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14.28% Against The Gods with an Anime System / Chapter 14: Off to New Moon City

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Chapter 14: Off to New Moon City

DING* [ "Congratulations host for completing the mission.

Host been awarded with the String String Fruit, Geppo(moonwalk) and the cultivation realm

of host has been elevated to level 7 Earth Profound Realm." ]

Hearing the notification from the system made Mesa satisfied. He fought against a superior opponent and won by using tactics to use his many different powers. While he was thinking about his victory Jasmine came out of the Sky Poison Pearl. Looking at her face it was clear that she had many questions she wanted answered.

"First of congratulations for defeating that dragon. And second, what was that black fire? Just looking at that fire was giving me the creeps. It was like looking at the flames of deepest part of hell itself. And third, when your eyes changed their shapes. Why did it feel like they contained divine powers? Three divine powers to exact." Jasmine asked Mesa curiously.

Knowing that these questions would come sooner or later Mesa decided to just get it over with. So Mesa told her everything about the Sharingan and the Mangekyo Sharingan. How those divine powers she felt were the powers of the Mangekyo Sharingan. How his Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi powers work. And how the most powerful ability of the Mangekyo Sharingan, the Susanoo, works. How the powers of the Sharingan are descended from a god that had the power to change the world with her eyes.

(A.N.: Kaguya Otsutsuki with her Rinne-Sharingan created different dimensions she controlled. The Sharingan is an independent power that originated from Kaguya's Rinne Sharingan)

Hearing all this Jasmine was shocked. At first she was shocked and a bit angry at how someone could have this much powers. Basically how unfair it all is. How the Heavens, the System, Mesa and life just in general are all just unfair. But after being with Mesa for four months she started to get used to the idea that he would wield divine powers from different worlds.

"Let's put a pin in that discussion and see what rewards I have been given." Mesa said to Jasmine to get her attention back.

After saying Mesa brought the String String Fruit out of his inventory. The String String Fruit looks like a big pear shaped lilac colored fruit with the typical Devil Fruit swirls on it. On the top of the Devil Fruit is a curly fuchsia stem.

"Is that a fruit? Why does it look so weird? Well knowing you it must some type of fruit that will grant you some kind powers." Jasmine asked curiously.

"You are correct on that. These kinds of fruits are called Devil Fruits. This one in particular is called the String String Fruit. Once eaten it allows the user to create white, wafer thin strings that are nigh indestructible. These strings can be used in a variety of ways such as restraining someone, or as very sharp and very thin sword, or as a trap for catching beasts or your opponents. The strength in these strings lies with the user and how he uses them." Mesa said to Jasmine explaining the String String Fruit and its strength.

Listening to Mesa tell her about the String String Fruit Jasmine became impressed with its strength and its versatile uses.

"Well than what are you waiting for. Eat that fruit. I wanna see those strings." Jasmine said

"Well here goes nothing." Mesa says as he takes a bite out of the String String Fruit.

Immediately after that he pulls a face that clearly shows that that fruit tastes bad.

"What's the matter. Does that fruit really taste that bad?"

"Uh.... huh." Mesa nodded barely keeping himself together not to throw up. After a few seconds he swallows the fruit and drops to the ground as he feels his stomach trying to forcefully make him throw up while he tries to keep it down. After a minute he gets on his feet, still visibly disturbed from this ordeal.

"Ohh man..... That was absolutely disgusting.

And to come back to your question Jasmine. Try to imagine the most disgusting thing your have ever seen. And now imagine eating that most disgusting thing ever. This Devil Fruit tastes ten times more disgusting than that. If it wasn't for those powers that these Devil Fruits give you I would have just burned this thing."

Right after saying that Mesa feels his stomach forcing out everything. Running to the cave wall Mesa starts throwing up against it.

Seeing Mesa throwing up against the cave wall, Jasmine pulls a face of absolute disgust and looks the other way doing her best not to look at him and trying to forget the sound.

"Those Devil Fruit powers better be worth all this!!! Because I am really starting to doubt it right now!!!" Jasmine yelled at Mesa trying to drown out the sounds of him puking.

'Ohh God that was fucking disgusting. I wonder if I can buy some gasoline from the system to rinse out this godawful taste from my mouth.' Mesa thought to himself.

Coming back to Jasmine after puking Mesa starts displaying the String Fruit powers. Waving his hands around he could see strings attached to his fingers. Seeing a big piece of rubble in the cave Mesa waves his hand at it and it start to break apart in five neatly sliced pieces.

"How about we get back to our waterfall. A month would be enough for me get used this new power and after that we will go to New Moon City. As beautiful as these forests are I actually want to get back to civilization." Mesa said laying out their plans for the future.

1 Month later

During this one month of training Mesa basically trained the same way he did during these last four months. The only difference being that the four Mesa clones would fight each other the same way but this time with the addition of using Geppo during their battles. The other four Mesa clones would go out in to the forest and hunt Profound Beasts much the same way but they would be using the String String Fruit powers with it. They would be placing traps across the forest or would use their strings to cut the Profound Beasts in pieces or use it as a defensive shield to protect themselves from the attacks of Profound Beasts.

After training for one month. Mesa could use the Geppo much the same way as the CP-9 agents could in the One Piece anime and he could also use the String Fruit powers much the same way as Donquixote Doflamingo could without the awakened Devil Fruit part.

Cultivating for this one month Mesa almost managed to reach level 8 Earth Profound Realm.

Mesa's current status:

Name: Mesa Uchiha (Ray Williams)

Gender: male

Age: 17 years old

Bloodline: Uchiha bloodline (Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan [Mesa])

Level of strength: Level 7 Earth Profound Realm

Abilities: Energy manipulation, Observation Haki (Advanced), Armament Haki (Advanced), Conqueror's Haki (Advanced), Tremor Tremor Fruit, String String Fruit

Skills: Eternal Arms Mastery, jutsu's, Geppo(moonwalk)

Profound arts: none

Equipment: Dark forged blade Yamato, shurikens, kunai's, assortment of weaponry

Miscellaneous equipment: 112 Senzu beans, 100 purple profound coins

Current amount of system credits: 499,543,000


Arriving at New Moon City Mesa was amazed by the size of it. It was much bigger than Floating Cloud City was but was nothing compared to New York City. The fact that he spent much of his time in the wilderness made him appreciate the comfort of civilization even more.

First thing Mesa did was go to the Black Moon Merchants Guild to buy that dress that Jasmine likes.

He walked to the Black Moon Merchants Guild wearing his Akatsuki uniform with its bamboo hat.

Walking into the Black Moon Merchants Guild he walks to the nearest booth. Behind this booth is a man who looks like he is in his forty's.

"Buying or selling?" The man says after quickly taking a glance at Mesa.

Mesa places 15 Fire spirit pellets on the counter. The man takes a good look at them and widens his eyes in shock.

"T... T... T.. Tenth Rank Fire Spirit Pellet!" The man was shocked to see such top-notch pills. He looks up to take a look at the one who placed these pills on the counter. Looking up at Mesa's face he immediately notices his red eyes.

Genjutsu: Sharingan

Placing the man behind the counter in a genjutsu Mesa wanted to quickly get this over with.

"I want that dark red dress on the top left side of that shelf, a queen sized bed and an additional 500 purple profound coins." Mesa tells the man.

"As you wish sir." The man behind the counter gets up and has someone else pick up the dress of the shelf while he gets the money.

Coming back a little while later he hands Mesa the dress and a violet card with all the money on it and tells him to go to the back to get his bed.

Putting the dress and the violet card into the Sky Poison Pearl he leaves behind the 15 Fire Spirit Pellets. Walking to the back he picks up the bed and places it inside the Sky Poison Pearl. After that's all done Mesa walks out of the Black Moon Merchants Guild and in the direction of the New Moon Profound Palace.

Before he goes to the New Moon Profound Palace Mesa goes to an abandoned alleyway and enters it and sits down to enter Sky Poison Pearl. Entering the Sky Poison Pearl Mesa walks up to Jasmine and sees her burying her head in her new dress while she is on the bed.

"I hope you like this dress and bed. Its a gift for you. I can't have Princess Jasmine sleep on the floor of the Sky Poison Pearl forever now can I." Mesa said this to Jasmine before leaving the Sky Poison Pearl.

"Thank you." Mumbled Jasmine as she still buried her head in her new dress trying to hide the blush on her face.

Walking up to the gate of the New Moon Profound Palace Mesa is stopped by a guard asking him who he is. After placing the guard under a genjutsu and telling him that he is a student of the New Moon Profound Palace he was allowed to enter. As Mesa was walking across the courtyard he was approached by a man who introduces himself as Sikong Han one of the elders of the New Moon Profound Palace. He came up to Mesa because he had never seen him before and wanted to know who he was. As Mesa turned around and looked him in the eyes he immediately put a genjutsu on him and told him that he is a new student and that he just came in today. He asked him about a banquet that he heard would be held in eight days and asked him if he could come too.

After Sikong Han explained to him what exactly the banquet is for and that there will be fight between disciples from multiple sects in the city will be fighting each other to show of to one another he asked Mesa if he was sure he wanted to come. Mesa told him that he was sure and he would represent the New Moon Profound Palace and win against all those other sects who had been humiliating the New Moon Profound Palace for the last few years. He told elder Sikong Han that he had more than enough strength to back it up and win back the honor of the New Moon Profound Palace.

Walking around the courtyard of the New Moon Profound Palace his eye was caught on a sight he had expected but still surprised him. He was looking for Cang Yue and knew that her looks would surprise him. When he saw her he instantly knew who she was because she looked exactly like Momo Yaoyorozu from My Hero Academia.

'Momo Yaoyorozu. I gotta say that is one good pick from you One Above All.' Mesa thought to himself


For those who are not satisfied with my 'waifu' pick for Cang Yue and want another waifu to represent her tell me in the comments. If enough of you choose 1 particular waifu I guess I will be left with no other choice than to change it. ;P

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