision. After creeping around for a while, she found her mother seated peacefully while drinking tea. Helen, the maid, was staring at her like the golden-haired madam was long dead.

It circled around her hands before spreading to her chest, safely entering through the middle. As Heine stated, a pitch black sphere was located there. The string circled the sphere as it grew longer and longer, not touching the said core until it finally was long enough to circle the sphere fully, not leaving any black glow visible.

Then, she immediately tightened the grip, closing in on the core.

"*COUGH*" Helen coughed up dark red blood mixed with clumps of black goo. She seemed to be in massive pain, as if the blood scorched her throat. She fell to the ground, clutching her chest.

[More?] Estelle, who's consciousness split between the baby's body and the string, contacted him through her thoughts.

<You seem unfazed.>

[She's a hostile presence. Best to get rid of it early.]

Simple logic. Why let her live if she would threaten her wellbeing?

That would render her stupid.

<Try constricting the core. The black magic is denser than usual, so your first attack wasn't enough. The one targeting your mother shouldn't be a normal person if they cultivated the magic to such potency.>

illeannne illeannne

I have always had these moments where I just stop reading or watching something because the villain was... too weak?

I mean, how are you going to make them strong as hell, impossible to beat, can leave the main character in a half-dead state with just a finger flick, to then suddenly be defeated by the MC over a stroke of luck?

Nonsensical, right? Therefore, I'm serving you this story.

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