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15.71% Against The Gods with an Anime System / Chapter 16: The Banquet

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Chapter 16: The Banquet

A week had passed since Mesa arrived at the New Moon Profound Palace. In this week he had been hanging around the New Moon Profound Palace and with Cang Yue/Lan Xueruo. What he didn't expect was not seeing Yun Che seeing as how in the original story he was given a ticket by his grandfather to enter the New Moon Profound Palace because his grandfather had saved the live of Great Elder Sikong Han's son. During his stay at the New Moon Profound Palace he didn't meet or see him even once.

Walking around the forests behind the New Moon Profound Palace Mesa was just enjoying a nice, stress free evening when he lays eyes on Yun Che cultivating beneath a tree with Xia Yuanba next to him. Taking a good look at them he sees that Yun Che has gotten stronger. He was now at level 8 Elementary Profound Realm. Considering the fact that he just started cultivating 5 months ago its a feat that he managed to get this strong in such a short amount of time. Looking at Xia Yuanba next to him Mesa could see that he was at level 6 Elementary Profound Realm. Seeing those two sitting together cultivating it was clear why he didn't see Yun Che all week. He was most likely cultivating in solitude together with Xia Yuanba and probably came out only recently.

After walking around the forest for a few more hours Mesa came back to his room. After closing the door Jasmine immediately came out.

"So that banquet is tomorrow. What are your plans? Because looking at the strength levels of this city your are one the strongest and you could dominate them with your overwhelming power." Jasmine asked curiously

"The plan for tomorrow is to keep my power level down to make them think I'm weak. After I beat all of the disciples we will be on our way. I am doing this as a favor for elder Sikong Han. He is a really good man and I can't stand it to watch him bow his head in shame while those other sect belittle him and the New Moon Profound Palace." Said Mesa.

"Good. I can't wait to see their faces once those disciples face off against you and you beat them effortlessly." Jasmine said with a smile while she was eating candy out of a paper bag.

Looking at Jasmine eating his sweets while at the same time expressing her joy at watching Mesa beat the disciples tomorrow during the banquet put a smile on his face.

"Looks like you really got addicted to those candy's I make. But you better safe some for tomorrows show. We wouldn't want you to run out of candy to eat during the fights tomorrow now would we." Mesa said with a teasing smile to which Jasmine reacted with a blush and turned her head away in embarrassment.

"Hmmphh..... This princess is not addicted to your candy's. This princess will eat whatever she wants whenever she wants. And don't you forget that." Jasmine said in a prideful/embarrassed way.

"Of course. How could I forget that. As a princess you may eat whatever you want whenever you want. So..... Do you want me to make you some more candies?" Mesa said with an even more teasing smile.

Hearing Mesa's offer Jasmine couldn't help herself but want even more candy. Turning her head away and looking at the ground with a deep blush she gave the candy bag back to Mesa while muttering "Yes please" at a barely audible volume.

The next evening.

At the heart of New Moon Profound Palace was a wide area of a sparse emerald-green bamboo forest, and in it, stood a huge palace that emitted a dignified atmosphere. This was the biggest and most extravagant building in the entirety of New Moon Profound Palace; it's known as the "Main Palace". All the important matters inside the Palace are conducted in the Main Palace; and the banquet for the new Palace Chief's appointment, would also be conducted here.

Walking in to the main palace and looking around Mesa could just see the other sects still hadn't arrived. As a show of their stature and as a show of contempt towards the New Moon Profound Palace these sects purposefully were arriving later than was planned. Taking a seat at the front next to Cang Yue Mesa sat down and waited for the sects to arrive and for the fights to begin.

Soon after the banquet started. The major sects had entered the main palace and the minor sects gave their respects to the new palace chief Qin Wuyou. The major sects with the exception of the Iron Spear Clan showed the New Moon Profound Palace the minimum courtesy that was expected from them. After that Qin Wuyou gave a speech to commemorate his new appointment as palace chief. Soon Profound Heart Sect's Head Elder Xuan Duanao stood up and 'suggested' to have the younger disciples 'exchange pointers', which was actually the major sects showing off their disciples strength to the New Moon Profound Palace and humiliating them in the process. Xuan Ao suggested one of his sects own disciple Xuan Yu to start first. Elder Sikong Han had told Li Hao to go up first. After a fairly unfair match against Xuan Yu Li Hao was beaten down with ease and was left in a severely wounded state. Li Hao was taken back to be treated and the New Moon disciples were looking at him with much rage in their eyes but they were powerless to do anything about it.

Xuan Yu proud of his rather easy victory was arrogantly looking over the New Moon disciples and calling out to anyone to come up to fight him. Looking over the crowd his eyes soon fell on Xia Yuanba who was trying not to look him in the eyes. Calling out to have Xia Yuanba come up and fight him he heard someone else issuing a challenge.

"I wish to come up and fight."

Xuan Yu looking at the source of the voice saw a guy standing up wearing a large black coat with red clouds on it. Looking at his weird clothes Xuan Yu was inwardly laughing at him but stayed composed on the outside.

"Sure you can come up. It just means I have another chance to exchange pointers with a New Moon disciple." Xuan Yu said with great sarcasm and arrogance in his voice.

"I hope you still got some candy left Jasmine, cause the show is about to start." said Mesa to Jasmine who was looking forward to his show.

Hearing Xuan Yu accept his challenge Mesa took of his Akatsuki coat to reveal his Anbu uniform he was wearing underneath. Everyone from the seven sects where looking at him mockingly and were just waiting for another New Moon disciple to be beaten up severely and watch the New Moon disciples and elders get angry but remain powerless. Placing his coat on his seat Mesa walked up to the center of the hall all the while the those of the seven sects were looking at him and mocking him under their breaths. Coming up to the center of the main palace hall Mesa took up his position opposite of Xuan Yu and gave him a courtesy bow while saying.

"Mesa Uchiha, New Moon Profound Palace disciple, 17 years old, please advise me!"

"Hehe, needless to say, I'll give you some advice." replied Xuan Yu with obvious sarcasm.

After saying that Xuan Yu's stuck his palm out to Mesa and his hand was glowing with a purple light and immediately came up to Mesa to strike him in the chest. Using his Observation Haki and Sharingan Mesa simply just twisted his body to the right and effortlessly dodged Xuan Yu's strike. Seeing his attack being dodged Xuan Yu turned around and tried again only for Mesa to dodge it again with ease. Balling his hands into fists Xuan Yu kept trowing one punch after another to hit Mesa but each and every time Mesa would dodge his hits with minimal movement making Xuan Yu look like child throwing a temper tantrum. Seeing all his attacks being dodged by Mesa who wasn't even putting in much effort was infuriating Xuan Yu to no end. Xuan Yu tried to punch Mesa again but seeing his attacks being dodged again enraged Xuan Yu to no end and he started yelling against Mesa.


Looking at Xuan Yu losing his composure and acting like an angry child Mesa decided to humor him.

"Alright then. I won't dodge your next move. But you better make it count." Mesa said with a calm and collected face.

"Your dare look down upon me!! Fine, but don't blame me for suffering the consequences for your arrogance!!" yelled Xuan Yu at Mesa.

Getting his fists ready Xuan Yu put all his Profound Energy in it and rushed at Mesa ready to strike him with all his might. As he got in front of Mesa Xuan Yu attacked him with both fists. Mesa simply caught them with both hands. Seeing his strongest attack being caught with no effort Xuan Yu was dumbfounded only for him to feel unimaginable pain through his hands as Mesa crushed them.

"AHHHHHHHH!!!....HAAAGH" Xuan Yu yelled out in pain before he was kicked in stomach by Mesa and sent flying in the air. Coming back down he grunts in pain while holding his stomach with his broken hands.

Seeing their fellow disciple being beaten so badly the Profound Heart Sect disciples were startled by this sudden loss. Running up to Xuan Yu were two people hastily throwing medicinal pellets in his mouth. Glaring at Mesa who just calmly stood there and watched them one of them spoke up: "How can you act this viciously towards Xuan Yu. If anything has happened to him my Profound Heart Sect won't let you off so easily."

Mesa looked at him for a few seconds and instead of reacting to him he just looked over to the crowd and yelled out: "NEXT!!"

Seeing Mesa ignore them completely those Profound Heart Sect practitioners got even angrier and yelled out to him again: "Don't you dare ignore us!! I will not allow such disrespectfull behaviour from a junior!!"

Mesa looked over to him again and spoke up: "You lost, so sit down and shut up. Losers have no right to talk. Unless you want to keep humaliating yourself in front everyone here."

Hearing Mesa telling them to sit down those two Profound Heart Sect practitioners were just about to go up to him and fight him until they say their sect elder motioning them to take Xuan Yu back and to sit down. Realising that they humiliated themselves they reluctantly followed his orders and sat down but not before glaring at Mesa as they walked away while carrying Xuan Yu.

Waiting for someone else to come up to fight him Mesa was just standing in the center of the Main Palace. Soon enough a new challenger came up.

"Yan Ming, Cloudy Sun Sect, sixteen years and seven months old. Remember my name because I will teach you to show your superiors the respect a junior like you should give them." Yan Ming said with great arrogance in his voice.

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