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82.22% Adventure in the Xianxia Multiverse / Chapter 33: Ch. 33: 2 Weeks Later…

Ch. 33: 2 Weeks Later… - Adventure in the Xianxia Multiverse - Chapter 33 by Celestial_Demon full book limited free

Chapter 33: Ch. 33: 2 Weeks Later…

Two weeks have come and gone after Chen Fan and Tang Hongyu made their relationship official. Every day is spent in passion and joy.

Chen Fan felt that his days were like a honeymoon even though he had never experienced it in his old life.

On the other hand, Tang Hongyu couldn't help remembering her honeymoon with her legitimate husband before she realized his true personality and compared it with what she was experiencing.

Her honeymoon with Jiang Haishan was incomparable to her honeymoon with Chen Fan. Perhaps it was due to her bias, but her time with Chen Fan was far better than her time with Jiang Haishan.

Alright, enough bashing Jiang Haishan…

In the past two weeks, Chen Fan had upgraded his nameless masterpiece. It could help him reach the True Completion of the Dao Spirit stage.

In truth, he was done with the upgrade at the end of the first week after tying the knot with Tang Hongyu. However, he didn't enter the Dao Spirit stage despite being able to do it easily.

He had promised to himself that he would take a break from cultivation and enjoy his time with his lovely woman. He wouldn't forget his main goal in this life.

The temptation of absolute power wouldn't make him lose sight of his true goal. Besides, Chen Fan still had a little more than ten months left, so he didn't need to rush.

As an extra note, Chen Fan also improved the "Crimson Jade Scripture'' that Tang Hongyu practiced.

Unfortunately, Tang Hongyu's natural cultivation speed was extremely slow even though her method was excellent. This was due to her low innate talent.

Fortunately, there was Chen Fan to give her enough push to advance her cultivation stage.

Apart from completing his cultivation method, Chen Fan also added new things to his wooden house. It now had a terrace with a roof in the front that faced a beautiful garden. This terrace had a wooden table, two single armchairs, and a wooden lounger.

Chen Fan agreed to create a garden for Tang Hongyu to care for as she had no other entertainment than sewing, cooking, cultivating, and spending her free time with him.

About the garden, Chen Fan couldn't say no when Tang Hongyu looked nervous yet illegally adorable when she requested it.

He understood why his woman was so reserved when wanting something from him. However, he let her sort out her problem unless she asked for his help openly.

Other than the garden, Chen Fan had completed other easy requests from Tang Hongyu like creating a mirror, a hair comb, some simple tools for gardening, sewing, and cooking, and other miscellaneous stuff that he could easily craft.

Unlike when she asked for a garden, she was less nervous when she requested those miscellaneous things.

He completed her requests without complaints because they weren't hard. The other reason was that he always exhausted her body every night.

Still feeling high from her new relationship, Tang Hongyu enabled Chen Fan and took her man's insatiable libido fearlessly. Slowly but surely, her stamina and endurance improved.

She improved so much that she could hold on until dawn nowadays where she got knocked out in one round on their first night. This major improvement was mostly due to opening her middle dantian around eight-nine days ago.

There was also another reason behind her decision to enable her man's sexual drive. Her cultivation base rapidly improved after each session.

When she found out about this for the first time, she was confused. After consulting this matter with her man, she finally understood the concept of Dual Cultivation.

Ascending through the path of pleasure and joy…

Tang Hongyu couldn't deny that this path was the most enjoyable to reach Immortality.

A sentiment that many shared wholeheartedly.

Anyway, their schedule was more or less set. They woke up around lunchtime after a few hours sleeping, bathed in the same bathtub, sometimes having fun there, had lunch after a bath, and then spent their idle time either together or individually until dinner.

After dinner, they would retreat to Chen Fan's room, which had become their main room, to cultivate together until dawn, after which Tang Hongyu consolidated her increased cultivation base with the help of Chen Fan. Afterward, they would fall asleep until waking up before lunchtime.

Such a schedule was roughly repeated every day. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

With how close they have become, their relationship couldn't help but progress immensely. This resulted in some interesting outcomes.

For Tang Hongyu, Jiang Haishan, her legitimate husband, was nothing but a father for her daughter. Her feelings for him had disappeared entirely. It was like how a widow had moved on from her former husband.

She only acknowledged Chen Fan as her only man. She would never allow men other than Chen Fan to touch her intimately.

Slowly but surely, Chen Fan becomes the center of Tang Hongyu's world.

On the other hand, Chen Fan felt that his feelings for Tang Hongyu were slowly growing and changing. Not only was he attracted to her body but he also came to care for her well-being as a person.

He was unsure if he had fallen in love with her. His romantic experience was zero. However, she became an irreplaceable existence in his life.

"Congrats, Hongyu! You finally opened your upper dantian. With this, you entered the last stage of the Houtian Realm," Chen Fan congratulated his lover sincerely.

Chen Fan was on the bed, naked and sitting cross-legged behind Tang Hongyu, who was also naked and sitting in the lotus position. He'd helped her refining energy from dual cultivation last night.

After many nights of constant dual cultivation, Tang Hongyu finally had accumulated enough cultivation base to advance to the next stage.

"Thank you, darling. I won't reach this far without your help," Tang Hongyu responded while looking at him over her shoulder, her voice was sensual and sexy.

Without the energy she got from being fucked into a stupor by Chen Fan every night, Tang Hongyu would still be far from achieving this.

Even though Tang Hongyu harbored a bit of grievance in her heart because her man always exhausted her body and mind every night, she couldn't deny the benefits.

If only her man held back his insatiable libido a bit… no, she wished him to hold back a lot, but she couldn't express this desire because she didn't want to disappoint him.

'Looks like I have to get more sister-wives to help me out,' Tang Hongyu thought a bit before pushing this matter aside.

That thought had plagued Tang Hongyu's mind after it popped up in her mind in the past. However, the idea made her feel complex.

What woman in the modern era wants to share her man with other women?

Tang Hongyu wanted to monopolize Chen Fan, but she realized that she couldn't keep entertaining his insatiable sex drive alone without running herself ragged. This worsened her insecurities and inferiority.

Tang Hongyu was scared that Chen Fan had a low opinion of her because she couldn't satisfy him. Moreover, she remembered that Chen Fan had many lovers in his past life. All of this was why she dared to entertain such an idea.

Back to Chen Fan, he nodded his head to Tang Hongyu. He understood her feelings very well; breaking through to the new stages was a joyful feeling. He likened it to achieve sexual gratification after raunchy, hot sex.

"How do you feel?" He asked vaguely.

Tang Hongyu understood what her man asked for, so she replied honestly, "So clear. Everything is more vibrant and alive. I couldn't believe that I have been living with such a muddled state of mind."

"Is that so?" Chen Fan asked to be certain.

"En," Tang Hongyu shortly replied and nodded.

"Do you want to sleep?" Chen Fan asked.

Tang Hongyu shook her head. "I don't feel sleepy. My mind is fresh because of breaking through."

"I see…" Chen Fan trailed off unsurely.

He felt odd because he normally slept around this time.

Tang Hongyu also had the same opinion. It was her new habit that would make her previous self before all of this appalled.

'Many things have changed since I came here, huh? And all of this happened in less than a month,' she couldn't help but become introspective.

They went silent for a while, immersing themselves in their respective thoughts…

"I can't help wondering what abilities you get from opening your upper dantian," Chen Fan wondered suddenly.

Tang Hongyu became contemplative for a moment. She then asked, "Can you tell me what you got when you had gone through this stage?"

"I got enhanced mental capabilities such as eidetic memory with instant recall, a passive sixth sense, extrasensory perception, telekinesis, telepathy, empathy, psychometry, clairvoyance, and so on… Honestly, there are a lot of mental-based powers that I got from unlocking my upper dantian," Chen Fan replied truthfully.

"Huh? So many!" Tang Hongyu was startled.

"Well, they were only basic and quite weak at first. I have to cultivate them to reach their full potential. Since it's time-consuming, I've been neglecting them," Chen Fan said offhandedly.

Tang Hongyu nodded in understanding. She then put on a contemplative look and wondered loudly, "I wonder what I get."

"How about finding out together? I will help you," Chen Fan said with a small smile.

In return, Tang Hongyu nodded with a gratified smile. "Let's do it, darling~♪."

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