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19.28% Against The Gods with an Anime System / Chapter 21: The Big Heist

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Chapter 21: The Big Heist

Listening to Cang Yue warn him about Xiao Tiannan coming for his head, Mesa couldn't help himself but smile at the prospect of emptying out his vault.

Seeing Mesa smile, Cang Yue thought that he was crazy and that he would do something dangerous.

"Brother Mesa, you have to hurry up and leave. You should come with me to my hometown, Blue Wind Imperial city. We will be safe there."

"Ohh, don't worry about me. Remember how I had suppressed the entire banquet hall yesterday? Let me tell you something. You still haven't seen half of what I am truly capable of." said Mesa

"Now that you mention it. What was that yesterday? I saw palace chief Qin Wuyou trying to get up and help you out but then all of a sudden that weird sensation just took me by surprise and it was like me and the rest of the rest of the hall had no more will to fight anymore. What did you do?" asked Cang Yue

"What you felt yesterday is my will. My will to keep fighting until the very end, my will to live my life the way I want, my will to get stronger and my will to be free. I am able to project my will to the world and suppress the wills of others to fight and intimidate them." said Mesa to Cang Yue who was staring at him with wide open eyes.

'That was his will!! He suppressed the entire banquet hall and the leaders of the other sects just with his will!! If his will to fight and to live freely is this powerful that it can suppress even those other sect leaders than he should be the perfect guy to represent the Imperial Family at the Blue Wind Ranking Tournament.' thought Cang Yue to herself as she was listening to Mesa.

Having finally found someone who could be the perfect candidate to represent the Imperial Family at the Blue Wind Ranking Tournament, Cang Yue gathered up her courage and decided to ask Mesa to represent the Imperial Family at the tournament.

"Mesa, can I ask you something?"

"Yes, what is it?"

"I... I... I... wanted to ask you. Will you participate in the Blue Wind Ranking Tournament?" asked a very nervous Cang Yue

"No, until now I haven't had any plans of participating. Until now I haven't joined any sect, so I can't exactly participate." said Mesa

"If that is the case, will you be willing to represent the Imperial Family at the tournament?" said Cang Yue

Hearing Cang Yue finally ask this question that he was waiting for, Mesa decided to take a bit of a roundabout way of accepting it in order to get her to admit that Lan Xueruo is actually Cang Yue, princess of the Blue Wind Empire.

"And how would you be able to ask someone to do that. Shouldn't this kind of responsibility be left to a high ranking member of the Imperial Family and its staff. Unless you are a member of the Imperial Family. But that would be ridiculous. What would a member of the Imperial Family do here in the New Moon Profound Palace in New Moon City." said Mesa with a mocking smile as he kept his eye on Cang Yue for any kind of reaction.

And sure enough, the moment Mesa said that Cang Yue reacted by suddenly becoming nervous. As she looked at Mesa, she could see him looking at her with a very serious look.

"I don't know what you're talking about. I was just tasked with looking for a participant that would represent the Imperial Family during the Tournament." said Cang Yue as she very nervously tried to avoid making eye contact with Mesa.

"Why do I have the feeling like you're keeping something from me. And just so you know these eyes can do much more than just look intimidating, they can also spot lies. So I suggest you don't lie to me if you want my help." said Mesa.

Deciding that all this secretive stuff isn't worth losing such an excellent candidate for the tournament, Cang Yue decided to just be open with Mesa and hope that he would represent the Imperial Family.

*Sigh.."You're right. I have been keeping something from you. My real name is not Lan Xueruo, but Cang Yue and I am the princess of the Blue Wind Empire." said Cang Yue as she was looking at Mesa for any kind of reaction, but instead he smiled at her as if he knew all along.

"Hahaha.... You finally decided to come out with it. I knew from the very beginning that Lan Xueruo was not your real name. For a disciple of the New Moon Profound Palace you always had this regal aura around that you desperately tried to hide but just couldn't. And besides the fact that you were constantly asking me stories about Hashirama Senju, I knew you for a fact that he was a leader that you were aspiring to emulate." said Mesa with a smug smile.

"You knew from the beginning that I was the princess. I am sorry for lying to you all this time, but I had a good reason to hid my identity." said Cang Yue as he looked down at the ground in shame.

"Don't worry about it, I was never upset to begin with. I knew you were not Lan Xueruo from the beginning but I didn't know you were princess Cang Yue and besides as a princess of the Blue Wind Empire you had to hide your identity in order to blend in. So how about you ask me again, but this time truthfully." said Mesa

Lifting up her head, Cang Yue was prepared to ask Mesa to represent the Imperial Family at the tournament not as Lan Xueruo but as princess Cang Yue.

"I, princess Cang Yue of the Blue Wind Empire, would like to ask you, Mesa Uchiha, to represent the Imperial Family at the Blue Wind Ranking Tournament. Would you be willing to do this?" asked Cang Yue.

"It would be my honor to represent the Imperial Family at the Blue Wind Ranking Tournament. Now that we have that out of the way its time for me to go." said Mesa

Realizing what her original purpose was for coming here, Cang Yue immediately wanted to ask to come with her where he would be safe but just before she say anything she was cut of.

"In case you are worried about my safety, let me tell you that you don't have to be worried. I am strong enough to handle Xiao Tiannan and his Xiao branch sect." said Mesa as he released his true strength.

Cang Yue who was just about to protest his decision was dumbstruck at the fact that Mesa was much stronger than she thought.

"You are at level 7 Earth Profound Realm now. But how? Just yesterday you were at level 3 Nascent Profound Realm. How did you get this strong this fast?" said Cang Yue who was dumbstruck at Mesa's rapid growth.

"I was always this strong. I just made it seem like I was weaker. This way I could win back the honor of the New Moon Profound Palace without anyone claiming me to be cheating, which I actually did in fact. But back to the point. Cang Yue, you should go back to Blue Wind Imperial City. I will handle this whole thing myself. And besides I wasn't going to stay in New Moon anyways so this is just some minor thing to take care of. Don't worry, I will keep my promise and represent the Imperial Family in the tournament. Just wait for me, I'll come and visit you at Blue Wind Imperial City." said Mesa.

"Alright then. I believe in you. I will be at the Blue Wind Profound Palace in the Blue Wind Imperial City. I will see you there then." said Cang Yue as she walked away to pack up her things.

'Well now that that's been handled, it's time for me to rob this vault of theirs and get over to Floating Cloud City and empty out that mine.' thought Mesa to himself

After packing all his stuff, he made his way out to the main entrance just in time to see palace chief Qin Wuyou negotiate with Xiao Tiannan for 10 days time to decide whether to hand Mesa over to them. Deciding that its not worth discussing a plan of action with him, Mesa decided to just leave. Jumping from rooftop to rooftop until he was far enough from both the Xiao Branch sect manor and the New Moon Profound Palace, Mesa jumped into an alley. He first placed a Flying Raijin kunai before using the transformation jutsu to change his appearance to look like a forty to fifty year old man with a beard, he went up to the Xiao Branch sect to initiate his plans.

Arriving at the main entrance of the of the Xiao Branch sect, Mesa who went by the name 'Huangfu He' introduced himself to the guards and explained why he was here.

"Greetings to you all. My name is Huangfu He. I was just in this city when I heard that the young master of the Xiao Branch sect was injured in a truly unfortunate incident. So I have come here offer up my services as a doctor." said Mesa as he cupped his hands in front of him and gave the guards a courtesy bow.

"Such perfect timing. We just wanted to go out and look for a doctor but thank the heavens that one came to us himself. I thank you for coming, we were in dire need of a doctor to help the young master after he was so brutally and unjustly crippled by this little bastard from the New Moon Profound Palace. That little bastard is lucky that the new palace chief came in between him and our Sect master or else he would have suffered horribly. Well anyways let me guide you to the Sect master, he is with our young master at this moment." said the guard as he guided Mesa to see the Sect master.

The entire sect was located at South Moon Mountain and spanned several kilometers away from the foot of the mountain, yet they had only entered the outer ground of the sect; the core of the sect was located on top of South Moon Mountain. This entire mountain belonged to the sect. Upon arriving at the Medicine Hall he was led in and saw a half dead Xiao Luocheng lying on the floor with who he assumed was Xiao Tiannan standing next to him looking like he hadn't slept in days.

After causing a ruckus at the New Moon Profound Palace and returning, he had not left the medicine hall at all. Looking at Xiao Luocheng's half dead state, his heart was broken and his mind was in a complete mess. The sect doctor of the medicine hall simply didn't know what to do with Xiao Luocheng's injuries…. Strictly speaking, he simply didn't dare to handle it.

The left arm had been shattered into twelve pieces, the upper body's meridians were entirely broken, and the profound veins had completely ruptured... Regardless of which area, there was only one method for a complete recovery; it was to use the Purple Veined Heaven Crystal. The Purple Veined Heaven Crystal contained a feeble force of divinity; no matter which part of the human body was injured, it was possible to perfectly restore any injuries using a Purple Veined Heaven Crystal. However, first and foremost, one would need a high leveled doctor who has the ability to use this sort of treasure.

Xiao Sect possessed a small palm sized chunk of a Purple Veined Heaven Crystal, but it could be considered the most precious thing in this entire branch sect. But for Xiao Luocheng, the branch sect brought it out. However, whether it was people from their sect or from the city, nobody knew how to use the Purple Veined Heaven Crystal.

This entire night, Xiao Tiannan had his people search high and low for almost all the doctors in New Moon City. This also consisted of each and every doctor and pharmacist. But none of them dared to use the Purple Veined Heaven Crystal, nor could they come up with any other method of treatment. As Xiao Luocheng's injured state dragged on for a day, the hope for a cure also became even more uncertain. Xiao Tiannan was so worried that it even caused a few strands of his hair to turn white; he hated Mesa Uchiha to the bone.

"Quacks! All a bunch of fricking useless quacks and trash!" Xiao Tiannan profusely yelled at the doctors in the room as he trembled from head to toe.

Clearly he didn't have any hopes for these New Moon City's doctors. If he were to invite skilled doctors from the Imperial City, putting aside whether or not they would be willing to take the long journey to come here; just the time it took to travel here, may already be too late even with the Purple Veined Heaven Crystal. It was more so impossible to send Xiao Luocheng to the Imperial City. With his current condition even a single day of bumpy traveling would be too much to bear.

Walking into the medicine hall, he was met with the faces of the doctors who were looking at him with disgust written on their faces. Remembering how Yun Che had to act in the novel in front of them to convince them that he was the 'real' Huangfu He, Mesa decided that would be too tedious and went for the quick fix solution.


With a quick flash of his Sharingan, he placed everyone in the room in a genjutsu that made them believe his every word.

"Greetings everyone and greetings sect master Xiao Tiannan. I just happened to be in this city when I heard about the horrible injury of the Xiao sect's young master and as a doctor it was my duty to come and assist in any way I can." said Mesa

"Thank you for coming to help my son in these difficult times. But I still don't know your name." said Xiao Tiannan who was still looking at Mesa with suspicion.

"Of course, my apologies. Where are my manners. My name is Huangfu He." said Mesa

Immediately after saying this name all the doctors look at him with wide eyes. Xiao Baicao, the Xiao Branch Sect medicine hall Elder, was the first to come out of his stupor.

"Is it possible... Is it possible that you are Divine Phoenix Empire's 'Eccentric God Hand' Senior Huangfu He?"

"Why yes, some people do refer to me as the 'Eccentric God Hand'. But personally, I never liked that name. I tend to refer to myself as a genius doctor." said Mesa as he looked over to the other doctors.

And immediately those doctors come over to kneel in front of him and they started singing his praises. Going on about how 'he' is a legend and how they have learned everything they know from his books.

Xiao Tiannan who was looking at this whole spectacle was amazed that a genius doctor from the Divine Phoenix Empire was in his house and would treat his son. This was the best thing that could have happened to his son and his sect. The genius doctor can treat and cure his son while he will build connections with the genius doctor himself thus ensuring a higher position within the Xiao sect itself.

"Well now that we have introductions out of the way, let me take a look a the child who needs my help." said Mesa

"Oh, right, of course. He is right here Senior Huangfu." said Xiao Tiannan as he brought 'Mesa' over to his son.

Looking over Xiao Luocheng injured body, Mesa was was checking his injuries while he was thinking to himself.

'Ohh man, I sure did a number on this guy. Beaten, broken and semi-crippled, but hey, that's what you for playing dick measuring contest with me and being to stubborn and arrogant to know when to call it quits.'

As he was finished checking Xiao Luocheng's injuries. Mesa turned to Xiao Tiannan and told him about all the injuries he sustained.

"This Young Sect Master's injuries. The bones of his left arms are completely shattered, half of the meridians of his entire body are broken, and his profound veins have been busted. His body had been invaded by last night's cold weather, so on top of being injured, he also fell ill and that's why he had been unconscious the entire time." said Mesa as he looked over at Xiao Tiannan who, was hoping that the genius doctor would hopefully give him better news, was heartbroken.

"The injuries on his left arm can be fixed and his meridians can also be repaired. But he will have to cultivate from the beginning I am afraid. I promise you on my honor as Huangfu He, I will make sure that this child gets better. No, I will make sure that this cild gets even better than before. Xiao sect master, I have heard about the cruelty and injustice that your son has suffered at the hands of that despicable Mesa boy. I promise you that when I am done treating this child, he will be much better than before. He will even be able to take revenge on that despicable boy himself." said Mesa as his words were starting to make Xiao Tiannan and Xiao Baicao practically tear up at the prospect of the young master being healed and even being stronger than before.

Hearing that his son would be much stronger than before, Xiao Tiannan swore he would help this genius with all the resources that the Xiao branch sect had at its disposal.

"Thank you!! Thank you so much Senior Huangfu!! Ohh thank the heavens that justice will finally be served!! I promise you on my honor as the Xiao Branch Sect master, I will help you out in every way I can. No matter the costs."

"Hahahaha.... There is no need to go that far. I am just a passing doctor who is doing his duty and seeing this poor child suffer such injustice makes this heart of mine ache. But now down to serious business. I came to the Blue Wind Empire from the Divine Phoenix Empire one month ago and I arrived in New Moon City just this morning. Seeing as how I didn't expect a severe case such as this one to happen I have no means of treating this poor child. I would need to take a direct look at your best medicinal herbs in order to be able to treat this child." said Mesa

"Yes but of course Senior. I will have Xiao Baicao here guide you to the medicinal herbs garden and you can see for yourself which one would be best suited for my son's treatment." said Xiao Tiannan.

"I am afraid that those herbs will not of much use. The extent of your son's injuries are too grave. I require herbs that have seasoned for at least a 100 years. And that depends on the specific types of herbs, some herbs would even be required to have seasoned for more than 500 years. Do you not have a vault where you store all of these herbs?" said Mesa

"Ahh yes, we do have a treasury. But entrance to the treasury is only allowed to the sect master and the hall elders. I am truly sorry Senior Huangfu but as sect master I cannot allow you to enter the vault alone." said Xiao Tiannan in shame as he looked at the ground. The sect rules dictated that only the highest ranking members of the sect are allowed in.

"Of course I understand that. I was not suggesting that you would let me go into the vault alone. That would truly be foolish. What kind of a sect master would be so foolish as to allow an outsider into their vault alone, that is just asking for trouble. What I am suggesting is that you as the sect master and you as the medicine hall elder will escort me to the vault. I promise I will only look at the contents of the vault and not touch a thing. If there is anything that I can use for this poor child's treatment than I will ask you to take it out for me." said Mesa as he was expecting this from the start.

"Ohh but if that's the case, it would be an honor to escort Senior to our treasury." said Xiao Tiannan excitedly as the prospect of his son's was getting closer and closer.

Walking through the Xiao Sect corridors for at least half an hour Mesa, Xiao Tiannan and Xiao Baicao finally arrived at the vault's doors. The vault was protected by a seven layered defense that would be hard for anyone to break in. After Xiao Tiannan opened the doors, Mesa, Xiao Tiannan and Xiao Baicao quickly entered. As they walked into the vault Mesa couldn't help but stand still and marvel at the sheer size of it.

"This is quite the vault you have here. You should be proud of yourselfs for collecting all of these riches." said Mesa as Xiao Baicao and Xiao Tiannan turned to look at him. Making use of this opportunity Mesa quickly placed them under a genjutsu.


"You flatter us Senior Huangfu. I am sure you have seen grander vaults in the Divine Phoenix Empire. Right this way Senior Huangfu." said Xiao Tiannan.


After Mesa placed a second genjutsu on Xiao Tiannan and Xiao Baicao he made them believe that he was still walking around the vault with them. In fact Xiao Tiannan and Xiao Baicao were walking around the vault talking to a Huangfu He who in actuality was not with them at all.

Mesa was still at the vault's entrance. He used the Shadow Clone Jutsu and quickly made 9 clones.

"Alright everyone you know what to do." said the original Mesa to which all the clones nodded and dispersed across the vault and started ransack it. In the meantime Xiao Tiannan and Xiao Baicao were still oblivious to the fact that not only was Huangfu He not with them anymore, they were not even able to see or hear Mesa and his clones take everything that was in the vault. In order to not ruin the genjutsu, Mesa and his clones stayed out of Xiao Tiannan and Xiao Baicao way.

Five minutes later Mesa had completely ransacked the entire treasury and stored everything in his inventory. Deciding that he would go out with a metaphorical bang, Mesa dispelled the genjutsu he had placed on Xiao Tiannan and Xiao Baicao but not his transformation jutsu.

POV Xiao Tiannan

As they were walking in the Xiao Sect's treasury, rows and rows of shelves made of black wood appeared in their vision. Xiao Baicao went up and started telling Senior Huangfu He about it: "These black wood shelves are all used to store medicinal ingredients. The medicinal ingredients that Senior needs can all be found here. Furthermore, the elixirs, rare treasures, profound cores, along with different kinds of purple crystals, uncommon metals, precious jade, weapons, armors, and even the Sect's Arts that our sect had gathered through all these years…. It can be said that our sect's thousand years of accumulation, are all secretly stored away here."

"With the size of your sect, to have such a stockpile, it's quite good." said Senior Huangfu He.

But just as they were about to keep walking further, Senior Huangfu He just suddenly disappeared. And along with him the entire contents of the vault was suddenly gone.

"WHAT HAPPENED!!! WHERE ARE ALL OF OUR TREASURES!! WHERE IS SENIOR HUANGFU!!" screamed a completely enraged Xiao Tiannan.

"Yo dipshits, I am over here!!"

Looking over to the source of the voice, Senior Huangfu He could be seen holding some of the treasures in his hand.

"Senior, what is the meaning of all this!!" screamed Xiao Tiannan as he was preparing his attack.

"What do you think it is!! It's a stick-up of course!! So long suckers!! HAHAHAHA" said Senior Huangfu He before he suddenly disappeared without a trace.

"AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! HOW COULD THIS HAVE HAPPENED!!!! WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO NOW!!!" screamed Xiao Tiannan at the fact that he was robbed right from under his nose and even worse, he let the robber into the vault himself.

POV Mesa

Appearing back at the waterfall in the Scarlet Dragon Mountain Range where he had been training before, Mesa started thinking at the fact that this robbery went even better than he had ever hoped for.

'Ohh man. This went way better than I had ever hoped for. They should make a movie about this heist and they should call it "Mesa's one". Hahhahahaha. That would be amazing.

But anyways it's time to get to that Purple Veined Divine Crystal mine and empty it out. And after that it's back to the canon story and my Phoenix Bloodline.'

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