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Chapter 1: Chapter 1

The Year The Amalinders were born

Everyone in each nation, whether it be Feu, Shui, Gong-gi or Terra, knew that there were certain times they could reproduce so they could be kept or else they were to be killed by the General in Charge, Balle. Each nation was split into three main cities based on which was there special constellation each town was named after. There were many smaller villages around each nation but each place did not tell of where it is.

50 years ago when the Feu Nation started taking over many of the small villages were found and sometimes destroyed. The number of people who could bend any element slowly reduced to almost half. Those who couldn't bend had freedom. Those who did were in workcamps near their villages. The Feu Nation had taken over all of the small villages throughout Terra, Shui and Gong-gi. The only people who weren't controlled by Balle were the main cities of the 3 nations. Many Generals went to try to stop the war by talking to Balle in Kokkai Gijildo, but some were killed when they were leaving the capitol.

Balle had some exceptions for bending though. Many of the best warriors that could bend were sent to Kokkai Giljido to battle till one could not continue in front of many people for fame. Every year the winner was crowned and then sent to train harder until the championship came around the next year where the winner of the year before was forced into the championship again.

In a small town near Cancer

A 24 year old women stood outside her house watching the stars. In a mer few minutes the star constellation, Cancer to look after the water benders was going to change to the Fire constellation, Leo. The 24 year old women was 9 month pregnant and had to have her child in the next few minutes or else she would have to lie to the child about everything forever or even risk their safety and could watch it die because of it being born in the day.

She watched the bright stars of Cancer slowly dim into the other stars while watching the Leo stars bright up the sky. She knew her child had missed the time frame. Suddenly she felt pain all through where her child was.

Minutes later she was cradling her first child in her arms. Her daughter was beautiful. With a tuft of blonde hair, brown eyes and tan skin. She was everything that she was supposed to be nothing like how she could have looked like. "Tessa are you okay in there? Is your child alright? Has it been born yet?" a voice came from the door. Li Jie then enters and looks at the young female child. "It is so pretty. It was born under Cancer right?" she questions. "Li Jie calm down. I am okay. Aahana is fine. She was born fine. Under Cancer as predicted." Tai Sha lied. "It's just that I didn't see you at the hospital giving birth. Now I realize that you must have just decided to give birth at home on your own instead. No complications right?" Li Jie questioned. "No. what is with you today and questions." The younger woman asked. "It is just I saw a young son die because he was born under Leo. Wasn't even a couple hours old." Li Jie cried. The new mother hugged her old friend. "It's alright. Your alright. Don't cry. You will be fine." Little did Tai Sha or Li Jie know was that Aahana's eyes flashed blue and a symbol was lit on her head. A symbol no one alive had seen for half a century, disappearing so now one could see until she bends her second element.

Later that day all the children born under Cancer that year, and Aahana, went to the ceremony where the child are gifted with their powers and sometimes not. Aahana was one of the last to go as she was born later on. They went in age order then alphabetical order by day. Aahana was brought up to the sacred lake of Shui where every child born in Shui gets gifted with water bending or a gift of the water. Aahana went under water for 10 seconds which was when her eyes turned white and the symbol lit up. Luckily no one noticed it, not even the Feu soldiers that were watching from a distance, making sure the ceremony went well and they weren't plotting anything.

In a small part of Leo A Month After the first Amalinder was born

A warrior from Feu had come home to be there when his wife gave birth to their first born. He had arrived home to see his wife tired looking down at their daughter. Little did he know the child had been born minutes before born under the wrong star sign, Virgo not Leo like she was supposed to be. "Chloe I am home. I love you so much. Both of my girls. What did you name her?" he said looking at him. "Gabriel, meet your daughter, Lea." she said finally noticing his presence. Chloe was watching her daughter curious. Was she going to look like a Terraer? Or is she going to look like a Feuian? Will anyone know she was born under the wrong sign? Is she going to die like the other children born under the wrong sign? Lea luckily looked like every other Feuian, black hair, dark brown eyes and dark skin.

Chloe went and put Lea into the cot next to their room and moved to hug her husband. While hugging, Lea's eyes burned bright blue and a strange symbol lit her forehead. A symbol no one had seen or had since Mi-Pung died over 50 years before she was born.

Later on they were putting all the first borns into a pit of fire. The fire was to be special fire so no one would get hurt but the babies would receive firebending or a special power of fire. Lea while in the fire had a glowing symbol on her forehead and white eyes. No one thought anything about the white light and just thought it was the spirit sending new and special gifts to the babies in the fire. Once the fire burned out Lea was collected by Chloe and then brought home where she went to sleep.

Earlier Emma was watching the fire while her niece, Lea was in it with curiosity. The fire had a white glow. She had to report this to the Haran and her master, Seogsa. She knew the Amalinder had returned as a newborn child from Feu. She just had to keep quiet or else every newborn child from that part of the year would be killed. She just had to keep an eye on the children as they grow up to see who will be their new leader.

In the city of Virgo minutes before Libra is in power

Sofia, a soon to be mum was waiting for her to go into labour so she can her first child. Minutes ticked by until she felt a kick and water rush down her leg. She knew her child was coming. Seconds later the constellation power changed from Virgo to Libra making the child not only an earth child but also an air child. 5 minutes later Sofia gave birth to a child. Looking up she saw Libra was in power not Virgo so either she had to hand her first child in and lose her first born or hide the fact she was born at the wrong time.

Sofia finally decided to choose the name of her first child and first daughter, Andrea. Andrea had brown hair, green eyes and tan skin. Later on in the day Sofia knew Andrea would be left in a dark cave, hopefully it would actually work for her. Slowly Sofia fell asleep, hugging Andrea. Andrea's eyes slowly glowed blue and a symbol a top of her forehead.

Later that day Sofia woke up to the small brown haired girl crying. Sofia went to quieten the child when she realized it was almost time for the ceremony. Sofia ran to the nearby caves where many mothers were waiting cradling their children. Sofia followed the path she had been down once. She felt the rock wall as if it was leading her to where she needed to go to.

Once she was in the spot she needed to leave her child, she put down her child then left. An hour later she went back in and found her child lying patiently for her. Andrea had laid there eyes white with a glowing symbol on her forehead which had calmed Andrea down the whole time until it disappeared moments before Sofia had entered the room.

In the castle of Gong-Gi Just after the queen had given birth

The Queen, Yeowang had just given birth to her first daughter, Ki Hyo. Her servants watched in fear as they noticed that the child was not born under Libra but Scorpio. They child was going to be killed as soon as Feu had noticed she was born under the wrong constellation. "As your King, you are not allowed to tell anyone that Ki Hyo was born under Scorpio not Libra. If anyone asks she was born under Libra 5 minutes before midnight If you don't then we will hold all your family in the dungeon until they die as a punishment for you telling anyone." commanded Imgeum, the King. All the servants in the room were old and frail and knew almost no one but to be safe they still told them to be quiet. All the ladies in the room all nodded.

Everyone outside of the castle were celebrating about the birth of the new queen. They knew she would grow to be beautiful young woman that would lead them to defeat the Feu Army that knocked on their gates every couple of days. No one knew that the princess was born under Scorpio not Libra but all thought she would be a beautiful Libra child. No one in the room or anywhere noticing the princesses eyes changing colour and forehead glowing an ancient symbol.

When the sun rose all new mothers walked to the top of the tallest mountain in Gong-gi and placed their children at the tallest spot available. As Ki Hyo was a princess they placed her on the up most point. While the ceremony happened Ki Hyo had white eyes and a glowing symbol on her forehead but as soon as anyone had come it was gone. Ki Hyo was taken down and brought home to the castle to be brought up by servants and warriors over her parents who were constantly busy elsewhere.

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