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23.8% Alchemist Chat Group / Chapter 5: Strange Encounters

Strange Encounters - Alchemist Chat Group - Chapter 5 by Bymo full book limited free

Chapter 5: Strange Encounters

Hisashi spent about ten minutes chatting with all the members. Even the stupidest things were discussed, even as he tried to maintain his image as a leader.

Is this thing even useful?

Primo: Don't question me.

But after those ten minutes, Hisashi had to withdraw his consciousness. He didn't want to retire, just that his body needs comfort, cough, sustenance to survive.

In fact, as soon as his consciousness withdrew, he heard a noise coming from his stomach.


Hisashi immediately put a hand on his stomach, trying to calm this 'turbulent sea.'

Getting out of bed, Hisashi got dressed quickly, then left the house.

The sunlight that arrived blinded him a little. He would never have expected such a strong light. From inside the house, it was not of this intensity after all.

But after not even a few seconds, he removed that hand, starting to walk in the direction of the place he wants to visit today.

Even before being dragged into this magical but gory world, he always wanted to try this place, but he never got the chance since he was in the real world. But now that he is in this world, he has no reason not to go there. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

The ramen bar that goes with the name of Ramen Ichiraku.

After all, what traverser would he be if he never visited this place?

Walking the streets slowly, Hisashi can't help but admire all the civilians wandering around with happy smiles on their faces and the rarely passing ninjas. Only now has he realized that this is not a dream, but it is a real experience that has happened to him.

Not that he didn't believe it before, but it all seemed so surreal that he almost didn't want to believe it.

Right at that moment, Hisashi stopped. This is because a small space opened up in front of him between the various houses. This space had a full view of the rock wall that enveloped Konoha, just like a hug, and on which the faces of the various Hokages had been sculpted.

These faces carved on this wall, as said now, it is just as if they are hugging Konoha, protecting the village with all of themselves.

This is also a place to admire. It is the place where you can admire every generation of Hokage.

He couldn't help but notice the fourth head still under construction. The owner of which is none other than the saddest Hokage ever.

"What a sight ..." Hisashi murmured regardless of the surroundings.

His face is like a peasant who has come to the city, like a person who has never seen the world.

Just then, a cheerful but courageous voice reached his ears.

"You're right. I like to come to this place too. After all, I can admire both Konoha and what the previous Hokages did."

Hearing these words, Hisashi turned around. His face was a little white with fright. He didn't really expect anyone to talk right after him. He didn't even hear footsteps!

But as soon as he saw this person's face, his body felt relaxed. After all, he has figured out who it is, and he can't help but marvel, but at the same time scream inside himself for being so weak.

A smile that instills warmth, just like the sun. Spiky, blond hair with two blue eyes like the sea.

"Hokage-sama ..."

Hisashi has no problem calling someone like Minato with this title while giving him respect. After all, Minato is more than worthy of such treatment.

Hisashi: "That's right, I'm arrogant, problems?"

Cough, back to the point before.

Minato, hearing this, widened his smile slightly, nodding.

"I always came here as soon as I became Hokage. It is as if this precise point reassures me every time I come here. I always think about what I did for Konoha ... "

Minato seems to have noticed how he was going on and on in his thoughts regardless of the person next to him.

"Haha, sorry, I always do this with every person that comes here, hahaha!"

Hisashi shook his head, hearing this from Minato.

"No problem, it didn't bother me at all."

How could he have problems? After all, when he came into this world, he made a little mental note about what he absolutely must do. One of these points is knowing and speaking with some characters. Minato is among them.

Hisashi wants to see this person that is always compared with the sun, and he finally succeeded.

Just then, Hisashi's stomach made the same noise he came out for in the first place.


Hisashi's face blushed slightly. He doesn't have such a thick face that he doesn't care about these things. It is not in his nature. After all, he has always been aware of what others say about him. He has always been susceptible to it.

Minato hasn't changed his expression. He has kept his sunny expression.

"I'm sorry, ha-ha-ha."

Hisashi apologized and gave a certain laugh, albeit a fake one.

"No problem, it's just lunchtime."

Hisashi let out an internal sigh seeing that Minato doesn't have problems. Like this, after apologizing to Minato, he went off to fill this damn stomach of his.

Stomach: My fault now? EH ?! Feed me instead of wasting time chatting, you idiot!

Wasting no time, Hisashi moved quickly to the ramen bar. Even though his face was with a light smile, his inner spirit was in confusion.

He understood from the Hokage's words as to why he was there. However, he can't help but think if Minato found something special about him, something he didn't like, or something "odd."

Even though Minato is all smiles and flowers, his spirit is not that cheerful. After all, he is a village Hokage. He, too, has his dark sides. Precisely for this reason, Hisashi started to panic as soon as he left Minato's company.

Fortunately, nothing happened.

Hisashi gave a big sigh of relief, then raised his head and looked at the place in front of him.

A small kiosk made entirely of wood with five curtains with Ramen Ichiraku written on it, or "Ramen is the Best Pleasure" if it has to be translated.

Hisashi showed a smile, trying to forget what just happened. He really wants to feel what this ramen bar has to offer. After all, it has such a "big name."


As soon as the curtains were pulled back, Hisashi was immediately greeted by a male voice. So, looking forward, he looked at Teuchi. The man that is known as the living legend. The man closest to the apex of this world. The man closest to the Sage of Six Paths. The man...

Just joking.


Hisashi replied with a simple greeting and then sat down.

"What do you want to order?"

Teuchi, putting his hands on the counter, asked Hisashi with a big smile.

"Kitakata Ramen with some seaweed added."

Hisashi ordered without even looking at the menu. It's not the first time he's been here. That's what his memory tells him, at least, so he has no problem remembering things.

(There is a problem on the phone where people can still see the old chapter without the edits. I'm truly sorry for this inconvenience. In case you have this problem, please remove the part where there is a gaze looking at him and Kurenai Yuhi being there.)

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