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After joining the tournament for Asgard the following day for Odin were mainly filled with player versus player action, while he and his guild had good karma alignment, the fact that they were mainly not human race was a point against them, and in Yggdrasil, killing Heteromorphic player gave no negative effect, in fact, you could even get money and equipment by killing them, making the community hard not to discriminate against them.

And so walking toward the main city of Asgard was training for Odin and his guildmates as they were targeted by everyone, even other Heteromorphic player targeted them, and so when Odin disappeared two days later it was quite a shock for his friends. And the players they were fighting against also quite surprised.

"This…" Frigg also could not help her surprise when she saw Odin disappear. But then as if she saw something the other couldn't she smiled.

After a pause, an announcement was heard by everyone on the server.

[System: Start of the World Tournament, Asgard fight: Odin_Borson, Leader of the Guild [Divine Court] fighting against Luci★Fer, no guild.]

Then everyone were able to see a notification in their HUD allowing them to see through a screen an arena, where Odin, a golden-haired dragonoïd armed with his hand-made by Hephaistos sword in one hand, against him was a handsome fallen angel, equipped with a brilliant armor made of mithril, a purple colored metal, gripping a spear that was emitting black lighting with both hands.

Exchanging blow for a few minutes it became apparent for those watching the fight that Odin was at a disadvantage, apparently, the spear the fallen was using had an additional attribute that stunned Odin but then, everyone saw Odin laugh loudly. And once again, people watching the tournament of Asgard were surprised.

Suddenly, Odin blade began to glow, and the previously common looking sword began to glimmer with golden runes, for those interested in role-playing they could recognize their Norse origin, the sword then began to be encased in lightings of the same color of the run and with a sudden speed, he appeared beside Luci★Fer. The silvery-golden sword named Gungnir also abruptly appeared at the Fallen Angel's waist, cutting across it.

"You!" Everyone watching could hear the rage and astonishment in the Fallen Angel's voice.

Although Luci★Fer used everything he had to dodge and block Odin's attack, Gungnir had already struck him before he could even dodge or block, and he had lost close to one-tenth of his HP.

However, Luci★Fer had quick reactions. After being attacked, he counterattacked, his spear suddenly striking at Odin's back with even greater speed. With the distance between them so close, there was simply not enough time for Odin to defend himself. In Odin's desperate attempt at dodging, the spear missed its mark but the lighting managed to scrape Odin's shoulder. This single attack dealt cost half of Odin's HP.

"You're quite good. You've actually managed to damage me. However, it seems that your Attributes have been greatly weakened. I just attacked you once, and you already lost close to half of your HP," Luci★Fer stated in a carefree and rather smug manner as he looked at his injured waist. "That customized spell of yours is amazing. However, you are bound to wait for the cooldown. Your one strike took away only around a tenth of my HP. Even if I just exchange damage for damage, it will still be your loss in the next move. But since you were able to harm me, as a reward, I won't suppress my strength and will be using my Racial Advantage. I'll let you see what real strength is."

Luci★Fer spoke in a very overbearing tone. The moment the Fallen Angel finished speaking, the aura surrounding him underwent a complete change. Where his feathers were previously at least white colored they were now completely dark, with a slight golden sheen.

Previously, he had still leaked out a little bit of passive skill to boost himself. Now, however, he completely stopped them. This move was none other than [Fallen's Transformation]. However, compared to when Hercules used his Berserker Skill Luci★Fer's skill was max level and his divine rank item gave him an enormous advantage.

As expected of the Fallen of Helheim's Realm. It seems he won't be that easy to deal with. Odin had never fought against such a powerful character excluding Frigg. But he had trained. He had expected to fight such an expert. After all, the temptation of getting a rare class was irresistible for them as it gave them an edge against another expert.

'It seems that I can only try to take care of him by continuously using my Sword Domain skills.' Odin really could not think of a better idea right now.

Luci★Fer's Attributes were clearly higher than Odin's, maybe it was because of his equipment but it didn't matter. Hence, he could only try to gain victory through techniques and spell.

Since using [Sword Domain: First Heaven] only once was not enough, then he would use his Sword domain twice in a row: once for attacking, and once for dodging.

After thinking up to this point, Odin immediately used Sword Domain and dashed towards Luci★Fer.

Suddenly, Odin disappeared from everyone's eyes.

A short moment later, Odin appeared beside Luci★Fer once more, and the Gungnir Sword was also sweeping towards his enemy's abdomen. Numerous sword slashes also appeared all around his opponent's body, slashing toward him from all direction, seemingly appearing out of nowhere.


Suddenly, the sound of metal clashing rang out, a dazzling spark appearing around Luci★Fer's abdomen. Instead of landing on his abdomen, Odin's sword was actually blocked by the spear. Immediately after, Luci★Fer used a fireball spell at Odin to make injure him.

However, with equally fast speed, he promptly used [Faint] and just barely dodged the Fireball's attack.

Everyone's hearts trembled when they saw Odin and Luci★Fer exchanging moves.

"He couldn't have possibly seen through Guild Leader's spell, right?" A new member of Odin's guild could not help but be shocked and ask to seemingly no one.

Sword Domain was an advanced spell that allowed Odin created himself and with it, he was able to easily defeat a mini-boss, everyone in the guild thought of it as overpowered. Yet, Luci★Fer had seen through it after just one use…

"Your Sword Domain really is mysterious," Luci★Fer chuckled lightly as he looked indifferently at Odin standing four yards away from him. "Originally, when I first saw those sword attack appearing out of nowhere I really did think that your sword slash had appeared from nowhere. However, when you used it this time, I can say with certainty that you did make it appear from nowhere. Only, that your sword slashes appear when you use your sword domain really came out of a 'domain' so I believe that this is a crossover spell combining the mage skill [Dimension Slash] with the Sword Master spell [Multiple Swift Slash]."

"That's right." Odin nodded, having no intention of hiding the mechanics of his custom made skill.

Although Sword Domain was advanced spell, it was not invincible. In the face of a stronger opponent, it was nothing but a joke. Only, Odin had not thought that Luci★Fer would see through it so quickly. But it did not really matter as no one could really recreate the spell, only make countermeasure against it.

Sure enough, Luci★Fer's title [Fallen of Helheim's Realm] was not undeserved.

He really was as strong as a monster.

Just as Odin was thinking of how he should deal with Luci★Fer, the latter took a step forward, then abruptly dashed towards Odin.

"Let's finish this." Snarled Luci★Fer as he attacked, almost at the end of his Racial's buff.

"You are right." Repeated Odin, gazing at his sword, seemingly ignoring Luci★Fer's attack. "But do you know what happens when you combine [Dimensional Slash], [Reality Slash] and the ultimate Sword Saint skill [Sword God Eyes]? Let me show you."

"[Sword Domain: Only I am Supreme Under This Heaven and Earth.]"

Suddenly all the screen went black for the viewer and a moment later a system announcement was heard.

[Winner: Odin_Borson.]

All_Father All_Father

Tell me if the fight was too short and maybe some suggestion to improve my writing skill for the next fight, for the final, I want to make a special final for this 'arc'.

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