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Abyss Mage

Author: Juarez_Culau

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Red Field

*Battle sounds*

'Where am I? Who am I?'

It was a sunny day, a vast field stretches across the horizon. Where a fight was happening, humans of the Empire fighting to push the advance of the non-humans to their lands.

Screams everywhere, death rule the place, people swing swords in synchronized moves with knights with door-sized shields, while on the other side was thousands of beasts and non-humans bipeds, fighting with all they have, not a single good piece of armor to be seen, yet they were much more numerous than humans.

(Autor note: I use ' ' to represent thought)

'People feeding in each other, nothing new in that, this is my home? Why this feeling keep coming to me? Is so good...'

'Too many questions, yet no answers... I don't know why, but I don't want to move from this place.'

Pure chaos with everyone fighting, blood all over the place. Roars of war flood the vast field like a beautiful orchestra.

'This place looks so alive, but I only can see death.'

People keep fighting non stop.

'When I look around the only thing I can see is despair in the eye of the people fighting, maybe I came here for that reason...'

--At the same time--

"Sir, there is a child on the battlefield, what should we do?" Said a mercenary soldier to the noble that was leading in the battlefield

"Nothing, we have big problems now, keep holding the west flank until our reinforcements come."

"But sir, they would have come by now, we should retreat already."

"No way we will let these non-humans bastards take this victory from us, keep fighting until I say so unless you want to be considerate a heretic like them Neywell!"

"Understood sir, but what about the child?"

"Leave him there, is not our problem."

--Back at wonderlands--

As the fight was going on, the orcs came to the front rushing towards the knights with shield, one of these stubborn orcs coming rushing towards the humans was using his mount to break the human's formation, when he came close enough, he managed to pass the knights, but his mount got a spear in the chest. Quickly enough, he jumped from the mount and fell near the child, in the chaos of the battle he managed to kill everyone around him in an instant with a short ax, the moment he sees the child, the rush in their eyes stop... but quickly enough the angry came back, and he swings his ax aiming the child.

'This is it so, what people love to do around here, the feeling must be even better than what I am feeling right now, should be, because everyone here is so committed to fighting.'

So I open my arms and embrace the ax, but when the ax hit my stomach the feeling disappeared, replaced by pain, an agonizing pain, blood comes out of my mouth as I lose the ability to breathe. This makes no sense, why everyone is killing each other if the feeling is so bad at the end? A shame the other feeling won't last, maybe with my death another person on this battlefield will have the same feeling...

But at the moment my head hit the ground I see the fallen warriors who were killed by the orc raise once more and kill the orc in a sequence of interrupted stab wounds. The feeling comes back to me, replacing the pain while all the dead bodies around me turn into dust. I look at the sky and what a see is a beautiful and warm sun, the light makes this vast red-tinged field shine like some fairy tale.

I keep holding my open stomach, but there is no pain anymore, yet I am feeling tired as ever have been. The human army manages to advance against the non-humans, placing the battle far away from me, leaving me only with the warm sun watching for me, as I get tired my vision blurs until I only can see darkness.

--Back to the mercenary soldier--

"Sir, the creatures are retreating, but the orcs keeping fight here, should we make a full advance?"

"No, you and your troops end these orcs, I will chase the rest of the army with our cavalry."

"Understood Sir."

There were just a few dozens of orcs fighting, so a full advance over the troops would be easy. However, the glory must always go to the noble at the end, for slaying their army leaders, but it doesn't matter because Neywell is fighting this war only for money as a mercenary company.

Neywell knew that, but in the end, money is money, and he has mouths to feed, glory only serve the noblemen.

As the battle ended with the remaining orcs, came the best part of the war, the body pillage.

In this Empire, this would be considered a crime, but the generals were nowhere to be seen, so as long they don't take too much time, they would make a blind eye for them.

Then, the soldiers of the mercenary company started to retreat the armor and weapons from the enemy fallen soldiers, there wasn't much value in the equipment used by the non-humans at that battlefield, but even broken swords could be melt back into iron, to be sold in a city or village.

"Captain, you must see this." said a soldier named Robert, the second in command, the Captain in question was Neywell, the leader of the mercenary company that was on the battlefield.

"What now?"

"Is that child from before, he is covered with blood, but looks like he is still breathing?"

Neywell came rushing towards Robert.

"What are you waiting for? Close his wound to stop the bleeding."

"So Captain, that's the thing, there are no wounds, the blood must be of another soldier."

As he comes close, he could see a child looking like a six-year-old, with dried skin and malnourished, having a hard time to breath, he also noticed some small scars on the child's body, but it doesn't seem to be wounds of the battle at least. There were some pieces of armor scattered on the floor around the child, but no bodies inside them.

"That's odd, there are no signs of fire mages, and the armor is not melted, what kind of creature would be capable of that? This child is lucky to still be alive."

He put his hand over the child's head, and sense a feels a very high fever.

"Let's bring him with us, make some space in the wagon."

"Yes, Captain."

Juarez_Culau Juarez_Culau

Hey guys, this is my first story, so please tell me if you like it or not, if you have any idea on how to improve feel free to talk.

If you want to support this work, pleaaase vote and add to your library :)

Edit: I have already written up to chapter 61 and I found sooooo many grammar mistakes after coming back here to fix some of them. I will fix most of them over time, but I would also like to point that the writing style and the grammar improves during the novel, just be patient with the grammar at the beginning.

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