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Akame ga KILL: Killer Akame ga KILL: Killer original

Akame ga KILL: Killer

Author: FanFictionForge

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Chapter 1: Prologue

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[1937, Germany (Third Reich)].

The secret organisation Ahnenerbe was tasked with creating a superhuman "true Aryan" with the help of mystical "higher knowledge". He was to become unusually strong and hardy, able to easily withstand the hardships of war.

Proponents of acquiring secret knowledge sought to "recreate true Aryans" from the SS elite, which included members of the so-called knightly orders. They, too, were subjected to various measures of influence, including religious and mystical ones.

In addition to the Ahnenerbe, such personnel were trained at the Institute for Racial Research, where they used the data obtained in "DATA CLOSED"... in this way they could learn how to stimulate the brain. According to scant mention in archival records, these specially trained soldiers were used to create highly classified specialised SS battalions under Himmler himself.

The breeding of "true Aryans" was carried out in orphanages "DATA SECRETED"... Children of specially selected couples were brought up there, who necessarily met Aryan standards - there were only about 1 thousand of them.

Subsequently, many objects were characterised by good physical or mental development, but it was possible to identify their fathers only in three cases. These were officers of special SS battalions, which indicates successful hereditary transmission of their acquired qualities.

Several unique "true Aryans" were bred among the children through experiments, and these objects were given the codename "crowned".

What distinguishes the "crowned ones" from the "true Aryans" is that the former, unlike the latter, exhibit extraordinary abilities. Their physical strength and speed, despite their athletic, but ectomorphic physique, exceed human values by 3-5 times. In addition, their pain threshold has increased: the "crowned" almost do not notice injuries that are considered serious for a normal person. Their eyesight has also improved: at a distance of 200-400 metres they can see any object and clearly describe it. In addition, the speed of regeneration has increased: wounds that take months to heal disappear in a week. Mental abilities have also increased: according to the test analyses, they think at least 5 times faster than the average person.

After the results were presented to the high command of the 3rd Reich about the successful breeding of superhumans - "true Aryans" - it was difficult to describe all the emotions experienced by the SS, because for them it was much more than just a success, because from now on the Great Power, which is going to exist for thousands of years, has its own millennial soldiers.

After that, the "crowned ones" began to be trained in the military craft. Since the mental abilities of the "crowned ones" are superior to those of humans, their theoretical training was incredibly fast, as well as training in hand-to-hand combat, wielding cold weapons, shooting, obstacle course - all of this "crowned ones" masterfully trained in a few months, while the same SS elite took more than one year of training.

[1938, Japan]

SS Untersturmführer Leon König, "crowned".

At the age of 16 he was sent to Japan under the treaty "████████████████████" between the countries. During his stay there he learnt to wield a katana, archery, studied local traditions, culture and history of the country. Japan, in turn, engaged █████████████ ████████████████ ██████████ █████████████ █████████ ████████ ████████████ ████████ ████████ ████████ ███████████ █████████ █████████████ ██████████ █████ ███████████ ████████ █████████████████ ████████████ ████████████ ███████ █████ ██████████ ████████ ███████████ ███████ ██████████████ ███████ ███████ ███████.

In 1939, at the end of the term "████████████████████", Leon Könich returns to his homeland. Before his departure, he was given a black katana made of an unknown but extremely light and incredibly strong metal as a gift from the Japanese command.

[1939, Poland]

For the "crowned ones" this was their first serious battle, their baptism of fire. The Poles fought bravely, but they were not capable of fighting two great powers at once: Germany and the USSR. Although there are not many "crowned", one "crowned" man alone can outnumber a battalion of soldiers. And so it happened - Poland quickly capitulated and part of its territories were occupied by the Reich, the other part went to the Union. Those who had the strength not to surrender began to form partisan units. Among them were also those who survived the front line and spoke about the strange soldiers, saying something like the following:

"- They were moving at an unimaginable speed, I didn't have time to see them before they blurred into silhouettes. Then began what can only be described as a massacre: my comrades fell one after another, there were more than a hundred of us, but no one was able not only to injure anyone, but even to understand who we were fighting against. I didn't know what to do, so I decided to just fall to the ground, hoping that it would pass.

When the sounds died down, I carefully lifted my head and saw my commander - he was lying on his back, seriously wounded, and a guy in a German officer's uniform, about 16-17 years old, was standing over him. He uttered, "Und lass es das Reich sein*", after which he cut off his head with a black blade and then disappeared as if he had never been here.

After I made sure that no one was around, I ran to headquarters, with only one question in my mind: 'What is this?'"

[1940, France]

After the successful occupation of Poland, the "crowned ones" were sent to the Western Front. There they were given the following task: during the Blitzkrieg according to the "Roth" plan, the "crowned ones", supported by several battalions, must destroy all enemy troops not in the cauldron.

The situation was similar to that in Poland - no matter how bravely the French resisted, the outcome was obvious: France surrendered. The few surviving Frenchmen who had survived the Blitzkrieg began to form a guerrilla movement. The remnants of the troops that didn't make it into the cauldron told of the demons that hunted them, and one in particular, whom the French soldiers nicknamed "The Devil of Ardennes."

"... "I saw the Devil of Ardennes!" - when the German army attacked through the Ardennes and took the main forces in a cauldron, our commander ordered us to move out to help, but no sooner had he given the order to move out than his head flew off his shoulders a second later. Before we could react, a dozen more fighters fell dead. Not seeing the enemy, we began to shoot almost in all directions, but it did not help much. One fighter couldn't stand it and threw a grenade at random, and it worked: after the explosion we heard a scream!

Looking in the direction of the sound, we saw a guy in a German uniform. He looked to be about 16-17 years old. He was holding his right eye with one hand, in which, most likely, a grenade fragment had landed; in his other hand he was holding a black katana. The soldier who had thrown the grenade ran at him with his bayonet, and it was his fatal mistake - no sooner had he got there than the guy grabbed his arms and ripped them off with some unnatural ease, then grabbed him by the neck and threw him in my direction.

I fell and hit my head on something and passed out, and when I woke up everyone was dead. I ran away, away from there, and along the way I met a few more of the same poor souls who had experienced the same thing. That's when we gave the name to this monster - the 'Ardennes Devil'....."

[1940, Poland]

[POV SS Sturmbannführer Leon König, "crowned"]

Leon was now on his way to a classified facility in Poland. As he had been told at headquarters, scientists from the Ahnenerbe had found some unknown anomaly, and they urgently needed the "crowned one". Leon was not told more because of the secrecy, but he did not complain: to keep secret the fact of the existence of super-soldiers - that's another matter, especially since the data still leak one way or another. The first data leaked back in Poland, and recently in France, where Leon had lost an eye. On the other hand, he had been promoted and now had the nickname "The Devil of Ardennes" - sounds impressive.

While Leon was thinking, he had already been brought to the location. The guy checked his Luger pistol and inspected his katana, which he named "Massaker*", then got out of the car and walked towards the greeters.

- Sieg Heil! SS Sturmbannführer Leon Könich has arrived by order of the command. - he said, saluting the Oberfuhrer.

- At ease, Sturmbannfuhrer. Has it been explained to you why you have been summoned here?

- That's right, it's about an unknown anomaly.

- That's right. I'll take you to Professor Schmidt, he'll explain the situation.

While Leon was led inside the bunker, a large number of guards immediately caught his eye - even the base where the "crowned ones" were trained is not guarded like this. However, there were more scientists than soldiers, which was unusual.

When they reached the centre of the bunker, Leon had a view of a huge installation with electric sparks running through it - it looked impressive.

- Oh, you're here. - The young man was brought out of his thoughts by a middle-aged man, wearing glasses and a white scientific coat. - Let me introduce myself: I'm Professor Schmit. - he said, extending his hand.

- Nice to meet you, my name is Leon Könich. - said the guy, shaking his outstretched hand. - Pleased to meet you.

- The devil of Ardennes! When I asked for a "crowned one", I never dreamed that a living legend would be sent to help me.

- A living legend?

- Oh, you don't know, after your successful actions in Poland and France, the soldiers of the Reich and beyond began to believe that the gods had sent us a warrior who would lead the Reich to victory.

- Sounds a bit fanatical. Anyway, I'd like to know why I was sent here.

- Oh, yes, yes, yes, of course, where to start? Oh, I know! In general terms, after the occupation of Poland, Ahnenerbe agents detected strange signals in the area where we are now. After studying it, the discovery surprised them, but I'd rather show you exactly what they found.

Having approached two incomprehensible devices and having adjusted something, Schmit switched them on, after which two black clots of incomprehensible energy appeared. The professor took a metal ball the size of a fist and threw it into one clot, after which the ball flew out of the other clot. It didn't take Leon long to figure out.

- A teleportation device...

- Exactly. By studying the nature of portals, we were eventually able to teleport things, small animals, the only thing left to test on...

- Humans, I see. But why do you need "crowned ones"? You don't have enough human volunteers?

- The Crowned Ones, as practice has shown, are more adaptable to the strain due to their increased physical abilities. And if the calculations are correct, a crowned man has an 87 per cent chance of survival, compared to 54 per cent for an ordinary man.

- Well, I see your logic. If that's the order, we have to follow it.

- Good. We've prepared all the instruments, so you'll need to go to that platform underneath the machine, then you'll be teleported to another part of the complex.

After doing as the professor said, Leon walked to the middle of the platform. He could have disagreed, but the order was given, and therefore the task must be completed.

After the scientists had set up the equipment, the professor turned to the young man:

- The hardware setup is complete. Leon, are you ready?

He responded with a thumbs-up.

- Very well, let's start the countdown.

- 5.

- 4.

- 3.

- 2.

- 1... stop... what the hell... STOP STARTING!!!!

Before the scientists could execute the professor's order, the platform where Leon was standing began to fill with a giant-sized black blob of energy. The whole installation was covered with bright discharges and went up in flames, thick wires were burnt in some places. Through the error siren, the guy could barely hear Shmita cursing.

Total darkness surrounded Leon, there was absolutely nothing around. It seemed that even time had stopped. The guy tried to take a step, but it didn't work. After standing like that for a few seconds, it was as if something began to push him out, and he fell to the ground covered with snow.

Getting to his feet, Leon looked around.

- Where am I?" was the only question the "crowned one" was interested in right now.

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