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14.1% alpha's alpha mate / Chapter 11: fate: the choosen one

fate: the choosen one - alpha's alpha mate - Chapter 11 by no_chu57 full book limited free

Chapter 11: fate: the choosen one

taehyung: jungkook!!!

as soon as he was going to say what I am dying to know about... Jennie , taehyung's mate came inside... and mine and taehyung's attention went at her...

Jennie: I think we both should explain it to alpha jungkook... it's a very serious matter and I can't let anything left out even the things that taehyung doesn't know and I know.... so can I come in and explain to you every single thing with taehyung ... ( she stood at the door asking permission for her to come in and explain everything)

jungkook: yes you can...

taehyung: actually you are already in...

Jennie: yeah!!! ( she walked in and sat besides taehyung )

jungkook: umm!!! by the way where is yuna... is she alright..???

Jennie: yeah!!! Don't worry... she is with Mrs jeon... I thought they should spend some time together with each other so I came here to stay besides taehyung...

jungkook: so taehyung!!! where were we...

taehyung: jungkook!!! listen carefully... ( became serious again with expressionless face)

jungkook: hmmm ( I hummed)

taehyung: yuna is not an ordinary wolf... she was born with varieties of super natural power... she is the 3rd daughter of the first moon goddess... she have the responsibility of becoming the future moon goddess... Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-alpha-mate_18462225806918605/fate-the-choosen-one_50023955569889408">;s-alpha-mate_18462225806918605/fate-the-choosen-one_50023955569889408</a> for visiting.

jungkook: does it mean that she will leave me if the responsibility calls for her... ( I felt sad as I thought yuna would have to leave me )

taehyung: no.. the answer is a clear no... she will be living here as a normal person with infinite powers on earth till she dies and after that she will leave with her MATE ie... you.... to rule the heavens with her mate. I think you don't remember your lessons... when the future moon goddess is about to die to become the goddess her mate will also die as to accompany her to heaven... ( smiles ) so don't worry....

I felt a bit reluctant after hearing this...

Jennie: it is said that she has the power as the level of gods and goddesses even when she is in her human form on earth...

taehyung: JUNGKOOK!!! you might not be knowing this but I am the son of the alpha king and Luna queen who died 13 years ago and yuna is their daughter.... I have been born to keep her safe and sound till she found her mate. she is the daughter whom the whole kingdom sacrifices to keep her safe...

I'm still on the process of processing what taehyung and Jennie has been telling me....

Jennie: she has a lot of powers but the real problem is that she doesn't use them to save herself... she always use them for others and the real fact is that she never really use her powers....

taehyung: the real problem started from the time when she was at the age of 4. she was a kid till then and she made friends with a vampire kid, he was the son of the lead vampire. yuna said her secret to him and showed him some magic ... the kid told his father the murdered of our parents and after that day he was after yuna... ( signs) mom and dad tried their level best to keep her safe but one day, they were found dead in their room ( sobs) ... he poisoned our parents. ( tried best to not cry )

Jennie holds taehyung tight inside her arms and I put my left hand on his right shoulder...

taehyung: I'm okay!!! it's already been years but still I feel so emotional when speak about them... the 2nd time was on her 9th birthday.. she received a gift of a haunted doll when she touched it blood started dripping from it... after that she didn't came out of the room for a longer time.

Jennie: she even got some death threats too... some body sended dead bodies of birds and small animals too her as a gift... she got that before she became the alpha of heart lake pack...

taehyung: what!!! why didn't you tell me ? I would have done something to keep her safe... that's why I think how the alpha of heart lake pack suddenly attacked us and they were more powerful that day... I should have guessed it was all done by the blood suckers... why didn't you tell me about this Jennie? ( slightly angry)

Jennie: I tried to tell you but yuna requested me to not tell you as you were very busy that time that you even don't stay at home often. she thought that it would disturb you even more if you knew about it. ( her hand hung low )

taehyung: Jennie!!! you already know that yuna is my first priority and nothing is above her to me... I am been born to protect her with any cost... you should have told me about that... ( angry )

jungkook: taehyung come down!!! Luna Jennie already told you that yuna asked her not to tell you so it's not her fault... please don't release your anger on the wrong place... ( tries to cool down taehyung) and by the way, do you have any idea about the person who wants to kill yuna... ( slightly angry with a poker face )

Jennie: ahh!! alpha jungkook!!! I think we know!!!

jungkook: then who is it!!!? ( I suddenly lifted up my head at Jennie's statement ... being ready to pull off the head of the one who is after the life of my yuna )

taehyung: I think that it is the son of the lead vampire ... even the priests are suggesting that it is him because he was the kid who was with yuna and he knows about yuna and her powers and even his dad was after yuna's powers. his name is Mark and we don't know where the hell is he been hidding... we all tried our level best to find him out but after his father was kill by the moon goddess herself... he also suddenly disappeared somewhere... I heard that the rogues are been helping him ...

Jennie: jungkook!!! please promise me... you will always take good care of her and you will always be by her side...

jungkook: of course... you don't have to worry about that... it's my job now to keep her safe... I'll be double careful from now on. I'm so happy and grateful that she is my mate and I have been the one choosen to be her mate...

taehyung: hmm... you better be... ( teases jungkook )

jungkook: sure hyung!!! I promise...

taehyung: ok... then I think... we will be leaving.. it's getting late... ( tries to stand up )

jungkook: ahh!!! why don't you both stay here ... there's a lot of rooms here all empty so you both can stay here with yuna for some days .. she will feel accompanied if you both stays here... and we both will be going for a vacation tomorrow evening by our private aeroplane.... by looking at the situation... it will be the best for now. and to make her mind convert to other things...

Jennie: ok then!!! we can go back tomorrow right taehyung... don't lie that you don't wanna spend time with you sister too taehyung... pleaseeee!!! please taehyung... ( pleads him )

taehyung: ok sure!!! anything for my mate... ( peaks her head )

jungkook: aishh!!! get a room already... ( makes faces ) ok then you both can choose any room here and start your lovey-dovey romance and feel free to go to the dinning room and get the cook to make anything ... I'll get going bye seeya...

I left the room leaving them there and went towards our bedroom... it was already late and the meeting took too long. I got inside our room and saw yuna sleeping in the room peacefully and also saw my room sitting in one of the couch reading a magazine...

Mrs. jeon: hello jungkookah!! how was your meeting... ( speaks without looking at him )

jungkook: it went well mom but what are you doing here...?

Mrs. Jeon: your mate fell asleep when we were watching a movie here and I got bored to watch alone so till you reach I thought of reading a magazine here as I can't even leave her alone ... ( smiles )

jungkook: thank you so much mom for taking care of her when I wasn't here... ( smiles )

Mrs. jeon: ok then ( stood up from her the place she was sitting ) I'll leave you both alone... and jungkook take good care of her ... she is a very precious soul... I am very lucky that I am her mother in law.... ( pats her shoulder )

she exits the room leaving us alone here... I went towards the bed and layed next to yuna... she was sleeping peacefully... l took her in my arms and hugged her tightly and left asleep....


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