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34.78% All New Sunspot (Marvel) / Chapter 7: Chapter 7: Magic

Chapter 7: Chapter 7: Magic

[June 25th, 2002]

The following day after my families meeting with Xavier, Logan, and Jean Grey, I found myself outside the doors of my father's personal office.

No hesitation in my steps I walked up to it and then knocked.

Hoping the plan I was about to implement would work.

"Come in." My father said a few seconds after I knocked.

When he did I entered his office, closed the door behind me, and went to take a seat in one of the two chairs in front of his desk.

"Ah Roberto, what brings you here today?" My father asked.

Since I rarely come and speak with him while he is in his home office. Mainly because when he is in it he is usually working and handling company matters. But this is a subject I can't wait to discuss.

"A very important matter dad. Truth is I do not wish to go back to school in September." I said.

The second after I did my father stopped whatever else he was doing and focused his attention solely on me. "Roberto, what are you saying?" He asked.

"It's just as you heard dad. I do not wish to go back to school in September. Instead I want to take any and all necessary exams, earn my high school graduation certificate, and then travel the world for a bit." I explained. Looking my father directly in the eyes as I did.

"Where is this coming from?" He asked. "Is this about the other kids at school?"

"No, it's not. And truthfully I have been thinking about this for a while now." I explained. "School just doesn't feel challenging to me anymore. I mean you've seen my grades."

"I have." He replied. "And while I am proud of you I must ask, do you seriously believe you have what it takes to complete all your high school curriculum and earn that graduation certificate?"

"I do." I easily replied. "And if I fail to earn that certificate if you agree to this proposal then I will never mention this again and attend all my years of high school as a regular student. So, what do you say?"

"I say...I'll set it up." My father replied.

"Truly?" I asked.

"Yes." He answered.

"Mind telling me why?" I asked.

Since I wasn't sure my father would go for this, and I want to know his reasons.

"First off, that look in your eye. I can tell you are absolutely serious about what you've been saying to me. Secondly, you remind me if a young me." Dad spoke.

"Really?" I asked.

He nodded his head. "Yes. When I was about your age I said something similar to your avo (Portuguese for grandmother) and she didn't believe me. Which just made me want to work harder to reach my goal and show her it was all not just talk. To say she was surprised was an understatement. But I'll never forget the slight guilt she always carried around with her for not at least trying to assist me with my goals. Not that I blame her of course. The point is if I can I'll help you." My father spoke.

Making me smile.

"Thanks pai (Portuguese for dad)." I said

"No problem my little sol (Portuguese for son)." He retorted. "Now then, off you go to tell your mother."

"Am, I thought you were going to do that." I said.

"Please son, I'm a little crazy, not insane." My father replied. "Good luck." He said.

I swallowed a lump in my throat at that.

But knew the longer I waited the worse it would be. So I got up, exited my fathers' office, and went to tell my mom my plan.

I then have no shame in saying I ran from her like a little bitch when she started chasing me around with her slipper and tried to hit me.

Combined with mom strength those things hurt you know.

Even one as powerful as me isn't immune to that type of attack.


Sadly I couldn't outrun my mom forever.

Thus I took my slipper hits like a man. Then afterwards we discussed the plan I proposed to my father, and after making certain promises and a lot of pleading mom agreed to it.

Thus the date for the rest was set, and I began studying.

Just to brush up on what I already knew, but also to see just how different this world's teaching were with my own.

Upon doing this I discovered everything was relatively the same, except for when it came to STEM, or science, technology, engineering, and math for those not in the know.

Biology and chemistry had significant changes, and made stuff possible in this world that was only fiction in my previous life.

But given stuff like Erskine being able to create something like the Super Soldier Serum during World War II I quickly got over my wonderment.

Engineering and technology were in the same boat.

Physics was relatively the science that was most unchanged, save for its laws and rules being a lot looser than in my old world. Given that Pym Particles are a thing here.

Still despite this I managed to review the information I was looking at without any trouble. I even started teaching myself some new information.

All of which allowed me to take all my exams, and thus I completed high school curriculum easily and got an official certificate for my troubles.

Now I will have no trouble getting into any college when I apply.

Which I will do.

Especially since I want to have a Ph.D again.

Not only because I want the sweet satisfaction of earning one once more, but because it will go a long way with helping me achieve my goals.

Like the traveling.

Which I set out to do a week after I earned my high school graduation certificate.

My destination, New York City in the USA.


[New York City]

Walking the streets of New York I took it all in.

From the sights, to the sounds, to the people.

Even if I did visit the city in my previous life several times. This is the first time I'm visiting it in my new life as Roberto Da Costa.

Despite the fact the original Roberto of this world visited the USA numerous times, and other countries, with his parents and sister. Seeing as how he had dual citizenship in the US and Brazil and an always up to date passport.

Which are both now all mine.

Moving on.

After getting some lunch, which consisted of several New York-style hotdogs, I started heading for the main reason I came to the Big Apple in the first place, and in no time at all I arrived at it.

177A Bleecker Street.

One of only three magical sanctums in the entire world, and also a base for the Masters of the Mystic Arts.

Why am I here?

I think that should be obvious.

I'm hoping to learn some magic.

Since I remembered in the comics Roberto once had a connection to the Dark Force. Which is a dimension that gives the superhero Cloak his powers. Though unfortunately Roberto had to give up that connection.

But that got me thinking.

Since Masters of the Mystic Arts manipulate energy from various dimensions to gain their power, and since I am now Roberto, then maybe by learning magic I could establish my own connection to the Dark Force dimension.

Though even if I can't adding magic to my arsenal would still be a boon.

I mean, it's magic.

But putting my eagerness to become a sorcerer aside I need to tread carefully. Since I have no idea if the order will even accept me and train me, and I have no idea how the Ancient One will react to my presence.

Here's hoping she doesn't see me as some sort of threat and send my soul out of my body to wander the void until the end of time.

Since I feel she might do something exactly like that.

Oh, and I also hope the Ancient One is still the female version from the MCU, since I like her a lot better than the male version from the comics.


Taking a deep breath, and then exhaling, I walked up to the doors of the New York Sanctum and prepared to knock.

Only for the doors to slowly open by themselves before I could.

'Well, that's not ominous at all.' I sarcastically thought.

As the doors to the Sanctum fully opened up I saw two people standing inside, looking like they were waiting for me.

The first is Daniel Drumm. The current master of the New York Sanctum.

While the second is a kid who looks to be about my age, give or take a few years. He is male, African-American, with dreads, and holding a wooden and obviously ancient staff.

"Greetings Roberto Da Costa. My name is Daniel Drumm. Master of the New York Sanctum, and this young man standing right beside me is my younger brother, Jericho." Master Drumm suddenly spoke to me.

Telling me they were waiting for me.

"Nice to meet you both." I spoke.

I then suddenly filled with shock, after I thought about Jericho Drumm's name for a moment. Since I realized it was the civilian identity for one of Marvel's magical heroes, and one of its strongest magic user, Brother Voodoo.

[Insert Image of Jericho Drumm/Brother Voodoo Here]

In the comics he was so powerful he even temporarily took over for Strange as the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth.

I can't believe he's here. Especially since he wasn't mention even once in the MCU. Not to mention the comics he and Daniel were twin brothers, but there Jericho is his younger brother.

Guess that's just one more change unique to this Marvel universe.

But more importantly than that...

"Master Drumm, how do you know my name, and why were you and your brother waiting here for me?" I asked.

"The Ancient One will explain all to you. Now then, if you'll please follow me?" Master Drumm asked.

"Sure." I replied.

Since if the Ancient One has been expecting me it would be rude to run away.

Even though I slightly want to.

Oh well.

Entering through the doors of the New York Sanctum, which closed behind me as soon as I was fully inside, I walked up to the Drumm brother duo.

I then started following Daniel.

On my way to meet Earth's current Sorcerer Supreme.

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