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Against The Demons and Gods With My Beautiful Wives Against The Demons and Gods With My Beautiful Wives original

Against The Demons and Gods With My Beautiful Wives

Author: DizzMe

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Chapter 1: Chapter 1 Existential crisis

DizzMe: This fanfic was originally written by my friends craze and phelio. It's ATG x My wife CEO however, I will add Tales of Demons and Gods to this story too. If you(Craze&Phelio) don't like it? Bite me then hahaha.


In the evening, at the market located in the west region of Zhong Hai city. there were numerous noisy pedestrians and vehicles indifferently passing through. 

Vegetable leaves and dirty water were strewn all over the ground. There was an enormous amount of different fading store signboards, and occasionally there would be some single-colored neon lights lit up. 

There were workers returning home, children that finished school, elderly buying groceries, and the many different travel-worn passersby, causing the gray dusty sky to seem more and more depressing.

Inside this very market, At the mutton skewer stall. A young man could be seen grilling the mutton skewer.

He is the protagonist of this fiction.

"Who the fuck am I, Xiao Che or Yang Chen?"

A handsome young man was thinking hard about who himself might be while grilling the fucking mutton skewer.

He was confused about his existence. Is he the god of death Hades or was he the disciple of the medicinal saint?

He was so fucking confused.

"Old Li, it's about time you paid for what you agreed upon 2 days ago!" 

A high-pitched male voice suddenly took him out of his thoughts.

"Who the fuck are they. Can't they see that I am thinking now."

The man who didn't know who he was felt very annoyed by the three approaching males who didn't look above 20 and were dressed like gangsters, with upright hair, silver chains, holey jeans, scraggy faces, and a cigarette in their mouths.

OId Li was a peddler selling deep-fried snacks right beside him. 

Due to the hot weather he didn't sell much so he shouldn't have money on him right now.


Old Li showed a bitter face.

"I–I am sorry but with this hot weather, I can't sell any of my snacks. I–I don't have money to pay you."

Hearing the Old Li, The three goons were very angry.

"Listen here Old Li, You old dog. If it wasn't for big bro Feng protecting you, this stall of yours would've been wrecked long ago." 

A henchman said in a threatening, yet flattering way.

The hooligan called big bro Feng seemed extremely pleased, he patted his henchman, and said. 

"Today's protection fee, you can choose to pay or you can choose not to pay. I must get the money either way. Otherwise, I will wreck your stall now!" 

With that said, he picked up a skewer of sausage, took two big bites and threw the remainder on the ground.

The protagonist saw that and felt like he saw this scene somewhere before. It was like a Dejavu to him.

'I felt like I saw this scene before. What should I do in this kind of situation? Oh right. I know!'

The protagonist went past them and did something. They couldn't even feel anything before they let out a huge fart! And one of them even shit his pants.

"Eww, How could grown men shit themselves!"

He said from a distance but somehow the sound was close to them. He used pressure points to force them to shit.

"W–What, What–happened to my stomach! Y–You Old Li! You poisoned me!"

'Oh crap, I think I made the wrong choice. How fuck up can I be.'

The protagonist miscalculated big time. He needed to fix it. And it shouldn't be too hard for him.

"How can Old Li poison those who didn't even eat his food?"

The same technique.

And The Big Brother Feng understood it wasn't Old Li's food that made them like this. It must be the last stall that they just wrecked!

"Shit–I need to go to the toilet now!"

They didn't care about money right now. They didn't care about their face either. They were going to die from the explosive diarrhea.

The protagonist looked at them. They were trying so hard to not shit and went to the toilet. 

As the disciple of the medicinal saint. He could tell that they would have a shitty way to die.

'Am I so ruthless to kill them like that. Meh, Wasn't my problem but why do I have to save this old man.'

He wasn't Yang Chen. But huh, If heaven wanted him to use this identity here then he would use it.

He didn't have any choice anyway as he really didn't know who he was. He was sure that he wasn't Yang Che or Yun Chen… Hey… It's so confusing.

'Let's pick Yang Chen over Yun Che. I used his physical appearance after all.'

Old Li was now very confused as to what caused them to be like that. He sighed and then looked at Yang Chen who came back to his stall.

"Kid, I think we should run away from here as soon as possible. They would come back and make trouble for us even though it wasn't our fault."

Old Li knew how those goons were. They would blame them for their misfortune.

"Don't worry about it Old Li, I learned about medicine before. So I know about their condition. They won't come back anymore. They would die a shitty death."

Hearing him, Old Li was surprised. Normally Yang Chen would be very polite but today he cursed someone.

Old Li went silent for a bit before he shook his head. Then he asked if Yang Chen wanted to go to his house to eat dinner today.

Yang Chen thought about it a little bit and refused him. He needed some time to assimilate both Yang Chen memories and Yun Che memories.

After the night fell, Yang Chen tidied his stall, and pushed the cart back to the crappy apartment he rented.

It was a small apartment that has been around for who knows how many years. 

The rent for each month was only 100 yuan. It's only because nobody wanted to live here that it was this cheap. 

Unlike other people who worried about the house falling apart, in Yang Chen's memories he decided to move in the moment he saw how cheap it was.

Yang Chen's house had very simple furnishing, it was mostly second hand goods others dumped away. 

There was a bed, a cabinet, a chair, and a TV that could only watch some basic channels.

After pushing the small cart into his small house, Yang Chen gazed upon the calendar hanging on the wall. 

He checked the date, suddenly remembered something.

"So I have to go to the bar today?"

It was fortunate for him that the assimilation didn't take that long. And he was now Yang Chen with knowledge of the disciple of the medicinal saint. And he even got something called poison pearl and the mirror of samsara with him too.

He knew how to use the poison pearl but didn't know about the mirror of samsara.

"Let's check them after coming back from the bar."

In less than 5 minutes, he took a cold shower and got out of the bathroom naked. 

Walking towards the cabinet beside the bed, Yang Chen scratched his head while looking at the pile of disorderly clothes. 

He picked out a few and finally put on a black shirt, a pair of light linen pants, and wore the same plastic slippers.

"How lame, I will buy more clothes."

It didn't suit his taste at all.

After leaving his house, Yang Chen went towards the west region's most prosperous street named "Bar Street"

He went to the bar that he could remembered.

The bar's neon lit sign board wasn't considered dazzling, the bar that could only be considered mid-sized contained a mysterious air, brilliantly colored rose shaped lights were decorated on the signboard.

After entering the bar, Yang Chen walked to the side of the counter in a routine manner, and sat at a corner.

"Big bro Chen, you're here." 

The young bartender wearing a vest noticed Yang Chen, and revealed a warm smile. At the same time, he brought out a cup of water.

"Big sis Rose has been waiting for you for a long time."

"Is that so."

Yang Chen replied. His feeling right now was like the original Yang Chen but a little bit different. 

He was Yang Chen but his essence had changed. But he was still Yang Chen. He may did something that was different from the original and he didn't care if any other people would think of him differently or not.

But for some reason he didn't want those close to him to change their view of him.

'A real existential crisis.'

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