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Chapter 341: CHAPTER 375 - Epilogue (last)

-Madrid, Madrid, Madrid! ¡Hala Madrid! Y nada más!

Plácido Domingo from Madrid, Spain, known as one of the top three tenors in the world.

In celebration of Ho Young's return to Real Madrid, the newly recorded "Hala Madrid Special ver" resonated at the Olympic Stadium.

The sound recordings included not only Placeo Domingo, but also Ho Young and other Real Madrid players.

Ho-young, who was waiting in the tunnel, felt the game's desire to reach the tip of her chin.

Unexpected Monica's pregnancy.

It motivated victory, but did not have a handful of influences on mentality.

If it's mental power, isn't it a good thing beyond the human level?

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'Hala Madrid. This is Mas. '

Let's get out of Madrid, that's all.

As the lyrics say, Ho Young's spirit was focused solely on the game.

I was constantly rolling my head on how to deal with Manchester City players who were standing next to me.


-Blue moon, Now I'm no longer alone ~

A song I heard often just a year ago.

It was followed by Manchester City's official supporter, Blue Moon.

I felt strange as Ho Young, but it didn't.

Like a robot without feelings, the mind was at peace.

At the end of both teams, the UEFA Champions League theme song "Ligue Des Champions" rang out loud.

It was then that the players of both teams entered.

[Ladies and Gentlemen! Please welcome, Your teams! For UEFA Champions league final!]

"Wah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah"

Shouts that never seem to diminish.

The theme song is getting more grand.

Soon after all the sounds were silenced, the faces of the players were caught by the large billboards one by one.

By the time Captain Casillas, Ho-young wearing a white uniform, the cheerleader of the title "Retorno del El salvador" filled the stadium.

It meant 'the return of the Savior.'

The general secretary.

Looking at the scene in front of her nose, Ho-young felt her body and head getting hot.

It was not excitement or excitement.

It was a fighting game that was being heated for victory only.

[I still do not see any gap today. It's like looking at a cold machine.]

The same was true for shaking hands with opponents.

Joe Hart, Zabaleta, Company, Thiago Silva, Clichy, David Silva, Fellaini, Iniesta, Azar and Gareth Bale.

Shaking hands with old colleagues was not shake at all.

That scared the players of Man City.

Even players who were full of confidence before the game had to feel cool in their backs.

At the start of the game, an eerie atmosphere flowed.


The flow was passed only by the existence of Woo Ho Young.

It was evidence that he had attained a terrible feat.

The only good condition is Antoine Grizzman, who joined Man City this season.

A long time ago, Ho-young had been confronted before going to Man City, but it was the first time he had dealt with since his full bloom.

[There were a couple of times when they were at Real Sociedad.]

[Yes. But that was when Grizzman's skills didn't go up.]

He had no intention of leaving Real Sociedad, who was originally a team, but with Guardiola's active courtship, he moved to Man City with a $ 50 billion transfer.

One of the reasons for Woo Man's decision to fill the vacancy in Man City where he left.

Of course, there was an indescribable burden, but his mental was very hard compared to his young age.

Isn't it a chance that no one can get it as a football player?

Ambitious, he eventually joined Man City.

And finally succeeded.

Under the command of Guardiola, he was hit by the EPL.

[Grissmann, who scored 27 goals in his first season with EPL, is the key to his tactics.

An attacker who is one of the strongest in Falcao and Cabani, the strongest human being.

Maybe a man with higher potential than Neymar.

It was Antoine Grizman, who was noted as a divinity that would destroy even the Messi- Ronaldo regime.

[Manchester City came out with a 4-3-3 formation. Maybe today's match, as usual, will be the second striker of Antoine Griez.]

The winger Grizzman was optimized for the role of a second striker at a lower position than the classic front-runner.

However, it was not enough to play Guardiola's favorite pulse nine.

Nevertheless, he received Guardiola's love call for a good reason.

[The key to today's game is how effective the defense is, one of Grizzman's strengths.]

Despite being a key attacker of the tactics, he is very active in defense.

Intercept and tackle success per game outweighed that of a good midfielder.

In other words, Guardiola, who had to leave Hoyoung, was the most needed attacker.

[In addition, with the help of active Iniesta and David Silva, Grizzman is able to focus on attacking. In a word, it's meat that meets water.]

[That's right. Man City is still the strongest team at EPL.]

Performance was fantastic too.

With a solid defense, he was able to get out of the pressure of Real Madrid, allowing a stable rear build up in the midfield.

And by the time the ball went over the second line, the attack developed quickly.

So-called HGB line.

Azar-Grizman-Vale, a forward three-top, was devastating the front with fast feet.

[Pass leads all at once!]

[HGB Line is moving around!]

It was a sight to see how perfect Manchester City is.

In contrast, Real Madrid was showing a loophole.

Central defenders, Pepe and Albiol, were not able to handle their speed.

That's because he never met a team that was so powerful this season.

But only one person, Ho Young was used to.

'This pattern. Same.'

Although Guardiola has tweaked a lot of tactics, the basis remains the same.

If you use this as a reverse, you could easily destroy your opponent.

That first process is right.

[14 minutes, Real Madrid change the formation. It looks like Woo Ho-young goes down to attacking midfielder.]

[Huh? no! I'm going to the third line!]

The formation was 4-3-3 and was changed to 4-3-3-0.

Ronaldo and Douglas on the left and right side lowered the line, while Isco, who was in the center, climbed to the attacking midfielder.

Ho Young, who was in the front line, went down to the third line and lined up with Khedira-Sabi Alonso.

I mean, I want to defend myself.

It was then that the mighty Man City attack lost power.

"Fuck. I'm stuck again. "

"Widen the field of view! The pass keeps reading! "

Ho-young coordinated the position of his colleagues and was perfectly coping with every attack route in Man City.

The players of Man City could not understand this phenomenon now.

It seemed as if something invisible was working and cutting off the flow of attack.

Thus, the broken Man City flow turned into Madrid's.

It was the moment Ho-young brought the ball.

[The formation of Real Madrid will change again!]

As the peacock spread its fluttered wings, Madrid's players fell into the left and right sides, distracting the opponent's eyes.

[Oh, players in Man City, embarrassed! I'll have to have a big one!]

Didn't give it a gap.

Looking at the open central road was not a good bet.

A minister who reminds me of the miracle of Moses.

Ho-young took an accurate long pass and took turns in front of the door.

Vinh Company and Thiago Silva tried to prevent it, but allowed them to break through in a short run.

The swing of the goal happened in a moment.


[Go oh oh! Woo Ho-young hits the first goal!]

First goal.

However, Ho Young didn't spend money in consideration of Man City.

But Man City's players were already helpless.

It was feeling.

That you can't win this game.

This one goal alone was enough to predict.

Indeed, according to their feelings, the game, which was inclined once, did not overturn until the end.

And eventually.

"" Ooh oh oh oh oh! ""

Real Madrid, who won 4-2, lifted the big ear and once again rose to the throne.

It was not only surprising.

In an interview shortly after the game, Ho Young's words drew attention from reporters.

"I think there will be a good thing soon."

Dubious words.

It was just a week later that it became reality.

['Woo Young' Surprise Wedding Announcement ······ "I will be with my loved one and my beloved child forever."]

The two weddings were as indecisive as Lucie's.

28 June 2015.

Ho Young in a white tuxedo and Monica in a pure white dress made a hundred-year leap.

15 July 2018.

Three years after the wedding, two couples were at Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow, Russia.

Ho-young sat in the field and Monica sat in the stands.

[Will Spain be able to achieve the feat of losing two consecutive World Cups after Brazil, or will a new champion be born? The World Cup finals between France and Spain will start shortly.]

Spain won three Euros in a row after winning Euro 2016.

As the water rose, the dominant opinion was that no one could stop it.

It was due to Woo Ho Young.

[I can get the figure of him just in time. Hoshua Wu, Woo Ho Young!]

The crowd blew like a float.

Ho-young, who led the team from the group stage to the final, was already a national hero.

"My son!"

"My brother!"


Woo Hwang-sun, Kim Hee-sun and Woo-il.

Giuliano Lucci

The five were sitting side by side in the VIP zone, staring at Ho-young.

Next to it was a beautiful woman and a cute child.

"Daddy's coming out!"


Monica has been a housewife since the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics and is dedicated to raising and raising children.

"Hello, fighting!"

"Son, cheer up !!"


They watched the game with a very relaxed attitude.

There was no worry at all.

I was convinced that Spain would win.

There were great players in France, including Mbape, Grizzmann, Varane, Cante and Pogba, but they weren't comparable to Spain.

Indeed, as the conviction was, Spain began to flow at the beginning of the game.

The first goal was naturally returned to Spain, and the final goal was also taken by them.

3 to 2.

The French struggled, but the cup eventually went back to Spain.

[Yes, the country that achieved the second consecutive World Cup in 56 years was born!]

World Cup 2 consecutive wins.

It was a very meaningful moment for Ho Young.

[Explore the sense of attack (SU) of the ninja turtles]

At the same time as winning the World Cup, the talent of Kilian Mbafe was coveted.

But it wasn't the end there.

[Football (G) talent has reached its limit.]

[Tam's talent expands.]

[You can covet after growing your opponent's talent with the ability of tom.]

'Now you raise it yourself?'

Finally, a new bud, which was previously mentioned by Mamon, was opened.

Apparently it was a useful ability.

For example, the potential is full, but the talent I have right now is so good that I can use it for a player who is not coveted.

It wasn't just that.

'How to use is endless.'

The face of the family was reflected in the eyes of Ho-young.

A new challenge seemed to begin.

And the challenge will not stop until it is over.

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