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Chapter 2: Chapter 2: Amber

"I can't believe Joshua didn't send someone to pick me up!" Amber was fuming. Looking around she did not know where to go. 'Where is my bag! Once I get hold of him... I'll set him straight!' She pouted her cheeks like a little girl. "Humph!"

'Let's see.' She looked around. 'Bags come out of those conveyor belts right?' Seeing more than one conveyor belt. She got angry again. 'There are too many!' Amber reached into her black-leather MK purse and grabbed her smartphone. Putting her thumb on the finger scanner, she looked for her manager's contact info.

'No, no, no, ah here it is Joshua.' Pressing the call icon. She put her phone in her ear.

"Ms.Ray?" A raspy voice answered.

"You still remember me?" She said crossly.

"Ms.Ray, how can you say that? I am always thinking of you. I just got off the phone with your agent Michael, we want to have a discussion with you at an opportune time. We will arrive at Denver tomorrow. Have you already arrived at the Airport?"

"What is this about discussion? Anyways, that doesn't matter. Yes! I am here at Denver Airport, I been waiting for hours! How come there is no one picking me up!" She stomped the floor with her foot.

"Ms.Ray, I apologize, but, I told your record label ahead of time. They said they would send someone from the Denver branch over to pick you up. I'll called them to see what the problem is."


Joshua was sure he heard some mumbling saying "....Worst...Manager...Can't believe..me.."

"Ahem. Do you require anything else Ms.Ray?" Joshua politely inquired.

Amber remember about her bag. "I don't know where my bag is. Get it for me."

"You have not picked up your bag?"

"It's. It's your fault! How come you didn't come here and do it like always!?" Amber replied, her cheeks had a slight pink hue.

"I am sorry Ms.Ray, I had a meeting with Michael. It took a few days to come to an agreement." Waiting for a reply from Amber and not hearing anything he continued. "Do you still have your airplane ticket?"

"What? What does that have anything to do?" She reached into her purse and looked around.

"In the ticket, there is the flight number. If I remember correctly, at that airport, there should be baggage claim straight from you as you come out from the plane. If you look at the screens they tell you from what flight the bags are from. Look for your flight number and wait for your bag."

She pulled out her ticket and looked for a flight number. Sure enough it said American Airlines flight # 191. She grunted. "Whatever, If I don't see someone picking me up! Humph! Humph!" She hung up the phone.

Walking towards the conveyor belt she saw many people around it. Looking at the screen it had two flights. Atlanta-Denver #980 and New York-Denver #191. 'Yay!' She looked around trying to see how the bags came out. The bags just moved around the conveyor belt. A few people picked up their bags.

'I'll wait for them to pick up the bags. I don't want to mix with them. They are so annoying.' She desperately waited for around 10 minutes. Most of the people were gone. She hadn't seen her bag yet. 'Maybe someone stole my bag?' She wondered. 'Who wouldn't want a bag like mine?' she scoffed. 'Probably none of them have ever seen a Louis Vuitton bag!'. She got a little worried.

At the corner of her eye, she saw her pink luggage bag. "Finally" she said. Walking towards her bag. She wondered how she would pick it up. 'Stupid manager!'

'Where are those annoying flies when you need them?' She fumed. 'They only come when they want something! So annoying' She stopped looking around. As the bag was passing in front of her she reached out to take it. As she tried to grab the handle a hand reached before her.

She followed the hand to see a tall man grabbing her bag for her. 'Humph! At least he helped before being annoying.' She rolled her eyes.

'My manager said to be good to my fans.' She looked at the man in front of her. He was tall, taller than her. Amber is 5' 7. She had to look up at him. Looking at his crystal-clear blue eyes. 'He is not that bad I guess, who is he?' He was carrying a guitar case on his back. His face looked young but very mature. He had a tan, his dirty-blonde hair was cut very short. 'Is he from the label too? The modeling branch?'

She reached for her bag. It seemed like he didn't wanted to let go at first. 'Maybe he wants to carry it? He is not bad.' She grabbed her luggage and pulled the handle.

"Fine, bring me something to write with and tell me where you want my autograph." She told him as she extender her right hand towards him. Noticing he didn't move, she looked up to see him smirking at her.

'Ugh! Joshua wanted me to get along with fans, but, they are all creepy stalkers!!' She looked at him a little disgusted.

"That's my bag." He told her.

"W-What?" Shocked, she didn't expect that to be what he said first. 'Points for the unexpected line. But, trying to use pick-up lines on me? Are you not a man? That's a pink bag! A pink bag!' However on the outside she maintained the same cold expression.

"That's my bag." He repeated. The smirk still pasted on his clam face.

She opened and closed her mouth. Not knowing what to say. 'This guy!' She looked at her bag making sure it was hers. Sure enough, it was her pink Louis Vuitton. "If you want my signature, you just have to ask." She scolded him. Her cold facade dropping.

The man in front of her finally dropped his smirk and looked, 'Confused?'.

She regain her cold demeanor, and said, "This bag is mine." She looked over at his clothes, they didn't look expensive, in fact he had a very simple outfit. Faded-blue jeans, a black v-neck shirt, and a dark-gray blazer with a guitar strapped to his back. 'Doesn't look like the kind to buy expensive stuff.'

"I assured you ma'am, this bag is mine. To be precise, it's my sister's." He replied in a smooth sounding raspy voice.

She wanted to refute, but he had a sincere expression, almost melancholic. She exhaled. 'I can just open the bag right? Oh! But I just threw my underwear in there!! What if he just wants to look at it! No! Maybe he was paid by a paparazzi? No, doesn't look like the type. This would be really embarrassing!' "No!" she exclaimed. 'Oh did I just say that out loud?"

She looked up to see the guy regain his smirk. She was about to get angry again, 'Oh wait, that's not...' He was just smiling, 'What are you staring at? Turn, stop looking at his smile! Even if it's nice! No, it's not nice, ok, maybe a little' she begrudgingly agreed.

"If you look at the back there should be a black line going across. I accidentally did that with my guitar case." He smiled while looking at her changing expressions.

"Ok." She got this bag just recently, even if she didn't properly looked at it, it's the first time she had used it. She turned the bag around, having the handle facing inwards.

Sure enough there was a black scuff mark going across the back. 'Did I get the wrong bag?'

She got embarrassed and refused to look at him. 'Did I just demean myself?' Her white skin got a pink/red hue.

"W-wait. Calm down ma'am I'll help you look for your bag." The man in front of her rushed out.

'Calm down? Calm down! Calm your mother! You are the one messing with my emotions!' She pouted, before returning to her cold outer self. "Humph, the least you could do" She said crossly at him. Still refusing to make eye contact.

The guy in front of her laugh a little, hearing the laugh she looked up at him. She tried to get angry, 'but he looked... what am I thinking?!'

"Ah, look, your bag!" He rapidly walked towards the conveyor belt, where a pink bag was going around. He lifted it up and pull the handle bar for her. "I can see how we would get confused. I apologize." He replied sincerely, scratching his nose. Then, pulled the bag in front of her.

"No, ah, that's, ok." She grab the handle of her bag. 'This is so awkward! I should just go!' Amber turned around and started walking the opposite way.

"Excuse me ma'am." He followed after her.

'So he does want my autograph?' The corners of her mouth lifted upward. "Yes?" She turned around after plastering her face with her cold demeanor. 'Calling me ma'am, I am not old!' she thought.

"That's er, that's the way to the boarding gates. The exit is that way." He points towards the opposite side of where she was going.

Sure enough, looking at where she was going was the boarding area. Looking at where he was pointing, there was a clear exit sign pointing in a forward direction. 'Ugh, just kill me now!' Her pink hue returning. Amber was so embarrassed she didn't even bother replying and just walked towards the exit.

'I have never been so embarrassed in all my life! If he tells anyone I am done for!' She started biting her nails. 'But wait, he didn't seem like he knew me? It's weird, but he didn't recognize me. Yeah, I am good. Haha. We will never see each other anyway.' She grinned.

Walking in a fast pace, ignorant of her surrounding, people wondered what she was smiling about.

A little boy was pointing at her while looking at his mother "Mommy. Look! Is that a pervert! Laughing to herself?"

The mother of the child grab his hand. "Don't point! You never know what goes on in their heads."

'A pervert? What? You are the pervert! Your Grandma is a pervert! Your whole family is full of perverts!' Snorting while watching the mother pull the little boy away. 'What would I even do with him?' Looking down at her cyan-colored heels. 'Today has been the worst day. Thank god no one recognized me.'

"Amber?" A voice in front of her said.

Looking up. 'Ugh, why him?' In front of her was the hated Freddy. "Why are you here?"

"I came to pick you up!" He was full of smiles. 'That smile makes me want to puke.'


"Don't be like that. Your manager called the label to pick you up. So am here."

"Why you?"

His smiled twitched. "You know, I was the one who told father to sign you to our label. Because I like your personality, princess. But, I can sometime in the future, grow tire of it." His true self coming out.

'This bastard! Just because your father is Edric Rathmore, you think you are all that? Calm down, remember what Joshua said.' She coughed, trying to buy some time. "I, erm, I actually don't need a chauffeur." She had her cold demeanor face on, but in the inside she was laughing. 'Ha, what a nice comeback'. She than proceeded to say. "I came with someone, yeah someone is picking me up already. Sorry."

The smile of Freddy all but disappeared. 'Look at his face. Trying to control his emotions. What a child.' Amber cheered up inside.

"Oh, is that so." Freddy adjusted the tie on his suit. "Where is that person? If I may ask?" The smile on his face returned.

'Damn, didn't expect him to be so quick on the uptake. What do I say?' She looked around her. "He just went to the bathroom, he will be here soon." Pointing towards the restroom sign.

"I'll just wait here with you, to keep you company." His ugly smirk was back.

"Ah, that's okay, I don't want to bother such an imposing person like yourself."

With his insincere smile. "No, how could I make you wait. When I inherit Rathmore Entertainment, you would be my worker. I can't be rude to my workers. I must treat them with the most amiable service. I insist" He puffed his chest, his magnanimity only seen in his mind.

'Bastard. Then go treat them like that. How come it's only me ? Huh?'

"Well if you insist." She replied in her usual tone. 'You and your big mouth! Now what am I going to do?' Her cold eyes thawing, searching, like a deer soon to be hunted.

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