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44.44% Ambiguous lover / Chapter 4: -New Memory

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Chapter 4: -New Memory

Taesung excuses himself when he noticed that it was about the time for SeoYeon to come home. The 2 men bade farewell to each other then Taesung began walking alone through the usual way home.

"I wonder what happened to Mr Yoon's father. Why did he went to the mountain and thus missing for more than 15 years? Why were they both so obsessed with that Blackthorn?" He has many questions flowed through his mind. He stopped at the other side of the road, furrowing his eyebrows while thinking.

"Why did I felt like I was connected to this Blackthorn family? Who exactly I am?"he shook his head when he heard someone's running from behind him. He turned and saw the girl with the round big eyes with her hair flowed in the air while she smiled cutely at him. When he saw her his eyes brightens up and he returned her smile.

"SeoYeon why are you here?"he asked after the girl stopped running while trying to catch her breath. All of the sudden she laughed out loud and hugged him."whoa what happened?"

"I DID IT,TAE!I DID IT!"she said excitedly as her eyes shone indescribably happy.

"What?"he asked shortly.

"My idea was accepted! They do try to reject it at first but when I explained like you told me to they couldn't help but to accept it!" She jumped up and down happily while holding the man big and slender hands.

"Congratulations," the man chuckled at her cute behaviour."well seems like we have to do some celebrations tonight?" He raised his brow then he saw her nodded to him while she drags him to a small stall within the neighborhood. She ordered some Soju and drinks quite a lot while he just smiled and compromise with her.


"Tae you know what?you're so amazing that I want to kept you by my side always," the drunk girl said. The man laughed out loud.

"Really? however you're drunk now and I guess you wont remember about this next morning," he teased her while helping her to get in the house.

"No no no. I won't forget it ya know! To be honest I never felt safe with any other guys however you're different! You made me felt secured and you even saved me even when you don't know me!"he helped her sits on the couch.

Suddenly she pulled his arm and yanked him closer to her. She then speaks with blushing face.

"I think I fall in love with you,"she said while she tried to control her emotions. He sighed.

"You're drunk. Let me get you something to sober up,"he tried to stay away from the girl as his face were red like a tomato. She wouldn't let go of his arm and when he managed to free his arm from the girls hand, she wrapped her arms on his neck as he got flustered.

"I love you Tae,"she blushed."I don't care who you are. I just want you to be with me,"the man mouth parted in surprise. He didn't know that she has feelings for him too. But he thought that it's only been a few days since they met and to be honest he did fall for her on the first sight. he stared at her eyes deeply as if he wanted to know everything about her and if she really do love him. She returned his gaze which made her curled her lips.

"Do you really love me? And always want to be with me?"he tilted his head as he moved his gaze from her eyes towards her lips. The girl didn't say anything but she nodded her head slightly before she saw how the man was staring at her lips. She closed her eyes and leaned closer to the man, her lips softly touched his and his eyes widens in shock. He then recovered from the shock and pressed his lips on hers as the kiss deepened.

After a few moments, he broke the kiss and they were both trying to catch their breath. He looks towards her lovingly and caressed her hair.

"Come I'll help you get on the bed."he then undo her shoes and helped the blushing girl onto her bed. He tucked her in the blanket but before he could leave the girl grabbed his hand once again.

"Sleep here with me," she said to him.

He sighed and shook his head as a no. The girl then pleaded him with teary eyes."please,"

He sighed as he really couldn't say no to that face. He lay there as the girl giggled happily. She then turned to look at him.

"Can you song a song for me?" He lifted his gaze and looks at her.

"A song?" The girl nodded. he sighed ,"I don't really know many songs," he thinks hard then he remembered the songs that the three musketeers sings when he accidentally turned on the TV. He started singing the song quietly while he tried to remember the correct lyrics. Sometimes when he sang the wrong lyrics she'll start to giggled and snuggled up to him.

After a while he heard soft snores and saw that she's already asleep. He smiled then hugged the girl fragile body tightly and kissed her forehead before drifted to sleep.


She half opened her eyes and stretched after she woke up and felt the intense headache that makes her clutched her head and grunted.

"Ugh! My head,"she turned on her bed and saw the most unexpected things in her whole life. she saw a bare chest of a man. she shouted as she jolted out of the bed with her heavy head. She saw that the man was Tae and she remembered that she brought him to the stall and drunk some liquor. she looked at herself and sighed in relief that her clothes were still intact. She walked to the living room and sit on the couch while massaging her forehead. Suddenly a memory fragments flowed through her mind.

'I love you Tae,'then she leaned in and kissed the man's lips.

Her mouth wide opened and her eyes were filled with shock.

"I kissed him,"she unconsciously speaks out while her finger reached towards her lips."but I was drunk and I couldn't remember how it feels like," she exhaled as she leaned on the back on the couch with closed eyes. she sighed again but suddenly her sigh was muffled as she felt something soft was pressed against her lips. she hastily opened her eyes and saw the man bare chest and she sits back up but she bumped to the man forehead. She grunted and her face was blushing hard as she looks at the man smiling face.

"I thought you said you can't remember how it feels like,"he tilted his head as he teased her.

"I - I didn't says that!"her face blushed red as she shook her head viciously. The man laughed looking at flustered girl.

"Look at me,"he said to her. She just shook her head. He raised his left eyebrow then walked to in front of her. When she saw that he's coming she hastily stood up and was about to run away but the man swiftly slides his arms on her waist and pull her close to him.

"You know what?" The embarrassed girl stuck her head onto the man's bare chest. "You even confessed to me last night,"

The girls lifted her gaze into the man's smiling face in shock.

"I do?" The man nodded his head. She tried hard to remember and she really did confessed to him last.

"To be honest. I don't want to remember my past memory. I just wanted to be here with you," he flustered as he told her."I couldn't remember anything too. So maybe I'll just stay here if you wanted me to,"

The girl eyes widened in shock. After her brain finally processed what the man said, she smiled sweetly while her face was still red then she nodded to him. The man's face brightens at her reaction and hugged her even tighter.

"Thank you. I -I Love you,"he kissed the girl's forehead. They remain like that for a while.

"Tae I have to go to work,"he nodded and smiled before saying,

"Yea. be careful okay? Oh and I'm going to work too," she looked at him.

"You work?"he nodded,"where?"

"Mr Yoon library," she looked at the man with questioning eyes.

"I never know he'll accept workers there. He has always been managing the library alone."

"Yesterday he has some matter to settle and I asked him if I could help him took care of the library for that time. He accepted after I persuaded him,"he explained to her everything that happened. The girl just laughed at him and then she got ready for work. after she left he left the house after locking it and went to the library with a smile that never leave his face.


When he arrives at the library he greeted Mr Yoon.

"Morning Mr Yoon,"he said as the smiles was still printed on his face.

"Morning Taesung,"he examined the young man's face that seemed more brighter than yesterday. Mr Yoon tilted his head and asked curiously,"seems like you're in a good mood today? Something good happened last night?" The man suddenly blushed and nodded.

"I see,"Mr Yoon held his chin as he was trying to guess what happened."a girlfriend?" He asked again. The young man seemed surprised at his questions but he still nodded his head slightly. Mr Yoon smiled at the young man unexpected cute behaviour. He felt as if the young man is his actual son even though he still hasn't married yet. He laughed slightly.

"So she's finally has someone she liked," he said indicating to SeoYeon. The young man flustered as he walked to the other side of the counter and sits on the extra chair that Mr Yoon prepared for him. Mr Yoon just laughed at him.

"By the way Mr Yoon where's the note?I want to continue reading," he tried to change the subject. Mr Yoon smiled and handed him the notes that he had clipped together.

"You can call me uncle,"he didn't know why but he felt like theres an unknown bond with the young man. The young man soothes all of the invisible thread of pain in his heart. He patted the young man's head and smiled.

"I won't tease you anymore for now. Get to work and if there's anything that you didn't know just call me through that phone."he pointed at the library phone.

"Understood, uncle,"the young man looked at the Mr Yoon undescribable face expression. Mr Yoon stood up and left the counter then walked towards his room. The young man changes seats and began reading the notes. Not long after that many girls comes to the library all because of him and the girls kept on coming to the counter to check out books or registering as member. He handled all of them skillfully and politely. Finally only when he finished his gift and Mr Yoon came looked fresh did he managed to read the notes peacefully. He told mr Yoon about what happened and the man just laughed it out loud while teasing him for being too good looking. He then excused himself after borrowing the notes and a few books to go to SeoYeon's cafe.

When he arrives he saw that there's many customers and he only saw Shin busily taking order, making it and send the orders to the customers. He went to the counter and asked him.

"Hey Shin. Where's seonyeo? Why did you're the only one here?" Shin lifted his gaze from the cash box and saw the scary man stand there but not looking scary anymore.

"Oh sh-she asked for a leave because she got sick but there's unexpectedly many customers today that I couldn't even catch my breath,"he answered while his hand making the orders.

"I see," he thought for a while,"well since this is SeoYeon's cafe I'll help out. Got extra uniform for me?" Shin just nodded and pointed at he staff room feeling grateful that the man actually not that bad. Taesung entered the room and opened a locker that labelled with 'uniform'. He takes the white shirt with apron and a black slacks before he went to the changing room. He comes out after a few moments and walked to an empty locker then put the notes and his clothes in there. After he looks at his appearance on his reflection on the mirror,he nodded to himself then walked out.

"I'll help serve the order," he simply said to the busy Shin then took a tray with deserts and coffee."who ordered this?" He asked to him.

"Table number 9,over there,"he gestured towards the table on the corner while his hands busily tapping on the cash box.

"Okay,"the man answered shortly then walked his way towards the table and successfully served the orders while the customers was stunned by his beauty.

A few of the customer even took his pictures secretly and posted it on the social media saying how they didn't know theres an extremely handsome man works in the cafe. The posts exploded and many people were asking about the cafe whereabouts or people who reposting the posts. A customer took a video of how he served the coffee while smiling and his face seemed glowing. after he finished serving the orders he sits on the other side of the counter looking at the young man who's been working there for over a year.

The young man exhaled heavily as he sat on his chair with eyes closed.

"Thank goodness that you come if not I wouldn't manage to get the orders finished." He opened his eyes and looks at the short silvered hair guy." And you even cutted your hairs short,"

"Yea,"he answered shortly as he eyes the customers if they were calling for him. Suddenly a customer entered the cafe with a black cat in a small cage. The cat was meowing loudly and he unexpectedly understand what the cat was trying to say.


Ridiculous Snail Luke life

Hi everyone. My name is Lucas but just call me Luke. I've been aiming to be the laziest person in the world. However problems always comes uninvited. I couldn't even get enough sleep nowadays because of one of those problems. The biggest problems of all is the scariest one for youngster and me especially. The one place where many youngster gathered. SCHOOL. I opened my eyes as the clock ringing loudly. Since I was too lazy to stop it I just threw it across the room and lay back to sleep. In my dream I heard my mom's yelled asking me to open the door. I twisted on my bed and stuffed my ear. She even threatens me that if she open the door with her keys, she'll makes me eat crispy food. I closed my eyes in relief. Since there's no way she'll be able to open the door. I just installed a new door lock last night and threw the key away through my window. I nodded to myself and closed my eyes as I was dozing off again.

Few hours later.

The key I that I threw was unexpectedly found by my little sister and I have to go to school. SIGH.

"Oi Luke!" A voice was trying to wake me up. This annoying voice. I half opened my eyes and without lifting my head I look at the owner of the voice. Anthony. I don't know who he is to me but he always said he's my best friend. I don't really have the energy to argue so I just leave him. But I admit it that he always help me. Not that I ask him to though.when I fall asleep before I reached the classroom, he will drag me and put me on my seat. I felt more comfortable to sleep on the floor than my desk. (-_-) . Sigh. These people know nothing other than talking and laughing. What a drag. how can I sleep peacefully like this. I stood up and nearly fell as for my body was still asleep. I walked out the class unsteadily and forced my body to walk towards the garden behind the schools building. I laid under a big tree and even the wind blowed softly makes me feel even more sleepy and I fall asleep.

I half opened my eyes again as I felt my body got dragged again. Sigh. Why cant they just leave me alone for some times. They are even so loud. Sigh. How I hate this environment. Few moments later I also heard my teacher's shouts and he punished them including me to stand on the field till his class is finished. But why did he includes me as well. I was just sleeping soundly under the tree. However after I think for a while, I remember his class always scheduled for 40 minutes. Plus 20 more minutes and it'll be an hour! I looked up at him and raised my hand halfway.

"Sir I will stand for one whole hour," he scoofed at my suggestion then lead us all to the field and makes us stand there unmoving. Soon after he left and I let myself fell down onto the ground to continue my disturbed sleep.

It's not comfortable to sleep on a field which is really hot. My body has been perspired many sweats and my shirt was drenched with it. it will be such a pain to wash it later. Few moments later worried voices and the teacher emergency sounded voice was heard.

"Sir!look he fainted!"someone shouted. That was so loud. I sighed silently in my mind.

"Quick take him to the infirmary!"his body was airborne in a seconds and he felt many hands was carrying him as they run.

Sigh. How could I sleep like this. What a drag. His face darken. Someone suddenly shouted.

"Sir!his face darkened!is he dead?!" I sighed again in my mind. I'm not dead you idiot. I felt a rough finger feeling my pulse. great now they know that I'm not dead.

"Waaahhh!his pulse is weak hurry and call the ambulance he was going to die!"the teaçher yelled and the students started to call the ambulance. Great just great. Even the teacher is idiot enough. (-_-).

....In the end I got hospitalised.....


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