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20% Adventure in the Xianxia Multiverse / Chapter 6: Ch. 6: A Dinner & The Aftermath

Ch. 6: A Dinner & The Aftermath - Adventure in the Xianxia Multiverse - Chapter 6 by Celestial_Demon full book limited free

Chapter 6: Ch. 6: A Dinner & The Aftermath

As Chen Fan was deep in thought, Jiang Haishan frowned and wondered if he had no interest in this matter, so he decided to change the topic. "How are your grades?"

Chen Fan returned to his senses. "I was in the top five hundred in our county. I have heard that your daughter ranked in the top fifty at the school. I think I will need her help at school."

Chen Fan could care less about Jiang Haishan's opinion. Why should he care about the opinion of someone whose woman he wanted to get for himself?

Jiang Haishan's brow furrowed even deeper after hearing Chen Fan's answer. The remaining traces of a smile on his face evaporated completely.

"Your mother had sent you to Chuzhou City to study, not for fun! Your family can only help you for a while, but not forever! If you want to be successful, you have to rely on yourself! Education is a stepping stone, no matter which field you are in!"

Despite knowing this would happen, Chen Fan was still caught off guard by Jiang Haishan's sudden outburst. He Inwardly sneered at Jiang Haishan and answered emptily, "You are right, Uncle Jiang."

Achieving high academic standing was not Chen Fan's highest priority in this new life. His main priority was a satisfying life and peerless strength to protect what was his.

After exchanging a few more words with Chen Fan, Jiang Haishan was disappointed by the boy's lack of knowledge and ambition. He could not help but secretly shake his head in disappointment.

It was evident that what his wife had told him about the boy was simply not true.

He had also met the son of the deputy mayor and was very impressed by his appearance as well as his wealth of knowledge in economics and politics. Chen Fan failed to measure up to his most basic requirement for a future son-in-law.

'It seems like I have a lot to discuss with my wife,' Jiang Haishan lamented in his mind.

He knew his wife wanted to set up their daughter with the son of her best friend. He did not protest her plan at first, but after meeting Chen Fan for the first time, he realized that he had to weigh in.

'My daughter would not fall for him anyway,' Jiang Haishan thought. He was confident in his daughter's judgment.

Chen Fen, of course, could not hear Jiang Haishan's thoughts. He had yet to start cultivating and get a mind-reading ability. However, if he heard Jiang Haishan's thoughts, he would shoot a disdainful glance towards Jiang Haishan and mocked him, "Sure. Let's see your expression when your wife and daughter worship my cock, shall we?"

Of course, that was only a "what if" scenario!

Soon, Tang Hongyu brought the dinner. Jiang Churan was helping her. After that, dinner began.

This dinner Chen Fan had shared with the small family of three was not unpleasant. Tang Hongyu's family strictly followed the traditional table manners, which meant no chattering while eating.

Chen Fan did not mind the silence. His mind had already veered off to the good points of Tang Hongyu as a woman.

'What a pity… Hongyu is fun, elegant, kind, and beautiful. She also has superb cooking skills. It is a shame that she got married to someone who cannot appreciate her. If it's me, I will drown her in my appreciation,' Chen Fan lamented silently.

His desire to take away Tang Hongyu and cuckold Jiang Haishan became even stronger!

A few moments later, dinner was over.

As Chen Fan let his stomach settle down, Tang Hongyu was bringing the dishes to the kitchen. Tang Hongyu managed to pause for a minute and spoke to Chen Fan,

"Little Fan, this is your first time visiting Chuzhou City, so I will ask Ranran to take you to the city center to buy some toiletries and groceries. I doubt you will have everything you need at your apartment."

"Thank you." Chen Fan accepted the offer without consulting Jiang Churan.

Chen Fan knew that Jiang Churan would tell him to go home alone. However, he honestly did not mind it because he wanted to return home quickly and start cultivating. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

What's more, his opinion about Jiang Churan was still low. He would only start making a move after her character became better.

Meanwhile, Jiang Churan nodded with an annoyed face. She might agree to the task now, but as soon as she walked out of the house, she would ditch the boy right away…as Chen Fan had predicted.

Chen Fan bid farewell to Tang Hongyu with a smile. As soon as Chen Fan walked out of the house with Jiang Churan, the smile on the girl's face evaporated into thin air.

Without even looking at Chen Fan, she said coldly, "I still have something to do, you can go shopping on your own, can't you?"

She paused a second, and then, she continued, "You know how to get a taxi in the city, right?"

Her voice was laced with annoyance. She thought Chen Fan would play dumb and insist on her coming along with him.

However, to her surprise, she watched as the boy nodded and then said, "I do."

She did not turn around until Chen Fan's image disappeared behind a row of willow trees. Guilt slowly crept into her heart. She had the urge to catch up with the boy and help him.

However, the thought of the huge difference in all aspects of their lives made her think better of her actions. They were not meant to be together.

The sooner she made it clear to him, the better for both of them.

Although Jiang Churan was like this, she wasn't a lost cause. She was born with a silver spoon, and it made her have this kind of character.

When she grew up mentally and physically, she would become worthy of Chen Fan.

Chen Fan was aware of this from the original story, and so far, he hadn't seen anything that disproves his knowledge.

Jiang Churan entered the house…

"Well, that was fast. Did you even go with him?"

Tang Hongyu asked her daughter curiously as soon as the latter stepped into the house again.

Still grappling with guilt, Jiang Churan said quietly, "He said that he could do it alone."

She then heard her father snorting disdainfully. "I will not let Churan hang out with such a loser anyway."

Jiang Haishan's career had hit a glass ceiling. To be promoted even further, he would require strong support from those who have significant political clout, such as deputy mayor Li.

Luckily for Jiang Haishan, the son of the deputy mayor was not only his daughter's classmate, but he also seemed to be very interested in Jiang Churan. The deputy minister had even alluded to a potential marriage on multiple occasions.

Although it was an opportunity that he couldn't pass up, Jiang Haishan could not agree to the proposal so easily, particularly when his daughter was still so young. It would be a sign of desperation if he did.

Given the illustrious achievement of Chen Fan's mother, Jiang Haishan initially had high hopes for the boy. However, after meeting with Chen Fan, he conceded that the reality was far from what he had hoped for. Li Yichen, the mayor's son, was a much more suitable candidate for his daughter.

Indeed, he did not agree easily not because he cared for Jiang Churan as her father but because he wanted to keep his image. He was this kind of man, but Jiang Churan was not aware of her father's flaw; only Tang Hongyu was aware of this.

He jerked his head towards the kitchen and grumbled loudly, "Your daughter is still young, do not just bring anyone to our home. She needs to focus on studying."

Tang Hongyu rushed out of the kitchen before shouting at her husband. "Excuse you?! She is my daughter, and this is MY house! I can bring whomever I want to here!"

Seeing her parents were at it again, Jiang Churan heaved a sigh and went straight to her room. It could have been a nice and quiet evening, but the country boy had spoiled everything.

This was the reality of this family. Although they displayed the image of a good family, Jiang Haishan and Tang Hongyu often argued and fought. This ended up stressing Jiang Churan, but she kept bottling it in her heart.

Celestial_Demon Celestial_Demon

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