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Chapter 5: THE BLACK CAT

He listened to the black cat's meowing and unexpectedly he can understand him. Taesung watched the customers sits on a table and he tried to listen to what the girls were talking about.

"Sorry I'm late! I have to bring the cat along," the girl with the cage said.

"What's with it? Is it sick?" The other girl that has been on the cafe since few minutes ago asked.

"Yea but it can wait a bit,"the cat's meowing gotten louder.

"Help me I can't hold it anymore my leg is hurt! It was you who hit me with your car! You ignorant human!" The cat's melancholic but angry meowing was heard by him. He couldn't ignore it any longer and he makes way to the customers.

"Excuse me but seems like the cat is really in pain why don't you send him to the clinics first? I can help you to wrapped the coffee and desserts,"he smiled why he speaks to the girls. The girl seems stunned and after a while she nodded to him. He bowed then went to wrap the girl's orders in a cup and box before he send it back to her. "Seems like the cat's leg is hurt. Make sure to make more detailed examination," he suggested to her.

"Yea sure," the girl thought for a while then she left the cafe along with her friend.


They were cleaning the cafe as it was about to reach 11p.m.

"Thank you bro,"the young man sighed in relief after they done cleaning."if you didn't come here I might have been fainted," he laughed.

"Lend me your phone," Taesung asked the young man expressionlessly. The young man with cat's like eyes rumbled through his pockets and gives him the phone after unlocking the password.

"Here,"he said while he handed the phone. He didn't know what the man was doing with his phone but he didn't really want to know so he just let him. He saw the man tapping and sliding on the phone then put it on his ear.


"Mr Yoon! Good evening!"she smiled and greeted to the man he hadn't seen in a few days.

"Oh evening SeoYeon. How are you?" The man lifted his gaze from the computer then looked up to the girl.

"I'm good what about you Mr Yoon?"

"Im just fine."he paused a bit then stood up,"just tell me directly. You want to ask if Taesung is still here, no?" He teased the girl. He then saw the girl nodded as her face were blushed red. He laughed at her.

"Your reaction is the same as his."he said after he stopped laughing.

"So he did tell you,"

"No. He didn't. I guessed it."he smiled warmly."make sure to take good care of him. He's a really nice young man. The type that so hard to find. If he treats you bad tell me and I'll make him regret it,"he said playfully. The girl blushed even more then after they chatted for a few more times, she excused herself.

"Where is he?"she sighed as she shook her head regretting that she didn't gives him any phone. Suddenly her phone rings.she hurriedly takes it her phone from her bag and hen saw who the caller was she tapped the answer button.

"Hi there my cute little Shin! How's the cafe today little darling?" However the voice that answered her sounded really cold and deep unlike the voice of the young man who works at her cafe.

"Cute little Shin?little darling?"she heard the man's sighed heavily."I want to tell you if you don't want your cute little darling break you better come here immediately as for your boyfriend are going to a killing spree,"he said before he abruptly ended the call. When she realised she hurriedly ran towards the cafe.


When the young man looks at the handsome man calling someone he just shrugged and didn't care however when he heard what the man said his eyes widens and his jaw dropped. He felt the temperature around him is dropping to minus 10 degree and he shuddered as the cold creeping up to his bone. He heard the man said 'killing spree' and it almost makes him run away in fear. It seems like he isn't joking about the killing spree. His body involuntarily shivered as the man that doesn't look scary since he came here and helped him manage the cafe suddenly changes as if his eyes were glowing red and seems like there's evil horns growing out from his head. He backed off unconsciously.

"Stay." He heard the man's demanding voice echoed through the silent cafe. He stood there quietly.

Suddenly the door was locked open by someone. Then followed by the sound of the chair being thrown down onto the floor.

"Heh! So this is where you works little kid! It's so shabby! Seems like the heater isn't working either!"a man's hoarse voice sounded through the cafe. When shin saw who it was he immediately go to the big man and begged him.

"Please stop! Don't destroy this cafe! This is the only one place where I could work! I promise I would pay you back next month!"

The big man gestured to his other 2 friend to come.

"Hey let's trash this place!" He said while laughing. suddenly before they could do anything, a man's cold and piercing voice stopped them from moving.

"Stop right there," they looked towards the tall and skinny man with his back leaned on the wall."I'm in a bad mood right now. Don't make me sent you to hell." He lifted his gaze and the 3 big men felt chill creeping on their body. The man frowned in disgust and looks down on him.

"Heh! I don't know how you were still alive with those arrogant attitude of yours! We'll send you to your momma instead!" The man said arrogantly. He gestured to his 2 friends.

"We'll try me if you can. I don't even know who my momma is," Taesung said as he stood up straight and walked to them.

"Get back little Shin. She wouldn't want you to get hurt,"he said before he rolled his sleeves up.

"Tsk! Arrogance!" The man exclaimed angrily."Teach him a lesson!" The 2 men walked while smirked before they suddenly rushed forward and attacked Taesung. The blonde man thrower a fist at him, he saw it and immediately dodged sideways before he raised his hand then punch the man on his stomach. The single punch send the man flying towards the leader and they grunted in pain. The main with chain on his neck yelled in anger and tried to deliver a roundhouse kick to him. He didn't dodge it like before and stand there instead. He stopped the man's kick and twisted the man's leg. Shin who was watching from a corner shrieked silently as he heard the sound of bone cracking come from the man's leg. The man whose leg was broken screamed in agony and soon after he also send flying towards the leader who just stood back up again. The leader stood up once again and kicked the two men angrily.

"Damn you! You can't even handle this little trash by yourself! You should just die!" He turned to the man who had sent his 2 men flying on him,walked towards him slowly. His hand reached to the back of his shirt and grabbed his gun. He pointed it to TaeSung while laughing like a maniac as if he already won.

"It's over! You better stop and begs for forgiveness! Wait! Even better! You should licked our shoes clean! Only then I'll let you live!" He demanded but the frowned as the man didn't stop at all. He pointed the gun somewhere and pulled the trigger the window broke with a crashing sound.

"This gun is real! You better stop!" He aimed it on Taesung again. He heard the man exhaled heavily before his cold voice lingering in his ear.

"I already told you I'm in a bad mood right now," Taesung smirked and stared at the man who had his gun aimed in him. When he saw the man was about to pull the trigger,he rushed towards him and grabbed the gun forcefully from his grip.

The leader yelped in pain as he felt his hand was twisted strongly by the man's hand.

He looked at the man in fear and he saw the man broke his gun into 2 parts singlehandedly. His eyes jolted in shock as he howled in agony. He was about to beg to the man when he felt the man twisted his hand even harder then kicked him on his side. He hit the walls before he falls onto the floor with a grunt and saw the man walking towards him with a devilish smirks on his face. He looks like a monster that he didn't want to see him any longer. He felt like his pants gotten wet as he looks at the man in terror.

The stink smell came from the leader's pants makes shin shrieked as well. he was inevitably shivering even though he know that he wasn't the one who got beaten by the cold and mysterious man. He wanted to stop the devil but is way too scared to even say a word. The door pushed opened and a girl's voice was heard.

"What is going on here?!" She looked around the cafe and saw the chair and thrown anywhere and some table was even flipped over. She saw 2 men laying unconsciously on the floor then looked towards the familiar tall man's back. She went to him and saw another big man was laying there but he's still conscious. she looks at Taesung accusingly. She went towards the shivering man she even smelled the stink smell on the man and saw the yellowish liquid on the floor where the man was laying. She was about to help the man when an arm grabbed her tightly and hugged her.

"Tae! What are you thinking you're doing?! Look at how miserable all of them are!"

"They bullied your cute little darling shin," she heard a distinct sound of jealousy in his expressionless tone.

"What happened?"she broke the hugs and looked at shin. The young man come to the 2 of them and answered in a lowered voice.

"They're here to ask me for money,"he looks down on his feet guiltily."my dad was a drunkard and he likes to gamble. One day he lost a lot and he went to illegally borrow money from these people and betted with all of those money. I. The end he was left with nothing but debt. Since he couldn't paid the debt and the interests kept on raising he commit suicide and leaves me. These guy come to attack me and I stopped studying to work here but still the interests kept on increases everyday. It increased to several folds of the begining number which my deceased father borrowed." His eyes began tearing as he tells his boss his most guarded secret.

She turned to the man who was still laying on the floor then get down and slapped the man. She kept on slapping him but she still didn't felt satisfy. Suddenly a soft and soothing voice so stops her from slapping the man.

" Yes ,you're my only girl~

You're the best~

I want to know about your day~

I want to become your sighs~

Yes, you're my only girl~

You're the best~

You're someone who only exist in the movies~

That is you~"

The moment she heard the voice her tears started to flowed down her cheeks then she cried.The man sighed,squatted down and hugged her in his embrace while caressing her head gently.

"There there you can stop crying,"he said trying to calm her down.

"He was so sad you know.. trying to settles his father's debt when he's still so young and he even stopped studying! He lost his father too," she cried on the man's chest. She turned to Shin."why don't you tell me about this? I already told you not to hide anything from me didn't I? I said I will help you didn't I?" She saw the young man nodded with teary eyes while still looking down on his feet and curled his lips.

"S-sorry, I didn't mean to," the young man said in slowly. Taesung stands up and come closer to him. He reached out his hand and patted the young man on his shoulder.

"It must've been hard.im sorry for mistreating you,"shin started to cry hard and let all his supressed emotions goes out.

The 3 men promised to pay back all the interests they've been taking from shin and transferred it to his account right away then ran for their dear life.They brought shin back to the house and they even agreed to let him live with them.

"I don't want to let him stay alone,"SeoYeon said to TaeSung who was cleaning the cafe the moment shin went out to throw the scattered glasses.

"Hmm. You can bring him with you for the night. I'll take care of the cafe." He replied calmly.

"Huh? Why are you staying here? There's no need to."she voiced out her disagreement. Taesung stood straight and gestured at the wide opened window.

"You just have to close it," she said.

"There's no windows there. Those guy shoot the window and it's shattered into pieces," he facepalm while he explained.

"WHAT?!" Her jaw dropped."they have guns?" She then realized something then she hurriedly went closer to him scanning his body for any blood stains while turning his body over and over to make sure that there isn't any injuries. He laughed heartily at her worried face.

"Why are you laughing?! This is serious! What if you got injured?! I'll be dead worried you know!" She pouted and turned to walk away from the laughing Taesung.when he saw she was about to walk away, he pulled her wrist and hugged her.

"Sorry I was just so happy that you worried about me. But there's no need to be dead worried because of me. I'm strong," he broke the hugs and shows her his muscles that barely seen. She laughed looking at him posing as if he's a body builder.

"How could this be called strong?" She kept on laughing and he smiled looking at her relaxed again. He pulled her into a hug again and kissed her forehead.

"That's what I want to see. Promise me you don't cry anymore," he said in his deep voice.

"Really why dont you want to see me crying?"she asked while she anticipated the answer to be romantic like the ones in k-drama.

"Promise me first,"he showed his pinky finger, demanding her to pinky promise him. She scoofed and intertwined their pinky finger to satisfy him.

"Tell me now,"she demanded him as her eyes brightens. He held his chin in a serious manner and looked straight at her.

"Because...." He paused for a few moments,"you're ugly when you're crying,"

"Huh? What did you say?"

"You're ugly," he said once again seriously.

"Humph!" She scoofed and hit his chest twice then turned around. The man was laughing really hard at her cute demeanor. Then he pulled her to him again and pecked her lips softly before he explained to her.

"I don't want to see you crying not because you're ugly."he paused,"it's because I felt my world turned gloomy and ugly that hurts me a lot," the girl blushed when she heard that.

Not long after that she heard the door creaked open and she jumped out of his embrace. The man let out a soft chuckled at her then continued cleaning the mess. Shin went back in while wiping his hands. He saw the awkward air between the 2 he subconsciously blurted out something.

"What the heck is with this awkward feelings? Aren't you guys lovers?" When he realised what he said he hurriedly shut his mouth using both his hands. He then bowed and shook his head viciously.

"Sorry! Sorry!" He was still in shock when Taesung suddenly leaned closer to his boss and kissed her lips. He hastily closed his eyes. Then he heard the man's voice.

"That's right we are lovers, right baby?"he said after he broke the kiss. SeoYeon and Shin were both stunned.


After the 2 left, he sighed and was about to closed the door when a hand stopped him.

"sorry we're already closed," he said as he thought that person who stopped him might be the cafe's customer.

"I'm not here for that. I'm here for you,"

Taesung lifted his gaze and examined the man before him. His hair was messy with a pair of different type earring on his ears and his canine seemed long as he smiled. The man's left leg was wrapped in bandages along with his left hand. Taesung invited him in and the mysterious man comes in staggering.

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