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11.42% Against The Gods with an Anime System / Chapter 10: The true start of the adventure

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Chapter 10: The true start of the adventure

After putting Yun Che through the humiliation of a life time I left him there in the forest. I went to his room to say goodbye to Xia Qingyue and truly start my own adventure from this point on.

Arriving at Yun Che's room I open the door, enter the room and softly call Xia Qingyue's name.

Seeing her wake and look at me in surprise she immediately starts asking me what I'm doing here.

"Mesa what are you doing here? Hurry up and leave before Xiao Che returns or someone else sees us." Xia Qingyue whispers to Mesa to get him to leave quickly.

"Don't worry Xia Qingyue. I am not planning on staying here. I came here to tell you that I was leaving Floating Cloud City. But don't worry we will meet again in the future I am absolutely sure. You have to get stronger in the meantime and for that I came to leave you with a gift."

As Mesa said that he placed his hand on Xia Qingyue's shoulder. At first Xia Qingyue tensed up from the physical contact but seeing that Mesa wouldn't go any further than that she relaxed. Mesa used the power of the Sky Poison Pearl to cleanse her body of the cold energy and open al 54 of her Profound Vein Entrances thus granting her the Heavenly God's Spiritual Veins. Feeling all the cold energy dissipate and all 54 of her Profound Entrances open up Xia Qingyue was shocked to say the least that someone was capable to perform such a miraculous feat.

"How are you able to this? No one should be able to this kind of thing." Xia Qingyue asked shocked and very curious how Mesa was able to do this.

"That is because I am a genius doctor my dear. Just tell people that see this that a doctor came through town and that he healed you using some kind of treatment you had no knowledge of. Well this is goodbye but not farewell. Next time we meet we will both be much stronger." As Mesa said that he pokes Xia Qingyue forehead with two of his fingers.

"Until we meet next time." After saying that Mesa flickers out of there

Appearing outside of the Xiao clan manor he took up position in a tree and decided to wait there.

'Now all I have to do is wait for those Xiao sect guys to come by and watch how this story unfolds.'

As Mesa was watching the Xiao clan these past few days he could see that things went according to the story with a few exceptions. Yun Che was walking around all day being grumpy, Xia Qingyue still wouldn't give him any attention and it was discovered that Yun Che's Profound Veins were restored but he was still bullied for being a weakling. As the days went on the Xiao sect representatives arrived at the Xiao clan. The whole conspiracy against Yun Che marriage with Xia Qingyue played out. It eventually ended up with Xia Qingyue being taken away by her master Chu Yueli from the Frozen Cloud Asgard after Xia Qingyue destroys her marriage certificate with Yun Che. Yun Che changed his name from from Xiao Che to Yun Che after his true heritage had been discovered and his grandfather Xiao Lie and his aunt Xiao Lingxi were imprisoned in the mountains behind the Xiao clan.

Seeing al this happen in front of him Mesa got up and started to make his moves. Because he knew that Yun Che would use the Star Concealing Pill he had left with him to get his revenge on Xiao Yulong Mesa decided to beat him to the punch and take his vengeance target for himself.

Sneaking around the Xiao Clan manor al the way to Xiao Yulong's room he found him sleeping in his bed. Mesa enters his room closes the door and sneaks up on Xiao Yulong. Standing next to Xiao Yulong sleeping body he put his hand on Xiao Yulong mouth immediately waking up Xiao Yulong and putting him under a genjutsu making him remember who Mesa was and at the same time paralyzing him. After accomplishing this Mesa looks behind him toward the wall but with his Sharingan he was able to see Yun Che standing there even if he was invisible to other people.

"Hello Yun Che. Have you come to take your revenge on this worm. Well you are little too late. He is my prey."

Yun Che POV

After sneaking into Xiao Yulong's room using the Star Concealing Pill I was ready to get my revenge on him until I saw that same guy from the other day standing above Xiao Yulong body with his hand on his mouth. Using this chance I could get my revenge on both of them. I will let him take out Xiao Yulong while I stand here and wait for him to finish and after that this guy is mine. Nobody is able to see me, hear me or smell me as long as I don't make any physical contact so I have nothing to worry about. Suddenly this guy turns his head around to me and looks straight at me.

'Come on don't worry Yun Che the Star Concealing Pill grants me total invisibility he can't see me.' I kept thinking to myself to keep myself calm. I have to stay calm if I want my revenge on them. That was until I heard him speak to me directly.

"Hello Yun Che. Have you come to take your revenge on this worm. Well you are a little too late. He is my prey." I hear him say to me directly so I break the invisibility since it's meaningless now.

"But how, the Star Concealing Grass should grant total invisibility you shouldn't be able to see me." I say to him confused as to how he could see me. I say to him confused as to how he could see me.

"There is nothing anybody can hide before my eyes. I can see through such childish tricks with ease. So be a good boy and stay right there, the adults are speaking here." Just as he says this I feel that my body suddenly stopped moving and I couldn't utter a single sound. I was forced to watch him once again take what was mine.

Mesa POV

Genjutsu: Sharingan

After casting a genjutsu on Yun Che to make sure that he won't interfere I turned back to Xiao Yulong who was paralyzed on the bed but still witnessed everything that happened.

"Now where were we. Ahh right. You still remember me from that day from the forest don't you Xiao Yulong? Of course you do. I made sure to return your memories to you that I took from you that day. Now on to the main show. You both should be honored. You shall gaze upon a blade the likes of which this world has never seen before."

After that I take out Yamato from my inventory. Immediately I see both of them looking at Yamato with wide eyes filled with fear at the sheer demonic power that is inside the blade.

"Feast your eyes upon Yamato. The legendary demonic blade. You Xiao Yulong are both lucky and unlucky for it is your first and your last time gazing upon Yamato. And you Yun Che should be honored for you get to live to tell the tale of Yamato."

After saying that I place my right hand upon the hilt of Yamato and unsheathe it and re sheath it back again. Immediately after that Xiao Yulong's body is cleanly bisected in half from his groin all the way up to his head. Looking back at Yun Che I could see the fear in his eyes after witnessing the power of Yamato. I put Yamato back inside the inventory and walk up to Yun Che.

"See you around Yun Che." After saying that I use the Body Flicker jutsu and get out of there while at the same time undoing the genjutsu on Yun Che.

'Time to go to Cyan Forest Town. I have a depraved little rapist to turn into shish kebab.'

Several days later Mesa arrives at the edge of Cyan Forest Town. In order to attract the attention of Xiao Kuangyun Mesa used a transformation jutsu on him self to look just like Yun Che. Seeing Xiao Kuangyun and his entourage at the inn Mesa walked in as well looking like Yun Che. After walking in he was spotted by Xiao Kuangyun.

Xiao Kuangyun POV

'These filthy little mercenaries think they can just come to me and demand my clothes. Filthy little worms like those should know their place. To come to their superiors like that and have the balls to demand something of me. That's why I hate weaklings that think they are hot shit.'

Just as these mercenaries have been put in their places that Xiao Che weakling walks in. No he goes by Yun Che now. It doesn't matter, he is a filthy little worm that dared to get married to such a heavenly jewel like Xia Qingyue.

'Damn that Frozen Asgard Chu Yueli for taking her away, she was mine. Well if I can't get Xia Qingyue I will just settle for her ex-husband and torture him to my hearts contend.'

"Xiao Ba, that good for nothing worm that got kicked out the Xiao Clan just walked in. Grab him and bring him here. I want to see him beg for his life before I kill him for daring to marry Xia Qingyue when I can't have her."

Moments later Xiao Ba returns with Yun Che in tow. Seeing this filthy worm contaminate my sight by his mere presence is already infuriating enough.

"So here you are again you good for nothing worm. You should curse the heavens for letting you run into me. Now it's time for your punishment. Get on the floor and kowtow 100 times and call me Great Master Xiao Kuangyun. Who knows maybe I will kill you quickly and painlessly."

Expecting this worm to get on the floor and beg for his life, instead he start to laugh.

"Hahahahaha.... Ahh you truly are an ignorant fool. I throw out the bait and you immediately bite."

Mesa POV

"Hahahahaha.... Ahh you truly are an ignorant fool. I throw out the bait and you immediately bite."

Hearing this idiot speak I start laughing. Everything is so cliche. His behavior, his arrogance, the way he speaks and the fact that he thought I would act like one of his slaves. He fell for my trap so easily I was honestly surprised.

I quickly send out a wave of Conqueror's Haki knocking out everyone in the inn except Xiao Kuangyun. Xiao Moshan, Xiao Ba and Xiao Jiu were completely incapacitated by the sudden wave of Haki and were unable to react. I quickly reinforce my right hand in Armament Haki and put a spherical bubble of tremor fruit powers around it. Using the Body Flicker jutsu I appear in front of Xiao Kuangyun and punch him squarely on the nose. The punch breaks every single bone in his skull and turns his brain to mush instantly killing him. Then I use the Body Flicker jutsu again and appear in front of Xiao Moshan and punch him in the chest, breaking all his ribs and scattering his Profound Veins crippling him for the rest of his life. After that I take out Yamato and quickly decapitate both Xiao Ba and Xiao Jiu. Having done what I have wanted I start to walk out of the inn until I hear Xiao Moshan weakly calling out to me.

"Wait you.... cough...cough.... You...won't get away...with this Xiao Che. Once...the sect master...hears of this...he will and...your family." Xiao Moshan weakly calls out to me.

Hearing him say that I break the transformation jutsu and show him another transformation. This time I turned into Johan Liebert from the Monster anime series. I can see in his face the confusion and shock as to how someone can change appearances so quickly. I smile at him before telling him why I killed Xiao Kuangyun.

"You should thank me for killing that lecherous little worm. I have done the world a great service killing him. Now I have brought justice to the countless women he kidnapped and raped. If you wanna know who I am than good luck finding out."

Telling Xiao Moshan what I wanted I make my way out of that inn and to the forests outside of Cyan Forest Town for my next training.

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