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Alpha’s Rejected Mate Returns as Queen

Alpha’s Rejected Mate Returns as Queen

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Author: Mountain Springs


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“I, Benson Walton, reject you, Selma Payne, from being my future Luna and mate.

“If you’re sensible, you’ll find a quiet place to die on your own, instead of tarnishing our people’s glory.

“You’re just an ugly toad. Stay in the mud quietly, and don’t burden our pack.”

On Benson’s nineteenth birthday, he found out that we were destined mates. But I didn’t expect that he would rather endure great pain than accept me. Every word he said smashed directly into my heart, and the pain made me tremble uncontrollably.

I learned I wasn’t my parents’ biological child when I was sixteen. Although they thought of me as an angel that a stork had given them, it didn’t change the fact that I was a weak, little human.

I was just a soft egg who would fall over with a poke, a loser who couldn’t even see the road without help from the moonlight. My existence brought shame to my parents, and to my pack!

Perhaps I should have died in the woods from the start. With that thought in mind, I decided to return them a pure and unblemished pack tonight.

So, I jumped off a cliff and thought I would die. I never imagined I would be saved, and my true identity turned out to be the Lycan King’s only daughter who had been lost eighteen years ago. I was also heir to the throne!

That surprised me a lot. I was actually a werewolf? But… Why was I so weak? Was this all just a mistake?

To become a qualified heir, I concealed my identity and received training. However, could that frivolous instructor who was in charge of training me really help me awaken my wolf, or was he simply taking advantage of me?

As I grew stronger and became a public figure, others attacked and plotted against me many times. Did they have anything to do with those who kidnapped me all those years ago?

I have to catch them! I’ll protect my family, and my lover!


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    good book but can only read the first couple of chapters for free before you are lock out and they are asking you to buy coin to unlock chapters when they say all chapters are free

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    The first few chapters were great but I feel like it started getting off the main part of the story too much to the point it got boring. The story had potential so it's a little disappointing

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    Is she going to leave her adoptive parents in despair for ever. Does the other mate make a comeback

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    I really liked the story. It was great I really want to read more but I don't have sufficient coins

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    i really like this book i couldn't finish it because I don't have coins an i don't have enough money to get some but thank you for giving me the opportunity to read this good book/chapter's

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    Up to now (chapter 75) i reaaally love this book!! Please @autor I need a happy ending!!

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    I loved what I was able to read. now I can't load the book. ibhhought it claimed free read?

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    Author Mountain Springs