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0.91% All My Beasts are Legendary / Chapter 2: Becoming a Top-level Warrior Apprentice

Becoming a Top-level Warrior Apprentice - All My Beasts are Legendary - Chapter 2 by Da Yu Is Fat Again full book limited free

Chapter 2: Becoming a Top-level Warrior Apprentice

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio


In his bedroom, after consuming one Energy Pill, Ye Xuan started practicing the Honing Fist to quickly refine the pill.

He was hoping that this would improve his strength.

The Honing Fist was the most basic fist technique that the country of Xia had made public.

It was also the technique that most Warrior Apprentices practiced.

This fist technique had a total of 36 moves. During cultivation, the technique could not only absorb the Spirit Aura hovering between heaven and earth and strengthen the cultivator's physical body but also assist the warrior in refining pills and so on.

As he performed the fist technique, Ye Xuan instantly felt streams of warmth flow throughout his body.

"This is an Energy Pill worth 30,000 dollars! I hope I can make a breakthrough!"


This world was called the Cerulean Planet.

Over 300 years ago, a large number of quantum fissures emerged around the Cerulean Planet, and through these fissures, a plethora of monsters poured into the realm.

In addition, the Cerulean Planet became several hundred times larger, violating the laws of nature.

In the beginning, humans used various heat weapons to kill these monsters.

But the monsters were unceasing, and the space they came from seemed infinitely large.

The more monsters mankind slaughtered, the more monsters gushed out of those quantum fissures.

There was a limit to mankind's ammunition.

Fortunately, along with the appearance of those quantum fissures, some relics appeared above the Cerulean Planet and were acquired by mankind.

Hence, mankind opened up the path of cultivation.

They were able to battle against the monsters.

At the same time, under various policies, humanity did not go extinct in the following centuries, but also their population multiplied plentifully.

At present, there were hundreds of billions of people.

Of course, human beings were still facing an existential crisis.

There were often news reports about cities being completely devastated by monsters.

These monster attacks caused the state to especially value those with greater talents in cultivation.

Unfortunately, Ye Xuan's talents weren't considered to be all that great.

Coupled with the fact that he had limited resources at home, he hadn't been able to attain a breakthrough on his path to becoming a Dark Iron Warrior until this very moment.

He wasn't even a Top-level Warrior Apprentice.


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"This sure is an Energy Pill that's worth 30,000 dollars!"

Half an hour later, Ye Xuan, who was perspiring from head to toe, gradually stopped the movement of his hands.

Feeling the increase in strength brought about by his cultivation this time, as well as the surging Energy of Blood and Qi within his body, he was ecstatic.

He had attained a breakthrough.

One single Energy Pill had given him the boost needed for him to reach a breakthrough and become a Top-level Warrior Apprentice.

But this was also due to the fact that he wasn't far from becoming a Top-level Warrior Apprentice to begin with.

"Unfortunately, my talent is too ordinary, and I didn't awaken any Beast Taming abilities. Otherwise, I could've gotten more out of this pill."

Ye Xuan took a deep breath.

But soon, he was feeling better again.

He still had nine Energy Pills left in his hands.

Once he consumed all nine Energy Pills, it wasn't out of the realm of possibility for him to have a breakthrough and become a Dark Iron warrior before the college entrance examination.

One must know that only Dark Iron warriors were considered true warriors.

And only Dark Iron warriors could be admitted to a university for cultivators.

However, even though Ye Xuan had had a breakthrough, he still had some regrets in his heart.

He felt a little upset that he hadn't been able to awaken the abilities that would qualify him to be a Beast Tamer.

In this world, most people had the talent to be a Warrior.

But very few were endowed with the talent needed to be a Great Warrior.

Those who managed to become a powerhouse solely through the Warrior Path were even rarer.

Currently, on the Cerulean Planet, most of the aces were Beast Tamers.

This was because once a person became a Beast Tamer, not only could they battle with monsters they had formed a contract with, but also they could get energy from the monsters, thereby obtaining some kind of power or even strengthening their own warrior abilities.

Hence, most of the Beast Tamers in this world were extremely powerful aces.

But generally speaking, if a human's Beast Tamer talents hadn't awakened before the age of 18, they would most probably not awaken in that person's lifetime.

At this moment, Ye Xuan was only a couple of hours away from turning 18 in this world.

"Forget it. For me, being able to become a Top-level Warrior Apprentice today is already worth a celebration."

Ye Xuan flexed his muscles and bones.

Immediately, a smile appeared on his face.


Everyone had a limited amount of time to cultivate daily.

Overexerting would cause a person's body to suffer internal injuries.

When that happened, let alone achieving a breakthrough, crippling oneself wasn't out of the question.

Hence, after Ye Xuan was done cultivating, he waited for Lil wan to clean herself up and then placed her in the small wooden house he had made himself, which was no larger than ten centimeters wide. Then, he zonked out.

On the soft bed, Lil wan tilted her head and looked at Ye Xuan, who wasn't far away from her. There was a slight flicker in her eyes.

It wasn't until several minutes later that she expanded her consciousness and flipped through a book not far away from her with Mind Energy and read it quietly.

She was an elf.

She didn't really have any offensive abilities, but she could use Mind Energy to read books or levitate her tiny little body.

What she liked the most was reading books.

After all, since she couldn't really help Ye Xuan much, her only option was to learn as much as possible and hope that she could somehow help Ye Xuan in the future.

"Learning more things is always useful, right?" she thought hopefully.


"Dad, Mum, I'm going to school."

The next day, Ye Xuan left home with Lil wan early in the morning and walked to Yunhai City No. 3 Senior High School.

On the way, Ye Xuan said to Lil wan, "Are you feeling okay, Lil wan? We left a little early today. Are you full?"

Lil wan flew to Ye Xuan's earlobe and, nodding, said with a smile, "Yep."

At the same time, she helped Ye Xuan tidy up his rather messy hair.

She ate very little. Just a little honey a day was enough for her. She was very easy to feed.

What's more, she was very well-behaved.

This also made Ye Xuan very fond of her.


"03: 28: 55"

Just as he was about to arrive at school, Ye Xuan glanced at the countdown timer in his vision and frowned.

Just in case, he actually wanted to take a day off today.

However, when he remembered that Wanshan University's tutor might come to their school today to recruit new students in advance, he couldn't bear to let the chance slip by.

It was an opportunity after all.

What's more, he had already reached a breakthrough last night and had become a Top-level Warrior Apprentice.

It wasn't like he didn't have a chance to get into the university.

Wanshan University had developed rapidly in recent years, and even in the minds of some people, it had already surpassed the previous No. 1 university in the Jiangzhou prefecture, Jiangzhou University.

The university wasn't located in Yunhai City.

It was in Jiangzhou City.

As for Yunhai City, it was just a small, remote city. It didn't have even a single university for cultivators.


10:20 in the morning.

All the Top-level Warrior Apprentices of Yunhai City No. 3 Senior High School were called to the square.

"Ye Xuan, you became a Top-level Warrior Apprentice too?"

Chai Chang's jaw dropped when he saw Ye Xuan arrive at the square.

Although the two were in the same class, Ye Xuan hadn't told Chai Chang about his breakthrough last night, which was why Chai Chang was surprised when he saw Ye Xuan follow him to the square.

"Yeah." Ye Xuan nodded. "I got lucky yesterday."

At this moment, his head was pretty much in the clouds.

Because the countdown timer was about to end in a few minutes.

"This is awesome!"

Chai Chang was happy for Ye Xuan from the bottom of his heart. "In that case, maybe we can cultivate at the same university."

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