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13.69% alpha's alpha mate / Chapter 10: the secret: disclosed pt. 2m

the secret: disclosed pt. 2m - alpha's alpha mate - Chapter 10 by no_chu57 full book limited free

Chapter 10: the secret: disclosed pt. 2m

here we see two person ... the 1st person is been sitting in a type of royal black chair and the 2nd person standing in front of him with his head hung low...

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???: did you do what I told you to do, Kai!!!?

Kai: yes mark!!!

mark : how many have I told you that I'm no more mark anymore for you all.... ( angry look)

Kai immediately regrets for what he said

' I'm so sorry master... please spare me this time'

mark : as you have done the things I have told you... I will spare you this time...

Kai: thank you master... ( kneels down)

mark: good!!! no one can take her away for me she is mine and all her powers will be mine soon I will kill her and consume all her powers I am just waiting for the right moment to come that is on the full moon night... ( deep in his thoughts)

Kai: but master you said you love her right so why do you need to kill her?

mark: moron!!! if I didn't kill her then how am I going to be powerful. I rather choose her powers then her... I loved her before but not anymore I can't let my feelings ruin my success she is nothing to me now....

Kai: but how are you going to do this?

mark: Kai!!! you asks too much questions... if you want my friend and my best maid here then I would have taken out your tongue right now... keep your mouth shut for now...

Kai: sorry master... ( bows and exists the room )

mark: yuna!!! yuna!!! yuna!!! I just wished you were my childhood friend and my first love it would have been more easier for me too skill you already... you have a bad luck that you have born with those powers and now it's in front of me and I can't let him down... ( talks to himself )


we see younger yuna sitting in between a park above the sand and some few children bullying her...

child1: go away!!! you don't need to play with us... you are ugly!!!

child2: ugly!!! ugly!!!

yuna: I'm not... ( she holds her knees which were bleeding lying on the cold sand, crying )

child3: you are ugly!!! hahaha

???: yaaa!!! stop that... ( runs to yuna ) go away from here... ( glares at the other childrens slowly showing his fangs to chase them)

the childrens ran away

???: ( bows down to her level ) get up... ( pulls her up ) are you okay!!??

yuna: y-yea!! thank you for helping me...

???: may I know your name? ( smiles )

yuna: hi I'm lizard catcher.... people call me plutorian ... you can call me yaya...


yuna: I am yuna!! and what is your name? ( smiles )

???: I'm mark...

from that day yuna visited the park everyday and Spends time playing with mark but still her parents died... after her parents died, she was taken for away from that place and she was kept in full security... that time she was just seven years old when her parents died.



we see a fight between the vampires on one side and the high priest and werewolfs on the other side... in the Lead vampire killing the priest one by one...

vamp: tell me where is the child orelse I have to kill all of you? ( snakes his hand around the neck of a priest and pulls off his head )

still you are going to safe her... I want her... tell me where the damn place she is been hidden..

priest: we will never tell you..... you have to go through our dead bodies to reach to the child.

vamp: as your wish!!! ( chokes off another head )

on the meantime we see a faded beam of light coming down from the sky and the light becomes white and bright reaching the ground

a woman comes out in a white silk flowy gown. as her features shows up in the light vanishes slowly... it makes all the priest and the werewolfs To kneel down Infront of her on their knees. as the only one standing was the lead vampire . the women was no other than the moon goddess ( Selena ) itself....

Selena: you fool!! how dare you to close this here... who are you to mislead the phenomenon you will never be able to get what you wish...

vamp: hahaha!!! ( laughs out loud ) what can you do? as you know, the Alpha king and the Luna queen is already been killed in my hands from before and you have been kept her away it the help of those priest and leaderless pack... it was so easy for me to kill both of them, do you wanna know how I killed both of them... I just had to buy some unworthy rogues to work as maid in their palace and put poison in their food and done... but I don't know how the male kid left out.... there is nothing that can stop me from taking the child and take all her powers...

Selena: you fool!!! you think ok you will be left out after this your life has come to its end....

suddenly, Selena closea her eyes and rise up her right hand ... then appears a sword of golden metal... she directs the sword towards The vampire and before the vampire could think of anything, the sword was already inside his flash....

The vampire holds the sword ' you think it is over... my son will come to take revenge for me and kill that girl...' he slowly loses his balance and falls down on the ground with a Loud thud....

priest: we are very grateful that you came to save us my lord.... ( bows )

Selena: it is my duty to save my children's when they need me. now you all have to save yuna from everything here!!! she is the future moon goddess and my third child... she has a big responsibility approaching ahead of her...

priest: don't worry!!! thy holy!!! she is already been taken far away from here with her brother... he knows what should be done...

priest: that's good!!!

with the blink of an eye She vanishes....

as they didn't notice... there was another person looking from far... witnessing each and everything happening here... it was none other than the son of the lead vampire, mark.


jungkook pov.

I sensed yuna was too afraid deep inside but didn't show it out. I was with her all the time till her brother , taehyung arrived here with his mate jennie on the meantime my parents came here to visit us too.... I have the ladies some personal time to spend with each other and I got to my office room here in the palace with taehyung... we were all gathered at my office ....

jungkook: so I have called you all hair to tell that blah blah blah ( I explained everything to them told them what should they do ) jimin!!! I need you to find out how did he get here and where did he came from... ( serious ) everyone get to your work now....

jimin: yes alpha...!!! ( bows and left the room )

jungkook: meeting dismissed!!! everyone can leave ... I have some matters to discuss with alpha taehyung....

everyone except taehyung: yes alpha!!! ( they all stood up from the seats, bowed and walked out )

taehyung: jungkook!!! I know what you want to talk about... I should have already told you about this things from before... ( looks down with expressionless face talking about this matter )

jungkook: taehyung!!! you know you can tell me anything .... its my responsibilities to keep yuna safe now... ( keeps his both hand above taehyung's hand )

taehyung: jungkook!!! listen carefully... it is a very serious matter....

jungkook: hmmm!!! I'm listening.... .


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